Pornography: Why???

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by §outh§tar, May 29, 2004.

  1. §outh§tar is feeling caustic Registered Senior Member

    Why are there so many ruffles when it comes to pornography? Human beings naturally have a good dose of pornography in their heads, whenever they watch/see something, uh, "stimulating"... Why is pornography also so addictive?

    Why does society view magazines like Hustler and porn videos as indecent? Any reasoning behind these things?

    :m: *Porn free for a long time* :m:
  2. sevenblu feeling blu Registered Senior Member

    Pornography is simply worship of the body. It "tricks" a person into idolizing the flesh - and religion (Western religion at least) holds steadfast to taboos against "false idols."

    In a strict sense, Porn is the reverie of something other than the Almighty Lord. It is the concentration of vital essesence on something other than Heaven, Love, and God. It is animalistic, and therefore pitiful.

    This taboo has tranferred over to the social structure because we (humans) are suppose to be above our animalistic instincts. Anything the remotely links us to Humanism will inevitably be considered Satanic (against God.)

    Sadly, the majority suppress these instincts, fueling the negative connotations of Porn with fear and regret - consequently strengthening the taboo.
  3. robtex Registered Senior Member

    Most porn is not taboo is more of a social moray. The only things that are taboo in porn are incest, child porn, bestality and same sex porn sadeo-machism.
    A lot of people are voyeristic and or exhibtionistic by nature which gives porn a graviational pull.

    I have noticed (as Seven pointed out) that most the dissention comes from religious sources. If you took out the religious arguements with the big exceptions of incest, child porn bestality and sadeo machism, there would not be a lot of arugements left.

    So maybe the real question is why does religion have so many "ruffles" with porn?

    I have a friend who is a retired caseworker who worked with sex-offenders most of her short career. She told me once that one of the problems she encountered with sex-offenders (defined as people on probation parole, or incarecated for sex crimes) were drawn to porn and that the stuff they saw stimulated them and increased the likelyhood of negative (illegal) sexual action on their part. She was further frusterated by the fact that porn was so readly avaliable and easy to obtain. She had no statistiacl information at that was just an observation of hers but she did work in the field.

    As a footnote to offenders, if you didn't know are requred to register (usually for life) as sex offenders.....maybe adult stores could run checks on them before selling them x-rated material ?

    Really going even deeper why is sex in general seen as such a dirty thing and why on earth do so many religious people have the notion that sex should only be used for pro-creation and not for pleasure?
  4. eddymrsci Beware of the dark side Registered Senior Member

    Pornography is merely the displaying of the human body and flesh in a way that can inflict sexual erotic or romantic responses and arousal in the person's unconscious mind, possibly caused by the secretion and release of a certain hormone and increased blood flow after the brain interprets the pornographic image

    Humans are naturally have a unique sexual oriention (regardless if it's toward same sex - homosexual, opposite sex - heterosexual, or both sex - bisexual). this sexual attraction is natural because of our ability to reproduce

    the society perceives pornography as indescent and other things because of a number of reasons. As we evolved and formed civilization, we view ourselves as the most superior species on the planet. We first invented clothes to help us survive in cold conditions, but as time passed, we used clothes to cover the human body. probably because exposing the body parts and publicly display one's sexual desires and instincts and mating were viewed as animal-like according to religious beliefs, thus opposing the belief that human beings are superior than animals

    it is obviously very hard to explain the human unconsciousness, one's sexual desires and instincts occur only in the unconscious, according to Sigmund Freud, who spent most of his years on the study of human sexuality
  5. §outh§tar is feeling caustic Registered Senior Member

    I wonder how this hormonal release works:

    If you saw two nonagenarian homosexuals kissing I DOUBT you would be aroused.

    But if you saw some girl in her 20's taking it up the ass.. and for some reason the moaning is stimulating too??

  6. robtex Registered Senior Member

    watching a man and woman kissing turns me on. If it is passionate or sensual.

    Oh for cyring out loud southstar.....if you really want to are you going to be subjective without watching some porn?
  7. §outh§tar is feeling caustic Registered Senior Member

    ^^ bah, i forgot to add the ";)" at the end.. :D

    but if you saw two ninety year old men making out would that turn you on? :(
  8. robtex Registered Senior Member

    I am hetrosexual so no in my case. a nine year old couple making out (man and woman) wouldn't do it either.....

    the couple could be less attractive but it could still be arousing if:

    either were sucking on one anothers tounge (thus simulating oral sex)

    nibbling on lower lip

    overlapping legs, toughing feet or having lots of skin on skin (while clothed) contact,

    moaning.sighing or woman

    talking between kisses with lips still touching

    biting one anothers shoulders or arms

    feverous kissing

    woman kissing a mans chest man kissing a womans neck......

    two sharing a lollipop, candy cane or playing games like sharing grapes or fruit with mouth....

    Why did you ask me about kissing..and does it tie into (in your opinon) pornography?
  9. §outh§tar is feeling caustic Registered Senior Member

    just wonderin why some forms of pornography are also more "preferable" than others, considering what you said about " incest, child porn, bestality and same sex porn sadeo-machism. "
  10. eddymrsci Beware of the dark side Registered Senior Member

    well it depends on the person's sexual desire and orientation, heterosexuals would prefer to see people of opposite sex having sexual contacts, while on the other hand, homosexuals would prefer to see people of the same sex involving in sexual activities
    According to Sigmund Freud, human sexuality first develops in the person's infant life stage, and the adult sexuality is merely the end product of a complex process of development beginning in childhood. It involves a variety of body areas or functions and the relationship between the child and adults, especially parents.
  11. sevenblu feeling blu Registered Senior Member

    I can see your point, but that is socially - I meant religiously. Porn is taboo in a religious sense, but has become acceptable in social circles.

    As for the "real" taboos... beastiality, incest, child-porn... I think that they are prefereable to some BECAUSE they are taboo. It is common that people want what they are not suppose to have, i.e. the APPLE in the garden of Eden.

    Beatiality, Incest, and Child-Porn replace the idea of the forbidden fruit. For many it is something they will never have (because of the social and moral implications) so watching it can be an intense turn on.


    A side note on childporn: With the media warping the minds of little girls, "tricking" them into becomming more sexual inviting than they are "supposed" to be, it is only logical that men would want to see these young girls (and boys?) naked and/or in sexually compromising positions.

    There are two forces fighting here. One: Little girls are forbidden fruit (by law and order), but by genetics and sexuality they are ready to fuck like young bunnies.

    The way that youth is corrupted by the media is sad really, but on the other hand, are they really corrupt? Isn't the media only playing on the social problem... fueling the pedophile fire?

    Whenever someone is told something is wrong, without having any real justification for the moray or taboo, the "law" becomes a shade that wants opening.
  12. robtex Registered Senior Member

    Sevenblu do you have any sources or examples that supports the idea the the media supports and propgates child porn?
  13. StarOfEight A Man of Taste and Decency Registered Senior Member

    Mandy Moore.

    Hilary Duff.

    The Olsen Twins, though not much longer.
  14. sevenblu feeling blu Registered Senior Member

    I am not referring to child porn being dealt out by media, merely the sexualzation of young girls through particular outlets...

    Thank you Britney Spears; Hillary Duff; Mary Kate and Ashley; ad nauseum...
  15. robtex Registered Senior Member

    I have no idea who any of those people are..i just remembered. i never watch tv...drats....ok but one more clairfication....when you say sexualization...define that for me....i have no idea what any of them dress like. Are you suggesting that "sexualization" is a prototype for child porn leads to child porn incourages child does it connect to child porn?

    ...and isn't britney spears....21 years or 22 years old?
  16. EvilSquirrel Interesting Infidel Registered Senior Member

    Somewhere around there. But shes slut. Anyone with common sense knows that, and should know not to look up with her. Yes, nuditiy shouldn't be seen as vulerable but damn. It couldn't hurt you to put some clothes on oncein a while. I recall looking at one of her music videos and she was getting pissed at her fans for trying to tocuh her....Guess whats shes wearing...Lingerie. If you don't want to be touched, then don't wear something so inviting. Her and christinia agulaira? I don't know how to spell it piss me off.

    I do not belive there is anything wrong with porn. Child porn is just wrong...As well as incest. That just shows how desperate you really are for that way. Blech. I just started gagging. I think I will stop.
  17. robtex Registered Senior Member

    be nice....not nice to say that word .....and a woman can wear lingerie and not expect to be touched. why to spears and aguilera irk you so?
  18. EvilSquirrel Interesting Infidel Registered Senior Member

    Becuase you more often see them naked then with clothes on. Besides the fact that so many younger people look up to them [which I find oh so very distasteful]. I mean have you seen some of those tlak shows with little 8 year old gilrs looking up to them? Atleast we who the strippers/hooker of the future looked up too. I do not use the term lightly [slut that is] and I meant every ounce of haste in it. Its people like her that give independant women a bad name.
  19. Persol I am the great and mighty Zo. Registered Senior Member

    Depends what you consider a slut. To me it is someone who basically sleeps around to get what they want.

    Wearing provacative clothes is not being a slut.

    And 8 year olds imitating them is not their fault... it's the parents. The phrase "you aren't leaving the house like that" shouldn't even be needed when you have the phrase "you can get that when you get a job".
  20. EvilSquirrel Interesting Infidel Registered Senior Member

    Okay, I will give you that point. But shes such a pre madonna. It is quite annoying. A couple of her songs are just about how hard her life is. How hard is it really to be rich, famous and has not and will no ever go hungry? I usually don't call people sluts for wearing those type of clothes but lingerie for crying out loud. I mean god damn, leave some for the imagination! Blah the glitter body suit thing really ticked me of too. And don't even say I didn't give her a chance because I even bought her CD once. I just wanted to see I didn't like her, her music, or how she dressed. I hate all three of them. So I have chosen not to like her. My opinon. I think its sad that our youth is looking up to her. She knows that people are loking up to her...So why not clean up a little? Or would it hurt her image too much?

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