Population Control, Consumer Regulation & Panic Buying

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by RainbowSingularity, Feb 28, 2021.

  1. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    plastic (bag)bans(pollution bans/regulations)
    children's lunch bans
    children's school food bans for other children's allergy's
    school budget limits & restrictions
    School fees
    child limits per couple
    food rights for children
    medical rights for children
    (i do not wish to talk about guns/weapons rights or free speech rights int his as the expectation is strick gun control & anti abusive basic laws on free speech)
    is there any cohesive moral doctrine to formulate the correlative associations of perceptional relationships to panic buying behavior & motive to self define as a form of expected rights inside a group model ?

    this is a concept inside a non armed civilian multi cultural society
    where concepts of rights exist at the upper end of modern civilization
    equally access to food shelter & healthcare
    (not a typical American society)

    conceptual liberalism inside a model of collective equal rights

    should numbers of children be controlled per couple ?
    those who openly oppose those regulations
    who do they support to have equal access to their own level of government assistance ?

    what is the difference between their expected access to resources
    what is their actions to take, gather & hoard ?

    if you do not understand advanced human rights & multiculturalism
    feel free to ask a well considered question

    given the above comments of base line norms

    how do we moderate peoples consumption of resources(including how many children they choose to have & what level of education their children get & what level of unemployment & universal health care) while maintaining open equal access ?
    (this is the next level of advanced human civilization management issues)

    feel free to post your opinion, any obvious & deliberate trolling will be reported
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  3. Dennis Tate Valued Senior Member

    Good ol' Thomas Malthus.....
    he might not have guessed where his ideas would lead within a couple of centuries?!

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  5. river

    At some point the world can only feed so many .
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  7. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member


    false economics based on boom n bust ideology that requires fossil fuels to never run out and a never ending unlimited supply of resources that have no limit.
    designed to exploit inflation as a never ending free money service to the rich elite
    still a very common cult that is believed by many so called "normal" people from poor to upper class.

    there is no shortage of food
    just a shortage of people willing to sell it at cost to feed those in poorer low currency value countries.

    lack of food production in highly arable land is a huge issue and is dominated by tribal Waring violence.

    colonialism would solve this by installing a military dictatorship
    but that is not very popular
    they prefer tribal wars genocides & starvation & military dictatorships
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  8. river

    & on the flip side of that market process
    you have places like Myanmar which has a very good developing local market economy
    and instead of developing it
    the military dictatorship have taken it over & now likely to create starvation as the economic system collapses.
    military are now executing people in the streets with impunity no trial or judicial system just socio-political genocide
    its crazy
    fyi im anti death penalty so a judicial system to validate killing people is not my preference as a symbolic fake process as a judicial system.

    why Myanmar when they were making a stand against border issues & seeking to reduce populations ?
    all their people were supporting it
    while the world said stop ethnic cleansing
    now the military is doing what ?
    total madness heading toward north Korea mass starvation military dictatorship type of thing


    Our planet has its limits .
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  9. river

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  10. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    climate change will sort it before human financial market leaders will
    the financial cult people will only do what they are forced to do, after they have been forced & punished then outlawed.
    that is how the system works.

    a great leap forward is required in ethics morality & basic economic principals
    the gap between India & china reaching 1st world industrialization & climate change wiping out the modern world is merged
    keep in mind around 60% of americans think climate change is a hoax and will gladly watch and help India & china & other countrys wipe out the modern world & the environment
    luckily it appears china may be seeking to change that outcome
    India appears to be seeking to change its economics systems as a 1st step

    i will steer the subject premise back towards my point in a while, i am yet to make my point for this thread subject
    i wanted to open up discussion around the ideas 1st


    usa seems to be lost inside ita greed for weapons and to normalize the militarization of their common social public interaction forcing a bloody kill or be killed social mentality into normal everyday life
    like a psychopath demanding victims watch their horror.
    equally with their death penalty & anti abortion stance.
    fairly common in all parts of the world in different flavors & degrees
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  11. river

    trump as well .
  12. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    i am not sure how you mean him, in regard to which particular actions or policy/belief concepts.
    i was pro wall but not 1 that sank the countrys ecconomy
    it became impracticable & a dog whistle for Racism & xenophobia
    watching that racism & xenophobia spread faster than covid in high schools was mind boggling.

    i was inspired when he declared a massive govt infrastructure spend
    then disappointed he did not carry it out

    politically i am a mixed market centrist, which places me politically to the left of the common American democratic party which appear to be anti universal health care & anti universal unemployment benefit.
    thus i would never be an American republican voter regardless if Jesus himself stood for them.
    i simply do not agree with their core moral principals of making people fight against each other for the basic needs in life, food shelter healthcare etc.
    that's not my moral belief system.

    writers editorial note(me)
    narrator voice(also me)

    a lot of people who may consider themselves modern and well intellectually considered can not & do not formulate their own moral position on concepts of basic needs as a position of core national policy
    they tend to swing from one opposing warring camp to the other depending on their temporary emotional slight
    ... so keep that in mind when reading & discussing this subject as most people will talk idealistic bullshit & common interpretations yet have no real comprehension of logical formation of the reasons why & if and when they would follow, adopt or enact such concepts.

    they are mostly monkey see monkey do which is why body language is the dominant social language
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  13. river


    How so ?
  14. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member


    asking me to speak further on a subject by faking a question of interest to assert a sense of involvement is disingenuous
    your question needs relative concept
    it needs some scope of meaning to frame a logical reply

    your question highlights your lack of understanding of basic political principals which is very common

    who did you vote for ?
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  15. river

    How so ? Examples .
  16. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    why not link to some democrat policy publication on one of their web sites ?

    you realize your now looking like a troll !

  17. river

    I'm Not American , Canadian .

    Who would I have voted for If I was American , Biden .
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  18. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    who did you last vote for and why ?
    (just very basic main 3 points you voted for the party you voted for)

    im sure Canada has its own extremist political organizations so your question is yet again moving toward the nature of a troll question

    [e.g/i.e]did you vote to support the tar/oil sands open cast mining ?
    did you vote to support indigenous north American tribes ?

    morality up for sale to the highest bidder ?
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