Pseudoscience is an Occupational Hazard for Retired Engineers

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    I watched every minute of this and laughed with the audience. I've seen many examples of this flavor of crankery before becoming one myself, but had no idea that this is evidently an epidemic among retired mechanical and electrical engineers. Comedy that is unintended is comedy at its finest, but better check your respective egos at the door. Since I never had any to begin with, I'm okay with that. Yes, it is possible to be stubborn without an ego to go with it. It depends on whether or not you have any real stake in promoting your crank theories, and I think that may be part of the reason a retired engineer is susceptible to becoming a crank.

    I'm in the "stubborn" category, but evidently I'm not attending any of the available conferences for crank science. I love everything about what Einstein taught and I loathe Einstein haters and aether theorists about the same amount. According to the video, the aether theorists are currently the ones in charge of crank science conference events.

    Aspiring retired engineers such as myself should definitely view this before publishing anything or writing a letter to Stephen Hawking.

    Scott Adams (the retired engineer who produces "Dilbert") has a crank theory of gravity detailed in "The Dilbert Principle" that is a result of rapid expansion of matter. This is mentioned as a crank theory but is not attributed to Adams in this video. But the calculation of 19 minutes needed for the expansion of a grapefruit to the current size of the universe to occur needs to be challenged for the same reason Alan Guth's inflation theory deserves to be. Nineteen minutes RELATIVE TO WHAT? And these people call themselves physicists… Jerks. Fortunately, they have their own conferences that the rest of us cranks need not attend.

    Those of us with no egos at all understand, there is a finer line between mainstream science and pseudoscience than most people tend to believe. Another hallmark of crankery, yes.

    Thanks to everyone here who tolerated my stubbornness until it finally played itself out. Thanks for letting me in on the joke before I found the punch line myself.
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