Revolution in Earth Science, end of the world as we know it, goes unnoticed - why

Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by MattMarr, May 23, 2006.

  1. MattMarr Banned Banned

    The findings that changed the world as we knew it, were published in the March issue of the journal Geology after two months incubation time, brought to the world by the news agencies: Land Speed Record: Mountain Moves 62 Miles in 30 Minutes.

    But why were there no "Revolution in Earth Science, end of the world as we know it" headlines? Here is the answer...

    This is a premiere: for the first time, official paleogeology, which is in fact "junk science", with the purpose of selling the illuminati core lie, evolution, tests the audience reaction to a paradigm change. Required because the old paradigm is getting too grotesque and the old lies need an upgrade.

    All of a sudden mountain building appears radically different:
    - no more measured at mm/year;
    - no more the result of plate tectonics.

    The speed increases to 124 miles an hour, sustained for a half-hour... That sure is some "serious mountain building".

    Mind control mechanisms used to smoothen the paradigm change for mountain building and the link to catastrophism:

    - suddenly, after "...250 million years ...." we have a thirty minutes event at a precise location, an exception to the rule ("Heart Mountain")...,
    - although there is a hint there are more of them (" isn't the only moveable mountain");
    - volcanoes are somehow involved ("lava ... heating both the rock and the water")
    - ... but it was basically an uplift ("the tension finally lifted the rock")...
    - ... well, a special one ... ("and the mountain began to glide").

    - It's up for the average idiot to do the math, i.e. 65 < "50 million years ago"... I got it, no link between "moveable mountains" and "the extinction of the dinosaurs"...
    - but the only explicitly mentioned "moveable mountain" today - take it easy, nothing to do with an uplift this time, just another good old "volcanic site", poses a "significant ... risk"...
    - since "the Canary Islands could be traveling soon".
    - It's up to the average idiot to compute how long is "soon": will it be in just a few million years or will he still have the chance to check if it will set a new "Land Speed Record".

    More illuminati sarcasm as they brainwash the sheep:
    - the brokeback mountain is "near the Montana-Wyoming border"...
    - "thirty minutes" and "suggests the top and the bottom have not always been together" are hints to the cover-up for mountain building for about every single mountain in the Rockies, Andes, Alps, Himalayas, etc. (1)

    The purpose of this: setting the stage for the upgrade of their "junk science", required each time it gets too grotesque.

    (1) - Mountain Building, explained worldwide first by Matt Marriott -
    see discussion "Dinosaurs - the largest cover-up ever in Natural History - Worldwide exclusive"
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  3. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    So? There are still many, many geological processes that happen very slowly. The Missoula floods were another exception, but the Grand Canyon is not. It doesn't have to be one or the other.

    Scientists used to think evolution only happened at one speed, slowly, but then instances of more rapid evolution were found. Science progresses, get over it.
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  5. Maast AF E-7 Retired Registered Senior Member

    Oh good grief, you need to adjust your perceptional filters a bit, yours seem stuck on "whacked"

    I think the single most compelling argument that the illuminati do not actually exist is that the world is genrally run so poorly, if a global body ran the world things would be a hell of a lot smoother

    Do you really believe that the illuminati exist??? or is just a soapbox for you. Your posts read like the rabid creationists' post do, with as little supporting evidence.
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  7. Facial Valued Senior Member

    I agree with spidergoat. There is far more evidence that mountains are lifted slowly rather than at the lightning speed you mentioned.
  8. Communist Hamster Cricetulus griseus leninus Valued Senior Member

    Ah, so the Illuminati built the earth? It's all so clear now.
  9. Buffalo Roam Registered Senior Member

    Hi Maast, SFC, my self, welcome to the chaos of sciforum, no if the world was run under one ruling group I would expect even more chaos, witness the soviet union in it hay day, the only reason I don't beleave in the Illuminati is that the new orginazations can so freely report on the chaos around the world.
  10. Ophiolite Valued Senior Member

    Dear Matt Marr,
    your opening post brought good news and bad news. First the good news: this was the first post of your I have read in which your intent was intelligible. Well done. If you can do it once I am sure the you can repeat it.
    Now the bad news: your claims are intolerable for their gross inaccuracy.
    Utter bilge. The findings did not change the world as we know it, they merely added an interesting footnote to a deeper understanding of geological processes that has been underway since the emergence of plate tectonics in the 1960s.
    Two centuries earlier the battle lines were drawn between those who saw geological change as being the result of slow incremental processes, the Uniformitarians, and those who believed change occured in sudden, violent catclysms, the Catastrophists.
    Today we realise that there was an element of truth in the Catastrophists position: some events are singular and dramatic, yet all that differs is their frequency. Massive collapse and lateral motion of large bodies of rock is clearly a rare, yet ever possible phenomena.
    This report is not a revolution in science, it is a fascinating glimpse of one of those dramatic events which punctuate the otherwise smooth progression of geolgical processes.
    Change is fractal.
    The only junk in sight is your delusional nonsense.
    Your ignorance is quite appalling. Firstly, this is not mountain building, but mountain destruction. If you cannot understand this, you have no business posting anything related to geology. Secondly, geologists have known of and have been reporting on similar rapid changes for several decades. Your lack of education in this matter is not surprising. Your blatant arrogance at pretending an understanding is just offensive.

    The rest of your post is based upon this same failure to understand the difference between collapse and growth, or to put it in terms that even you might understand, between up and down. The world, Matt, is ruled not by the Illuminati, but by gravity. Deal with it.
  11. valich Registered Senior Member

    Catastrophic events are the fuel that makes for news. Geological activities have been especially important in the news lately after the Indonesia-Sri Lanka-Thailand-India Earthquake/Tsunami in 2004 and because of the constant threat of the "Big One" along the San Andreas fault in California. Did anyone watch "10.5 Apocalypse"?

    Below is Heart Mountain. The mountain itself and the channel in the foreground were formed by normal erosion, but the top of the mountain consists of a limestone block cap of much older origin than the underlying rock. How did it get there?

    The cap is known as the Heart Mountain detachment fault (HMD) and is, or was, part of what is called the Laramide thrust-fold. There are three theories that attempt to describe how this limestone block got there: a volcano (as is evident from other volcanic rock surrounding the mountain), an earthquake, or a gradual emplacement from the growth of an ancient strato-valcano.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    The Paleozoic limestone cap rests upon a bed of more recent, and softer, Eocene Willwood soil. The limestone cap originated in a formation some 40 miles to the west.

    "The heart mountain blocks (50) were distributed over a total area of 3400km squared.
    One of the most fascinating things about the blocks is that they are not klippes (erosional remnants from a thrust sheet). If one were to add all the heart mt fault blocks they would fit almost perfectly into the place of origin. Therefore, the blocks were emplaced as seperate bodies. The question of how the blocks were transported such a great distance is still under debate."
    See: "The Heart Mountain Thrust"

    "Carbonat-rich microbreccia that is widespread along the fault and in dikes in the upper plate contains accreted grains indistinguishable from those observed as fallout from volcanic eruption clouds (accretionary lapilli) and impact ejecta clouds and in intrusive diatremes. In these settings and also in industrial processing, accreted grains form when particles in a turbulent gaseous suspension containing limited water adhere to a nucleating grain or to each other. Elongate grains in thick microbreccia have strong but diverse shap-preferred orientations unlike those reported from other fault rocks but instead suggestive of turbulent flow, and the microbreccia contains layering and other features of sedimentary character that appear to record deposition from suspension rather than frictional processes along a fault. We suggest that frictional heating led to dissociation of carbonate rock along the fault, producing supercritical CO2 as the suspending medium. High CO2 pressure drastically reduced friction along the fault and allowed continuation of catastrophic movement, probably initiated by a volcanic or phreatomagmatic explosion"
    Source: "Catastrophic emplacement of the Heart Mountain block slide, Wyoming and Montana, USA," by Edward C. Beutner and Gregory P. Gerbi. GSA Bulletin; May 2005; v. 117; no. 5-6; p. 724-735. Online abstract:

    See also: "The Blacktail thrust-fold, Crandall Conglomerate, and Heart Mountain detachment fault, northwestern Wyoming," by Edward C. Beutner and Steven P. DiBenedetto. Rocky Mountain Geology; October 2003; v. 38; no. 2; p. 237-245. Online abstract:
  12. Ophiolite Valued Senior Member

    I am at a loss to see how volcanic activity (your options 1 and 3) could emplace older rocks atop the younger ones. Your interesting posts appear to shed no light on this. Only a fault can explain the arrangement. The issue then becomes whether this fault acted slowly and repetively over an extended period of geological time, or abruptly in a single rapid event.
  13. Mini_mingers Registered Member

    I have to agree with ophiolite, valich even says "part of what is called the Laramide thrust-fold" how can there be 3 theories, surely that is the answer staring you in the face? the reason it got there is because of the Laramide Thrust Fault!!! Since it is clearly a compressional thrust fault (as the older unit is on top) so the question is what caused the compression? was it regional or local?

    Also what is never mentioned are the units below the limestone, i have to assume (because i can't be bothered to look it up myself) that some-one has taken the time to check that the units below are younging upwards. Because if they aren't then the limestone unit being there makes perfect sence with or without a fault in the area. There would have just had to have been folding (also not caused by volcanic activity) However i hope, that this is not the case and i am underestimating valich, because
  14. BSFilter Nature has no kindess/illwill Registered Senior Member

    So what was the forced behind the mountain moving? Plate tectonics? Magma influence?
    I could not find an answer.
  15. Billy T Use Sugar Cane Alcohol car Fuel Valued Senior Member

    Is that related to mad cow disease?
  16. Ophiolite Valued Senior Member

    I see, a leg pull. Pull the udder one.
  17. Billy T Use Sugar Cane Alcohol car Fuel Valued Senior Member

    OK but it has alreaday been posted:

    Q. Why is "PMS" called that?"
    A. "MCD" (Mad Cow Disease) was already taken.

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