Pornography has destroyed me

Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by makeshift, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    Do you think your homophobia worries me, Jaybee?
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  3. duendy Registered Senior Member

    so jaybe, you gotta thing about faries...?
    do you mean the Disney variety? they re all a bit twee. hosa aboutt RADICAL faeries. d'ya like them?

    yes? no? why?
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  5. artistmosi Registered Senior Member

    I've watched a fair share of porn and my sex drive is in tact. You don't like cuddling. What's wrong with you? I love foreplay and holding her afterwards. I love touching her body up and down. I guess I am genetically gifted when it comes to that part. I don't tire easily.

    But, the hunt is hard for introverted types like me. Today, on my way to work, I shared an amazing smile with a pretty young lady I walked by. I'm gonna get her phone number when I 'accidentally' see her again. I'm on the hunt. Watch out!
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  7. artistmosi Registered Senior Member

    PHP, you right. Something's wrong with that man if he doesn't like cuddling or the hunt. Afterall, foreplay is the best part for a women, right?

    I'm sorry, but Necro is disgusting!
  8. Anomalous Banned Banned

  9. Communist Hamster Cricetulus griseus leninus Valued Senior Member

  10. Jaybee from his cast Banned Banned

    Heh, I don't give you that much thought. Undeserved self-flattery is really the apex of crass. Nope...I couldn't give a flying fuck about your little concerns in your little-bitty pussy-whipped life.

    The only homosexuality I pay any attention to is the lipstick girl on lipstick girl variety, danke schoen.

  11. Giambattista sssssssssssssssssssssssss sssss Valued Senior Member

    And that only because you're not advanced enough to appreciate the guy on guy variety, danke schoen.

    My advice to you: try to evolve. May take you several dozen reincarnations to do it. And by the looks of things, you may just end up a monkey. Solid.

  12. Jaybee from his cast Banned Banned

    Hey, if I'm going to be an ape, I want to be one in keeping with my human persona; a Gorilla.

    You know...the type that never writes, or calls you??

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  13. Giambattista sssssssssssssssssssssssss sssss Valued Senior Member

    This is more what I had in mind:

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    Jimmy Durante.
  14. Jaybee from his cast Banned Banned


    I thought this is what YOU'd have in mind...

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  15. Giambattista sssssssssssssssssssssssss sssss Valued Senior Member

    Some village is missing its idiots, I presume.
  16. finewine Registered Senior Member

    Well, I will disagree with you Duendy about Christianity and sex. The whole book of "Song of Solomon" is about sex and the beauty and pleasure of it.

    Sex is not taboo in Christianity. It is all you have said in organized religion of man which takes the truth of Christianity and twists it and makes it into something that only the heart of man made of it, NOT what GOD intended it to be.
    In Christianity as GOD intended it, sex between a man and woman is celebrated and embraced. It is just done within the boundries of marriage.

    Porn is detrimental simply because it changes the brain chemistry in the same way that heroine does. It becomes a form of addiction with all the same physiological and mental cravings and ramifications on relationships and work productivity that any addiction will produce.

    Porn limits the imagination of the mind which is the most fertile playground of sexual fantasies.
  17. duendy Registered Senior Member

    oh pulleeeeze. does it heck. read what i said above. please explain..?
  18. finewine Registered Senior Member

    I am not citing Hebrewism. I am citing the design of GOD. Woman in her creation is the crowning glory of sensualism. She is sensualism.
    Both women and men abuse it. GOD does not abuse the design. Men and women do.
    Genesis states it is for pleasure as well, not just procreativity.
    I think you are the one with hangups about sex.

    There is no Rite of the Goddess in the Bible. Your sources are misleading you to their own skewed truth of what was written for their own agenda.

    I will reiterate that Christianity is not a religion. I will reiterate that religion is man's attempt to bring GOD down to man's finite level. Christianity is GOD's way of being man up to GOD's level.

    We will always disagree on that. I accept that. If you would even consider entertaining that there was a GOD, your whole sytem of humanistic relativism would fall apart and you'd find yourself accountable to a holy GOD. That would certainly cause any sane man to fear.
    Instead you believe what you want to believe. It is easier to believe there is no GOD so you do not have to be accountable for your actions and life to anyone but yourself.

    I can accept that too. I once thought like you. I hold no hostility towards you and what you choose to believe as your foundational set of values.

    Paul was not the founder of Christianity!! Heaven forbid he should be alive and hear you say that.
    Christ is the founder of Christianity. Christianity means "follower of Christ".
    If you read your New Testament you will even read that Paul said heaven forbid that one group would say they are of Paul or of Apollos or any other believer. Yes, all things have boundries in life if you stop to take a serious look at nature, societies, and the arts. There is great freedom of exploration in boundaries. There are boundaries in music. You have only a certain number of keys but the variation and variety combining those keys together is as infinite as the person playing the music.

    You are the jaded one to think that Christianity says missionary is the only position. I really have to say you've been duped by bad references and sources of your information.

    Let me tell you what the older generation knew about sex when they first tried it. They knew as much about it as you did. The only difference was instead of having multiple partners they stayed with one. In staying with one there was no fear of expectations or rejection and so the focus could be towards learning how to pleasure the other person with greater adour and finesse instead of bouncing from one to the next and starting all over again.
    I knew quite a bit about sex in my youth. I did not have to have multiple partners before I married to know how to please a man.
    Sexually transmitted diseases, killing innocent unwanted babies, and emotional psychosis were not as rampent either when I was a younger.
    That is what abstinance and boundaries do for sex. It protectst the emotions and body of those who are disciplined to stay within the boundaries when it is applied as it was designed to be.

    Christianity has not made sex into a taboo.
    Let's face it. Man has distorted it in his exploration for the next high and man has given the finger at GOD. Man has chosen to go his own selfish way, like a spoilt teenager, into his own heart of darkness and will justify it in his mind so that it is acceptable.

    Wasn't it a great day for you when relativism overtook absolutes. Now everyone can be their own demigod and live in anarchy of survival of the fittest and think that as a species we are progressing when in fact we are becoming dumbified because we choose to ignore the patterns of design.

    Are you addicted to jogging? Are you addicted to love? Of course in your liberal thinking anything in excess is good for the body, mind and spirit even when medical documentation will state otherwise.
    Have you studied addictions, young man? Have you ever overcome an addiction? Pornography has been shown in studies to create the same synapses as addictions and the same emotional fallout in relationships and work. I don't think jogging does that.

    Your theology is very skewed and incorrect so is your medicine.

    Porn limits the imagination of the mind which is the most fertile playground of sexual fantasies.
    Interesting that you didn't say anthing to rebuff that statement.
    I find porn can be quite boring compared to what is in my mind.
  19. duendy Registered Senior Member

    your preachin dude......yu are so'd be hard to know where to begin with ink too...!

    your ...stumbling block is your premise of your 'God'. and your insistence that their exists no subjugation of the Goddess in your Bible, and the political origins of your Christian myth is really laughable.
    i am not wasting too much effort. for i feel you've already made your mind up....ALL the lingo ewtc you use is typical to tat belief system

    and i am NOT a humanist reltavist or whatever you said. i try and enoucrage the real origians of religion of the Earth which very much involves psychdelic sacraments. Anothe freedom your religion persecuted along with Goddess religion and usual, i see you --a Christian--deny this.
  20. finewine Registered Senior Member

    Really Duendy, I do not want to argue with you as you have also made up your mind. This thread was about pornography, if I recall, not Christianity. I was not preaching, that was your closed mind's perception of my reply to your erroneous post about what the Bible of Christianity states. You do not have the Bible of Christianity, duendy, if yours speaks of a subjugation of the Goddess.
    You may have your bible of paganism, but don't quote it as the Bible of Christianity and think that your facts about that book are correct when in fact they are not.

    I do not have a stumbling block with my 'God'. It is you that has the stumbling block.
    Political origins of Christianity??? Of what political origins are you speaking? There are no political origins of Christianity, duendy. There are only political origins to try to discredit it by those like you who choose to close your mind to the truth of God and eliminate Christianity.

    Tell me about the subjugation of the Goddess in your Bible. Send me a pm, please. I do want to hear about this with all seriousness. Where in the Bible is that mentioned? Which book?

    Let's stay on the topic of pornography and is it good or bad.

    I would like to talk to you about freedoms one day, duendy.. but that is for another thread, not this one.

    The point of my post was that pornography has been shown to be addictive and causes ruination of relationships and limits ( in my opinion and experience) the imagination of the mind which is the most powerful sexual organ there is.
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2006
  21. duendy Registered Senior Member

    No, i a not at this juncture going to do your work for ou. Ihafe researched this over years, sos i have /am doing miiine. IF you calim to be such a biblical scholar you MUSt find it youself--ie., the eferences--clear references which show evidnce of persecution of Goddess religios rituals. efen a googl will soon fill you in

    however as you say, tis thread is about porno.

    you are aginst it. because you feel it breaks up relationships. actually it can. i have met a woman in the past who broke up her partner's computer wit an axe cause he was leaving her lone in bed all night whilst surfin the porn!

    but getting all hysterical FEEDS the taboo. dont you see. prurience and lasciviosness are polar related. disgust, and attraction, etc

    i dont tink te question is banning it--of course one bans child porno, because children need adult protection from exploitation. but i hate it when some adultspatronize oter adults who do porn and enjoy it by claiming 'tey dont know they are being exploited'----who is an adult to say what another is feeling?

    in order to understand porn doesn't mean us becoming all like mary whitehouse, or puritanical which actually s i say FEEDS the lure of porn--making it een more a delectable forbidden fruit. it is becoming more open to OUR dark slutty selves. what Jung called--i am not JUngian--the 'Shadow'-----it is realizing that we or some Do like a wilder form of sexuality. and beingopen to it. cause try as you might, yo aint never gonna beat it

    i know you christians believe you can lock 'evil' away sometime in the future. but that's just a myth coming from a one-sidee view of reality. 'ultimate dualism'

    you ask me to prove the political beginnings of Chrisianity....? errr ROMA?!
  22. finewine Registered Senior Member

    Rome persecuted the Christians because of their inaccurate perception that Christ and his followers would be a threat to Ceasar.
    Christ talked about a new kingdom, but Christianity was not begun for political reasons. Christianity is the redemptive relationship that GOD established with man at Christ's cruxification and resurrection.

    There is no duality between GOD and the devil. Lucifer was a CREATED angel.
    Created to protect GOD's holiness. Lucifer was the most beautiful and best of all the created angels. Lucifer said, I will be like GOD and became what we now know as the devil, the symbol of evil.. but what really is the evil???
    It is the rebellion of the creation against the creator. There is no ultimate duality unless you are under the same delusion as Lucifer that you will be like GOD.

    There is so much misinformation online about many things, duendy.
    I would check your references and sources more accurately.

    You remind me of the song by John Fogerty "I Saw It on TV"
    I know it's true, oh so true, 'cause I saw it on TV.
    In this case 'cause I saw it on Google.'

    but back to pornography:
    The original post quoted an article titled Pornography Destroyed Me.
    Now the original question was how has pornography changed your life.

    Some of us ignored that question and started talking about pornography in general terms and changed the question, including myself.

    so how has it changed my life?
    It can ruin lives because it is addictive. Like addictions you begin to look for that next high and the law of diminishing returns kicks in and you go on to more and more kinky stuff to get that buzz.
    Now, you made an assumption that because I was a Christian, I am against it when in fact my argument against it was not 'religious' at all.
    My argument against it is purely medical biochemistry of the process of addictions
    and my experience with pornography and its limitations and expectations it placed on my mind as to what sex was and what men and women want in a sexual encounter.
    My mind is much more creative. Why would I want to dumbify it and pay money to do so???
    I do not find it liberating. I find it destructive. I find it boring.
    I much prefer the real thing.
    If I can't have the real thing, I prefer what I can visualize in my mind.
  23. duendy Registered Senior Member

    good fo you. but somepeople DO want it, and thus there is supply and demand

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