Psychosis ~What is it?

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by Quantum Quack, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. PHPlatonica Im over myself now... Registered Senior Member

    Eventually It boils down to how we are going to Accept ourselves.... "Delusions" or no. As a Society we have become "Corrupt" ... we have chosen to accept "some Delusions" But ignore and don't Accept others. This Also plays a role in how we react with one another in society. If a Group of like minded Come together that are not on the "Socially Accepted" they become a "Threat" in most cases.... IE... Waco Etc.... The Government, in order to keep "Social standards" will shut Down, or spy on those operations.... Either way it's a tough Call... But your Right about Corrupt....
    I Just feel Saddened that Because I "feel" another "existence" or "state" of Mind, that I am an Out Cast and Have to Play accordingly. When I see the Mumbling Bumb on the Street who is talking to him self, afraid.... I Don't think Alcoholism, I think Human Kind has let him Down. Delusions Of grandeur Are to be Feared, But we already see that bold Face Narcissism Exists..... George Bush and his "Crusade"... Etc... How ever, I know when You stay "silent" you are also a bit more protected. It leads to a scary, and confusing world... Where you are Unsure... one side of you is saying "this" But Society is shaking it's head with their Finger on the metaphorical medical "trigger"......
    I Do not mind sharing anything that has happened to me. It is not Personal.... But I would not tell any of this To My Doctor Or Friends Or Family ...... Because there is no Line yet.... Except for Here, On the Internet where there is freaky Porn, Paranormal Experiences and Like minds who are Physically safe from the "out side world" home on our little computers and able to "be out there" with out Being out there. It is a Start.
    it's also a kind of Evolution.
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  3. PHPlatonica Im over myself now... Registered Senior Member


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  5. PHPlatonica Im over myself now... Registered Senior Member

    What a Wonderfully TRUE and Expressing heart Felt Thread you have posted.
    It is Hard.... It is confusing to not know any more which way is Where. LOL...
    I am VERY Grateful The Quantum Quack Started this thread... Because I think it is more Important, and very much a Science then a Lot of people wish it To actually be

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    Welcome Aboard!...........Damn... Im Waiting my 3o Secs Cuz i messed up LOL Now there is a "RULE" I am Ok with *laugh*
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  7. duendy Registered Senior Member

    Hi see_the_sky and an EVER SO Welcome

    really i am overwhelmed by this thread

    you give so many good insights i dont know here to i will choose two
    or maybe three

    LOVE you observation bout people not even looking at the sky. and i cant help but npoice you 'name'

    I had LSd when 15, and i also was plunged into see VERY VERY clearly just people--people goin about tise busyness, never looked up. once i was in Hytde Part by te Serpentine, in the rising dawn on the'come down'

    we watched people walk. and in comparison with teri dogs, they seems so lifeless. notlooking up or round. whilst dogs were full of life....had loads of deep insihts observing. heres mebeing tis tendere kid!

    also where yu talk about people 'metod acting' bettinf lost in character/persona

    in Greekm '-persona means 'mask'pppremember that anceint Greek drama where they wear masks wit set expressions?

    well in saw UNDER their personas!...actually when psychedelicized this can be killingly amusing. yu can just die laughing. obviusly not with really troubled people. but wit prewtentious ones very yes

    are people trapped in 'maks' mentally ill? NO
    do they nee love and care? yes we all do

    we also need freedom of ecstatic expression. tis is a given right

    in prepatriarchal mythology tis was te religion!....for example Donysos was the god of 'Liber-ation. of giving up rigidity/ie., the social mask. tis i feel is th ORIGINAl meaning of sacrifice, as is comjunal women's menstruation where terer was no shame in expressin powerful emition and 'sacrificing blood to the blessed Earth

    NOTICE war on 'SOME' drugs. theyt prohibit the most primal psychdelics/sacraments. inspirers of deep spiritual emotion and promote drugs which atrophy emotion, feeling, having pathologized it. Which can actually damage the central nervous system
  8. PHPlatonica Im over myself now... Registered Senior Member

    .............FRAIN BART!!!!?The Crap about Diagnosis's..... is that they are categorized labels intended to benefit the (group) Physician/s about a particular case so he/she can group together the similar Effects of Experienced States of mind in particular cases. They Only use these labels for them self's Mostly.... And... Insurance Companies because Categorizing helps keep things in a "balance"......
    What Every one seems to have Failed at, )and it isn't that their aren't some people who aren't searching for answers). Is "WHAT IS IT?".........
    And I am Wondering QQ, is this What you meant? I can Give a "Brazilian" Definitions Given by clinicians and such on "Where they categorized it"... but I just Realized that I have Completely Failed at Answering your Question.... WHAT IS IT?... Is it a kind o Evolution? Is it a "State"?.... Could the existence of it be as Real as the Experience?
    Are we Simple Minded little biomechanical anomalies who Have hay wired into thinking Delusional thoughts? and If so, why?................... And STILL that Does not Answer "WHAT IS PSYCHOSIS"..... A Good Challenge.... Not Only Do I know the "treatments" For Psychosis, The Categories For Psychosis, even SOME mechanics OF Psychosis, And the Experiences OF Psychosis, None of this Explains WHAT IT IS...... I am Going to Have to Crawl into my Hole and think about that one..... What if The Answer lays within the actual State OF Psychosis? Any thoughts??
  9. MetaKron Registered Senior Member

    Well the term "psychosis" translated from the Latin means "mental condition." What in the nine levels of hell does that mean? It means anything and everything that the domineering personality wants it to mean.
  10. duendy Registered Senior Member

    i reckon first it is a natrual healing process. we are not just 'conscious' beings...we have a deeper substratum which psychoanalysis has termed 'the Unconscious'.

    For our ancestors it was the 'Otherworld' and/or 'the Underworld'....a labyrinthian journey of discovery that involves organism and envionment. you cannot have an organism which is not interelated with the environment

    when there is truama, nd also an opening, ten one can experience phenomena tat is termed by this culure as 'psychosis'. in past times it could have been called 'being possessed' either by god , or usually from patriarchal beliefs, demonic possession

    the ay to get into the mindset of tis culture is to research the history of psychiatry. a good ...VERY good book is The Manufacture of Madness: Comparative Study of The Inquistion and the Mental Healt Movement

    Spychiatry has in its ttime pthologized the puported experiences of peoples in past, real and fictional, including Jesus, Buddha and so on, as suffering various form of mental illness

    They also have classed psychedelic experience in same way.

    so we can see the prejudice is against 'abnormal' experience. experience which is anatema to a culture which demands 'normalcy', 'chemical balance. For the idea is tat we are biochemica machines. and they delegeately manipulate thi idea in teir insitutions, schools and so on

    So therer is this E N O R M O U S pressure on eveyone to be normal. As see_the-sky very insightfull observes. many people even forget and/or deny they ARE oppressed, suppressed, repressed. so are like lambs to the slaughter in such a mechanized cultural mindset

    Their ethos is to quickly sweep away anamolous phenomena they see as a fearful hindrance to their imposed idea of 'order'. the quickest way is to drug away deep meaningfull feelings and expression, instead of understanding, for oters and temselves what it deeply means.

    the more tewy suppress te more thewse primal energies will want OUT. for our essence is to HEAL. when we harm body, organic body self-heals. when organism environment needs healing, the same process happens.
  11. PHPlatonica Im over myself now... Registered Senior Member

    In Some ways It Seems like an "evolution" of some kind.... A New way to Manifest our selves on... well "change"... Would seem That there are many With so called "Disorders" which would, Well hell

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    Make US the MAJORITY>.... Hhhmm... GOOD Insight Deundy!
  12. Tnerb Banned Banned

    *dates duendy**cuts off me pene*

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    wtf--cool thread
  13. Tnerb Banned Banned

    serious dogs rock
    now thats who to learn from!
  14. PHPlatonica Im over myself now... Registered Senior Member

  15. Tnerb Banned Banned

    she's cute
    hate to get off topic,
    ya know,
    but i don't know what the hell to think about this thread, sorta hard to be serious when i don't know shit to begin with. i mean, what should i say... "hmm.. that was interesting", no, or, just post my own crap, won't be worth it... i guess i could if i reeeeeeeeally sank into it
  16. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    OK...terrific responses people.....well done....

    Just as an aside,
    I was thinking as I read all these posts especially PHP's terrific and horrific account of her experiences with her fathers dare I say the word "psychosis"

    And here is what I think I thought, I think.

    You know when someone has an experience that is, how could I say it, hmmmm extraordinary often people will say "Ok, you've had that experience now just get on with it, get on with life as if nothing had ever happened. As if that extraordinary experience has no consequence in you life as if we all deal with these types of experiences on a daily basis and so what?

    For example, PHP in a number of threads has told the forum of quite a few extrordinary experiences, some extremely profound and most very traumatic. I ask the question:

    Is it little wonder that she has suffered accordingly?

    Not only has her heart and mind got "normal" life to deal with but also an extraordinary life to deal with. Not only must she think about the mundane and ordinary but also the thinking devoted to her extrordinary experiences. Let's not make the mistke of thinking that we can just sweep our experiences under the carpet and deny thatour minds are expending enormous resources in attempting to understand those experiences. For one this is certain: We all seek to understand what is and has happened whether we like it or not.

    I have found this to be a fundamental nature of human mind and that is to always seek to understand what it is we expereince, whether it be why a train is late or the suicide of some one you care for.

    We can not deny that our minds are not entirely within our control and even if we could switch off our thinking like we tend to do when we fall asleep at night, the memories are always invariably there in the morning when we wake up.

    So I ask:
    How much thinking can a thinker do at any given moment?

    Obvously there woudl be a many and varied answer to that question. However I then ask:

    How much thinking can a person do before they start to make interpretive mistakes due to the pressure of thought?

    For some it doesn't take much pressure to force a mistake.

    Where I am leading with this is that we often underestmate the pressure we are under, as duendy will say "we are ignorant". We under-estimate how profound certain types of experiences are and how much thinking is needed to gain understanding [ if ever] of those experiences.

    For example when someone talks of having God like revelations we often dismiss this as delusion and not worth thinking about however for the person who has had that experience this can not be the case. The amount of thought such an experience requires to find a reconciliation, an understanding is tremendous and sweeping under the carpet of delusion is only going to increase the amount of thought needed and not decrease it.

    It is little wonder that a person who is denied the right to think about his experiences will fall into unguided extremes of thought and behaviour as he competes with his natural desire to find understanding and the desires of all those around him to "forget" it and move on.

    So what is Psychosis?

    A persons state of attempting to cope with significant pressures to understand his experiences, in most cases with out any support from others and not doing very well at it.
    Jumping to conclusions before proper assessment,
    Making premature decisions, about the nature of his experience.
    Extreme self expectation, that he can some how think at a million miles an hour and expect to stay coherant.
    That his thoughts of suicide are caused in part, by the severe stress of all that thinking and something he can never escape from, with out actually doing the thinking, yet told not to think about it....

    Tell me how can a person make good decisions if they are so overwhelmed with the need and actuality of enourmous amounts of thinking happening that is being denied as happening?

    So what is psychosis?

    Psychosis is a denial of reality.
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2006
  17. Huwy Secular Humanist Registered Senior Member


    Please learn the difference between a "disease" and a "condition", and then read my post again. YOU keep using the term "disease".

    I'd ask you to get an education, but that wouldn't work because you view educational institutions as mind-control devices that are affiliated with the military industrial complex. You seem to think your insights are more valuable than a world of scientific research. How arrogant, and immature - just like the excuses you make not to participate in society - don't question yourself, blame society!

    You see the word "help" and think "EVIL" - people hurting and controlling others.
    If you imply that mental illness is a "myth" or a "scam" - and is not real - then you are implying that it is SOMEBODY'S FAULT, and I find that offensive.
    Think for a moment duendy, who support's you and feeds you? Where does that money come from? From a society that cares enough to support you and help you.

    Considering my agenda is infact to help people who are suffering and who seek help, rather than to "change" or "control" people who don't want to change,
    I'm going to illustrate that this is my agenda by ceasing to argue with you about the nature of psychiatric illnesses - its obviously YOUR stigma, not mine.

    You are obviously an individual who cannot be helped, who does not want to change - and I do not want to waste time trying to control people like that - when there are so many out there who are suffering (and killing themselves) who want help, support, and someone they can trust - who want actual answers based on truth rather than on "ooga booga/woo woo/magical thinking".
  18. MetaKron Registered Senior Member

    Huwy, educational institutions ARE mind-control devices that are affiliated with the military-industrial complex. Why would you believe otherwise or ask us to believe otherwise?

    Yes, mental illness is largely a myth and a scam, and it is a condition that is often forced on the individual.
  19. Tnerb Banned Banned


    Huwy, I think that was funny man, but I just wanted to poke one thing, as rare as that is.

    I believe duendy's beliefs cannot change in one seccond, not even a week or 30. By telling her her truth is this, that, is it? I like your views and do understand that you just want to tell her that she's a lack. Or whatever. But no, i wonder if she could argue back?

    As far as I believe, I think society should help the individuals. I don't entirely agree with the society, but I do know that it can be better and isn't a scam. I do think duendys ideas are her-self, I don't think she's a bad person, but I do think they are her beliefs.

    Hmmm... what was i thinking?

    That was a good post from both Huwy and QQ. And I hope we do get somewhere and think we are.

    Clearly QQ, your post nails me. Psychosis is universal. In my opinion. I think that psychosis is what is within everyone, but if we have to define it, no matter what, then it is a bent from society.

    Well, theres my input, it is rare that i do it and also, it isn't what I really think I think.

  20. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    well said Brent.....

    let's see if I get your points as you intended.
    1] That psychosis is within every one......
    Good point, especially if one defines psychosis as a denial of reality....
    2] That if present it is shown as a deviation from what is a currently acceptable denial of reality....hmmmmm...

    So we have a sort of paradox in society yes?

    One side is telling the other what is real and yet neither side of the debate actually knows the truth any way.

    The medical profession will tell you it is just mere biochemistry and forget to mention that that is only curennt thought or theory yet to be fully proven.....thus avoiding of denying the truth that they really don't know.
    And the other side is claiming oppression of thought or freedom to think about the expereinces that the other side is saying is purely biochemical and of no "real" value......ha.....what an incredible bun fight going on.
    Yet neither side of the debate actually knows anything about the reality because they are so busy stuffing each other up claiming each sides is deluded, they haven't the time to think about it properly.....

    sheesh!!! if only we could lower the heat in the word delusion a little and actually do some good thinking....ha
  21. MetaKron Registered Senior Member

    QQ, I went through school and read a few things. There is one thing that exists to attempt to change my mind about what school is and was. That thing is the system of threats and actual violence against my person if I refuse, plus the ostracism and the mental rape I sometimes get on the Internet. That's what they have. When they try verbal persuasion, it's usually incoherent and presented with physical threats behind it. This is what I have had to live with for forty years, just about school.

    It is not helping Duendy to pretend that this stuff doesn't exist. I don't know how anyone can act as if it somehow does and doesn't exist at the same time, or somehow it exists but we should "just get over it" and it's not an offense or a crime or anything.
  22. Tnerb Banned Banned

    serious, that's my main intention. just keeping everything on track

    waaaaaaAAAAHY to far above my head too damn smart for me

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    da fuck
  23. duendy Registered Senior Member

    well that says it all people. do not, i repeat NOT go for 'help' to this young arrogant man. that alone is healthy!

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