People more open to fantasy more often getting chills from great music

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    People more open to Fantasy, which results in them being more cognitively attentive to music, are more likely to experience “frisson”, according to a study. This contrasts with previous research that had repeatedly highlighted the relationship between frisson and the emotional aspects of an individual’s personality type.
    Frisson, coming from the French word meaning “aesthetic chills”, feels like a pleasurable chill or tingle and is experienced by roughly two-thirds of the population. It often starts in the back of the neck or top of the spine and then spreads down the spine or over the head, shoulders and arms. Frisson most commonly occurs when listening to emotionally moving music, although it may also occur when watching a moving scene in a movie, looking at beautiful artwork, or when having physical contact with another person.
    Studies have repeatedly shown a positive link between frisson and the personality trait of Openness to Experience. More specifically, they have highlighted the emotional nature of this personality type, with feelings (openness to inner feelings and emotions) and aesthetics (appreciation of art and beauty) the two aspects of Openness found to have the closest relationship to frisson.

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