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Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by jmpet, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. ejderha Exhausted Registered Senior Member

    Aaah, there you go.
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  3. Stoniphi obscurely fossiliferous Valued Senior Member

    *golf clap*
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  5. Beer w/Straw Transcendental Ignorance! Valued Senior Member

    Don't try to incite a riot.
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  7. NMSquirrel OCD ADHD THC IMO UR12 Valued Senior Member

    can two ppl be considered a riot?
  8. Kennyc Registered Senior Member


    A disturbance of the peace by several persons, assembled and acting with a common intent in executing a lawful or unlawful enterprise in a violent and turbulent manner.

    Riot, rout, and Unlawful Assembly are related offenses, yet they are separate and distinct. A rout differs from a riot in that the persons involved do not actually execute their purpose but merely move toward it. The degree of execution that converts a rout into a riot is often difficult to determine.

    An unlawful assembly transpires when persons convene for a purpose that, if executed, would make them rioters, but who separate without performing any act in furtherance of their purpose. For example, when a restaurant owner refused to serve a certain four customers and barred them from entering the establishment, the four men remained in front of the doors of the restaurant and blocked the entrance to all other customers. Although a riot did not result from their actions, the men were arrested and convicted of unlawful assembly.

    Inciting to riot is another distinct crime, the gist of which is that it instigates a breach of the peace, even though the parties might have initially assembled for an innocent purpose. It means using language, signs, or conduct to lead or cause others to engage in conduct that, if completed, becomes a riot.

    Conspiracy to riot is also a separate offense. In one case, the leader of a small Marxist group took to the streets preaching revolution and organized resistance to lawful authority. Cursing the police, he spoke about how to fight and kill them and generally advocated violent means to gain political ends. The court ruled that a person who agrees with others to organize a future riot and who commits an Overt Act in conformity with the agreement is guilty, not of riot, but of conspiracy to riot.

    In legal usage, the term mob is practically synonymous with riot or with riotous assembly. A federal court held that night riders were a mob and that their act of burning a building constituted the crime of riot.
  9. Bebelina Valued Senior Member

    I know dogs can be trained to sit, but Americans? How can they be taught?
    What method works best? Uuuuummm. Video-o-ooo? Or teeveeprogrammas that explain how to do...stuff. Megaphones. Lots of megaphones.
  10. S.A.M. uniquely dreadful Valued Senior Member

    First, eliminate all methods that require critical thinking. Second, make it seem like its their idea

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  11. Beer w/Straw Transcendental Ignorance! Valued Senior Member

    But free beer is the American dream.
  12. ejderha Exhausted Registered Senior Member

    That's a good one. Starting with Americans, I want that method to be used on every country.
  13. S.A.M. uniquely dreadful Valued Senior Member

    Sorry I was being sarcastic. This is the method currently in use in the US
  14. ejderha Exhausted Registered Senior Member

    OK. But this people are given a national identity suggesting they're above all early in their life that prevents them to have a world vision of multiple cultures without a hierarchy.
    Because in the very early age, just when starting a school they're measured, put in classes and conditioned to achieve some goals of being successful.

    They're introduced to a system operates under a destructive understanding of competition and cruel set of cultural rules when they're not even given enough knowledge or information.

    As a result a few children really gets through, the abundant tries to beat the system by what they can achieve under these circumstances. And it's not parctising your understanding of thing or widen your mind on anything. It's about having enough money therefore poer to do anything you want. For example success becomes being rich and famous and promoting what you do and have.

    And then most of them became republicans I guess?
  15. Billy T Use Sugar Cane Alcohol car Fuel Valued Senior Member

    Quote below condensed by BT from "open letter" to Obama at:

    “… "QE2" bond-purchase plan reduces the strain of financing the U.S. federal deficit, which will free up funds for private businesses to expand. Your tax-stimulus plan eliminates a January tax increase and provides further purchasing power to the American people, boosting consumer demand and economic output. But these short-term gains carry a long-term cost. And without additional action on your part, the U.S. economy will not return to full health. In fact, after a few months of stimulated activity, inflation will return, bond yields will soar to uncomfortably high levels, and the U.S. recovery will be choked off – which will prolong the misery of high unemployment. …”

    Then the “open letter” gives five recommendations:
    1) Cut spending: “...First and foremost, you must cut discretionary public spending by at least $150 billion per annum …”
    2) Increase Revenue: "Tax increases are inevitable. ..."
    3) Heed the "Deficit Commission": “recommendations for making the Social Security entitlement program viable over the long term make sense. So implement them.” etc.
    4) End Wasteful Subsidies: "… remove the subsidies for agriculture and "green" energy, especially the combined subsidy and tariff for corn-based ethanol. …’’ {As Billy T suggested about five years ago at start of thread “How DUMB can US voters be?” I.e. let American’s drive much cheaper on imported sugar cane alcohol, not tax them to prevent that.}
    5) End the Fed Follies: “Keep the "quantitative easing" in place for a few months if you must, until Congress finally executes the above steps one through three and actually reduces the U.S. deficit. … The "true" rate of inflation in the U.S. economy is now at least 3% – and rising. That means the benchmark Federal Funds rate should be at least 5%, to give savers a reasonable real return on their capital. …” {and long term bond interest rates higher}

    Note each of these five is at least a paragraph at source and there is more to the introductory letter too worth reading.

    IMHO, in view of the large block of voting baby boomers* and the American voters preference for "buy now / pay later," there is less than a snowball's chance in Hell that Congress will do any of these, with the possible exception of a small part of (4).

    * This is the same generation that had so little concern for future generations need of chemical feed stocks that they burnt up more than half of the Earth's economically recoverable oil just for its thermal capacity.** Don't expect much from them to aid future generations with their hand-me-down, un-payable, debt problem.

    ** producing a surge in released CO2 which MAY make the Earth completely sterile with hot, high-pressure, steam atmosphere in less than 1000 years. For how, see: {start reading at 3d paragraph.}
    and last half of:
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