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Discussion in 'General Philosophy' started by Riomacleod, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    Sartre called it 'cheating'. I'm assuming you've finished his eye-sore, yes?

    Here's about the only thing that really got me about what he said:
    You can graduate and take yourself out from the pool of 'bastards' by a sytematic negation of abondoning yourself to the nausea. You do this for the 'for-itself'. No more social context. No more traditions or principles. Liberty. Nothing should intimadate this according to his girlfriend, right?

    And its possible to do this, in fact quite easy if you hole yourself up in a fucking closet and divorce yourself from reality.

    But all the time you've vested in teaching yourself the SuperMan and glorifying your self into a for-itself comes down to nil...... when in public. Since I'm of the world, the second I go out into the in-itself with my brand new pearly for-itself, 'cured', there are other for-itselfs, other consciousnesesses(ahgh! odd word, whatever) imposing themselves on me by default.

    And by them looking at me, I'm automatically transformed back to what I was regardless of the stock I placed on transforming. I do this to others by looking at them:

    "By my look, which fails necessarily to attain the subjectivity of the other as such, I transform (the cheater) into a thing or an element of the world" (this is from Jovilets translation and I could kiss the man for clearing up Sartre's swamps)

    We're part of the the others and still bastards no matter what, and all it takes is another to carelessly look at you to put you back in your place.'s almost as if I'm wasting my time.
    You know?
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  3. Xev Registered Senior Member

    gendanken, you never fail to amaze me. I know - and we all must feel the dichotomy between private and public personas to some extent. But you've put your finger right on it.
    Okay, now I sound gay.

    Bingo. And if you can afford to do nothing but write nothing but your philosophical works, you can do this.
    You have to work, though. (I sound like my dad)
    And this means being for others.

    Shit, if there's a way out it's that. If they can freeze me with their gaze, I can be Inuvik in December with mine.

    But I don't know how. And that's still playing their game.

    I do. If I was insane...
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  5. everneo Re-searcher Registered Senior Member

    sorry for interrupting a good going on thread, Xev & gend.


    do you desire stinky guys.?! truth, please.

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  7. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    Its a mama-jamma shame that the surest means to insanity is syphillis, yes? Sheeeyat......

    Know what Xev? If you were only born a male I'd happily have you in serfdom......oops, friendship. "Love". Intimacy. Psychotic bliss. Seems that playthings come in only one brand: male.

    And that's another thing- this business of trying to go about being a free spirit and writing your shit down. I remember countless times deigning on something, you know, BITCHING, and I would agonize trying to jot it down before it fizzled...............only to find out that someone's already been there. Thought up something about man's tendency's to give up one deity for another and voi fucking la Bacon's already come up with his four idols. In language theory, I panned out a landscape where intellect and instint were soulutions to a same problem and lo bloody behold there's Bergson writing about his elan vital and creative evolution.

    There is lots of unconscious plaigarism that goes around the thinking world like STDs, you know? Even someone like ::cringe:: Wesmorris ::shiver:: has beat me out to some pet theories of mine.

    True enough. The unabomber was one brave motherfucker.

    Its like bondage without the hair pulling. Something....lacks.

    So long as its not show tunes and the Lowell kind of gay........
    I'm sounding mildly fruity here too.
    I think she'd prefer a bald schizoid mammal that smelled like that little niche between the *x* and *y* of a man's body. If not, I do.
  8. Xev Registered Senior Member

    Indeed. Or having one's mind broken by the dreams of the Great Cthulhu.

    A damned shame, really. I've been thinking of trolling the asylums.

    No. Fucking. Shit.
    I had a lovely theory of what Foucault called a disciplinary space once. Read the bastard, realize he was there first.
    Nietzsche's eternal recurrence? Yup, bastard beat me to it.
    And don't get me started on Mill's compromise between private rights and the greatest good for the greatest number.

    The sad thing is you really don't plagerize - you have an idea, you then realize that someone's had a simular idea and said it way better.

    But you really can't get out of the game. That's the cocksucking aspect of it - you can't play, you can't not play and you can't ever win.

    Bald? Hmm.
    Long, dark or blonde hair.

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