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  1. birch Valued Senior Member


    why are there so many people who want to rape and abuse children like this? why do they want to destroy or damage innocence or good?

    why are there so many abusive people? i have been abused but i would never want to abuse other people and especially children as they are the next generation and should have the best start, be respected/cared for/cherished and have the best opportunities and upbringing in life.

    why are there people who just want to molest, use or abuse without any consideration to the negative effect they are doing to another being?

    even worse, there are people, especially men who will mistreat you even more or be even more abusive if you don't give in or do not give them affection. even sicker, they want affection even if they are abusing you because it'a about every single drop or nuance they can suck out of you or glean from you in every way like a literal object and nothing else. it's really sick and they are very jealous too.

    my stepfather had the nerve to ask me if i was still his 'little girl' after he molested me and i looked at him in revulsion and shook my head no, of course, because i became withdrawn, afraid and avoided him as much as possible. he was genuinely offended and hurt and so became even more spiteful. he wasn't treating me like his daughter at all but very cruel, abusive, bullying and negligent except sexually interested.

    he truly believed that i was supposed to actually accept, embrace and like my role as being abused because it was what he wanted or satisfied him.

    but when he asked these bizarrely incoherent, hypocritical, twisted and monstrous questions considering the situation, he actually believed this was appropriate because all he saw was just himself and overwhelmed by only his wants and his need and his ideas. he seemed to believe his feelings and wants were more important than others in some illogical way.

    it's as illogical as someone who just stabbed and robbed you, immediately turning around and asking if you are friends or like them.

    i had actual experience with a person who believed the most insane and deleterious proposition was acceptable for the other person to agree to. it's really hard to wrap your mind around a person whose psychology thinks their own enjoyment or joy at your pain or suffering as your joy of pain and suffering because it gives the other joy. what's even harder to understand is they would never agree to such a proposition in the reverse. it's always somehow that their feelings and needs are more important while the other is minimized so it should be acceptable even to the victim.

    it's one thing to abuse someone but a step into some insane level of perversion when one expects another living being to forego their own natural sense of identity, self-preservation, their own particular wants, needs and dreams etc for you and at their expense just because you want them to and to agree to it.

    the most sickest and bizarre aspect about abusers is their absolute and complete revolting narcissism. it's like being in the twilight zone in their orbit.

    the reason why i like to bring this subject to the surface is because people like him are not the weirdos but part of the common general public. he was not an outcast but he was the most depraved and low-natured human i've ever known. primordial scum yet he wasn't the person to be called weird or outcast or estranged from society.

    i've found that the most undeserving pieces of shit, where words fail to express how horrible and disgusting a specimen is, are the ones society accepts very easily. where you know there is not a worse enough hell for such a being and infinity of hell is what they deserve. that's how monstrously selfish to a contemptible obnoxious degree, unfair and evil they are.

    they definitely are not the homeless loser on the street etc. no, that takes some humility to actually be considered a loser in society. an asshole's ego can't do that, even if they have to twist and lie and cheat and steal and use and trample other people to make sure they don't end up like that.

    people like this don't end up in jail, homeless, abused, with a mental health history etc. it's as if their very 'evilness' prevents it because they are so selfish. it's as if the more evil you are, the more nature will favor you. i mean really evil as in sneaky and manipulative.

    why do people like this get away with the massive damage and evil they inflict which causes homelessness, despair, loss, brokenness, mental health issues etc for others ? and to add insult to injury to this already diabolic and gross defamation of truth and ethics, their victims are the ones who also bear the shame and outcast status in society and blamed for being losers and a burden on society when from the beginning their very lives and attributes were being confiscated in the most twisted perversion or damaged so they wouldn't be able to be productive in society.

    they don't turn themselves in because they are evil or sick. they don't go and get help or see a psychiatrist or psychologist or counseling etc. they don't need to because they are not victims! they are not hurting! they are causing it for others! their dysfunction works for them but it has terrible consequences for their victims. abusers use their victims like toilets, literally as a dumping ground for all their ill, evil, hypocrisy and perversions. yet the victims are the only ones stigmatized by society as the crazy ones and they are not the real crazy ones!
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  3. origin Trump is the best argument against a democracy. Valued Senior Member

    I'm sorry you had to go through that. Not all men are sick bastards like that, but the ones that are sure leave a lot of pain and suffering in their wake...
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  5. timojin Valued Senior Member

    No fear of God !!! Selfish trying to satisfy their desires at cost of others
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  7. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Or a belief that their behavior is sanctioned by God. A state auditor just tried to defend a pedophile thusly:

    "Take the Bible. Zachariah and Elizabeth for instance. Zachariah was extremely old to marry Elizabeth and they became the parents of John the Baptist. Also take Joseph and Mary. Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter. They became parents of Jesus. There’s just nothing immoral or illegal here. Maybe just a little bit unusual.”
  8. timojin Valued Senior Member

    Whell I lived in country were a man in his 45 it was not uncommon to marry a girl 1n 14 > 15 years old , I imagine if you go back in time ,if you could afford a young female it was nothing wrong.
    I imagine the mentality of your area must be bad , that more laws are necessary to protect the innocents
  9. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Yep. Here in the US we call that pedophilia - or as you called it, the "selfish trying to satisfy their desires at cost of other."
    Most people seem to do OK. It's really only the religious types that need to be restrained by such laws (or, as in the case of Roy Moore, to keep all that under wraps until the statute of limitations expires.)
  10. timojin Valued Senior Member

    Even my younger life, I did not care for young girls when I used visit bordellos . You are generalising to much against religious people .
  11. birch Valued Senior Member

    why i say and know that scum like that don't deserve to live is because he had no real problems and all the evil and tantrums of his stemmed soley from ego-based, trivial, shallow wants. there are people suffering with real problems and real lack with real needs. it's beyond words how inhumane someone is when their inhumanity stems from and purely motivated by ego.

    people like this deserve torture, starvation, dehydration, homelessness, chronic physical pain etc so they can know real issues instead of having the privilege to use their minds for manipulative and evil machinations just for thrills and fun at the horrible expense of someone else or be ugly to others as if they are some real victim.

    his horrible abuse and ill will stemmed soley out of covetousness or envy or jealousy and nothing else. that fuker grew up knowing no real pain and suffering yet he had the nerve to hate extremely and abuse if there was even a whiff of a sense of competition or others besting him in any way, shape or form and life is not catering to his ego or his self-identity. it's disgusting when there is real suffering in the world. if someone else had something he didn't or someone was more attractive or someone was considered better or someone was more intelligent or someone had more money etc. even if they were minding their own business and had nothing to do with him or wronging him, he would hate on them for no legitimate reason except it 'pained' him that he is not dominating everything or everyone. absolutely illegitimate bullshit. fuking spoiled rotten!!!

    he was so strangely and traditionally spoiled (raised in the 1940's/50's) that he expected others to be complicit in their own demise just because he was a white patriarchal male with megalomania and delusions of grandeur. it's so infuriating there are no words to describe it.
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  12. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    Long ago
    I read of an eastern north american Indian(native american) tribe wherein
    It was the norm for widows to marry teenage boys and widowers to marry teenage girls

    It has been claimed that males reach their sexual peak in the late teens and women in their mid 30s.
    if so, then this above mentioned tribal norm coincides with the claimed peaks.

    Hesiod (circa 700 bc) recommended that a young man work to acquire a farm and build a house, then when he was in his late 20s(28) find a teenage girl to marry and settle down for a long and happy life.
  13. birch Valued Senior Member

    your point is moot. it's about the fact everyone has their own mind, feelings, personality and particular preferences which may differ or not gel with the other.

    just as YOU would not want someone else to decide your fate or choose your mate for you, females don't either. GET IT?

    stalkers and those who force themselves on those who don't want them is an annoying understatement. it is also perverted because there is a reason for this mishmash and incompatibility whether sensed on one or the other side. that's what perversion stems from, incompatibility or something is off. some people like perversion but not everyone does just as not everyone likes sandpaper rubbing their sensitive spots but perverts tend to think this is okay.

    why would anyone like someone who does not value you as a person like them? they just see you as an object which is the most hideous form of degradation and inhumanity.

    just the obnoxious level of greed and selfishness to expect another to unnaturally ignore and forego their own values, tastes, preferences and really who they are as a living being just to satisfy them is mindnumbingly beyond comprehension. that is the part that is hard to understand because it's so illogical or you would have to ignore so many aspects of reality to expect such from another such as the fact others can feel, think, sense and have their own dreams, ideals and wants just like you do but to expect another to throw that all away for you and your not even anything they want or appeals to them???! people are capable of being extremely illogical to the point of absurdity and insanity.
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  14. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    I have an educated intellectual understanding of the subject but not an understanding derived from field data .
    And a lack of intuitive understanding.
  15. birch Valued Senior Member

    i was just thinking how society is so guilty overall for so many things and how dishonest it is. i just saw a newsclip of a suicide rate of jumpers and was thinking how society contributes to people's demise/pain while pretending they are against such hypocritically with the typical lip service and horror and pretense of ethics and caring.

    just like those people who harass and abuse and annoy and irritate others without a conscientious bone in their body or sensibility or any real ethics at all as to what may be going on with that person. like that scum landlord who was spiteful, nasty and sexually harassing me when i did nothing wrong as well as stealing my deposit and then in another breath act as though they are normal citizens who wouldn't do such things, just picking victims as opportunism arises. people look for vulnerability to exploit, that i was alone mostly and in a new town and they knew that. they don't care what you've been through, what ptsd may be triggered etc. another regular typical 'god' believing, married with children piece of filth that thinks they are worthy just because they make some money, drive a fancy ostentatious car and live in a nice suburb. but that doesn't change your scummy character, if that's what you really are, does it? the contemptible part is you could tell he believed everyone else would be impressed but not everyone has the same tastes so even his taste in sports cars are not what i would pick, even down to the color. it's just all infuriatingly annoying, especially people for so many irritating and obnoxious and ignorant and stupid reasons that they are. the only thing they are geniuses and clever at is being evil and manipulative and sneaky. and they are very proud of that. lol

    same thing with some people i helped after this too, trying goodwill again. people are motivated by base and stupid instincts no matter what you do.

    so many people in the world just like to hurt, annoy, undermine, sabotage, steal, degrade, humiliate, molest (in more ways than one) and take advantage of someone in some way. the very same people who society considers good or normal citizens with decent ethics when they really are not that at all. it's just an act.
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  16. Bowser Life is Fatal. Valued Senior Member

    Maybe vent your feelings on the man who abused you? You obviously have a lot to say. Or does he frighten you?
  17. birch Valued Senior Member

    you don't vent to a psychopath or someone who is insane! they can't be reasoned with because they are inherently dishonest. if you go near them, all they will want to do is manipulate you further and be invasive even more.

    i did try once and not only did he turn it around that he was the victim because simply he believes he deserves everything and anything in life but that it was some type of lovers quarrel which is mindbogglingly and disconcertingly insane as well as insulting. their self-delusions are what will be projected and get you nowhere except further pulled into their own twisted views and confuse you even more. it was clear he definitely knows the truth as well as right from wrong, it's just psychopaths/sociopaths don't respect that or apply it to themselves and how they operate.

    in their mind, every interaction is considered a relationship to them, even if it's effect is victimization of another as long as they are benefiting or not harmed.

    pedophiles and sociopaths project that what they want from or do to others is mutual, even if in reality it's not or even if it's damaging to the other. this is a way to justify what they do.

    ridiculously stupid question.
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  18. birch Valued Senior Member

    i remember this church youth group meeting where fathers and daughters/sons were asked questions as to how well they know eachother and none of the fathers could answer what their kids were into etc very well while my stepfather could answer all of them, which the shallow idiots took to mean it was positive. the real truth was he was extremely controlling and invasively interested in every move i made as well as every action, thought, ambition, dream etc not as a positive force but to be nosy creep and sabotaging.

    if someone was actually paying attention to his attitude, tone and even body language, one could tell this was not something normal or positive as in a normal caring parent that is involved in their child's life, it was something sinister. his whole attitude was as if he was competing with me. that i was not allowed to pull ahead in life, for some odd reason. i must be the vessel of all his desires as well as his angst as well as his failures and any inspiration (even if not his own) was seen as a source of competition. they weren't his ideas or his dreams or his ambitions but he made it his just because he didn't like the idea of anyone being happier than him in any way. he didn't do any of that to his own daughter and left her alone. he was more interested in fuking with me and meddling in somebody else's life. people like this know they can't get away with doing that to just anyone and a stepchild is a perfect victim in a closed circle away from other's knowledge of these perverted motives. he saw me as an instrument to exercise power over someone.

    the things i have been through and the ugly and even downright rotten pettiness people can be motivated by is abhorrent. there is no logic or real sanity to it, except just a primordial desire to control or bring someone down to satisfy their ego. there is no way to really describe the full extent of how ridiculously depraved a human can be.

    furthermore, the reason why i had to go to these things which i didn't care to at all and was extremely withdrawn and troubled was because he and his wife were one of the ministers at this church. they also always picked churches that were not to my taste or where i would be comfortable which is even further indication of the incompatibility of me versus their nature. whenever they happen to go to a church i kind of liked or met some people i did like, they never wanted to join the church. this church was obnoxious and full of people who were not humble or nice or kind but just the type who go for social recognition and because that's what people do on sundays as a ritual. that type of church. i don't even think this church actually did anything really to help anyone except line their own pockets every sunday to keep the institution going for their own use.

    it was so bizarre to the point i was forced to go to every activity they had and i was the only one questioning religion even as a teenager and i didn't fit in at all besides being listless and obviously troubled which these people didn't care at all. these are the conservative types who just turn a blind eye and uphold the status quo, only notice or respect those who put on acts. they were cold snobs too. any half-way decent and sincere person would have been able to read that there was something seriously wrong by their attitude as well as my behavior which was extremely depressed and not a single one of them reached out to me. at this church, i couldn't stand a single one of those assholes and bitches in the youth group. the church i did like and made some friends, they refused to join. this church also leaned towards being prejudicial/racist and more conservative in that sense. there was another church i did like and they were not like that and neither were their kids in the youth group but that was not their taste. the church wasn't big enough or the people weren't snotty enough like themselves. unbelievable.

    i remember one overriding personality trait of this church and it's members was their attitude that they are better than others (not true), their conservatism as in republican types (even if they don't identify that way superficially because it's also an attitude and mindframe) and their cliquishness. same with the youth group which was a bunch of insensitive snotty kids. i was so uncomfortable at this church they liked because i had nothing in common with any of them and i didn't want to be there or participate but i was forced to. it was all very weird and out of place for me.

    the contemptible part was i was treated as an outcast but assumed that i wanted to be a part of it just because of the stepfather and the wife's choice. i couldn't stand this church at all. i didn't identify with any of them in any way. i couldn't find a single kindred soul there.

    this was carlisle baptist church in panama city, florida. i want to give a big fuk you and the finger to that church. the ironic part was that just as they saw me as an outcast, the truth is i didn't like them either. i couldn't stand any of those people at all so all i could do was just keep quiet and be a captive audience to their obnoxious insensitivity and fake religious piousness which was the equivalent of a club membership. even worse, i would have to sit through church service, sunday school, wednesday night bible study etc and my thoughts were entirely different from what was expressed there and i had to keep it to myself. i was already a person who questioned religion in the first place and especially the bible so it was stifling for me. then add on the obnoxious people who assumed i was in accordance and i couldn't express it or else i would be punished severely.
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  19. Bowser Life is Fatal. Valued Senior Member

    It just sounds like you're holding a lot of anger.
  20. birch Valued Senior Member

    what is even more ridiculously ironic is i've done more to help people in real life than they ever did as a preacher and preacher's wife. just because you are a member of a church or are a preacher who gets up on a pulpit or a preacher's wife doesn't mean you actually make a good difference in the world or even a positive force for good. some can depending on their motives and message but they sure weren't. it was nothing but religious masturbation and a tool for social status or respect, nothing more. they sure as hell did nothing for anyone except if it involved their church and it's members turning a blind eye to the world at large. of course, unless it's church led then it's okay because that's conformity and more brownie points.

    they never fed the homeless, gave to charity except to their church which did nothing except for themselves, they never helped anyone really with anything real or tangible. why would they? they would even let their child be homeless, abused and neglected. they even stole the money i earned as a teenager working shamelessly.

    i've helped people with resumes, food, finding shelter, getting a job, actual tangible advice etc whenever i could and i don't even identify as a christian. all they've ever done is be around people who had no problems or needs but to pat eachother on the back stroking eachother's false egos and false personas of moral people.
  21. birch Valued Senior Member

    yes and no. a not so positive side effect of dealing with sociopaths/psychopaths is that one can become fascinated with the dark side of life because it's a rabbit hole that just goes further and further in trying to figure it out or make rational or logical sense of it. the only reason though the rabbit hole seems deep is simply because the premise/values that beings like this operate from is so very low so unless you are like that, it's a mystery to you which you delve into to try and understand or figure out where they are coming from and what they are motivated by. for evil or depraved people, it's no mystery at all as they are on the same wavelength and understand eachother well.

    i am very perplexed by the dark side of life and evil especially and want to figure it out but really because i've been exposed to it so much. also because knowledge is power and you can't fight or have strong defenses against what you don't really understand or know either. being naive just keeps you vulnerable and this is why sneaky people always have an advantage from their lower vantage point. they see and use the absolute bottom line against you (that's what terms like 'sneaky', 'deceptive' and 'conniving' denotes), that which your higher values wouldn't allow you to even think of doing or even conceive.
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  22. Bowser Life is Fatal. Valued Senior Member

    Okay. Just so it's not eating you from the inside-out.
  23. birch Valued Senior Member

    you can pick up clues about the universe itself by your life experiences. knowledge can be gleaned in various, even unconventional ways.

    what i've learned is that since the bottom line is amoral and closer to what is termed death, that is the real foundation of the universe itself. dark matter is more prevalent vs light, for instance. death is the end period for these set laws of nature. there is a pattern if you recognize it. also, evil is less likely to be hurt vs good because evil is already closer to death and low to begin with. just as i am fascinated with evil because i do not understand it, evil is fascinated with good (but not for the same reasons) and enjoy testing it's survivability through the usual methods of torture and killing. this comforts evil in it's identity and strength. the fact that higher life and values are more vulnerable, sensitive, fragile etc isn't a matter of it's validity or less inherent strength as evil assumes or extrapolates. it's simply because evil is the base foundation of the universal structure itself, so it's an uneven playing ground to begin with. you see this pattern in nature from the root with predation. as an analogy, evil is the house of the universe and good is like a visitor to it. the home team does have it's root advantages and will always enjoy pulling down or corrupting good to it's own base level and the reason it can is because what is defined as good is a 'higher' value, not a foundational one. but the irony and telling point is that foundational values itself does not equate to it's quality or superiority, but simply indicates a system. these placements are not absolutes though even theoretically, it's just how the arrangement happens to be in this temporal situation.

    even in religion, it's hinted that 'good' as in ethics and higher values are not of this world as in not from here. "higher" is the key term here. foundation is going down to it's base structure, higher denotes from up above or outside of a known structure.

    there are patterns that line up and people pick up on these even unconsciously expressed through different mediums; some abstactly, some literally, some fluidly/intuitively or a combination of these. these are clues to the universe as well as if it had it's own personality and characteristics. scientists call it physics. religionists call it god. naturalists may call it evolution etc.
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