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  1. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    I just want to be perfect.
    Not in a full of myself way but the best I can be ... god like in so far as you could ask if there was a God that is perfect and he was faced with how to managle a problem or handle a situation what would he do.

    I suppose that is where a Jesus or a Buda would be handy as you could think now what would Buda do...probably not smash this blokes face in...lets not do that today.

    But then trying to be perfect I became obsessive with my productions and creations.
    Such that if say I made a slightly less than perfect cut when wood working or building something ..I would throw my hands up and throw it out because it was not perfect approach.
    I got over that by telling myself when a small mistake creeps in "Its a proto type the new unit wont have that...and so I could finish and really all I had to deal with was a small irrelevant flaw.

    So is being able to not be perfect more perfect?

    Does anyone here have to manage high demands for perfection.
    Does it cause you problems or folk around you...and unlike me I assume you have folk around you...I saved some but nearly lost them all because of this perfection thing.
    It comes from expecting others to be perfect I am sure..folk dont like that I now realise.
    Has anyone suffered like this?

    I have got over perfect grammar☺ and that helps talking to most folk..I respect it but that alerts me that they have a condition I now think I manage better.
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  3. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    high technical apptitude requires complex process
    the only way to functionally produce that high technical complexity is to make sure everything in the process is perfect.
    the attainment of the perfection is the process by that which attains the result.
    this is a chicken and egg process.
    dividing the difference between material objects being perfect, and emotional individuation of a third party emotional being/entity requires manipulation.
    mostly most are not happy with perfection because they seek acceptance.
    once the emotional waves go back n forth and they feel unfounded they may often hold perfection as being an emotional atribute of absolution.

    expecting others to be perfect Vs expecting others to seek perfection...
    subtle yet massive differences.

    if doctors & other such people did not seek to be perfectionists then people would die in much vaster numbers.

    e.g for example suggestive.... emotional independance of cause & effect ? that is quite a deep philisophical question.

    i hope lots of people join in the discussion
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  5. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    Only perfect ones or not perfect ones?

    I had an incident with a doctor where his perfection got in the way of treatment.

    We were drinking three of us, me, my mate and his girl friend when she bent over in pain screaming so quiet drunk I rushed her to hospital lights flashing, over taking on both sides and fortunately people realised it was an emergency and got out of my way.

    She was rushed to see a doctor and after about three minutes she came out crying saying all the doctor could go on about was the fact my mate did not have a shirt on and we were obviously intoxicated.
    I closed the door behind me and had a little chat explaining why ..we were caught unexpectedly and had no time to sober up or put clothes on...we were at the river kicking back...but the fact is our dress had nothing to do with her seeming to be near death.

    ..he then broke down and said he had been working long shifts and he could not take it anymore and he could not go on and didnt know what to do...was he perfect because he reached out?
    Or not because he could not manage the pressure...

    Anyways I cheered him up she lived and we got back to drink more beer.

    Could the striving for perfection cause problems similar to the poor doctors break down.

    Reminds me..went to a see a shrink I can't remember why maybe if I could handle a medication but something simple.

    Anyways the poor lady broke down to tell me she just found out she had cancer and would not live more than six months...right place right time again.

    So I ended up giving her counseling and I think I even gave her direction.
    Probably I told her not to get her hopes up about an after life...but I left her being really positive and to stop working that day and make all the time left hers.

    But although a sad situation it sortta is funny the role reversal.

    She would have died years ago..never did get a report.
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  7. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    soo many cultures demand their children to be doctors, when being a doctor is a calling of a specific specialised skill set that is unique to that individual.
    unfortunately the privatisation of health care in the usa has normalised the capitalist function of medical care to a point where doctors are pushed as a product to produce a profit, rather than an art form of a highly skilled specialised individual.

    you see it a lot in mental health with burn out rates of nurses etc.
    massive under funding, over working and sole focus on profit rather than care by the corporate pushing the employees.

    The profit making machine that declares that "anyone can be a doctor" if they pay the money to pay for private college tuition is just another sales gimmic to make money off the capitalist system designed to exploit need, for cash.

    soo... looking at the over all bigger picture you illistrate a great example of the rare occurance of when things go wrong.
    though... in the usa the private capitalist machine that trys to produce production line doctors to make them cash is quite unique in how it will create its own problems.

    when you simply look at the human aspect and the occurances of humans having their human issues, the desire for some to remove any cause and effect by a systemised psychopathic nature is quite strong.

    over worked under resourced doctors will be directly & are deliberately pushed by the corporate money making machine to turn over patients as quickly as possible.
    that nature of having a break down can easily be lost in the mix.

    currently emotional & psychological support for doctors in the capitalist model is gravely missing
    you would probably need to look at a country with universal health care to see a better working example of properly balancing employee care and support.

    statistically speaking over several decades and assuming you visit many different doctors, you are bound to have a less than ideal expereince.
    add on to that culture & ecconomic systems and the statistical probability goes up quite a bit.

    least to mention a person claiming to be a doctor could be a church going bible basher who is against homosexuality, alcahol, un-wed couples, bi-racial couples etc etc etc.... and various other things, such is the nature of programming bias though, inside their own closed cell society they are called a doctor, yet compared wth a modern secular non biased multi depthed general-practitioner, they are more like a bossy orderly who has gone with out their dinner to help someone they dont like.
  8. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    Perfection might involve compulsion but perfection is not really a worthy goal. If a work environment requires no mistakes then generally systems are put into place so as to not require perfection. It's not a very robust system if it requires perfect individuals.

    In our personal lives, "perfection" is usually actually a negative trait.

    I've had work environments where large sums of money were involved and therefore transactions had to be mistake free. To do that required thinking ahead of all possible problems that could arise to put some kind of system in that would deal with that. Double checking, leaving enough time before deadlines to trouble shoot etc.

    Perfection is not a good plan.

    What does this mean..."I have got over perfect grammar☺ and that helps talking to most folk..I respect it but that alerts me that they have a condition I now think I manage better."?

    You respect good grammar but consider it to be a condition that you manage better?
  9. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    There is a plan ?
  10. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    (putting the patient before the Ego)
  11. river

    Yet high-tech engineers deal with approximations .
  12. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    My working life was about grammar in many respects and seeking perfection in expression was a daily chore... I have been isolated from that world now for over twenty years..I enjoy the pub say with ordinary folk who dont bother but their ability to express colourful.
    I enjoiy relaxed express I guess is my bottom line.
  13. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

  14. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    I used to say:
    Ain't nobody's perfect, but I just might be the closest thing you're ever gonna see.

    Recently(last decade) a cranky woman had complaints---she said she wanted perfect
    I responded "Perfect went home, you're just gonna have to settle for me". After that job was done, I was not invited back.

    Strive for perfection, then when you fall short, you should still be well above mediocrity.

    But: Yeh--------------I ain't never satisfied with my work...........I've learned to live with that---(almost)
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  16. pluto2 Registered Senior Member

    If there was a God then this world would not be such a crappy and shit place as it is now.

    Millions of people are committing suicide every year and God doesn't give a shit.

    Also if there was a God then I might even have a girlfriend but this isn't happening and probably will never happen because women are really not attracted to me or simply don't like me.
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