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Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by Pro. Max Arturo, Jul 27, 2001.


Would you like to have the Science News page return (

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  1. Yes. I found the Science News page interesting and informative.

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  2. No.

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  1. Pro. Max Arturo Good God, I'm not Howard! Registered Senior Member

    I for one would be happy to help post science news and links, as I believe others here would also.

    It would seem to be a small expenditure of time, on the part of participating science moderators, to post their own news columns on a Science News page.

    I would also enjoy <b><u>"seeing"</b></u> a much more graphics enhanced Science News Page! Each moderator could perhaps receive graphic links & science news from respective fans of a forum and even display some of the more intriguing posts of the members in their respective science news columns. This would also give Porfiry the opportunity to post science news, when his schedule allows.

    I am very interested in a Science news page. If I could moderate my own forum and have a science news column also, I believe that I could help to stimulate these discussions of science, as I know that the present moderators attempt to do.

    <b><i>Perhaps Porfiry could become something of an Managing Editor over those of us who would be Science Reporters, as well as moderators of our own forums.</b></I> I must say that I would very much enjoy having my own Science news Column!

    I would like to see the main news page look like the Headline page of conventional Newspaper. On this main page, there would be small columns for all the moderators to write in, with links to their main science columns (example: "the rest of the story on page b3").

    An avatar of each news writer would also appear in each column. This would be great fun for the moderators as well as very helpful to the members.

    I am reminded of the new Sci Fi Channel series:<b><i> "The Chronicle."</b></I> Ha!

    <img src="">
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  3. HOWARDSTERN HOWARDSTERN has logged out.... Registered Senior Member

    NEWS NEWS NEWS!!!!!!

    Yeah Dave! I'm ready to broadside everyone with new science news!
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  5. Radical Registered Senior Member

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