Precognitive Dreams or Just Mere Coincidence?

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by jagäroberoende, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. jagäroberoende Registered Member

    First off, I'm new and yeah, I'm ready for skepticism and criticism to the highest degree, but I just think it's an odd coincidence that this stuff has been happening to me since I was little.

    I have dreams that come out as precognitions... One time I dreamed that my aunt was pregnant and she had a kid that looked identical to my uncle and well, it happened less than 3 days later... she called and said she was pregnant. I don't know if it's just coincidence or there really is something going on, but whatever it is... it freaks me out.

    The last "nightmare" I had was that I had a car accident. What freaks me out is the fact that most of my dreams come true. In the car accident, the car flipped, and I was crushed on the passenger's side. Now, since a majority of them come true, let's say 95% of the time... then umm... is it a mere coincidence or is it really precognitive thought?

    I don't really know, that's why I'm asking you parapsychology experts. I'm confused. :(
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  3. emusquire Registered Senior Member

    Actually there are 2 possible reasons. It's been determined scientifically that certain chemicals in the brain can trigger the feeling of deja vu. Having said this it's entirely possible the impression of precognition is only chemical-based. However...

    I to have experienced a precognitive dream, the thing is I was never able to duplicate this nor have I had any real odd experiences like it since. I did learn a few things from it though.

    1. Strong intent was a key factor for me

    2. Strong fear or feelings of needing to know may also have played a role.

    So in short I would tend to think it's all chemical trickery inside the brain, but perhaps these dreams are possible. I mean consiousness really has no mass, thus it wouldn't abide by scienfic boundries of physics. In theory if it was possible to direct the mind away from a given point, and if there is an individual Space-Time signiture for everything then you might have an ability to dream about the future, but only your future.

    Imagine it this way, I am me no matter what time I occupy. There might be a link between all the occurances of me in each timeframe, and that link might allow my consiousness to travel along a path connecting me to the other me in the future. I seem to recall someone mentioning something along these lines, lay something or other... that movie Donnie Darko has a similar notion.
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  5. Light Registered Senior Member

    There is a serious flaw in that, however. First, the incorrect statement: " I mean consciousness really has no mass, thus it wouldn't abide by scientific boundaries of physics." Actually, there is one physical "law" that does apply - time.

    The problem lies in the fact that people want to visualize time like some sort of river, flowing backwards into the past and forward into the future. And that's not true at all. Time is simply the "now". There is no past - that "now" is gone forever. And there is no "future" - that "now" has not yet occurred. And since there is no direct connection between those two things (that do not even exist) and the moment we call "now" there can also be no passing of information between any of them.

    You can certainly make some predictions about the future. And if you have enough accurate information then you'll have a fair chance of getting at least part or more of your prediction correct. And the mind can very easily do the same while you are sleeping.

    Consider this: How many time have you dreamed of something and part of it came true? A few times? How many times have you made plans for the future and had it almost work out like you wanted? And how many times did it not?

    So, we naturally base our ideas of the future on what we think we know - and sometimes not even being fully aware (consciously) of what we know. And that is both while we are awake and while sleeping. :)
  6. Giambattista sssssssssssssssssssssssss sssss Valued Senior Member

    So! Time has mass, does it?

    How extremely presumptuous of you, Light. Like your pompous comments about mutations a while back.
    Making more sudden and ill-conceived statements?

    Already duly considered years ago, Light. You're not preaching anything I myself have never thought or heard before. Though if this is for the sake of another "lesser" then I suppose your effort is in the best of intentions.

    NEXT, please! :p
  7. Light Registered Senior Member

    Nope, wasn't even mentioned as such.

    [/QUOTE]Already duly considered years ago, Light. You're not preaching anything I myself have never thought or heard before. Though if this is for the sake of another "lesser" then I suppose your effort is in the best of intentions.

    NEXT, please! :p[/QUOTE]

    I didn't even have the slightest doubt that MANY people had not already reached that conclusion long, long ago. But it was obvious that some hadn't. :)
  8. Giambattista sssssssssssssssssssssssss sssss Valued Senior Member

    Not in every instance, no. Because some of us are able to see when it applies and when it doesn't.
  9. heliocentric Registered Senior Member

    scientifically theres no way to seperate coincidence from something predictive, so just go with whatever feels most right in your gut.
    Btw odd question, but were you neglected or left to take care of yourself while growing up? its just all the people ive known who have frequent premonitions within their dreams have had this type of childhood.
  10. candy Registered Senior Member

    Sorry but I know 2 people who have predictive dreams that were neither neglected or left to take care of themselves. One only remembers dreams that are predictive that cause her to wake up. The time on the clock when she wakes up is the time the event will happen. So far the dreams that wake her up have been rare but 100% accurate.
  11. heliocentric Registered Senior Member

    cool, i wasnt saying there is a definite link there between neglect and premonitions i just thought there might be, although your experiences would suggest otherwise. ;)
  12. jagäroberoende Registered Member

    I was never neglected, but I did have some things happen to me when I was younger that would definitely constitute a chemical disorder, if that's what you want to call it.

    Thanks for the replies by the way. I'm just wondering if this really is precognitive thought... hmmm it's interesting. :cool:
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2006
  13. jagäroberoende Registered Member

    Oh and to answer the question about part of them being correct... actually all of them are correct... to the tee. Like when I dreamt my aunt was pregnant with her third child and that she would have blonde hair, blue eyes, and look like her father, I was right. It has happened very often. I have many examples of dreams coming true.
  14. Blue-Monz Registered Member

    Just browsing..

    Hiya I was just doing a little bit of research on dream-coincidence myself as I've had some dream related de-ja-vu moments myself.. Just for the reference I wouldn't say I was neglected but I was definitly left to my own devices a lot and I also had some stuff happen to me which could 'constitute a chemical disorder' :p

    It's interesting though..
  15. kurros Registered Senior Member

  16. Arioch Valued Senior Member

    Given the number of people dreaming every night and the fact that we live in a universe which changes, but according to certain rules, It would be surprising if people didn't have dreams which turn out to be reflective of future events. Yes, dreams can be "predictive"(I put predictive in quotations because even though the dreams may reflect future events, there's no way to accurately discern whether or not a dream does before the fact), but this is in no way evidence of anything paranormal. Coincidence alone is enough to explain dreams which just happen to reflect certain future events.

    One more important thing to remember is that the human brain really likes to rewrite and even create memories. So even if you remember dreaming about something that later happened, there's no assurance that you did.
  17. Zinj Registered Member

    And for those on the outside of theory might i say this. Our brains are a network of electric pulses to which no one on this planet can properly navigate. What if all data past present and future is already stored in our brains. 2000 years ago no one on earth could fly, but we knew some day we would. We have ideas so outlandish they seem like science fiction, until they come true. Where do these outlandish ideas come from? A slight glimmer into our own brains or something else? Ponder for a moment if you will the idea that the human brain is simply a mass storage device for information already known, but just hasn't been decoded yet. This would explain a vast number of things including precognition and the "imagination". What would you say to a person who walked up to you and said everything you can imagine is possible. As a species we are very very young and have much to learn about everything, including ourselves. Can we see the future? yes. Can we predict future events? yes, but not accurately, yet. And here is a challenge to anyone who doubts this. The next time you are in traffic driving home watch everything around you and pay close attention. See if you can "predict" where and how people move on the road. If car A moves over a lane does the car next to it move over or slow down? Have fun and Thx mates ;)
  18. Arioch Valued Senior Member

    @Zinj --

    Actually everyone said that it was impossible. The old "if God had wanted us to fly he'd have given us wings" canard was routinely employed along with fire and stakes.
  19. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    So what? Already known?
    Good ideas have some validity to them.

    I'd say that they are, much like you, a crank.

    Someone who posits that we can predict the future can't even see the flaws in his own example.
    Oh boy, here we go again.
  20. Zinj Registered Member

    well what im saying here is that the subconscious has more access to your brain than conscious when it comes to your "gut feeling". the gut feeling is one side of your brain thinking in a different light than the other and not relaying the message clearly enough for us to understand. the analytical side of your brain, the non gut feeling side, sees things for what they are. See it, touch it, etc. The gut feeling side of your brain sees it much differently, in an almost truer side. it doesn't need to be touched or seen. its felt. why is it felt if it hasn't happened? because what if, outside the box time, we already know whats going to happen but don't get the memo on it. oh and anyone who brings god into a science chat should be shaken and not stirred. god didnt need to give us wings, we got brains instead. look where that went.
  21. spidergoat ... Valued Senior Member

    There is no such thing as a parapsychology expert. Anyway, coincidences do happen. Often.

    In dreams, our brains put together information from all kinds of sources. Most of my dreams don't make any sense, but they do have a slim connection to reality. It's almost certain that sometimes these connections will correspond to real events.

    It's far, far, far less likely that your brain is tuned in to something that hasn't happened yet.
  22. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    "More access"?

    "Almost truer"?

    False connection. Never mind.

    Oh excellent. You chastise someone for "bringing god into it" (which wasn't done) directly after you post the unscientific nonsense about us "not getting the memo".

    But not all of us use them.

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