Rich people are shallow

Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by spuriousmonkey, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    We all knew rich people are just a sad bunch of superficial losers and now science has proven it.

    They did an inventory of menus to see how different seafood populations have been doing through the ages.

    One conclusion is that rich people are sad superficial losers:

    So if you want to know what rich people will eat in 20-50 years time just look at your own plate. That's right. They will be eating TV dinners.
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  3. devils_reject Registered Senior Member

    and canned items when bauxite becomes harder to find.
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  5. GodlessEvil God is dead Registered Senior Member

    If rich people are shallow and YOU become rich then by definition of your statement you too will be shallow.

    Would rich people become interesting and "normal" if their money was taken away?
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  7. Sabian_bel Registered Member

    Interesting, since your correlation is one of the shallowest I've ever seen.
  8. alain du hast mich Registered Senior Member

    lighten up godless and sabian...

    you may have a point monkey

    Elzar: Here you go, big spender. Foie gras and caviar.
    Zoidberg: Goose liver? Fish eggs? Where's the goose? Where's the fish?
    Elzar: Hey, that's what rich people eat. The garbage parts of the food.
    Zoidberg: I ate garbage yesterday, and it didn't cost me $300!
  9. Laika Space Bitch Registered Senior Member

    I'm shallow and really quite poor. Shows what science knows - HA!
  10. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    Don't forget the Sturgeon. So many richers eat caviar that they're almost extinct.
  11. Shifty Russian International Man of Mystery Registered Senior Member

    He's too shallow to become rich in the first place... Unless he wins Lotto, in which case he'll remain shallow anyway.

    - Shifty Russian ... tell the world
  12. Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    Does this mean, perchance, that poor and middle income people are NOT shallow??

    Baron Max
  13. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    Not unless we present evidence to support that postulation.
  14. Roman Banned Banned

    I knew this one guy. He was boring, and didn't make very much cash.

    I knew these other guys, and they didn't get irony, and that was really lame. Actually, I didn't really know know them, I sort of, like, you know, knew them kinda?
  15. Spud Registered Member

    I just want to give props to alain for quoting Futurama. Good job alain.
  16. valich Registered Senior Member

    My brother is rich yet we get into some pretty damn deep debates and intellectual conversations. Many of my friends are rich but they are so caught up in their financial affairs that they have no time to deal with indepth conversations that "they" would consider "shallow." In other words, they would consider as "shallow" what you might consider as "indepth" since it benefits them none. It all depends on your perspective and what you consider as "shallow."
  17. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    But does he indulge himself into the act of eating lobster!

    that is the question valich...not if he exchanges google quotes with you!
  18. valich Registered Senior Member

    My Brother? He's super intellligent! All I want to say about him is that he's a district regional manager of one of the top 100 companies in the U.S. He's a family man, happly married for thirty years with three beautiful children. His wife is a teacher and, aside from his demanding career job, he is manages the local recreation area and is a coach on the baseball team. Yes, he uses the internet too. But don't we all?
  19. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    But when god was handing out brains you were still at the ass section I'll bet.
  20. valich Registered Senior Member

    I wasn't born yet. But since gastrulation develops the anus first in protostomes, and since I am a deuterostome, then my embryo developed into a mouth. If you're trying to claim that you know more, or that you came before I - as your vulgar "anus" mouth suggests - than you must be an earlier prototostome, of which I am not.
  21. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    Yes, you are all mouth and no brain.
  22. Huwy Secular Humanist Registered Senior Member

    I agree that some rich people can be shallow, but Bill Gates would have to be an exception:

    Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates has pledged $258.3m (£145m) to the fight against malaria, describing the disease which claims the lives of an estimated 2,000 African children each day as a "forgotten epidemic".
  23. Azzy42 Registered Senior Member

    People that are born into rich families are generally shallow. Maybe its because they have always had their hearts desires so have no real ambition therefore to escape boredom become superficial. Bill Gates wasn't born rich therefore prob remembers life before money and is thus capable of human emotion. So he would actually care about life and other ppl. So in conclusion.....

    BEAT THE SHIT OUTTA RICH KIDS!!!!!!!!!!! Give them a taste of real life.

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