Profit from sin

Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by arauca, Aug 25, 2013.

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    As far as getting angry about real estate taxes - I've noticed that the people complaining the most about that are the same ones who voted in the politicians who cut the income and capital gains taxes that used to cover much of that, and blocked cost reductions in medical insurance (the largest single driver of labor costs in the US recently). Were you guys expecting a free lunch, or were you just planning to shut down the schools and fire departments and road crews?[/QUOTE]

    I know there is no free lunch , but cut down the raises in pay check , you have to start cutting some were you don't have to increase ( example ) 5 % you can increase 3 %
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  3. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    My information is a little out of date but I don't think it's changed significantly: In Nevada, prostitutes all work for brothels. They are employees with a standard schedule, lunch hour, sick leave, vacation, insurance, 401(k), overtime pay, and all the other benefits that come with employment. They also get a medical exam once a month, which is why (last I heard) no one has ever gotten HIV from a Nevada prostitute. They examine their clients for signs of disease and are authorized to turn down anyone who doesn't seem healthy. They are free to engage in rough play (up to a reasonable limit) but that is agreed in advance and costs more. If someone plays rough without an agreement, she yells and a really big guy runs quickly into the room, picks him up with one hand, and tosses him out into the parking lot, followed by his clothes.

    Many of these women are university students who are happy to earn a better salary than they can get in most jobs, which means many volunteer for the night shift. But there are also older women. Not every man wants to do it with a girl young enough to be his daughter.

    Their taxes are withheld from their wages just like ours, and they file tax returns at the end of the year just like we do.

    Of course, prostitution is not legal in the counties with major population centers: Las Vegas, Reno and Lake Tahoe. The hotels in these places do a lot of convention business and women don't want their men going to a city where hookers are available. All the taxi drivers know where the nearest legal brothel is, which might be as much as 50 miles away, so they make a lot of money on the fares.

    I don't know. Why are you referring to them as "vices?" A lot of people refer to them as "Wednesday night."

    Did you hear about the poor guy who was a data entry clerk for a big city police department? They had been keeping track of all the sex crimes on an Excel spreadsheet. But after a few years it got too long and it was difficult to look for patterns in the crimes. So they assigned him to go through the entire file (half a megabyte), reformat the records, and enter them into a relational database. And they wanted it in time for the police chief's visit six months later, so they asked him to work (paid) overtime.

    Three months later, he was only halfway through the assignment but his hands were hurting so bad that he was slowing down. Finally they hurt so bad that he couldn't do it anymore.

    He went to the doctor, and discovered that he had carnal tuple syndrome.

    Ask a programmer if you don't get it.

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    That started out as a Spoonerism by Mrs. Fraggle, but it was too funny to forget.
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