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Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by kmguru, Jul 10, 2001.

  1. kmguru Staff Member

    Somewhere Cris said: I would love to see some debate on Hinduism and Islam with those that practice those faiths....

    Well since the main sections are Christianity and Atheism, we Hindus, Budhhists and the like do not fit in to even begin debate....even though Hinduism together with its sister religion Budhhism can claim over two billion people.

    May be a section could be made as "Hinduism/Buddhisim" if you want visitors from Taiwan, Malaysia, China, India etc.

    If our discussions are US centric (even though our members are in Germany or UK), others feel uncomfortable. I have been in to Singapore forums - it is very interesting. Unless you want your head on a platter, you do not want to go there.
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  3. Cris In search of Immortality Valued Senior Member


    My suggestion to Dave (Porfiry) was to reorganize the Religious Debate category into Philosophy and have the following forums -

    General Philosophy
    Ethics and Moraility

    But how about adding -

    Eastern Philosophies and Religions.

    My gita is always close at hand and contains more teachings and insights than anything Christianity can muster, and is several thousand years older I believe.

    How about it Dave?

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  5. kmguru Staff Member

    Thanks Cris.

    I also visit They are changing their format to kidie target. So I left invitation to come to sciforum for the dischanted ones. Besides we have better technology such as email updates, spell check etc.

    Eastern philosophy will be a good idea and has been since 1867 (I think) when Swami Vivekananda came to address the World Religious conference in Chicago.

    Once people find out the easterners are no different than western roots (they merge in pre-hinduism), it will help create a better society. The differences occur as you progress through time forward - it is becoming ridiculous at both ends.

    When I fast visited China, I was afraid - until I mingled with the people - then I found out, they are same at the basic human needs level as we are. I made very good friends. It was easier to see their point of view.

    Anyway, let us put some meat (or fruit ) here to attract the websurfers. Let me know when the new section is setup. I have a few stuff to contribute.

    While here, may I make another suggestion:

    How about several articles relevant to each topic kept online that does not disappear as time goes by? For example, if I explain why not all hindus are vegetarians in a thread, after a while it drops from the current list. May be there should be a FAQ list done by a moderator that answers few basis items contributed by us and stays at the top of the list all the time. that way we do not rehass the same stuff over and over.
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  7. Porfiry Nomad Registered Senior Member

    These are good ideas, and I'm always happy to try and increase the breadth of discussion on the site. Cris, I do like your proposal for the Philosophy superforum, and I think the topics are well partitioned in the subforums. I am certainly willing to give an Eastern Philosophy/Religion forum a chance.

    I will begin rearranging things in a few days time (I have some university-related work to finish first).

    Thanks kmguru. It's always appreciated when you refer members to sciforums. Hopefully you know about the current referral contest.

    This is certainly a reasonable suggestion. As you mention, this is the sort of thing best done by moderator(s) of a forum. The problem is, of course, that we really don't have a moderator for many of the debate forums. In lieu of a moderator-compiled archive, I'd also support any user-compiled FAQ/archive and could give it the necessary placement for quick-reference by users and newbies.
  8. kmguru Staff Member

    In the course of my replying to another member, I came upon an idea that may be of interest.

    How about giving each member one to five pages that they can edit and add that can keep their essential thoughts in place that can be viewd by everyone and linkable in the post?

    The pages can be like "kmguru001.htm" etc. Logic need to be setup to make that editable by the member. That way we do not have to regurgitate every six months.

    To make the forum more useful, we may want to think any new ideas generated to commerialize such as patent it. That can generate some cash to enhance the forum.

    Just some thoughts.
  9. Porfiry Nomad Registered Senior Member

    I've seen something similar done on other boards. Users will place in their signatures links to threads they thought were significant. There's no reason people couldn't do the same here, if they so desired.

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