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    I have been hearing a lot about a reconstruction of Proto-Semitic, but unfortunatly the information that I could find on the web is pretty scarce.

    First, articles or links about the subject would be appreaciated if anyone submits them.

    Second, I'll write here some stuff that I know and hope to see more from other more knowing members.


    29 consonants that are available all over the web. Three shrot vowels (a,i,u) and three long ones (aa,ee,oo) that are identical to the Arabic ones.


    Some people say that there was a definite article (like hal- ?). Other people say there wasn't a definite article in Proto-Semtic...?

    The indefinitness is acheived, like in Arabic, via Meemation (in Arabic: Noonation).


    ab = father
    abum = a father

    Case Inflection

    Three cases like in Arabic:

    abum : nominative (subject)
    abam : accusative (direct object)
    abim : genitive (possession) & indirect objects

    Construct State

    abu : nominative (subject)
    aba : accusative (direct object)
    abi : genitive (possession) & indirect objects

    Noun Numbers

    abum = a father

    abaami = two fathers (sub.)
    abaymi = two fathers (obj.)

    aboom = fathers (sub.)
    abeem = fathers (obj.)


    I know nothing. Maybe like in Arabic?

    Are these things correct? can more be added?

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