Paris Riots and vincent

Discussion in 'World Events' started by johnahmed, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. johnahmed Registered Senior Member

    With all the riots going on in Paris due to the new labour laws i'm just a little surprised at the lack of any comment by vincent, I mean could it be that this time those guyz don't have brown or black faces, or they Not Muslim ?
    Vincent you only show your venom when its none whites or maybe "muslims" ?? maybe you can shed some light
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  3. Brian Foley REFUSE - RESIST Valued Senior Member

    Vince is a pom , so Frogs and Krauts to him are simply a pain in the Arse .
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  5. mountainhare Banned Banned

    LOL! How true. Although to be fair, the French still have a lingering distaste for the British. So the distaste is mutual. I guess they have been at each others throats for so many centuries, so what do you expect?

    At least the Brit's dislike for the French is understandable. The Americans have no excuse for their Frenchophobia.
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  7. s0meguy Worship me or suffer eternally Valued Senior Member

    Those riots aren't due to new labour laws. It was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration. There are adult peaceful demonstrators... most of the violent 'demonstrators' seem to be youngsters using the demonstration as an excuse for violence.

    You seem to be the one suggesting that these rioters are Muslims. My guess is that they may call themselves Muslims, yes.. but they don't know shit about their religion and are therefore not to be considered Muslims.

    These people are only making things harder for themselves...
  8. crazy151drinker Registered Senior Member

    Just because we view the French as cheese eating surrender monkeys doesnt mean that we hate them.

    Ive been to France twice and will be there again during the summer. Great place. Great people.
  9. vincent Sir Vincent, knighted by HM Registered Senior Member


    Last Updated: Friday, 24 March 2006, 15:23 GMT

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    Chirac upset by English address

    President Chirac is a proud defender of his native language

    French President Jacques Chirac showed his temper at the EU summit when a French business leader addressed delegates in English.

    He stormed out of a session when Ernest-Antoine Seilliere said he chose English "because that is the accepted business language of Europe today".

    Mr Chirac told reporters on Friday he was "deeply shocked" that a Frenchman chose to address the summit in English.

    Protectionism has emerged as a hot topic at the Brussels summit.

    Mr Chirac's protest came when Mr Seilliere, the French president of the employers' association UNICE, said he would address the meeting in English.

    Business language

    According to a French official, Mr Seilliere was interrupted by Mr Chirac, who asked him in French why on earth he was speaking English.

    If we accept change without a fight, then we accept that life is diminished to a value not worth defending

    John, Chesterfield, UK

    Send us your comments

    He replied that English was the working language of that particular session and the accepted business language of Europe today.

    Mr Chirac, Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy and Finance Minister Thierry Breton left the room.

    Mr Chirac returned to hear the French president of the European Central Bank, Jean-Claude Trichet, address the leaders in French.

    He later explained his actions, saying: "France has great respect for its language.

    "It has been fighting for a long time to establish the presence of the French language - whether it be at the Olympic Games, where it was contested for a while, whether it be in the European Union, or at the United Nations."

    He added: "Faced with the efforts that we are making constantly, particularly within the European Union... I must say that I was deeply shocked to see a Frenchman speak at the council in English. That is the reason why the French delegation and I left, rather than have to listen to that."

    French pride

    It is not the first time Mr Chirac has made a point of defending the French language in the international arena.

    At previous gatherings he has stuck to French, using an interpreter to translate into English, despite the fact that he has a good understanding of English, having spent time in his youth as a Harvard student and forklift driver at a US brewery.

    Mr Seilliere went on to urge EU leaders to "resist national protectionism in order to avoid a negative domino effect".

    Italy has accused France of protectionism over a controversial deal to merge Gaz de France and Suez, which was a takeover target for Italian firm Enel.

    Mr Chirac rejected the charges on Friday, telling reporters: "When I hear talk of French economic protectionism, for me that is complete nonsense".

    French used to be the lingua franca for most EU business, but with the expansion of the EU to 25 member states, English is becoming even more dominant.

    European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, who often switches between languages in speeches and press conferences, later stuck to French in his address to the meeting.

    Brian is there any wonder why the british despise the french, have you ever read anything so stupid as the above text, this child of a president storms out because a frenchman dares to speak engish, instead of his native language.

    Chirac speaks fluent english yet refuses to speak it on tv, in meetings with tony blair, he insists tony blair speaks french & he speaks english only then in reply, blair is fluent in french.

    English is the worlds language, not french we dont impose our language on people, the french do the president is acting like a dictator telling his people, that they cant speak english in public meetings, why the fuck do they teach it in french schools, if they are not allowed to speak it.

    Brian they have spent most of there entire existence trying to invade us, or knocking our way of life, food etc, they are just jealous of us fullstop, they even went to america to fight us there, thousands of miles away to side with british people no longer wanting to be british people.

    Poll after poll suggests not just me but the british people in general, more than 50% dont like the german people, i guess it is because of the war, british people are bombarded with negative information on germany in our schools, kids sit in disbelief as the crimes of a nazi nation are told, & our newspapers constantly bring up the rift between us & germany & france, we have a open wound with them, that will never be healed.
  10. vincent Sir Vincent, knighted by HM Registered Senior Member


    "Vincent you only show your venom when its none whites or maybe "muslims" ?? maybe you can shed some light"

    "Non whites"

    I am not a racist, i am white, if you ask me my preference for skin colour is asian or the yellow people, racists do not pick a colour of skin that is different from there own.

    I have lived with whites all my life, i am bored to death of looking at white people, i have lived in thailand for 7 years now, & still i love the asian skin colour.

    As for the french i applaud any riots or strikes in france, anything to bring this world wide embarrassing french government down, whether its muslims or farmers or students, let the riots begin.

    france need to abandon there nuclear weapons, then the british could invade take over france in 2 or 3 hours, then try to put this sorry ass country back on its feet, and dump this french language in the garbage where it belongs.
  11. mountainhare Banned Banned

    I may be Australian, but I actually like the French language. And perhaps you should remember that the English language was heavily influenced by French, due to the Norman invasion.
  12. vincent Sir Vincent, knighted by HM Registered Senior Member


    êtes vous un collaborateur français comment le défi vous remettent en cause mes commentaires que j'exige des excuses vous kangourou australien
  13. mountainhare Banned Banned

    Despite not knowing jack squat about how to speak French, I have an idea as to what you are saying. Something along the lines of 'How dare I question your commentary' and 'Am I a Frenchaphile?'.

    Which ironically supports my point. The English language has been heavily influenced by French. For an Englishman to claim that the French language should be wiped off the face of the globe is self-defeating...
  14. DiamondHearts Registered Senior Member

    You are asian, yet you hate Asian Pakistanis.

    You had said its easier to get water from a rock than to get money from a paki (racist word for Pakistanis). This is racism.

    You called Palestinians zoo animals. This is racism.

    There are many other examples.

    From what i see in you, you are a racist and hater much like many of the worst white racists.

    I'm suprised you aren't banned already from this forum.
  15. vincent Sir Vincent, knighted by HM Registered Senior Member

    Au moins je n'ai pas un kangourou pour une voiture.

    laisse obtenir a marié les trois de nous, de vous j'et de votre kangourou.
  16. vincent Sir Vincent, knighted by HM Registered Senior Member


    george bush has referred to pakistan people as pakis before, i showed you that link before which you which you ignored, it is shortform language, if you can not see that pakis is short for pakistan people then you really need to further your education somewhere.

    "You called Palestinians zoo animals. This is racism."

    If you are going to quote, quote correctly i said the palestine government was like a zoo, terroist are all animals, hamas are what nice people, what humanbeing blows up other humans for laughs.

    World leaders have referred to terroists as animals, am i any different, hamas are a world recognised terroist group, the other party in the palestine government the dead arafats party was also a terroist group he was the leader of the al axa brigade, another world wide fact.

    Am i going to attack terroist yes i am, whether they are british or arabs, no one has the right to blow up innocent people, who play no part in there arguments.

    I attacked the jewish terroists who killed arabs & brits in palestine in 1948 in the history thread, i hate all terroists.

    By Any Means Necessary (228 posts)

    03-18-06, 07:19 PM
    report | reply

    Maybe those Pakistani bastards engaged in that vile act. It does not mean all Pakistanis do so. Those soldiers would be put to death if this ever got public in the Pakistani nation. Most Pakistanis are not homosexuals

    By Any Means Necessary (228 posts)

    03-20-06, 11:19 PM
    report | reply

    I do not hate homosexuals as people, but I am against their act of being homosexual.

    I believe that as a Muslim, it is unnatural to engage in sodomy and a vile and disgusting act.

    I believe that homosexuality should be banned in the world, and that the world should recognize that this practice is a disgrace and demeaning of humanity.

    By Any Means Necessary (228 posts)

    03-21-06, 01:13 AM
    report | reply

    My belief is that homosexuality is not natural, and no one is born homosexual. This is a perversion of man's true nature.

    Creating excuses for them, does not help. This is due to weakness and conditioning of people and those around them, which makes them believe this vile act is acceptable.

    Homosexuality is a disgrace of humanity, and this practice should be banned in the world nations.

    Allah guide you all. Peace.

    your high & mighty words about racism, are you not the one, who calls gays vile & disgusting, who basically invented aids as you put it in around about way, in geoffs thread in religon, my problem is with terroists, your problem is with 600 million humanbeings, what is there crime against you, apart from there sexuality

    "Allah guide you all. Peace."

    What is this a joke, 600 million gays are vile & disgusting, then you say peace, give me a break, and see a doctor about your hatred of so many people, you are the racist not me, & i find your comments on gays vile & disgusting & not fit for any so called humanbeing to say, & then to have the cheek to lecture me on racism, look in the mirror first.................
  17. DiamondHearts Registered Senior Member

    Mr. Bush used the term Pakis in remarks to reporters yesterday, when discussing the possibility of nuclear rivals India and Pakistan going to war. The word has the same impact in the Pakistani community as the term nigger has for American blacks, said Aziz Khaki, vice-chair of the Muslim Canadian Federation.

    "It's a very derogatory term," he said yesterday. "People use the term when they do not like you. It is used against people of colour." ...

    Actually, this [word] is a creation of the British media. The British are known for giving names to peoples and nationalities. ...

    'Pakis' Remark Draws Fire for Bush

    Bush might not have meant it as racist, but the contaxt of your statement, 'it is easier to draw water from a stone than money from a paki' is racist.

    Those who rape male or female prisoners are bastards, regardless if they are my race or not.

    I am against homosexuality and believe it to be unnatural. I support it being banned in all nations of the world. I never said anything besides that.

    Because I hate homosexuality, I'm a racist like you, Vincent? Is homosexuality a race?

    Notice how I said I don't hate homosexuals, but I hate their practice of homosexuality.

    Also, I'm not racist against any race of people, so don't even try saying that.

  18. mountainhare Banned Banned

    You can't see the similiarity between hating someone because they are certain skin colour (something which they had no power to choose), and hating someone because of their sexual orientation (once again, something which they had no power to choose)?

    "I don't hate blacks, I just hate their skin colour, and think that they should be denied equal rights as human beings."
  19. vincent Sir Vincent, knighted by HM Registered Senior Member


    "Notice how I said I don't hate homosexuals, but I hate their practice of homosexuality."

    You call the act of homosexuality disgusting & vile, by doing so you are calling them disgusting & vile as humanbeings, because it is in there nature to commit these acts daily.

    Homosexuals are a large group of people 600 million+, you say you cant be racist, yet call me one for calling a religon or nationality paki, these are not races neither, a nationality or religon is not a race, i just said what you said you called me a racist first over regards to muslims & pakis, i am totally aware that i can not be regarded as such because there is no skin colour involved, & likewise yourself because homosexulas come in all colours.

    But dont call others racists when the meaning is out of context, or else you will get it back in your face.

    The meaning paki has no meaning other than shortform outside the uk & pakistan, in the uk skinheads have hijacked the word, i am not a skinhead, but i do use shortform language like george bush.

    "'it is easier to draw water from a stone than money from a paki' is racist."

    There are many worldwide references about jews being tight arsed, and many jokes on the matter to told by comedians worldwide, is that being racist no it is not, & likewise saying pakis are tight is not racist neither, it is my observation from living in the uk, they bleed our welfare state dry, yet many work in there families shops, while still claiming benefits, it is a well known fact in britain in newspapers & among the general public, that indians & pakistan people are abusing the welfare system.

    Blacks are not, chinese are not, it is the indians & pakistan people in the uk to blame, most of them claim to be unemployed, yet most work for some family relation on the black market, they arrange sham marriage services in the thousands every year in order to further milk the system & bring more indians or pakis over on sham marriages.

    I come from a hard working family, i know the meaning of hard work, i resent people who live in the uk & milk it while never getting there hands dirty with work.

    Wednesday, 31, August, 2005 (26, Rajab, 1426)
    **Mail Article **|** **Print Article **|** **Comment on Article
    Militants Used Sham Marriages to Get US Papers
    Alan Elsner, Reuters

    WASHINGTON, 31 August 2005 ? At least 17 Arab men convicted or linked to terrorism obtained US citizenship or permanent residency by marrying American women in the past 15 years, according to a report yesterday that urged better enforcement of immigration laws.

    The report by Janice Kephart, a former counsel to the commission that investigated the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States, said at least nine of the marriages were sham, designed solely to allow the men to ?embed themselves? and operate freely in the United States.

    One individual, Khalid Abu Al-Dahab, married three American women in quick succession before he was finally able to acquire legal permanent residency.

    ?During his 12 years in the United States, he provided money and fraudulent travel documents to terrorists around the globe. These activities linked him to numerous attacks, including the 1998 East Africa bombings,? Kephart said.

    More than 200 people were killed in almost simultaneous bombings of the US embassies in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in August 1998.

    The report said three other defendants involved in those attacks also married US citizens. Two acquired legal permanent residency and the third became a citizen.

    Several others connected to the Iranian-backed Hezbullah organization entered the country on non-immigrant tourist visas and paid US citizens to marry them within days of their arrival so they could stay indefinitely.

    Steve Camarota, of the Center for Immigration Studies, which published Kephart?s paper, said US immigration officials were overwhelmed by the number of people they had to deal with and could not conduct proper security checks. The CIS advocates cutting legal migration to the United States.

    ?You can?t have this level of immigration and this level of resources and still keep out the bad guys,? he said.

    Kephart?s report, which looked at the immigration histories of 94 individuals suspected or convicted of terrorism between the early 1990s and 2004, also documented numerous other ways in which they obtained legal status.

    She said 59 committed immigration fraud before taking part in terrorist activity. There were 11 instances of passport fraud and 10 of visa fraud.

    Others gained entry on religious worker visas, issued to ministers or religious professionals. Kephart said there was little vetting either of the religious institutions that sponsored the visa applicants or the religious qualifications of the applicants themselves.

    For instance, Muhammad Khalil, imam of a mosque located in a Brooklyn basement, sponsored more than 200 applicants for religious visas for a fee of $5,000-$6,000 apiece. He also sold Social Security cards for $2,300, drivers? licenses and undergraduate degree certificates.

    One man, 200 sham marriages arranged in the US, britain is the same thousands every year, milking our countries dry, yet giving nothing in return.

    "She said 59 committed immigration fraud before taking part in terrorist activity."

    Does america need this sort of immigration, neither does britain, i am all for opening up the borders to hard working thai & chinese & polish people, or even to certain african countries that are hard working, i dont consider indians or pakis to be hard working, this is from my own expierience of them, and many others in the uk think the same way, newspapers often target indians & pakis for fraud benefit rings, sham marriage rings, fraud passport rings, even fraudulent doctors claiming for non existing or dead patients on the national health service, and never ending stories of them all claiming benefit yet they own corner shops, or working for there families.

    These stories of non stop fraud are rife around the world, in thailand indians are arrested almost weekly for fraudulent passport rings, sometimes the police find thousands of fake passports, just who gets them all, most end up in the hands of terroists or welfare spongers.
  20. DiamondHearts Registered Senior Member

    I see a difference, because I believe that homosexuality is a choice and is not natural. This belief is based on my reasoning and my religion. No one can say that race is a choice, because everyone knows it is not. I am not the only one who criticizes homosexuality, there are many Christians and Muslims around the world who recognize the dangers that homosexuality will have on the society. I have nothing against people of color, because I myself am colored.

    So basically, you are supporting your accusations because some people say the same thing of Jews. How many people would object to me if I said:

    "'it is easier to draw water from a stone than money from a JEW."

    I would probably be banned from this forum. Weren't other people also banned for these statements.

    This is a racist statement, do you realize that negatively generalizing an ethnic group is considered racism whether it be pakistanis or jews.

    You say Pakistanis and Indians are trying to milk the UK. I have lived in the UK and have seen many hard working people who live to provide for their families. I used to go to Southhall fairly often and had many Indian and Pakistani friends there. Not all people are trying to milk your government, only some of them are. There are many hard working people, who have never known an easy day in their lives among Pakistanis and Indians.

    If you want to talk about milking, who was it that milked India before we got our freedom? Who robbed our land of the blood of people and our wealth for a century?

  21. Huwy Secular Humanist Registered Senior Member

    Actually, there is scientific evidence regarding brain structure and prenatal hormone levels that supports the claim that most homosexuals are born homosexual.

    Ironic, how your religion demands that you believe that everyone is "born a muslim" when in reality like every religion it is a set of acquired myths, fantasies and delusions.
    How ironic, it seems that infact being a muslim is a "lifestyle choice" - and by CHOOSING a religion that has a pedophile as a prophet you invalidate your right to criticise others.

    Amnesty International report on Pakistan's human rights issues.

    "In June, a tribal council in Meerwalla village, Punjab Province, reportedly “sentenced” 30-year-old Mukhtaran Bibi to be gang-raped as “punishment” for her younger brother’s alleged affair with a woman from a tribe considered higher in the tribal hierarchy.""
    "In November, a council of elders in Manjhand, Sindh Province, directed that a man who could not repay his debts should hand over his 10-year-old daughter for marriage instead. "

    Feel free to criticise Amnesty International, after all, they have no respect for "sharia law".
  22. Huwy Secular Humanist Registered Senior Member

    May I take the opportunity to remind those who have forgotten that certain minority groups in Paris have been burning hundreds of cars every new years eve, for many years now. Protest? Or celebration?
    The recent riots were "sparked" when two boys chased by police made the mistake of hiding in an electrical facilility which electricuted them.
  23. jax0509 The non-believer Registered Senior Member

    "In June, a tribal council in Meerwalla village, Punjab Province, reportedly “sentenced” 30-year-old Mukhtaran Bibi to be gang-raped as “punishment” for her younger brother’s alleged affair with a woman from a tribe considered higher in the tribal hierarchy.""

    Thats why im glad to live in western society, not in the east

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