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    To all SciForums members:

    These are some basic guidelines for posting in Comparative Religion forum, created to maintain constructive discussion.

    You also have General Forum Rules & Guidelines that should be followed in your debate.

    Comparative Religion is different from Religion forum.
    This forum is designed for more scientific approach to the religion, or in other words ‘more rational than emotional’ approach.

    As already has been said, this forum will be place for discussion about history of religion, origin belief, finding roots in mythologies of the world, anthropology of religion, comparing of religious tradition, ‘dead’ and living religions, cults, mysticism, etc.

    Important: Leave your emotions before you enter here. This is the place for impartial and objective discussion about religion.

    Things that are not welcome in this forum (beside things that have been stated in General Rules):

    • Atheistic and/or theistic persuasions about religion, i.e. discussion whether or not there is a God is not allowed here. For such discussion, you have Religion forum in Philosophy category.

    • Preaching
      - Example:
      * Any allude on religious books with main purpose to prove that there is only X {insert number} true religion(s).
      * All quotations and citations from religious books that have no connection with discussion, or which are inserted to distract discussion
      * Statements:
      - There is only one (or 754) God(s) that should be followed;
      - According to {writer} in {chapter, book} there is only one {other number} true religion;
      - There is no god(s);
      - Etc.

    • Propaganda (pro and/or contra certain religion, belief, theism, atheism)
    (I’ve copied this from JamesR's revision of rules in Religion section)

    But, original material posted by sciforums members will be regarded as propaganda if it's made in purpose to demonstrate clear bias for or bias or hatred against a particular religious belief or religious group.

    * Note:
    Moderators have right to remove disputable content, which means that they could move threads to appropriate forum, or most likely to delete threads and posts that have no connection with forum discussion.

    I hope you’ll enjoy posting in this forum!
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