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Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by Mickmeister, Sep 13, 2011.

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    I have a friend that graduated high school with me that is now going to school to get his college degree. He is going to Colorado Technical University to get a degree in criminal justice. He is finishing his associates, but what he said next really raised questions with me about the validity of the school and many other online schools.

    He said that the school sent him a message saying that he has been accepted into their graduate program upon finishing his associates degree. They require no GRE or GMAT for entry. I am thinking WTH? I have never heard of a graduate school accepting an associates degree and especially without taking an entry exam. Upon further research on the school, CTU Review, it seems as though the school is a money making fraud. He just posted on Facebook that a graduate degree requires 48 hours and costs $39,000. I tried to raise a red flag with him saying that the school I am applying to the local state university which will cost me $15,000 for a grad degree. The big thing they told him was that the GRE is non-sense. Sadly, he has already spent $30,000 on an associates degree, which should have cost 1/3 that at a state run community college.

    I went through researching some of these other schools, such as Capella, and they have the same scams going on. In fact, I read how few brick-and-mortar Universities will accept transfer credits from these schools. So how are these online exclusive universities appealing to people and why would they spend twice to three times the amount a state university would charge? Could it be that they fear not being admitted to a regular university, as many of these online universities have no entrance requirements and also failing tests? CTU doesn't even require a student to take tests. They just write reports. WTH? They call that education????
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