realitycheck and farsight ban

Discussion in 'SF Open Government' started by occidental, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. brucep Valued Senior Member

    You can't be a strong author if all you write down is nonsense. He was permanently banned for trolling and more trolling. You should read the lies he told about rpenner, at physforum, out of bitterness for having been banned for the same reason he was banned at this site. Good riddance.
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  3. brucep Valued Senior Member

    I completely agree with Alphanumeric concerning Farsight. Farsight's constant display of intellectual dishonesty, lying, should result in banishment from a public science forum. Having to correct his errors is wasted discourse. He's trolling.
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  5. brucep Valued Senior Member

    RC claimed he was writing a physics text that was going to toss modern physics topsy turvy. Maybe you can get a copy if you ask him.
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  7. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    I do not know what claims RC made, however he was a good writer.

    I also think I showed fairly conclusively that he was permabanned within 35 minutes of questioning the moderation. Read his last post. There was nothing worth Banning in it. It was complete shit treatment.

    Listen. I could give a hoot in hell if everyone is banned. It is already starting to show across the board. If you make a post in any category it is likely to stay on the main page for days or weeks in some categories.

    That was a letter to James R, and not really a posting anyhow. I realize it makes sense to stand behind moderators/free staff, however it was blatant abuse of "power".

    The "Formal Debate" thread was last used October 1st (THREE MONTHS AGO), and the thread is still showing on the main page. There is a noticeable lack of input from members lately. It just seems to be falling apart with the current staff.

    @ Brucep,
    The infraction is "TROLLING OR POSTING NONSENSE POSTS", and we have a PROVEN moderator who has put real science in the cesspool (ask James R) previously judging the "Nonsense". James R personally moved the thread (it was a Reiku thread however) back into Alternate Theories at least.

    There is a difference between trolling and controversial science. Einstein and Bohr and Schrodinger and many elites argued about the double slit experiment and its interpretations for many years. If Prometheus was there he would have tossed anyone who did not agree with him out on his ass, and discussion closed.

    Those discussions are still hot topics however, and that is why there is more than one interpretation. Trying to fathom quantum mechanics is a pill too many here cannot swallow, because some concepts sound very much like woo to the common observer. Anyone who has a brain deep enough to comprehend some of it is usually targeted by Prometheus as he is among the "common observers" who cannot comprehend.

    Yeah.. Trolling my ass. We all know it was "nonsense posts", and we all know who was the judge and jury.

    The fact is his last posting was no reason for a ban. It is available for anyone to read, and I posted the just of it several posts ago in my email to James R.

    It is obvious I am speaking the truth. No denying it. The proof is there. Read it.

    I have enjoyed my decade plus with sciforums, but it seems like everyone left is a moderator, a spammer, or simple minded woo police. I've thought about asking for a permaban just to motivate me to movecompletely to a fresher site.
  8. AlphaNumeric Fully ionized Registered Senior Member

    Prometheus has a PhD in a quantum field theory related subject, so I'd say he has a good working grasp of quantum mechanic. And the people who are 'targeted', people like RC and Farsight, do not fathom it. That has been demonstrated time and time and time again on not only this forum but elsewhere and by other people too.

    RC and Farsight have no idea what science is. I'm of the opinion they aren't even familiar with intellectual honesty. The biggest contributions to science they have made is to spark discussions between other, more intellectually honest, people. Threads about quantum mechanics or relativity involving them are not enriched by their presence but rather by the people who post lengthy and detailed explanations of their mistakes. Their contributions are through repeated acts of being utterly clueless.
  9. Balerion Banned Banned

    And what is your level of education and field of study as it relates to QM?
  10. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    @ Alphanumeric,

    What makes you think Prometheus is a Ph.D. in anything? I saw him post an image with a Doctorate in Philosophy, not anything else. I normally do not question education, but how do you know? Plus he questioned Wlminex Ph.D. to the point of banning him for life, and Wlminex has now been proven to be a Ph.d. in Geology, so i will question his "Philosophy" Ph.D..

    Besides that point however ...
    I am sure Einstein, Bohr, and schrodinger also were versed in quantum mechanics somewhat, and that did not stop them from arguing the subject. Why is there different interpretations of quantum mechanics? We should just ask Prometheus which one is right and then there will be no need for debate.

    - Nothing anyone can say can change the fact that the last post RC made was complaining about Prometheus in the Open Government section in defense of someone else, and he was banned 35 minutes later. (FOR LIFE) That's BULL!!!

    - I am of the belief that Prometheus has a Ph.D. but in philosophy. Big difference, and still not a great reason to kill a science forum if it was physics.

    - I do not want to insult his claimed Ph.D., but he defends himself poorly in forums and makes many mistakes. I certainly doubt his decisions. I could care less about how that portrays me, because obviously he is making many bans based on his idealism. THAT MUCH IS FACT. THE PROOF IS RIGHT HERE IN THIS POST, but I've seen him do it time and again.

    THIS WAS RC LAST POST - 35 minutes before being banned for life (by Prometheus) in the OPEN GOVERNMENT section in defense of someone else.

    Note the bolded paragraph in quotes. This not only is sublime writing, but a contributing factor in his ban.


    This would seem probable since this was written 11-27-12, 04:08 PM, and he was banned shortly afterwards .

    11-27-12 04:43 PM, was his last entry of Sciforums. EXACTLY 35 MINUTES AFTER BERATING A MODERATOR.

    How did he say it?
    Come-on, that is some nicely worded finger pointing he did there. His writing skills alone should make make us keep him.

    Does anyone else think it is "suspicious" that he was permantly banned from sciforums 35 minutes after writing this? I know moderators do not need to give reasons, but sometimes things are OBVIOUS.

    The reasons given for previous infractions were

    "trolling/Nonsense post" - Nonsense post according to someone who doesn't like the opposing viewpoint

    Yet we also KNOW FOR A FACT PROMETHEUS HAS PUT REAL SCIENCE INTO THE CESSPOOL BEFORE. James R had to personally move it out of the cesspool when complaints multiplied.

    I think (just opinion) that he was such a good writer that any moderator would be challenged to answer this, and it was easier to have a temper tantrum ban.

    The ban was permanent.

    The justification given only as trolling nonsense posts, rom someone who has previously moved correct science debates to the cesspool

    The reason. Sadly Obvious.

    When Wlminex had his Ph.D questioned there was a lynch mob that quickly formed. After Wlminex received a LIFETIME BAN (YES PROMETHEUS HAS PERMABANNED A PH.D.), Online papers were found from a geologist using the nickname Wlminex and using same email address as Wlminex we knew.

    THIS PROMPTED READ-ONLY among others to apologize to Wlminex, however those links were recently lost in the dump. The point is, instead of apologizing for his part in mislabelling Wlminex as a liar about his education he stands by the idea that Wlminex could have stolen the EMAIL ADDRESS AND NICKNAME off a Ph.D. he found on the internet.
    It was rude enough to insult Wlminex about his education, and ban him basically for being a liar (actually done by targeted "nonsense post claims.")

    He knew he was targeted in his last days,
    Here is a copy of a Memo James R and myself received on that matter.

    James R and myself received this letter just prior to his permanent ban. A Ph.D who felt targeted by Prometheus. This letter was written by a Ph.D.

    here is an online paper by him..

    I have emailed him using that address and have confirmed it s him since. You can do the same if you still have doubts.

    NOTE: THIS LETTER FROM A REAL Ph.D. is NOTHING TO DO WITH ME OR MY OPINIONS. I AM JUST SHOWING IT FOR WHAT IT IS. IT WAS A Ph.D. Who was "feeling" targeted by Prometheus. NOTE IN RC LAST POST ABOVE HE STATED HE WAS NOT GOING TO COMMENT FOR A FEW WEEKS AS HE ALSO FELT TARGETED. Does Prometheus work for some other forum? He/she certainly likes to drive smart people away from here.

    THE FACTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES, forget my opinion. Use your own reasoning abilities. These are not me in these quotes. I personally think PROMETHEUS IS A HORRID MODERATOR, AND WOULD BAN HIM/HER IN ORDER TO SAVE SCIFORUMS, but that's just me. I have seen this happen to more than just these guys. I have my eyes open.

    It was his CV that was ridiculed. Falsely as most of the members involved in ridiculing were man enough to admit they were wrong and publicly apologized (such as Read-Only).

    Prometheus ... Instead of manning up and apologizing chose to continue the assault by saying "well it is possible he just stole the email address and nckname from a real geologist.". That is the "wimp" way out. If you are going to call a Ph.D. a liar about their education, and then get him banned for it you should at least man up and apologize when you are proven wrong.

    I think it was Rjbeery who found the proof Wlminex was really a Ph.D. just so he gets the credit.

    I do not apologize for attacking Prometheus character here. I openly say he should not be a moderator. If this results in my ban then at least I am leaving what appears to be a dying forum, and could care less right about now. I honestly could not care less, as at least I go out saying it like it is. That's what RC did.

    Ban everyone .. Why not. No need to discuss science when it is all in books.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2013
  11. AlphaNumeric Fully ionized Registered Senior Member

    Because I've met him a number of times, including at a conference where we were both giving presentations in the same session!

    And PhD is short for 'Doctor of Philosophy', it doesn't mean the subject is philosophy! Wow, how clueless are you?

    If wlminex has a PhD all the knowledge has long since left his brain. He wouldn't know science if it gave him a prostate check!

    Bohr, Einstein and Schrodinger argument from positions of knowledge and experience. RC and Farsight have neither so give this over the top whining a rest.

    Well done showing how clueless you are about such things.

    Having a PhD doesn't make you unbannable! You're trying to do the same with Prometheus! There are Nobel Prize winners who are now cranks (Josephson), PhDs are not immune either.

    Wlminex wasn't banned for possibly lying about his education, he was banned for being a whiny ignorant hack.

    Qualifications may point to certain things but they don't gaurentee things. I interview dozens of maths PhDs a year and most of them fail our first stage (out of 4 stages!). Josephson has a Nobel Prize in physics but is considered a hack in his work now. Prometheus has a PhD in theoretical physics. As do I. Rpenner has no formal physics qualifications due to not finishing university (due to unavoidable circumstances) and yet he provides some of the most detailed posts on this forum.

    Having a PhD doesn't make someone unbannable nor would lying about having one make for an instant ban. Rather people are evaluated on the merit of their posts. RC and Farsight provide little in terms of scientific discourse. I've already said what I think about Farsight. RC I find a somewhat unpleasant person for different reasons, namely his faux platitudes. He'll post nonsense and generally be unpleasant and then end his post with some attempt at pleasantries, as if that makes up for all the previous dishonesty in the post. It's like someone trying to shake your hand while insulting your mother. And then he'd do what you're doing now, jump up and down on his little soap box and blame everyone but himself for the fact he's a hack.

    Yes, yes, massive conspiracy etc etc.

    So what. Farsight doesn't think much of the PhDs BenTheMan and I have. You obviously don't think much of Prometheus and he has a PhD. You can't have it both ways.

    You call that a 'paper'? I guess you're as familiar with the level of scientific discourse in actual published papers as you are with what PhD means.

    If you considered wlminex's contributions to scientific discussion as anywhere close to 'smart' then I pity your ignorance of what proper scientific discourse is.

    Considering you just said Prometheus is lying about his physics PhD and you just said you'd ban him to save the forums can I therefore conclude you will now be apologising to him, given I have confirmed for you he actually has the PhD he claims?

    Having letters after your name doesn't make what you say valid or worthwhile. It means at some point in the past, for some small period of time, you did something which helped science in some way. Though it may well be an indicator of future contributions it is by no means a guarantee. If wlminex has a PhD then fine but what he posts now is thoroughly devoid of scientific merit. He doesn't even appear to know what the scientific method is.

    Do you have anything else to do with your time but rant in this ridiculously hyperbolic manner? Prometheus isn't advocating such things, no matter how much you'd like to think so. Funny how you complain about all this mishandling Prom has supposedly done while you repeatedly do exactly the same to him.

    If we judge posters solely on the scientific content of their posts then people like Rpenner, who hasn't anywhere near the level of formal qualifications as someone like myself has, comes out top. But Prom and I aren't far behind. wlminex was near the bottom of the barrel, only just ahead of people who border on utter incoherence, such as masterov or chinglu. At least they have a language barrier to partly blame.
  12. brucep Valued Senior Member

    His grammar was atrocious. His ability to communicate ideas was atrocious. The content was always bullshit. Your analysis and what you think is the truth is laughable. Your abilities are substandard. You just don't know it. Ask for a permanent ban. I'll appreciate you doing so.
  13. origin In a democracy you deserve the leaders you elect. Valued Senior Member

    Cripes, I about choked when I saw that little jem from kwhilborn...

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  14. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    @ Origin,
    There is no such word as "JEM", so I'm guessing perfection must remain only with the moderators. If you want to slam someones intelligence, it might help in future to spell three letter words correctly.

    @ Everyone else,

    I never claimed to have a Ph.D, I don't see how that affects the argument put forth by a Ph.D. I did not know Ph.D stood for "Doctor of Philosophy" or if I had known it, I had forgotten. I have been out of school now for over 20 years. I am a retired Soil Engineer myself, but was defending several people who can no longer speak here, one of whom was a "Doctor of Philosophy" who a) Felt targeted by a certain moderator b) had his education ridiculed and was called a liar c) was then banned for life. That member can be contacted va his email as proof he was a Ph.D.

    I understand if Prometheus has a bunch of "buddies" here, and I was not witness to the various woo posts they were banned for. I do know that banning has become an extreme sport here recently and threads are stale and topics becoming boring. Perhaps there is some new goals the administrators have established that we are not aware of as a whole.

    Perhaps I am mistaken, but it SEEMS as if there is less active members the past year. If I have access to these statistics I do not know where to view them here.

    Despite objections and attacks on my knowledge of trivia, I did show that RC was banned FOR speaking out against a moderator, and if you failed to see that then your minds are too cloudy with bias. The last post within 35 minutes of the ban contained nothing "bannable" aside from the anger it likely excited in the moderator in question, who often seems to react with anger despite his education.

    I again showed a Ph.D. who also felt targeted by the same moderator. The person in question made no woo claims, and tried to answer questions to the best of his knowledge, however he did MAKE MISTAKES in that regard from time to time. His mistakes were not intentional, and became more exaggerated when his education was questioned. Despite what everyone here recalls, he was targeted and banned because his education seemed "FAKE", which was later proven to be a misconception. You can contact him via the email address of the "real" Ph.D (as I have), if you agree with prometheus that this could just be a stolen identity.

    I at least know my character is strong enough that I would apologize if I was involved in the character assassination of someone who was blatantly called a liar (repeatedly by many) here on sciforums, if that lie proved to be a falsehood. (read-only and one other apologized to him), yet Prometheus's best apologetic effort was, "how do we know he didn't steal someones identity a year ago when he joined and used the exact same email address as his email address for sciforums as well as his nickname" (along those exaggerated lines). He could easily have contacted the real Ph.D. as I have in order to confirm he viewed his vindication by RJBEERY. If a person cannot simply apologize when they are wrong, then I have no sympathy for them. If you object to that then bugger you as well.

    I have also defended people such as Reiku in the past, as even bad ideas make you consider the topic fully, although I am wasting my breath here.

    My case has been made for those two on earlier threads, and if you are a "BUDDY" of Prometheus then how very nice for you. I can only judge a person by how they treat others here.

    Here is the Prometheus attitude as directed toward RC,
    Therefore we must ban you (I added this last sentence as it fits with what has occurred).

    So what I take from this is that he knows everything, so just let him answer the posts and don't even try yourself because your opinion carries little weight.

    Many bans occur from "nonsense posts". This seems to happen much more frequently now that a person whose opinion carries "more weight" is sorting it. As much as I value my children getting their education, I would withdraw them from school tomorrow if it was going to turn them into pompous asses.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2013
  15. Gorlitz Iron Man Registered Senior Member

    My post was a true and accurate reflection of what I was reading from your post, yes the words I chose may have had some shock value to some readers but they were chosen to fully express the way in which an impartial viewer may look upon such a post as yours. We can all understand how frustration can build and that sometimes it can be necessary to rebuff an argument or dispute the validity of dubious claims, but we should all seek to do this in a manner which is fitting, respectful and preserves our own dignity. Also if our conjecture is indeed correct there should be no need to bring into question the character, qualification or past histories of other members, we deal in facts and evidence not ego's. Furthermore the last comments you made in your post refer to "You're tolerated for the general amusement you provide. Friends and I sometimes bring you up in conversation, usually as an analogy for something rather bad and always accompanied with a chuckle (at your expense)." Which is extremely insulting and very immature, not at all the quality of post we would and should rightly expect from from someone who expects to command fellow members respect.

    You have demonstated some clear understanding in some of the subjects on which you post, as such other members look to you for some answers and helpful contributions. They place there trust in your ability to know what you are talking about, each time you give clear evidence based answers you across competent and trustworthy, however when you resort to comments about other members character you also harm your own credibility in the process.

    Then there is the question about the particular member about whom your comments were made, someone who everyone can cleary see has been banned and is thus denied any chance of fair rebuttle, which again does not present the best impression.

    So finally I have to say I stand by every single word of my assessment of your post.
  16. prometheus viva voce! Registered Senior Member

    I haven't got a great deal to add to this thread, other that the questions kwh are asking have been answered on page 1 and he well knows that.

    RC could have been permanently banned within the rules of the site 2 times over before he was actually permabanned at the 3rd opportunity, so I'm not quite sure how I am responsible for heavy handed moderation. He could have changed his behaviour but instead he insisted on being a moderately unpleasant jackass, contributing nothing of value. I guess that's why kw likes him so much...
  17. prometheus viva voce! Registered Senior Member

    One final thing - if you have a complaint about the moderation of a subforum then PM an admin or supermod. Complaining in threads like this about the moderators is trolling and can earn you a ban. Notice kwh I haven't given out a single ban to you despite the fact you are a know nothing jerk who seems to be so proud of your own ignorance you figuratively scream it from the rooftops on here.
  18. AlphaNumeric Fully ionized Registered Senior Member

    Where did anyone say anything of the sort?

    It shows you didn't do a nanosecond of fact checking or investigation before launching into your whining.


    Who were all given plenty of opportunities, informal warnings, formal warnings and final warnings about their behaviour and failed to listen to any of them. They had their chance, they failed utterly. On numerous occasions I asked wlminex to stop posting incoherent nonsense in the main forums, he couldn't help himself.

    How many times do you have to be told the PhD is irrelevant to his banning?

    If wlminex has a PhD then he's forgotten so much about science he comes across as more ignorant than a high school student. Simply having PhD after his name doesn't magically turn his incoherent ignorance into golden nuggets of information. He posted so much nonsense that he racked up the warnings quickly and it is entirely possible that someone who cannot take any responsibility for their actions would look to blame others when such a thing happens to themselves. wlminex contributed nothing to the main science forum, at all. His nonsense was mildly tolerated in the pseudo forum but there PhD qualifications are not required nor of any real use, particularly given his area is geology, not theoretical physics.

    wlminex was always destined for a lifetime ban, he simply refused to listen when he was asked and then told and then reprimanded for posting nonsense. The pace at which it happened was his fault. Ultimately people are judged by their posts, just as you are judging Prometheus and ignoring his academic credentials.

    Personally I would rather have a low traffic science forum where the conversations are sane, rational and involve sound science than a high traffic forum filled with hacks and morons. I'd rather have one conversation with a rational intellectually honest person than 10 with idiots.

    Yes, there is. And it has coincided with the increase in the amount of hacks on the forum.

    RC was also always destined for a lifetime ban, as he too cannot help himself. He and I crossed paths years ago on PhysForums and he was a hack then with delusions of competency.

    Because as we know, as soon as someone has a PhD they become as calm and polite as a zen Buddhist on valium

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    You seem to constantly think PhDs magically infer upon people certain things, such as becoming less bannable from forums (no matter how incoherent or nonsensical their posts) or they become more polite people. I interview mathematics PhDs for the company I work for and I see plenty of incoherent or rude applicants.

    For the love of Mazula's god, when are you going to realise the PhD is irrelevant. If the only reason you can come up with for wlminex to still be part of the forum is he has a PhD then that should tell you all you need to know about why he isn't a part of the forum any more. His posts were nonsense, whatever science knowledge once in his brain long gone. Having letters after his name then is irrelevant.

    Wlminex? Seriously?

    If they were initially unintentional then they became intentional over time. He had his mistakes regularly pointed out. I asked him on more than one occasion to stop posting in the physics forum because every time he just posted wrong information, which I frequently explained the error of. He kept at his, despite his ignorance having been shown. At that point he was no longer unaware of his lack of knowledge, he just didn't want to admit it. Thus he effectively was trolling. Perhaps he believes that his PhD somehow infers on him an inability to be mistaken? You certainly seem to think the PhD implies something which is not supported by evidence in regards to his posts, that he understands various areas of science outside of his PhD subject area.

    Once he was repeatedly ignoring moderator requests he got warnings and because he couldn't help himself but continue he got banned in short order.

    Yes, it is all a conspiracy

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    It was just a coincidence he regularly posted nonsense, didn't seem to know any science and repeatedly ignored moderator requests to keep his incoherent out of the main forums.

    You accused Prometheus of lying about his PhD. I have confirmed he has a PhD. Are you going to apologise to him?

    There is a difference between asking questions and entering discussions because you're aware you don't know something properly, sparking good discussions and just asserting yourself as right or spamming your own pet theory everywhere because you are deluded and unable to control yourself. The former is fine, the latter just gets in the way of other, more worthwhile, discussions.

    No, it doesn't imply that at all. This twisting of Prom's words you're doing shows you aren't exactly overflowing in the honesty department either. Funny how you complain people are mistreated/misrepresented by posters and how the calling for a ban of a PhD is questionable but you engage in precisely the same behaviour. Nice going, hypocrite.

    Yes, now that the moderators are people who regularly read the forums, compared to the previous moderators, there's more moderator actions and more pruning of bullshit. Surprise that, it is almost like we're doing our bloody jobs.

    You complain about Prometheus while defending someone like Farsight? Farsight claims his work is worth 4 Nobel Prizes! He asserted people like BenTheMan and I would one day be teaching it to students, once it revolutionises physics, that he knows how particle physics works, that he is a world leading expert in electromagnetism and knows more about electrodynamics than Nobel Prize winners like Dirac! The most pompous people here are hacks. Sylwester, Farsight, Mazula, Pincho Paxton, they all know how the universe works, without a single iota of evidence and often in the face of a mountain of evidence. Prometheus at least has qualifications which show at some point he's been reasonably competent at science, all of them have nothing to justify even claims of mediocrity, never mind superiority.

    If RC, Farsight and wlminex could control themselves and keep their unjustified, arm wavey, structureless assertions and nonsense to the pseudo forums then they'd not have so much of an issue. But they cannot help themselves and just must post about their nonsense in the main forums, which they were/are told repeatedly is not the place. We have the fringe section for precisely this reason. They couldn't help themselves and they got punished accordingly. PhDs or not, they add nothing to proper scientific discussion, mostly because they cannot help but try to veer them towards nonsense pretty much every time. Don't like the moderating, go somewhere else. Hell, Farsight has his own forum and RC is a member there, probably because Farsight has been laughed off every single decent science forum for all his delusions of grandeur. Why don't you go join them?
  19. Read-Only Valued Senior Member

    AMEN to that! It would go a *long* way toward reducing the background noise here.
  20. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    @ prometheus,
    Great argument rebuttal, as I have suggested you re-act (hyphenated for emphasis) in anger as opposed to act in faith in accordance to the moderator position.

    I know you are, but what am I. Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names will never hurt me.

    Think that covers that, in around the same grade level that argument deserves.

    This is a perfect place to end this debate on my end. That quote reaks of the self-restraint and "nobility" we have come to know and love from the moderation as of late.

    I am apparently a know nothing jerk that is proud of my own ignorance that I figuratively scream from the rooftops. How can any moderator top that intelligent argument?

    I rest my case. lmfao
  21. prometheus viva voce! Registered Senior Member

    You're still not getting the point. Allow me to spell it out again: If I was guilty of what you claim I am guilty of, I would have banned you for your posts in this thread, no?
  22. Balerion Banned Banned

    What do you want, a math equation that proves your pettiness and ignorance? I mean, just because he's calling you a stupid jerk doesn't mean he's not intelligent. It seems, by all accounts, that you are just that: an ignorant jerk. You didn't know what PhD meant, you constantly type in ALL-CAPS, you defend trolls and bitch about moderators for simply doing their jobs, and you literally just typed "re-act" instead of "react." What is supposed to say about you? Do you really think you're coming across as an intelligent poster?

    Posts(PhD[?]){allcaps}+(ESP)"lmfao" = You ain't that bright

    There's your equation.
  23. AlphaNumeric Fully ionized Registered Senior Member

    Funny how you complain about Prometheus yet people like RC and Farsight you'll defend. As I've already said, Farsight believes himself a world leading expert in many areas of physics, despite the preponderance of evidence to the contrary. Similarly, you liken posts of RC's to pieces of Shakespeare, despite RC being dishonest and whiney. The fact RC will often end his posts with "Best wishes" or words to that effect doesn't negate the dishonesty, misrepresentation, intellectual laziness and general flat out nonsense of his posts.

    You constantly complain about supposed behaviour by Prometheus which you and the people you're defending show is much greater amounts. That's why people are giving you short shrift. If you're unable to see that, unable to stop yourself from misrepresenting him and others here then please leave. You obviously don't like the way the forum is run, you defend people who clearly have no interest in rational, informed discussion and you're generally dishonest and whiny yourself. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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