Organic magnetic mixture

Discussion in 'Chemistry' started by pingguo002, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Epictetus here & now Registered Senior Member

    Is this it?
    Magnetic Monster

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    Height: 164 feet
    Length: Not Available
    Mass: Not Available

    Swimming Speed: Moderate

    - Magnetic Waves: The Magnetic Monster can emit magnetic waves from his mouth that will draw objects toward him or repel objects away.
    - Magnetic Grow: The Magnetic Monster can grow to gigantic sizes by eating magnetic waves.

    Weaknesses: Will explode if absorbs too much magnetic energy.

    First Appearance: Godzilla: The Magnetic Horror (1978)

    Human Kills: Not Available
    Fight Record: Wins: 0, Losses: 1, Ties: 1

    Home World: Earth
    Origin: Arctic
    Type: Unknown

    History: Surrounded in mystery, the Magnetic Monster rose from the depths to feed on everything it could. It brought down a plane, but fortunately, the Calico managed to save the survivor. The beast soon attacked an oil refinery in the arctic and fed, but Godzilla wasn't far behind. Before the creature could be killed, however, an oil fire surrounded the Calico and threatened to destroy it. Godzilla was forced to retreat to save his friends while the Magnetic Monster vanished in the sea again.
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  3. Tero Registered Member

    Carbon black is often contaminated with iron. It is sold as

    but I don't really see anything but suspended particles in the video. And some motion but...
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  5. pingguo002 Registered Senior Member

    my Toner near the magnet does not respond
    After adding solvent thermal reaction, the magnetic response
    Purposes: to do the magnetic viewer. Can see changes in the magnetic field lines (with glycerol as solvent is better)
    I have tried to use this principle to produce cooling equipment. Did not succeed. Toner heat accelerated motion, fast heat conduction, their own movement to energy consumption.
    Perhaps the positive pressure or negative pressure can increase the cooling capacity. I do not have the equipment to do these tests, just a guess
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