''Polar cities'' for survivors of climate chaos in future?

Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by polarcityman, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Stoniphi obscurely fossiliferous Valued Senior Member

    I doubt that is against the rules.

    Simply cutting emissions of soot and moving to more sophisticated farming techniques may well turn the clock on global climate change way back also lowering the costs of raising and cooking food as well as basic transportation.

    In my humble opinion, we need all of the competent gardeners we can get.

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  3. polarcityman Registered Member

    Stoniphi re
    ''Directly addressing the issue of human pollution of the environment would be a tad more cost - effective IMHO. Merely cleaning up our mutual act air - pollution wise could make a huge difference to world climate in under a decade. ” ''

    yes yes, sir....that is my main brief. see? i don't really want to see POLAR CITISE in use ever ever. My whole approach since 2006 is to raise the alarm about the need to clear our Earth and keep her clean and get off our addiciton to coal and oil BEFORE it it soo late. and Jinm's novel here is a wake up call too, the novel might make people think about taking ACTION NOW to clean up things. YES. I agree.

    And 2.

    SChedherzasde re ''I have been posting links merely to aid a poster lacking that capacity at present. THANKKS FOR HELP SIR. Hopefully that is not against the rules. ***IT';s KOSHER

    Having lived in the north for many years I can say with reasonable certainty that if the grid went down permanently, 95% of the population would engage in mass exodus. ***YES YES YES. and LOVELOCK predicts this too.!

    This climate would have to moderate by an extreme degree to make any kind of self sustainability for a significant population possible. RIGHT! ****

    The carrying capacity of the land in this region is far less than in southern climes. Wild animal numbers would not support a large human population and agricultural animals have significant needs as well which require resources to meet. RIGHT AGAIN!

    We would have NO overweight people north of 60 if such a scenario developed. Staying warm and nourished would require almost all of our effort save for a few of months of the year which one uses to prepare for the next winter, which is never far away. READ JIM's book. ican send you free copu iof yuu wish for helponmg me ehre. thasnks sir. email me at danbloom GMAIL and ic an sedn fee ebook to you all 24 chaps

    I am one who practices container gardening as a hobby. Tomatoes planted on Feb. 1st now have small green fruits already. SMILE

    Perhaps they can use my gardening expertise? '' WE CAN USE YOU ON TEAM POLAR CITY...it is a team comprised of people all over the world like you and me and Jim and 10os of others who are concerned and want to raise the alaerm of publuic awarness....There is still some time...100 years?
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  5. scheherazade Northern Horse Whisperer Valued Senior Member

    Thank you, Dan.

    I have sent you an email.

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  7. polarcityman Registered Member

    with the news recently about James Lovelock telling a reporter for MSNBC that he no l

    with the news recently about James Lovelock telling a reporter for MSNBC that he no longer feels that the end will come by 2100 but later, with no specific timeline, and with many denialists picking up the news saying "see, the man was nuts and all his climate books are crap" but with climate activist like me saying "oh this is just PR gimmick for his new book due out in 2013 and he didn't say he is now against global warming ideas, just that the time line is not 100 years before it gets real bad but maybe much longer, like 200 to 500 years, and 500 years has always been my key time frame, ever since i began my polar cities website, i say things get bad in 2500 AD, not before, but Jim Laughter, for his book, wanted to place the sci fi cli fi story in a time frame that would have MORE immediacy for readers today, so he decided to place the story in Alaska in 2075, and I agreed with him that for readers of a book this was a good way to sound the alarm

    Jim just told me today; re the Lovelock brouhaha now online, google his name to see all the news about him TODAy:

    ''dear dan
    That's alright, re Lovelock news. I didn't write this book POLAR CITY RED as a science project. I wrote it for entertainment. I think the story stand alone and doesn't require an endorsement. Lovelock's blurb on the book is simply that -- a blurb on the back of a book, not his endorsement of my work or my endorsement of his. It's alike a candy bar; you buy it, eat it, enjoy it, then move on to something else.... ''
  8. polarcityman Registered Member

    Jim Laughter's new ''cli fi'' novel 'Polar City Red' about the dark future of global warming
    revolves around sex lottery in future "polar city". Think
    breeding pairs in the Arctic and sex lotteries among polar city
    residents. It's a major theme of the book. Safe for work but at the same time NSFW.

    Jim Laughter in Oklahoma has written a game-changing cli fi novel
    about mankind's shaky future on this third rock from the sun, and his
    new book, titled “Polar City Red” is out now from AWOC Books in Texas,
    I've read the book, of course, and I can tell you this: climate
    denialists are going to say it's not science, and die-hard climate
    activists are going to say it's just fiction. Go figure. Lovelock? He'll love the book. In
    fact, the jacklet cover has a James Lovelock quote!

    One of the parts of the book that is sure to rattle the cages of some
    readers is the theme of a sex lottery that ensures the continuation of
    the human species
    in a post-climate chaos world. Read the book to see what Laughter is
    doing here: it's not for the squeamish, although, no, it's not
    X-rated, at least not in the book.

    Maybe for the Hollywood movie, sure.

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    Re: 'Cli fi' novel 'Polar City Red' set in 2075 delves into X-rated 'sex lottery'
    « Reply #1 on: Today at 06:39:37 AM »


    “You’re just going to have to explain it to me again, Dr. Romanov,”
    LouEllen Moore said. She and Carson, along with Romanov, sat at a
    table in the administrator’s office. She had a stack of medical
    records in front of her.
    “Explain, Dr. Moore?” Romanov asked. “Explain what?”
    “This lottery system that you have here in Polar City Red that seems
    to have gotten that Mr. Pearson killed.”
    Dr. Romanov sat back in his chair. This wasn’t the first time someone
    new had questioned the city’s lottery. He could see in the doctor’s
    eyes that she held reservations and apparently didn’t see the
    viability of the system. “Lottery is simple way we ensure survival of
    LouEllen didn’t respond to Romanov’s simple statement. She just stared
    at the man, prompting him with her eyes that he was going to have to
    do better than that.
    Romanov leaned forward and placed his elbows on the table. What did
    this woman want? Did she expect him to justify a system that had been
    in place for over thirty years? Was there some moral high ground she
    thought she could take that would diffuse their way of life?
    “I don’t understand want is you want me to say, Dr. Moore,” Romanov
    said. “Lottery is system to keep city alive.”
    Again, LouEllen didn’t answer. She could see that Romanov had no
    reservations about the moral consequences of the lottery. Was this
    really the best idea the city fathers could come up with to ensure
    their survival? Did they really believe that prostituting the women of
    the city, using them as child-bearing livestock was worth the
    indignity suffered by these women?
    “So you take the young women of Polar City Red and you prostitute them
    to six men?”
    Romanov was shocked at the doctor’s question. “Prostitute, Doctor?” he
    asked. “What you mean, prostitute?”
    Is he kidding, LouEllen thought. Does he see this as anything else?
    “Yes, prostitute,” she answered. “What else would you call forcing a
    woman to have sex with six different men?”
    Again, Romanov was stunned by LouEllen’s question. “Doctor Moore, I assure you…”
    “You assure me?” she interrupted. “You assure me of what? That these
    girls just reaching womanhood aren’t forced to take on multiple
    partners so they can produce babies? Is that what you’re trying to
    assure me of? That when one of them has a baby, they don’t have to
    consult a lottery schedule to determine who the father is? Is that
    what you’re trying to assure me of?”
    Romanov shook his head in disbelief. LouEllen placed a hand on the
    stack of medical records on the table. “There are two, maybe three
    generations of women’s records in this stack, Dr. Romanov. This isn’t
    a simple experiment. It’s a way of life.”

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    Re: 'Cli fi' novel 'Polar City Red' set in 2075 delves into X-rated 'sex lottery'
    « Reply #2 on: Today at 06:41:32 AM »


    Romanov stood and crossed the room to a window that looked out over
    the city. People milled around the different storefronts and shops,
    entering and exiting various geodesic domes, houses, and Quonset huts.
    Some carried packages, supplies to feed their family for the next
    week. Others pushed wheelbarrows full of building materials and tools,
    while others bore armfuls of clothing they’d picked up at the sorting
    center; clothing that would fit their children.
    The administrator thought about the city; his city, and tried to
    envision it as it had been only a few decades ago – wild and furious,
    every man watching out for himself with no regard for his neighbor or
    even the survival of the human race. He had escaped from Umka,
    Russia’s experimental polar city when it became evident that it wasn’t
    the paradise it had been advertised to be. He’d found himself living
    under as much oppression in Umka as he’d lived under in Moscow. The
    politico body had just transferred their seat of power and expected
    the citizenry to serve them more like master and servant than as
    citizens trying to survive the world crisis.
    Romanov turned back to the Moore’s. His eyes conveyed his deep concern
    for the answer he was trying to formulate in his mind. He hoped he
    could find the words to express his thoughts to the couple.
    “City was dying,” he began. His voice was strained and pleading. Would
    he be able to convey to the Moore’s his deep concern for them to
    understand? “Was not originally established as survival city.”
    He sat back down at the table, his face a mask of concentration. If he
    didn’t explain this just right, he knew he would lose the confidence
    of the couple he hoped would replace him as leader of the city.
    “This city established as one of twelve polar city to study effects of
    global warming on ice cap. But when continents fell and governments
    crumbled, global warming melted ice caps. Greenland ice sheets broke
    away into sea. Saline count in oceans depleted to point of not being
    able to absorb carbon dioxide from atmosphere. Sea creatures die.
    Rising sea levels overpowered costal barriers and forced mass
    migration north. Polar City Red became outpost for survival, not
    Romanov pictured in his mind the city he’d found when he’d first
    arrived forty years ago. Crude structures of wood and canvas
    interspersed among the few original geodesic domes the U.S. government
    had established here as a scientific outpost. The city, if that’s what
    you wanted to call it, had become a haven for cut-throats and every
    other type of rough character with enough skill to make the trek north
    and survive the harsh wilderness. Romanov envisioned the crime and
    petty larceny that had ruled the city, every man watching out for his
    own interests with no regard for anyone else.
    Women were an endangered species forty years ago with twenty men to
    every female. Marriage had lost its sanctity, and rape was a common
    occurrence, often times ending with the woman’s husband murdered, and
    sometimes even the woman. It was a brutal, vicious environment ruled
    by the lust of men instead of the rule of law.
    “When I first escape Umka and find my way to Polar City Red, I find
    wilderness territory of violence and chaos,” Romanov said, not turning
    back to face the Moore’s. “Was like what you would envision 19th
    century gold-rush town would be. Instead of rough prospectors and
    miners, city full of desperate men that had escaped devastation on
    lower continent. Men that had lost everything, their homes and
    families and had to fight even to survive. Many were escapees from
    prisons that had been abandoned by legal system.”
    Romanov returned to the table and sat down across from Carson and
    LouEllen. His face bore the burden of years of hardship and
    “Outpost was overrun by criminals and vagabond people. Violence was
    rampant. Outpost destroyed. Was not easy to find men willing to
    organize and live by set of laws.”
    LouEllen wasn’t satisfied with Romanov’s explanation. “We’re not
    talking about then!” she exclaimed. “We’re talking about now. Right
    now where you have young women servicing six men like a Las Vegas

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    Re: 'Cli fi' novel 'Polar City Red' set in 2075 delves into X-rated 'sex lottery'
    « Reply #3 on: Today at 06:42:15 AM »


    Romanov closed his eyes. He was tired. So tired. He drew in a deep
    breath to control his response. He didn’t want to say anything that
    could make matters any worse than they already were. “But we are
    talking about now,” he said. “If not for then, there would be no now.”
    Carson started to interject but the administrator waved his hand, an
    indication that he should remain silent for just another minute.
    Regardless of the turmoil boiling inside Romanov, LouEllen was not
    willing to let his explanation stand. “But these women…” she began.
    “These women are willing citizens doing their part to ensure our
    survival,” Romanov cut her off. “They are not forced to submit to
    unwanted acts of sexual aggression.”
    Again, Romanov stood and crossed the room to the window. He had
    watched this city grow from a frozen wilderness camp to a thriving,
    viable community. Of course, there had been sacrifices. Everyone had
    made them. No one was exempt from the hardships. People had died;
    people that could have survived had it not been for the circumstances
    they found themselves faced with. But they were faced with them, and
    nothing could change that. Instead, they resisted the easy path of
    every-man-for-himself and forged a life from certain death.
    “These women, Dr. Moore,” Romanov said, his back still turned to the
    couple, “are not cattle used for breeding.” He turned and faced the
    couple. “They are treasures in the eyes of men fortunate enough to be
    worthy of them.”
    The Moore’s continued to stare at Romanov. LouEllen’s heart was still
    hardened against the idea of using young women as concubines to
    service the sexual desires of multiple partners. Carson wasn’t sure
    how he felt. He only knew that a polygamist community strained against
    every moral idea he’d ever known.
    “How can you say these women are not being used?” LouEllen asked. “How can you…”
    “Dr. Moore, please listen,” Romanov interrupted. “You must see this
    from another point of view.”
    “Another point of view?”
    “Yes, doctor, another point of view,” Romanov reiterated. If he could
    explain the lottery system correctly, perhaps he could convince Dr.
    Moore of its viability. He sat back down at the table, this time with
    a determination to open the eyes of Carson and LouEllen Moore.
    “Citizens of Polar City Red grow up their whole lives knowing about
    lottery,” he began. “Young men know ratio of men to women, so from
    early age they value the women in their lives.”

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    Re: 'Cli fi' novel 'Polar City Red' set in 2075 delves into X-rated 'sex lottery'
    « Reply #4 on: Today at 06:42:50 AM »


    He touched LouEllen on her right hand with the tips of his fingers, a
    gentle touch that she did not deem threatening or manipulative. “There
    has not been act of violence or rape of woman in Polar City Red by
    another citizen in over twenty years.”
    “But this lottery with six men to every woman,” LouEllen stuttered. “I
    don’t see how…”
    “When young woman reaches age of maturity, she already knows lottery
    awaits her,” Romanov said. “She doesn’t enter lottery blind or
    Romanov removed the top medical record from the stack of files on the
    table. The name on the label said Teri Summer, the young woman whose
    baby LouEllen had helped deliver. He also removed a second folder.
    LouEllen recognized this as one of the older folders. The name on the
    record said Sarah. The administrator flipped open the first record and
    ran his finger down the list of men indicated as her lottery.
    “Teri Summer very special young lady,” Romanov began. “One of new
    generation of woman that has choice of prime young men.”
    “Choice?” LouEllen asked. “What do you mean, choice?”
    “Polar City not cheap Las Vegas whorehouse,” Romanov said. “We don’t
    force women to perform acts of sexual nature for amusement of men.” He
    tapped Teri’s folder. “Young woman have free choice of available and
    eligible men.”
    “Available? Eligible?” Carson asked.
    “Man must be gainfully employed to qualify for lottery,” Romanov
    answered. “Cannot be wanderer or transient. Cannot be man given to
    drunkenness or violence, but be of good character. Must apply for
    lottery and approved by lottery board and city council.”
    Carson Moore exchanged eye contact with his wife. “The men apply for
    the lottery?” he asked the administrator. Romanov nodded.
    “And the woman?” LouEllen asked.
    “The woman reviews applications of men approved by council and board,”
    he answered. “Interviews men for compatibility.”
    “I see,” Moore said. “Like for a job interview?”
    “Must remember, Professor. Polar City Red small community. Everybody
    knows everybody else, especially citizens of same generation. Some men
    may be few years older than eligible woman, but not much. Lottery
    board screens applications before submitting to woman. Would not pair
    seventeen year old girl with forty-five year old man. Would not be
    LouEllen still didn’t like the idea of the lottery, but she could see
    where a system of checks and balances could make sense if administered

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    Re: 'Cli fi' novel 'Polar City Red' set in 2075 delves into X-rated 'sex lottery'
    « Reply #5 on: Today at 06:45:40 AM »


    That's Chapter 9 of POLAR CITY RED by Jim Laughter, released now in dozens of formats, Kindle Nook etc and POD paperback too. COPYRIGHT 2012 Jim Laughter.

    LIKE IT? Does it work? THIS MIGHT Be what lovelock had in mind when he spoke of "breeding pairs in the Arctic in an interview in 2006.
  9. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    That might double if it turns out to be true that our contribution to greenhouse gases will indeed accelerate global warming.

    Nonetheless, the earth has gone through a regular cycle of warming and cooling for billions of years. Once all of the now-permanent ice on earth melts (all glaciers and both polar icecaps including all of Antarctica), sea level rises to about 700 feet above its current level.

    At the depth of an ice age, with much more water locked up in permanent ice, sea level drops to about 300 feet below its current level.

    These maximum fluctuations take hundreds of million years, but there are smaller and faster perturbations along the way, in which sea level can change by a hundred feet in less than one hundred thousand years.

    There have been two low points in the last 100K years. One occurred around 60KYA. So much of the earth's water was locked up in ice that there wasn't much water vapor in the air to trigger rainfall, so much of the earth experienced a drought. This is when the first successful migration of a band of humans out of Africa occurred. Of course the weather and the food supply was just as bad in Asia, but they kept walking east. The low sea level meant that all the continents and islands were much wider than they are today, so Stone Age-technology boats were able to ply the much narrower waters of Oceania, and they wound up in Australia. As luck would have it that continent was having nicer weather than the rest of the planet so they stayed there and became the Native Australians.

    Another one occurred about 20KYA when the Cro-Magnon had settled in Europe. Evidence has been found of artifacts that look suspiciously Cro-Magnon-ish at the bottom of the Atlantic about 20 miles offshore from Virginia, which is where the shore would have been at that time. This gives rise to the speculation that North America was first colonized by humans from Europe, even though a much larger wave of colonists from Asia several thousand years later seems to have almost obliterated evidence of their DNA in the current population.

    The point is that in the worst-case scenario sea level will rise so gradually that humanity will not experience it as a catastrophe. As the surf comes closer to the buildings closest to the shore, they will simply be abandoned when they fall into disrepair, and rather than being replaced, the residents of the city will simply build new ones on the inland side of their population center.

    Cities will slowly crawl uphill, one or two hundred feet per century. Only in extremely level regions like Florida, Bangladesh and the Netherlands, and small islands like the Maldives, will the land area be inundated more abruptly.

    If you're looking for something to worry about, our energy problem will become a crisis long before sea level does.

    [I have not double-checked all the numbers in this post. The details may be off but the general scenario is correct.]
  10. cofu Registered Senior Member

    Dynamic globe model

    To polarcityman - before to make plans for the future - it is necessary to have a precise picture of the last events on this planet, the Dynamic model of the globe has proved objective chronology of events in the past (for 800 thousand years), to a great regret scientific community (which shines events of the past) in general ignores turn of an environment of a planet (in an equatorial plane), from here follows, that the civilization which ignores objective events has passed - also is doomed (in this case it is a matter of time)
  11. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    This is not true. It is the scientists who are trumpeting the warnings. The people who ignore the warnings are politicians, because politics is only concerned with short-term consequences. The future will be somebody else's problem; that's the way they think. Even business leaders have a longer time horizon than politicians.
    Poppycock. As I noted earlier, these changes will occur so gradually that even the most poorly-governed societies will have time to adapt.

    Shorelines will creep inward at the rate of about 30 meters per century. As buildings near the water age and require replacement, the replacements will be built inland instead of on the existing spot. The exceptions will be large, flat regions like Florida and Bangladesh. I've never been to Bangladesh, but I certainly won't miss Florida! I hope they forget to let George Zimmerman out of his cell.

    The ecosystem will be more sensitive to temperature changes than to topographical shrinkage. But bear in mind that the melting glaciers and icecaps will put more water into the atmosphere, so average rainfall over the globe will increase. There will be more food, just in different places, as Greenland and Siberia become prairies. Ultimately Antarctica will be ice-free. That's a nice large continent for farming, and its weather will be mild.
  12. Neverfly Banned Banned

    Yes, because all forbid that a watchman defends himself in a case of clear assault if the assailant is black.

    By all means, that rat Zimmerman should have just laid there and let himself get badly injured or killed. After all, the beating he took before the assailant reached for his weapon (eyewitness report) could have been all he was going to get, right? Maybe the assailant reached for it to throw it out of reach. Maybe not. In that kind of struggle, you have no time to figure that out. It makes people dead to try.

    After all- political correctness takes precedence over self defense, right?

    Do you have some insight, some remarkable evidence that contradicts the police reports, medical reports, eyewitness reports and supports the political hype, racially motivated slander and Lynch mob mentality Fraggle Mod?
    Or was that statement made, right after a chief complaint about the motives of politicians simply for the sake of political correctness?

    It's that "grab your pitchforks" and "throw the noose ov'r the nearest branch before sum slick tawkin' lawyer gits the rat off tha hook" type thinking that has created this Entire Media Mob Mess.

    Frankly, I would have expected better out of you. I was mistaken.

    You have no shame at all, do you?

    ETA: Yes, that was a hijack. My apologies to the O.P.
    Yes, I just slammed a Mod for being out of line.
    But come on- man hasn't even made it to trial yet and he's being Strung Up already. Opinions CAN be way out of line and deserve correction.
    If you want to jump on the bandwagon and grab an opinion- Fine. But to condemn, pass judgment without any real clarity, presume guilty unless proven innocent, and wish torment on a man whose biggest crime MAY have been to be over-zealous in his duties only to have it traumatically and tragically blow up in his face after being assaulted by a suspect who RETURNED to the scene to attack him ( a pre-meditated and initiated surprise attack that is Well Established as an accurate description of the events by all reports) wrong on every political, ethical and moral level.
    Anyone ever read, "To Kill a Mockingbird?"
    People have been standing against the Mob Mentality for a loooong time...
    Last edited: May 18, 2012
  13. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    Please forgive me for sending this thread off topic, but I'll try to respond as briefly so we can get back to the original issue.
    It's not a "clear assault." As a Neighborhood Watch officer Zimmerman was specifically forbidden to: A) Carry a gun and B) Chase a suspect himself rather than simply calling the police. If he had not violated the rules of his own job, the assault would never have occurred, regardless of who originally assaulted whom.
    We have no way of knowing who initiated it. But judging from the fact that Zimmerman was armed in violation of his own rules and got in Martin's face in violation of his own rules, it's hardly unreasonable to assume that he was looking for a fight and got one. For all we know he may have landed the first blow, Martin defended himself, and turned out to be a much better fighter than Zimmerman expected.
    The first rule of self defense is to use your bloody brain and avoid situations that might require it. Zimmerman deliberately violated two rules, resulting in being in such a situation. Depending on the legal status of the Neighborhood Watch organization, it might have been actually illegal for him to carry a gun on duty and to attempt to arrest a suspect on his own. In this case, a death occurred during the commission of a crime so by U.S. law he is, at the very least, automatically guilty of second-degree murder.
    I'll ignore your hyperbole to avoid turning this thread into an exchange of insults. My point of view is based on the evidence but also on the law. All of Zimmerman's apologists conveniently ignore the facts that he was carrying a gun in violation of his own orders and that he accosted a suspect in violation of his own orders. (Even soldiers, whose job is to kill people Americans don't like wherever they find them, have rules to follow.) He is not a professional law officer so he cannot be expected to know how to handle those situations. This egregious lapse of judgment resulted in an unnecessary death and he must be held accountable for it, even if it's only a few years in prison for manslaughter. Unfortunately there's no law against being a slobbering Neanderthal who goes out packing heat and looking for a fight. More's the pity.

    Of course Martin deserves his share of the blame. The old schoolyard whine is 100% true: "It all started when he hit me back." If Martin had the willpower to not respond with physical violence he'd still be alive. But Martin was not the jerk with the gun. Jerks with guns belong in prison.

    Hmmm. Sorry this didn't end up being as short as I would have wanted. Perhaps these posts should be blocked out and turned into a new thread in the proper subforum. I'll leave that to the discretion of the moderator of this board since I have no authority here.
  14. Neverfly Banned Banned

    Naw actually it was me and you're not obligated to ignore the challenge. It appears there is a thread on this topic, So if you don't mind, I'll copy and paste my response to you there...
  15. polarcityman Registered Member


    ABC TV in Tulsa Oklahoma CLIMATE CHANGE BOOK interviiew,
  16. youreyes amorphous ocean Valued Senior Member

    dude you got a timemachine? how'd you know when you die Mr. Danny?

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    As for the Polar cities, most territories are now part of Canada, Greenland, and Russia...I think those countries should start current sales and mortgage rates for the future in 200 or so years of polar cities.
  17. polarcityman Registered Member

    death dates? i had a dream long ago, when i was 13, that i would die when i was 83. so i am sticking by that dream date. Just a dream. Canna see the future at all. can hardly see tomorrow. SMILE
  18. polarcityman Registered Member

    FYI: Derecho (pronounced as /dəˈreɪtʃoʊ/ , “day-ray-cho”) is a loanword
    from Spanish, in which it means “straight”. It refers to a fast-moving
    storm with a straight or slightly bowed wavefront that travels long
    distances across country, the linear equivalent of a rotating tornado.
    The term was first used in 1888 by Professor Gustavus Hinrichs of the
    University of Ohio in a paper titled ''Tornados and Derechos''.--

  19. polarcityman Registered Member

    ''As for the Polar cities, most territories are now part of Canada, Greenland, and Russia...I think those countries should start current sales and mortgage rates for the future in 200 or so years of polar cities. ''

    HOW start current sales and mortgage rates for the future in 200 or so years of polar cities? any ideas? dish. i am all ears, until 2032....SMILE
  20. scheherazade Northern Horse Whisperer Valued Senior Member

  21. polarcityman Registered Member

    thanks for posting the link to interview in Tulsa. First TV media so far.
  22. spidergoat Valued Senior Member

    Lovelock is an interesting fellow, but full of woo. The poles will and are suffering the most severe climate change on the planet. They are the absolute worst places to settle and live.

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