Quantum Science

Discussion in 'General Science & Technology' started by Genius, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. Genius Banned Banned

    This is the next revolution in science.
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  3. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    Psst! Genius,
    I think mentioning Michio Kaku is against Sciforum rules. Not technically, but buying into anything he expresses has found many on the ban list of this website.

    I personally like his thinking and buy into what he says, but I know what comes with stating it here. good-luck. Comments below mine will likely demonstrate how welcome this type of thinking is seen here, but I,ve been wrong before. I enjoyed the videos, thanks.
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  5. Genius Banned Banned

    Thank you for your thoughts. I hope others enjoy the video despite the man's rapport and urge them to watch all 6 videos.
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  7. Genius Banned Banned

    Nanotechnology is here.
  8. kx000 Valued Senior Member

    Honestly, shut your mouth.

    This whole "science community" is bunk. What is your directive, what do you believe? Do you honestly think I can't pull fire out of the universe? Want the "quantum" future? Faith.
  9. kx000 Valued Senior Member

    How does that statement FEEL? Feels right saying it.

    Teleportation is easy.

    Telepathy is known globally.

    Idk what else to say. People are forcefully injected with harmful medicine, and locked away. Men like mr. James Holmes, who is a mind, a mind of death, are locked away. Want quanta? Realize who Tempt be. I Faith, and all this crazy stuff about the Imagination, and Science, then this guy Tempt. He just shoots people. Bad people. So he's bad, so I call him Satan.

    This is truth, and it has little to do with the Christian derp.

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    Its like I know everything, but its Faith I am. Fore, my mother gave me a name, but I go Faith, so its my name.

    Lucky Faith, Science, and Imagine go Friend, and Tempt take Hell. He'll get his share, they say he truly is the bloody saint.

    So break bread, please!

    Oh, and more! I Faith quite a bit. I know the future, some guy. With a mind to it.

    Why aren't we grey? We are the same, were unique, but we aren't grey.

    This whole place, its called SCIforums, taste like McDonald's. Can we mare scientific progress with white flags here? Index everything, everything, EVERYTHING.... EVERYTHING.

    They gave me psychosis because I know things about people who can lie to the doctors. I believe, I believe, I believe everything. I'm in charge, up there, and all the other smart guys, like Moral. They go Faith, they go Eternity. All their boys, and all those who give, those who pray, and those who drop to their knees.

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    I know the church is wrong. I know the school is dill lit. I know the shopping malls are fake. The weed is good, but they haven't cultivated well. Look at the Bay Area, is ruined. Why not give it to a guy like me? Discuss.

    This is the quantum future, watch the script.

    It's what THEY are talking about, everyone. They come and go all day long. Some people stay in my head, like trespassers. My friends are in "the field" the buffer. Pick them up, just like you send them. Be calm or won't receive. For the love of God, listen to Hate. Now!

    There are people about trying to wreck anything, and everything. People are fuzzy like they are gay when they meant be straight. The 2012, Y2K thing, its getting to people. It will pop off. James Holmes is no joke, he is a hero. Look in the eyes of the people. If he didn't line them up, quanta did. Do you see how the sync universe would make that be? Look in the eyes of the 9/11 victims, dim people. I'm on my business. Test my mind, or gtfo.

    Put bad people in Hell, this must come to be. Good & evil, why is that even a concept? What about time? Feel it, like you feel the imagination. Forever time, record or not, forever imagine. God, is, real.

    What about reincarnation. Get your feelings in line, or the universe will spit you out. How did it give thought. Were came the scar tissue? It did not take flesh and bone to think. Thought is simple to it. Simple wins, every time. Do you think stars and sunshine are bitches to us? No, they get it. Canine too! Ever seen a dog smile, or an autistic child turn clear? I have, I know my shit, and you guys are quite disrespectful, to move against me and call yourself a scientist, or the mere post with his gleam on. GTFO.

    This is a science board, it will be proper.

    Control the setting, gentlemen. I can give you the big fry. KNOW. A&E are bull, Satan doesn't mislead, he's a friend, thats why he is danger to God, being his best men living this wild ocean. What if I and a Tempt got into on morality growing up, that throws balance off. Balance, rhythym, time, thats what matter. You guys are caught on some seriously misleading adventures going the small perspective. If you guys want to go 1,000,000 years here start from the damn top. How it simple.

    God isn't big, look inside.

    Get that fat cat with the cool bill on the hook for the telepathy prize.
  10. kx000 Valued Senior Member

    There are two trains of thoughts, the brave would say I am its leading poster, the sadistic already know. They do hear them, and I make sense of it for the whole community.

    Sorry, those who share bad nature have seen the light. Why are we any different, at all?

    I feel as if im posting to my schizophrenia, I hope you can see how this will help us all.

    This will help in your adventure to the core of the universe, perfection is our own. Not quite a concept, it is a nature.

    Anyone down for a game of face match. I have the entire table at the Last Supper. NOTE TO MOD: F the church, I'm not backing down. Kill it with me, or GTFO. Morality now!

    I can post like this all night, care to find out how far I can believe in one night given on a public forum. With the help of genius population we must be here, good or evil alike. It gets heavy, quick. To be quite clear...
  11. youreyes amorphous ocean Valued Senior Member

    Michio can sell a mouse inside a snake as new mutual organism, honestly i think its his voice and his big eyes. Perfect salesman.
  12. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member

    I did, and it was worth the hour or so it took.

    This is the short list of radical ideas covered:
    Indeterminate, uncertain
    Infinite possible locations
    Unlimited possibilities
    Fusion energy
    Nano technology
    Super strong materials
    Quantum computing
    Bio nano robotics
    Existential risk
    Molecular assemblers
    Quantum teleportation
    Information is identity

    All of these topics involve science and technology, so how could it not be appropriate for this sub-forum? How could anyone object to the videos? Oh wait ...
  13. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    Don't be silly. Kaku is a physicist. We have no rules against linking to videos by physicists - or anybody else for that matter, as long as the videos aren't in breach of some other rule (e.g. pornographic).

    Oh please! Listen to yourself. Why would we want to ban somebody for posting a video made by a respectable scientist?

    Cut out the conspiracy theories. I mean, look - you're still here, aren't you?
  14. Genius Banned Banned

    Yes. It is absolutely wonderful.
  15. Genius Banned Banned

    God is real.
  16. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member

    Oops. That is stated as an absolute, and I see it more as an untestable hypothesis.
  17. Genius Banned Banned

  18. kx000 Valued Senior Member

    Test the omniscient children.

    Both time, and the imagination can be felt inside of us. Time exist as a natural entity, so I suggest you look for the imagination existing in the same manner. Given the existence of the imagination exteriorly from you, or I, knowing I imagine God, and Jesus with given nature, they both exist.
  19. Genius Banned Banned

    You are correct.
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