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Discussion in 'Human Science' started by birch, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. birch Valued Senior Member


    It's like looking in a mirror. Just when you thought you were the only one. Just kidding. I know what you are thinking, why not converse with them, instead of annoying us here? because it is freaky and it is like the blind leading the blind.

    They also write like me with poor grammar including many run-on sentences and sporadic punctuation. Or maybe we just have poor education. Or maybe we are from another universe.

    I was always accused of staring out the window in school daydreaming and freaking out my teachers by asking strange questions such as, 'who am i?' lmao. this was as early as third grade.

    i think for some personality types we have not found our true calling or niche in the world yet. i think every personality type was produced in nature for a reason. maybe in the future there will be and we will have a viable place.
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  3. spidergoat Venued Serial Membership Valued Senior Member

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  5. birch Valued Senior Member

    not scientific. this is found in a personality type that is less than one percent of the population and they are not autistic.
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  7. spidergoat Venued Serial Membership Valued Senior Member

    Just a guess. Seems like autism to me. Most autistic people feel apart from society, and many of them on the milder end of the spectrum don't even know what's going on with them.
  8. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    No, thinking that one is not of this world ain't normal.

    Stopping short of the psychology mumbo jumbo-----the thought wants changing.

    (how many Rogerarians does it take to change a light-bulb?)
  9. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    What are you people talking about?? That is completely normal. The article describes a very large fraction of people. They're not autistic, they're not even abnormal.

    They're simply introverts.

    Extroverts bask in the energy of the people around them. They get energized, physically and mentally by looking outward.
    Introverts need to retreat to their own personal space to rejuvenate their energy and collect their thoughts. They find their power by looking inward.

    The only reason introverts feel like they're unique and weird is because their nature is less conducive to social interaction than extroverts. They don't get as much feedback telling them that others re feeling the same way they are. It is, unfortunately, a positive feedback loop. They could be literally floating in a sea of other introverts, and they would still feel alone.

    Birch, you are an island, sure. But you are an island in an oceanful of millions of other islands.

    Making bridges comes naturally to extroverts. But as introverts, we each owe it to ourselves to deliberately make and maintain bridges between each other. It's work for us. That's the price we pay for our active, imaginative internal worlds.
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  10. birch Valued Senior Member


    i agree with this. i know plenty of people who have had horrible childhoods and still they choose to be good people, even if they still suffer in some way because of the past. this is because it is a choice at any time. you don't have to do that or treat others that way. it is a decision/choice you make, right or wrong, presently with each situation, person and interaction. i am not talking about personality or some simple mistakes but actual predation which is willful as that is what narcissists will do. there is no excuse for that as it is very willful. in fact, it is not the behavior or mindset of a victim at all. on the contrary, it is a mindset of someone either unaffected/who has never had to feel empathy or who just eschews values that do not favor themselves or is inconsequential to themselves.
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  11. Bowser Right Here, Right Now Valued Senior Member

    That's my thought.
  12. birch Valued Senior Member


    this is also a personality type. the not fearing death, having a sense of a saner origin in comparison to here (that's the reason for lightwork), finding out you don't actually like most people, wanting to get out of here, being confused by the world and not understanding/feeling powerless and horrified by evil etc is true.
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  13. Sarkus Hippomonstrosesquippedalo phobe Valued Senior Member

    There may well be some psychological label that can be applied, beyond being simply introverted: we all have them in some degree or other. In this case it may be a (mild) social anxiety disorder that leads one to prefer ones own company, or something else.
    Introversion, as has been offered and as I understand it, is more about how we prefer to recharge our batteries, but one can still be highly social and an introvert... one can get enjoyment from social interaction, seek it out to address that need, but then seek solace when needing to recover.
    In the linked text it seems that there is possibly something else other than simply introversion, such as a mild anxiety disorder. There may even be a correlation between that and introversion, I don't know. But to simply say it is introversion is, I think, slightly too simplistic.

    A friend of mine has a son who is remarkably like this person in the linked text: drifts off into a world of their own imagination almost too frequently, not because they are necessarily introverted but because they struggle with social interaction, and so the solitude is a defence mechanism against having to deal with it, no matter how much they might want it. So while I wouldn't dismiss introversion, I would think that there is something else underlying it.

    However, I'm fairly sure we all have some such issue, but unless they are pronounced and put us way on the outside of the bell-curve then they likely go unnoticed, or just wrapped up in some acceptable label like "introverted" etc.

    If people are concerned about themselves, whether they are "normal" or not, speaking to a trained professional is nothing to be ashamed about, even if just to help you understand yourself better.
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  14. birch Valued Senior Member

    though i have taken the myers brigg personality test, it's just a general composite but i don't think it's the total you at all and it can also change. i tested as an infj before and now i am an intj. that makes sense since i'm not as a bleeding heart or as compassionate or naive about others as i was before. you come into this world very pure but it's very hard to keep that level of compassion and altruism because it's incongruent to present reality. i've learned with personality that it's not always about who you really are but a way to cope/manage. how you can best manage or navigate the world will also reflect in your personality. if it's a hostile environment to you, then you will modify accordingly. one may like to be very nice etc but life shows you that you cannot really do that so it's shaped by your circumstances. your real/ideal values may be different or your present personality could be a reflection of your true values but that's only known to the person themselves.

    whether past lives or the concept of reincarnation into this plane repeatedly is true or not is not as important metaphorically as the idea that those who are more innocent have a lot to teach us or be examples of hope as they are more pure and are closer to a better or purer truth so those who are jaded and have become more desensitized if you've been here so long that you've come to believe this predatorial and hostile system as sane.
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  15. birch Valued Senior Member

    that's not always the case. people want social interaction with people that they have things in common with, not just any type of social interaction or at least on their terms. intoverts don't want social interaction just to fit in or be accepted. i mean, people can fake it but how satisfying is that if you are not being authentic or suppress what you really think/like/believe or the social interaction does not really interest you?

    i can actually socially interact just like many with just about anyone based on conventional social expectations and mainstream interests but that doesn't mean you connect, feel comfortable or like the interaction. but how much and with whom that type of interaction interests someone, more or less, will depend on the individual themselves.

    one of the most common dilemmas especially when younger is the naivety of believing you are supposed to fit in with whatever crowd or majority there is. this stems mostly from social programming as well as social expectations and one does not know themselves yet so we assume others are right or we should go along. this is also common in school-age children to blindly assume they should be part of the in-crowd just to be accepted without considering if they actually like what it represents. as one matures and learns more about what they actually like/dislike, who they are and what their values are, just trying to fit into any group or person just to be accepted is disingenuous and ultimately doing oneself a disservice. one learns that you can be much happier being true to oneself, even if it means you or your ideas may not be popular. sometimes, that means for some they would rather not be as social in comparison to some others.

    still, there are even adults who are emotionally immature and have the mindset of conforming all their thoughts, ideas and opinions based on what is considered acceptable to a majority, right or wrong, and whether they authentically believe it themselves. some of these people are just naive and some are very dishonest people motivated by ego and status, especially detest to be viewed as weird or unacceptable.
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  16. birch Valued Senior Member


    lovely and very wise woman. she is basically referring to the importance of honoring your intuition and being true to oneself.
  17. birch Valued Senior Member


    interesting. i took two of these pop psychology quizzes that represent mainstream/general ideas and the results for both were 'victim' when all i just picked was sensible and fair options. the options/choices i picked weren't even completely self-effacing or sacrificing. what does that say about mainstream society and it's values?
  18. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    I just read the original link. I mainly agree with Sarkas. They're an introvert and there is some social anxiety involved and it's still within the normal range.

    I also agree with the typical definition of introvert vs extrovert being about how to you charge your batteries. Extroverts relax and recharge their batteries when they are in a social setting with friends. Introverts need some alone time to do the same.

    That's not a complete definition however. It's true that introverts can be social and just need some alone time to recharge but I think there are still differences in that social interaction. Introverts will prefer the social interaction to be with friends and extroverts may enjoy meeting new people even more than friends.

    Introverts tend to value one on one conversations and extroverts sometimes come off as not really valuing one on one conversation. At that point, to an introvert, it can appear that an extrovert is shallow or narcissistic. That may or may not be the case.

    Extroverts, when hanging out with an introvert may feel that the introvert is being difficult or selfish rather than participating with the group.

    Having some degree of anxiety in today's world isn't uncommon either. This can happen to an extrovert and to an introvert.

    Everyone is unique and there are many combinations that still fall somewhere in the "normal" range.

    In the linked article the main thing that makes it hard for that individual, I think, is that they don't feel self-confident. That's not just about being an introvert. An introvert can feel self-confident just as much as an extrovert. Most introverts don't feel that they are "different" or that they don't want to be in this world, or that there is something wrong with them.

    Even having some degree of general anxiety doesn't have to do with confidence. Using it's not something that one can control over. It's more like high blood pressure or something.

    Worrying a lot isn't a characteristic of general anxiety. It might be a characteristic of social anxiety however.

    It's an interesting article.
  19. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    I find the comments about grammar interesting and have often wondered about the people who post using unusual grammar.

    In your case, in this post, it's particularly interesting because for most of the post you are using standard grammar and punctuation. It's not until the latter part of the post that you stop capitalizing the first letter in a sentence.

    In the case of others, and especially in the case of extreme grammar, I'm curious as to how that comes about. You can tell when English isn't someone's first language. You can generally tell when someone may just not be very educated but I don't have the explanation for when "unusual" grammar is used.

    such Unusual grammar And punctuation doesn't cum from anything they have SEEN so it's hard too no where it comes frm.

    Even someone who may not be highly educated but who posts frequently is constantly exposed to other posts so they see how it's done. It don't really understand when people make it hard for others to read their posts by not inserting paragraphs for spacing, don't capitalize. Highly educated people aren't generally highly educated in the subject of grammar, that's usually taken care of in junior high so I'm really puzzled.

    I would find it interesting to hear from those with ususual posting styles to talk about how that came about it their cases.
  20. iceaura Valued Senior Member

    One common possibility: It's a lack of courtesy, or consideration, deriving from a fundamental disrespect for the audience. The root is the writer viewing their writing as primarily self-expression rather than communication with others regarded as equal to themselves.

    Another: Writers who are confused or simply wrong on the face of things, not sure what they are trying to say or unwilling to say it clearly and thereby confront it, will attempt to hide that confusion or wrongness in vagueness and incomprehensibility - avoiding accountability, shifting the burden of making sense to the reader.

    And so forth. That is not introversion, per se, although the deficit in conventional social skills is patent (grammatical writing being one of them). There are isolating modes of personality other than introversion, whether or not mutually exclusive of it.
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  21. LaurieAG Registered Senior Member

    While we are discussing personality types and the tidal wave of narcissists we have been seeing over the past 20 years or so maybe there is something that changed that allowed this to happen?

    The DISC assessment test was similar to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test until two classifications were removed in the early 1990's.
    As the MBTI test did not have equivalent Over perform or Under perform classifications there is no personality type test that effectively tells you when they are lying through their teeth after these two types were removed from DISC.

    So the original creator William Marston was also involved with the development of the "lie detector" or Polygraph and this was discontinued in the early 90's.

  22. birch Valued Senior Member


    these are the most spot-on, and un-pc explanations (including the demonic metaphor is fitting) of narcissistic (sociopathy/psychopathy) personality, especially the experience of energy draining by the narcissistic abusers, (especially the more invasive-like sexual abuse such as pedophilia or children having no power to prevent being subjected to abusers influence for years) which can spiral your own life down the drain as you won't be able to function normally but on the 'outside' as in physical literalism (limbs intact, no bruises etc), it will appear that nothing is happening to you or no one is doing harm to you. that is the point of this type of insidious crime against another. it is invisible but it's dynamics and effects are definitely real.

    it's because this type of abuse unbalances you psychologically and emotionally while siphons energy (even core) that you need to function normally, and the abuser is treating you as an object so your sanity, humanity and normal function to use your inherent rights/gifts/personal boundaries are not of concern to them. you can't "build" yourself up as those around you that this is not happening to can as your boundaries are constantly being violated and yourself weakened. that is the point, whatever you have is being confiscated for another's benefit and to keep you down or perpetually behind. abusers/users see you as spare parts for whatever they need or want, whether it leaves you just a little worse for wear or totally ruined/damaged, does not bother their conscience.

    just like someone in the comments section knows exactly what this video is referring because they have experienced it. i have said for years that is what abusers, especially sociopaths who target for emotional, mental and/or sexual/power motives do. they feed off of your good (healthier in comparison) and dump/purge/infect their negativity onto you. they want to trade their filthy penny (their karma from their own sins and immoral ethics such as rapists/pedophiles/abusers/megalomaniacs) for your shiny quarter. they don't care if it diminishes you, makes you weaker, sick/ill, taints/corrupts etc. they only care if it benefits them.

    this is because they don't want to change the inherent immoral ethics that would not allow them to use these dirty tactics which one can easily gain by cheating another. people who are victims do not do this, they introspect to work on themselves internally, even if it's having to evaluate/unpack anothers's baggage and work through it that someone has infected you with.

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  23. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    I've been lucky (I guess) to have had a good childhood, been around pretty well adjusted people most of my life, etc. I was married for many years. I divorced later in life and started dating again.

    Most of the people I met seemed to have had similar past experiences. People have more baggage later in life but still most people are fairly similar. Then I dated, for a while, someone that didn't have a great childhood according to her. No sexual abuse but her father was verbally abusive.

    Later she was married 3 times. She was very sensitive and was easily offended. Most of her circle of friends were not well adjusted and all have some "issues". She told herself that she remained friends with them because she "understood" them. They all had a victim mentality though and they tried to drag everyone they met down into their world.

    She felt more "normal" by comparison when she hung out with them so it was a co-dependent kind of vicious circle. They forgot what "normal" is because they don't hang out with normal people.

    I tried to be supportive and understanding for a while but I just refused to be drug down into that world and ultimately we broke up.

    I got the sense that this is how it goes for some people. They have a bad childhood (which is unfortunately) and then spend the rest of their lives clinging to that world. They "hate" their parents but they spend the rest of their lives looking for acceptance from their parents.

    They marry other people from bad backgrounds. All their friends are from similar backgrounds. They are all "supportive and understanding" of each other but no one changes, gets away from that environment or improves their lives.

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