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  1. chimpkin

    chimpkin C'mon, get happy!

    Is anyone here interested in me doing a sort of series on paraphilias?

    I wanted to ask before I just started popping up with...basically...analyses of various types of fetish play...
    I worry about talking about such edgy stuff and ain't wasting time researching stuff that's gonna be deemed not ok and taken down, KWIM?
  2. chimpkin

    chimpkin C'mon, get happy!

    :shrug: guess that's a no.
  3. Stoniphi

    Stoniphi obscurely fossiliferous

    Given the broad international variety of our membership and the many differing religious, social, moral and ethical stands/opinions/practices in said membership, I would hesitate to forward such a plan myself. :eek:
  4. scheherazade

    scheherazade Valued Senior Member

    There may be some interest in any scientific data that could perhaps examine why our species has an interest in such 'fetishes' with a minimal emphasis on the actual devices employed.

    One might reasonably expect that even a scientific examination of the topic could engage discomfort and volatile reaction from some. :shrug:
  5. Kittamaru

    Kittamaru That which cannot be known

    I will openly admit something here that many of my friends and even family do not know - the human body has always amazed me... but something about the foot, ankle, and calf just blows me away. How many muscles need to work in PERFECT synchronization in order for simply standing, much less walking, to be accomplished. How many tiny bones and sinewy tendons intersect in order to form a structure capable of supporting the ENTIRE weight of a person bearing down upon it. It's... mesmerizing...

    seriously, watch a dancer some time - watch the subtle movements in the lower calf, ankle, and upper foot - the tiny movements as balance shifts, the almost imperceptible flexing and relaxing of muscles that we all use without even realizing they exist... it's a beautiful, not to mention incredibly amazing, sight to behold... and one that, at least so far, science has not been able to truly reproduce with any prosthetic.
  6. Stoniphi

    Stoniphi obscurely fossiliferous

    ....and we're off and running! :D
  7. Kittamaru

    Kittamaru That which cannot be known

    *shrugs* I don't consider it anything unusual to be honest - some guys are "breast" guys, some are "butt" guys, others are "leg" guys... personally, I find the entire human body to be beautiful - it is one of the most perfectly balanced and capable "machines" in existence, able to adapt and overcome so much, and the pinnacle of that, IMHO, is how we move :)

    Then again, there's something magical about how the gentlest of touches can illicit harmonious laughter from a gal :D
  8. R1D2

    R1D2 many leagues under the sea.

    A SORT of series on the info. Would be interesting. But I think asking first is a good idea. Because of the "mods" an the "younger". Age group. But do I have a issue with this no.
  9. Kittamaru

    Kittamaru That which cannot be known

    Well, that being the case (and this being a question).

    Mod Hat

    I am going to give the go-ahead on this topic - I would suggest the Human Sciences forum, and keep it at least semi-serious. Yes, fetishes are funny and all, haha, but an educated and legitimate discussion on the topic... well, I personally cannot see a reason not to allow it.

    Go for it :) Just keep it civil

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