Reality as Self-Contained

Discussion in 'General Philosophy' started by Spellbound, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. krash661 [MK6] transitioning scifi to reality Valued Senior Member

    yes, because language was fucked up(not understandable) until people like you corrected it ?
    let alone, you are only referring to english.
    what another joke.
    do you even realize what is the significance of levels of language,
    which obviously you do not.(and yet it's your career)
    the answer is nothing more than high society(I'm better than you and more civilized) nonsense.
    another joke.
    you mean misinforming.
    you do not understand what you quoted, simple. i gave the quote to show it.

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    , that's what is so amusing.
    you can not comprehend(and yet, you think you are some kind of intellect), but yet presume as if you do(cute)
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  3. Cyperium I'm always me Valued Senior Member

    Obviously I can't know if a rock is conscious or not, but I believe that a kind of universal awareness encompasses the rock.

    They could exist in a universe devoid of life, but not devoid of awareness.

    Which is a reasonable thought, after all things don't suddenly disappear when we are not aware of them. It does interact with itself though, if all interactions disappear then it could only be described as a wavefunction of potentials according to QM and hence not actually be anything in particular. I believe that the property "existence" is the same as what we call "awareness".

    The former implication was the closest to my belief, but not necessarily that the universe is aware of itself, but rather that the foundation of the universe is awareness.

    I've always seen solipsist as a word describing that you are the only one aware (as that is the only thing that can be proven to yourself), and that everyone else is just a figment of your imagination, so even if I meant that we, as conscious beings, brought the universe along, it wouldn't necessarily be a solipsist view (at least not in my understanding of it). It's true that it is based on solipsist ideas though, but only when it comes to existence itself, that we should assume that existence shares the same awareness as the only existence that we can be (and thus know). If we weren't aware then our body wouldn't actually be our body, it would just be a body (it would be part of the same universal (or extra-universal) awareness that any rock is a part of). I do believe that other people are aware as well, and I don't believe that people are necessary for the universe to exist.

    I believe our own consciousness comes about because the brain describes things around us with such vividness that it mimics awareness. Our own existence is the only existence we have a sense of (what it is like to exist), other things we can only sense indirectly through our senses, we can't actually be them, but we are our own existence. Why would it be illogical then to assume that existence itself has that sensation? Not necessarily the rock in particular but that the sensation encompasses the rock (I don't mean to imply that the rock itself has to be aware of itself, though I don't completly rule it out either, it might have some basic interaction based sensation of awareness).

    Surely it would add to our understanding if existence is shown to actually be awareness? It would at the very least add to our understanding of what awareness is based on.
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  5. krash661 [MK6] transitioning scifi to reality Valued Senior Member


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  7. krash661 [MK6] transitioning scifi to reality Valued Senior Member


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  8. wellwisher Banned Banned

    Life is based on a continuous water matrix, in which chemicals and ions diffuse, react, assemble, and interact. The fastest thing in this continuous water matrix, is the water itself, via the transmission of information through hydrogen protons and the hydrogen bonding within the water matrix. The rest of the chemical matrix, beyond water, provides the capacitance of life, but since it needs to act within water, there is a lag time, relative to the speed of information transfer within water. If something like a molecule enters the cell membrane, the water is already transmitting this information toward the DNA before any of the slowly moving chemicals reach the final site.

    This separation into two bands of parallel information provides the key to conscious awareness. Like two eyes, which see the same thing from two angles, the result is a third dimension of depth from which an extra variable appears. A rock may not be self aware since it is a single matrix of ions and is only looking through one eye; we only see 2-D with one eye, unless you can shift the one eye between two states/angles. Water can be aware by this standard, since it has two hydrogen bonding states to shift its one eye back and forth to rough in 3-D.

    Human self awareness works the same way. We have the conscious and unconscious minds, with a time delay between. The unconscious mind is much fastest than the conscious mind with the third dimension of these two eyes, results in self awareness. Relative the brain, it is mostly water, with a material matrix of ions and organics; brain matter. The ventricles are much higher in water concentration, than the rest of the brain, and make use of information speed of the water, but with less structuring capacitance due to connective organics. This water becomes self aware; human spirit, but within the projected matrix of water that is being generated by the material matrix of the brain. But with this ventricle water loose, it can extrapolate, with the 3-D depth, beyond the material matrix. This offers feedback that can alter the material memory grid as long as the water focus does not shift before material can move.
  9. krash661 [MK6] transitioning scifi to reality Valued Senior Member

    no, try agian

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