On Violence & War (Precursor to domestic American violence)

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    An Abbreviated History of the Eurasian Horsepeople
    The Hinges Of History
    The Grass Routes Of World Civilization
    EuroAmerica’s Undone Homework & How It Is Done
    The Full Circle Of Consequential Warfare
    (Condensed from 415 pages)

    by K B Robertson, Copyright © 1994, ‘95 & 2001
    (Note: The word ‘civilization’ has two correct spellings: with a ‘z’; or an ‘s’, i.e. ‘civilisation’.)
    Formerly titled: THE ORIGINAL HOLOCAUST:
    A Generally Unrecognized Real History Of Western Civilization And The United States

    What is there in common with The Domino Theory, Genghis Khan, ‘The Original Holocaust’, The Origins Of The International Slave Market, The Age Of Exploration, The New England Colonization, Global Circumnavigation, The Domino Theory: Backwards, and The Vietnam War?
    QUESTION: What do these considerations have in common?
    ANSWER: More than you may realize. Much more indeed.

    Summary of Chapters


    The Original Dragon's Egg
    Grass: The First Living Planetary Nomad
    The Pastoral Infantry Invaders
    The Sedentary Agriculturists:

    The Nomad Infantry & Chariot Invasions:
    On World Civilization - 4400 BC

    Very Early Animal Ancestors: The High Plains Adrifter
    The Domestication Of The Horse
    Dayshift In The Grasslands
    The Cattle Culture


    The Equine Family Stable: 4 Kinds Of Horses:
    Barb, Norwegian Dun, Przhevalski & Arabian
    'Barbarian' is originally the beard, on a Barb(arian) Horse
    The Four Kinds Of Warfare:
    Primitive-Ritual, True, Real & Nuclear Warfare
    The Four Revolutions In Warfare
    Chariot Warfare, Cavalry Warfare, Gunpowder & Nuclear Warfare
    The Three Kinds Of Cultures:
    Trading Cultures / Trading & Raiding Cultures & Raiding Cultures.
    Defensive Armor:
    Plate / Scale & Mail.


    The History Of Killing At A Distance: For Food Gathering & Warfare
    The Evolution Of The Club-Staff/Spear-Lever/Lance: Bow & Arrow
    Enter The Chinese Dragon
    The Buddha & The Apparently Original Bogeyman
    The Chinese Lion Dog:
    Animal Employment Of High Technology: The Iron Guardian
    Chinese Silken Armor & Sioux Ghost Shirts


    The Errors Of Voltaire, Gibbon And Clausewitz:
    Regarding European Philosophy, History and Warfare
    The Champion Masters Of War:
    55 Of The Approximately 90 Horsepeople Tribes
    A Reign Of Horsemen
    Genghis Khan As Illiterate Engineer
    The Real Amazon Women Warriors
    Hornets & Honeybees
    The Parting Parthian Shot


    The Difference Between Killing And Murder
    The World's Most Powerful Women
    The Mighty Darius & The Scythian Rabbit
    Warfare And Slavery
    Horse People And Hemp
    Soldiers Are Not As Other Men
    Western Europe's Renaissance & Why It Occurred


    A Mongol Definition
    The Difference Between Huns & Germans
    Vikings & The Battle Of Hastings
    The Difference Between Politics & Culture,
    Agriculture & Pastoralism,
    Is The Difference Between Civilization & Nomads
    The Fall Of Kiev, Kracow And Liegnitz; The Sack Of Moravia
    H. G. Wells And Horsepeople
    The Great Wall Of China And Why It Was Built
    The Era Of Genghis Khan's Yassa : Unification Of Horsewarriors


    The Mongol Invasion Of Europe
    The Siege Of Baghdad
    An Abbreviated Chinese Mongol History
    There Can Only Be One Kha Khan - The Mongol Civil Wars
    The King Eclipse Of The Yuan Mongol Dynasty
    The Taj Mahal And Why It Was Built
    The Forbidden History Of Europe And The United States
    Marco Polo - European Liaison To Kublai Khan:
    Western Europe Pays Tribute By Sacrificing Eastern Europe


    The European Flight To The New World
    ReDiscovering The United States
    Edward Gibbon's Decline & Folly Of The Romantic Umpire
    The Reverse Domino Theory
    ('No Cover-Ups In This Administration')
    The Yellow Peril
    The Original Domino Theory
    Circle The Dragons


    The Forbidden History Of Europe & The United States.
    The Declination And Folly Of Western Civilization
    War Is Fun:
    Civilization And +Psy-War: War Is A Joke
    Western Civilization Salutes The East
    Entertainingly Amusing Violence In Two Dimensions:
    Tragic Violence - That We Must Stop! In Three Dimensions
    THE INVISIBLE (What?) War
    Network Television Crazymaking PANIC AT THE INSANITY FACTORY
    1984's Orwellia Takes Away Books.
    Huxley's BRAVE NEW WORLD extinctifies Reading Interest.


    The Seville Statement
    Where to Start Stopping the Infrastructural Violence
    The Rape Mentality
    The Seville Statement II
    Bibliography & AFTERWARD
    153 - 159


    *Chapter One

    How many high school and college educated people understand the history of the nomads and their massive impact on shaping biological life and human civilization Itself, all over the world for nearly two hundred fifty million years: in the case of nomadic biological grass and flowers, and seven millennia in the case of human warfare?

    How many understand that 'camel caravans’ and so-called ‘desert dwellers’ are only a narrow consideration in the subjection of nomads. Bedouins for example, are certainly a noble lot of hardy nomadic peoples, they are not, however, a horsepeople culture. How many educated Americans or Europeans are familiar historically, with the EuroAsian 'horse people'?

    The unfortunate generalized answer to all of the above questions is that very few such educationally qualified people have much familiarity at all with the presented subjects. That is to say, nomadism and horse. people; with regard to their historical roles and importance and: how they have been inadvertently and deliberately placed in 'the back-ground’ of world history - where any such history exists at all acknowledging the megalithic historical role of the generally illiterate, unwashed pagan horsepeople, relative to civilization and its citizens...

    Post graduated Westerners get one look at this title and respond:
    "I get the CIVILIZATION & WAR part...
    But, where do the NOMADS come into the historical picture?”

    The improved question is:
    How and why did the nomads get left out of the picture?
    The neglected subjects - horse peoples - were illiterate; historical events regarding them were almost exclusively reflected by writers from the generally dominated, civilized cultures; hence the measurably residual historical negligence: aimed at the general omission and/or deliberate diminishment of such an enormously important historical perspective; being so vainly obscured, withheld so successfully, from so many, by so few, for such a long time.

    The record has spent much time in the passively ambient, invigorating milieu of many modest and large community and city libraries, in the United States and Europe, for the past 45 years: In Search Of Genghis Khan, and, Where He Originated, and how, and why. Finding the way darkened and obscurely marked; sensing first a rustle of grass, a yellow flower, a faint whinny and then slowly, a gathering stormy rime of ice, lightning, heat and thunder: steppe ponies and warriors alternately screaming as horses; roaring as lion dogs and the sea - insuperable as the red flowering span of windblown horsepeople’s ordu (Horde) fires upon the great, grassy blu-green ocean of trans-EuroAsian tumult . Realm Of The Great EuroAsian Continental Green Grass RiverDragon.

    Herein is the successful literary siege of academically resurrected Chinese Mongol Orkhon's tumens (cavalry divisions of ten thousand), finally piercing and sacking what had been impenetrably indomitable, sedentary library stacks. A Modern Academic Coup: An unanticipated Armageddon, hitherto unrecognized, springing from the ordinary records of most any large library in the world.

    THE GOLDEN BOUGH of the gestalted West, revealed to be originally rooted in the pre-historic STAG HIERARCHY; out of THE ROYAL HORDES of the East.

    From the beginning of what is known of horsepeople is their establishment of army leadership hierarchy, via the leader-tribe-nation who dominates and unifies the most people through warfare. This is the system of THE ROYAL HORDES. A kind of human parody of hierarchical establishment as determined by any number of different kinds of animals; certainly including the stag, the horns of which were among the first tools and weapons utilized by humankind; much later decoratively venerated by nomadic horse-people - and most pre-historic Paleo-Meso-Neolithic human communities - for millennia; for at least 8,000 - 12,000 years.

    Giving access to what was previously unreachable. Making typographically near the chronologically distant. Making academically easy the historically difficult. All the histrionic loot in the world sequestered away - previously unmended, disunited patches in a trans-oceanic EuroAmerican library collective; un-navigably adrift in tempestuous European tea-pots.

    The Arrogant, traditionally myopic Western back to the Prohibitively Terrifying East...
    (Where the Ho-Hum tea in all the fiercely rattling English pots came from; noted in poorly translated parentheses, when noted at all. The anthologically gathered history herein, making previously outlawed Asian tea for the Europeans, and North American Indian popcorn by, of and for the self deprecating, sadly ignorant, self-destructivively amused EuroAmericans...)

    Rivers of parenthetically confined blood, sweat and tears; for five thousand historically neglected, revisionally omitted, covered up, prevaricated and/or deliberately and inadvertently obscured years...

    Central Asia. A terrible, beautiful place. The Near, Middle & Far East. Mega-Realm of the terribly beautiful Master Of World War - The Emperor's Dragon: King Of Animals.

    Looming less inscrutable and more two dimensionally static. Like George Gamow's FLATLAND beneath the growing shadow of the subjected, accelerating nomadic parameters; under the metaphorically thrown, 4-dimensionally wide-loop of the provided horsepeople's Five Millennium, horse-hair woven lassos. Launched by cruel north country horsemen who lay hold on bow and spear; have no mercy, and, whose grassland-choir voices collectively roar over the vast, transcontinental EuroAsian steppes - Nature’s scathing answer to the puny man-made monument to the highest civilization’s Appian Way - like the angry, howling prarie-sea.

    An awesome, anthropomorphically only-human thought: NOMADS, CIVILIZATION & WAR began to be an unknown, unexcercised - but functionally manifest - title about 3,000 years before Christ. Indifferently waiting for this humble plebeian record to unearth it from scattered, disconnected oblivion on a thousand unattended, ethnographically uncharted pedantic/scholastic shelves. NOMADS, CIVILIZATION & WAR was titularly unprecedented - academically marooned and passively unrecognized, if not deliberately ostracized; for counter educational, stigmatically studded reasons - until 1994 AD: there are past and present political as well as historical revelations, therefore, in the foregoing.

    Leaving everything in life including the very grass a little greener; meadow land and wild flowers more abundant, and sweeter - forevermore. Were it only that the record had been lucky enough to have picked up and read a book such as this one, forty five (and 5,000) years ago.

    in being so honored to deliver this Nomad World History Book - perhaps the only replication of the lost *MONGOL GOLDEN HISTORY BOOK - *‘The Altyn Debtor’, which, like the female God, ‘Ashura’ was extinctified - by near and far, hysterically misogynic chauvinist male ‘historical revisionists’ who academically murdered the female counterpart for the Semite God ‘Yahweh’, then covered up the figurative - historically revisional - murder of Ashura; then covered up the coverup. This appears to be what happened to *The Mongol Golden History Book (‘The Altyn Debtor’), for reasons that will be further subjected as this historicial discussion progresses.

    (*Not to be confused with the floridly styled, accurately historied, Persian scribe rendered SECRET HISTORY OF THE MONGOLS, which is still accessible to academia and the reading public. Mike Edwards, of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, compares the SECRET HISTORY OF THE MONGOLS as being unto Genghis Khan, what Homer’s ODYSSEY is to Odysseus.)

    (Introduction, continued)

    Offered herein, among other edification's, is tentative light upon the horse-archer originated stigma projected on Semites, and the Yellow, Mongol - and White Mongolian - race. Including the consummately proven, unwelcome revelation that Caucasian Europe: is not as ‘White’ as its trans-globally incumbent reputation.

    That, EuroAsia does not actually find its borders on the parameters of Eastern Hungary and Poland (Western Europe’s so called ‘buffer zone’, insulating it from far eastern aggression), but that EuroAsia actually stretches from the Pacific to the Mediterranean: across about 90º of earthly *latitude.
    Cause of the Great European Migrations
    The instrumentation of azimuth and sextant, measuring latitude and longitude respectively; when accompanied by an accurate chart as well as a chronograph (clock), and an up to date Ephemeris (an annual chart, pinpointing the day by day changing positions of key celestial sources of light at given times), is all any adroit navigator requires, combined with an accurate chronograph (timepiece; allowing the navigator to know exactly ‘when’ he is, in order to accurately determine ‘where’ he is), as well as accurate instrumentation for measuring the relative and real motions of heavenly bodies (‘the celestial vault’), was inspired to invention, development and application, by Western Europe’s urgency to accurize navigation and develop navies, birthing the ‘Age Of Exploration’, so as to augment international trade, and, to escape the Euroasian continent and its masters, the Chinese Mongol Horsepeople:

    All of this and more, proven herein by the record, which authenticates itself on the foundations of the some of the greatest (still relatively ‘obscure’ and generally unknown) writings, by world class past and present historians - from Herodotus, to Socrates and Plato, to Voltaire, Clausewitz, Gibbon, Bury, Liddel, Wells, Durant, Bronowski, Spuler, Phillips, Chambers, Trippett & Keegan: the enormous contributions - and some apparent errors - of whom are anthologised in the foregoing (Culminating to the fastest growing violent crime in America - the physical abuse; including rape - of women and children by adult men. A critically important 'domestic phenomenon', of which most polled people are <remarkably enough> unaware. Invoking the anecdote that no problem can be resolved until if and when it is recognized and acknowledged.)

    There isn't much in this condensed anthology & narrative, that hasn't been and is not still entirely available to anyone who can read any language; who has access to most any large library, anywhere in the world.
    (With acknowledgement, this copyrighted material may be produced and distributed for education and non-commercial purposes.)
    Excerpts to be continued - not necessarily in sequence with the Table of Contents.
    - K. B. Robertson
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  3. Kaiduorkhon Registered Senior Member

    In a recent discussion with a sincere 'anti-war-pro-peace advocate, this record offered that it had attended a meeting, of peace proponents - an array of Committees for Non Violence - from all over the United States and Europe, who met at SWORDS & PLOW-SHARES on Mission Street In San Francisco in the early 1980’s. There were many different and oppositional view-points expressed at that time and place as to what might or not be the best way to create and maintain peace In the world. One point, however, that everyone there uniformly agreed on was, that each and every sovereign nation must keep and maintain a standing military for self defense purposes in order to assure peace as well as to risk war, of course.

    I asked the subjected, peace promulgating man of the ‘90’s if he knew of any nation in the world that didn't have a military, since he had interrupted the record to proclaim that the abolition of militarism should have happened a long time ago, and that ‘war doesn’t accomplish anything’, resolving that 'some countries don't have a military'. I asked him what countries he was referring to. He hesitated for a full thirty seconds, finally 'answering' with a question:
    The record reminded the young peacemaker that Switzerland may be the most fortified country in the world and has one of the most highly trained and well equipped standing armies and, that what he had probably confused for the absence of a military was in fact Switzerland's traditional policy of ‘nuetrality' when it comes to wars on the European continent... The well intended, characteristically underinformed adversary reluctantly agreed. He could not furthermore think of any 'other' country that doesn't have a standing military, at least for self-defensive purposes... (Puerto Rico is without a military, but is protected by the United States; as are the East and West Indies.)

    All of this is to consider the importance of understanding what it is that you are opposed to, and especially in the spirit of being opposed to war itself. Antiwar activism In Vietnam between 1965 and 1975 would mean nothing - except treason - to the Vietnamese people, who were obliged at that time to fight a defensive war. Ostensibly, some wars are perceived differently, depending on the perspective of the aggressor or the defender. That is to say, there are In fact 'right' wars and 'wrong' wars. 'Good' warmakers and 'bad' warmakers. These are some of the differences between defensive warfare and offensive warfare; between obligatory killing and 'optional', avoidable murder; esp. when the oppressor is assured of success.

    Blessed Be The Peacemakers
    Abolishing war is a very high and well-intended goal therefore. But Sun Tzu, author of the 2,000 year old THE ART OF WAR (based on the I CHING; translated to English and distributed for the lst time in the U.S., in 1988), strongly advises - whenever possible - the studying of every enemy to the fullest degree possible, before the engagement of that enemy.

    That is to say, in order to eliminate the acknowledged scourge - and unfortunately accompanying constructive industrial, scientific, medicinal and theological tonic - of war from the socio-human experience, it is best to understand as much as possible about what it is we are attempting to abolish;and how that accomplishment may be most realistically - and expediently - achieved: how and what non-destructive incentive(s) may inspire people to industrious, scientific and socially progression: without the abominably costly motivational impetus of war.

    'Humanity must put an end to war; before war puts an end to humanity'.
    - J.F.K.

    "In times of war: truth is the first casualty.”
    - Sen. Hiram Johnson, 1917
    (Paraphrased from An ancient Greek axiom)

    “When you tell the truth, be sure you have one foot in the stirrup.”
    - An Old Mongol Proverb

    The European culture at large, certainly including the United States, Is in fact for, these self-revealing reasons of historical ignorance, socially instilled denial, and Informational evasion, alarmingly ill-equipped to fullfill the agreed-upon noble mission of the peacemakers: who are quick to oppose war, and equally reluctant to understand what it is that they disagree and conflict with.

    In John Keegan's A HISTORY OF WARFARE, copyright 1994, he quotes Aldous Huxley proclaiming that + ‘An intellectual is someone who has found something more interesting than sex .’
    Keegan goes on to say that +’A civilized person is definable as someone who has found something more interesting than combat ( war/ violence )’:

    The record is honored to narratively and anthologically re-authenticate that the knowledgeably empowered pen continues to be mightier than the historically deleting sword, and that: Europe & The U.S. have Another - Functionally Forbidden - History.

    May You Encounter Peace, Herein:
    A Brief Book-Review Of: NOMADS, CIVILIZATION & WAR:
    by K B Robertson (Aka: 'The White Mongol')
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  5. Kaiduorkhon Registered Senior Member

    On Violence & War (Precursor to domestic American violence.)


    About awry, so called Historical Revisionism and the growing popularity of waving the past off as being an irrelevant, unworthy, relatively unimportant consideration (having by definition, directly to do with the arrival of the present, and where it came from: the past, therefore, also having to do with where the present, transitions to the future. Subjecting and citing the popular dismissal, underestimation and/or denial of past history, large and small. Large history being the sum total of its miniscule components); as not being a retroactive extension of the present, and as not (therefore) being ingenuous, or applicable to, or connected with the future. Refer, subjectively invented, operant conditioned frontal lobotomization... Revisionally projecting the here and now upon the there and then, and conversely; simultaneously proclaiming history to be unimportant. Projecting on the past with superimpositional historical revisions, omissions and sometimes boldly intruded fictional displacements in and from the present.


    The universal contemporary icon of the prehistoric cave man with a club over his shoulder, dragging a woman with a bump on her head, to his cave. The rape mentality’s most famously believed Big Lie. An enormously popular and massively surrendered to; equally false and tragically misunderstood: deliberately perpetuated and reinforced, encouraged, supplicated, thence self-creating, academy thanking and worshipping - highly rewarded, coveted, emulated - aped; sought after and often swooned over archetype. The archetypically false, amok-male role model. The Male Sexist Oracle. The Amerikan Way.

    Paleaontological and anthropological science knows what prehistoric Neanderthal; Cro-Magnon, hominid people looked like, and what they ate, and a few of their crude tools. That, they showed empathy for and helped - did not ignore, ostracize or abandon - injured or ill persons; a little bit about their burial rites. But no one in the scientifically contingent world today would publicly state beyond some hunting techniques, any detailed social or quasi-cultural behavior of these primitive people - let alone project the much assumed mating ritual of rape on prehistorical human behavior. On the other hand, Modern Man shows a telling affection for this pure fantasy.

    Comparing a pack of rutting alley cats gang-raping a female feline as an exemplary natural event is forgetting altogether that the test subjects here are taken out of territorially boundaried context and imposed - perhaps several dozen cats at a time, in a city block. This is not a natural territorial setting. The behavior of cats, for example, in such a non-territorially established, artificial, human imposed environment results in aberrant domestic feline (or domestic canine) rape behavior.

    The aberrant behavior, because it is conducted by animals, is falsely labeled natural. Blaming destructive, cruel and unusual human behavior, on the animals; who in their natural environment, rarely if ever lie, rape or make organized warfare to the co-specific (same species) death, or recreationally/ sadomasochistically brutalize or take life. A cat playing with a trapped mouse is not sadomasochistically motivated: he is practicing; becoming familiar with the prey. Yes. He’s even having ‘fun’, but he is not perversely motivated. Only people - very uniquely, in the Animal Kingdom - are capable of that.

    Only humanly being the singular animal who can transcend Nature itself; and then call that transition - ‘because it happens’ - natural, and/or ‘the will of God’. Domestic and/or zooified animals occasionally do aberrant things (sometimes eating their own fecal material, for example), having artificial environment and ensuing unnatural experience (crazymaking) imposed on them, by humans.

    The dominant, amok male paradigm (club wielding ape man dragging woman by hair with bump on her head to his cave) prevails. Taken seriously and laughed about as a reverently archetypicalized refuge for the normalization of violence including rape; as though there must be something to it back there and then, just as there (epidemically) is in the here and now. Where false judgments and rationalizations such as these have been taken seriously and repeated and agreed with and laughed about enough times to be accepted as true. A deadly spiral condemned to repeat and prolifically reproduce and confirm its ‘manifest destiny’ pontificating self. Unlearning from history and falsely replacing and replicating it. ‘Proving’ the past with the perversely revisory present.

    Grotesquely, fictionally, anachronistically and predatorily perceived today, the way the present man (desperately and compulsively) wants to perceive past man’s (completely speculative and presumed) behavior (justifying rape therefore <along with murder - to be strongly distinguished from killing; which qualification - the difference between killing and murder - will be established more clearly in future discussions, herein>, as ‘natural’ <co-specific, human vs. human> behavior).

    The present man, having no comparative evidence - except the present and 8,500 years of recovered written history; civilization by definition meaning citification and an entirely different environment for homosapiens (who, by anthropology and related sciences, are compared to *zooified animals <who do not behave the way they do in the wild> - the counterpart for humanity living in *cities rather than villages or small towns); *a relatively new human phenomenon - to support this kind of behavior (rape, murder, unredeemed violence), based on the mere 8,500 years of civilized humanity (as old as and parallel with the written word): alongside of the three and a half million year, generally unknown history and behavior of the human species. Where, today’s parlor and street variety social and anthropomorphic representative and pseudo mentor speaks out and rationalizes as though rape and homicide and slavery and massively cruel - trans primitive and ritual (*real and *true) - warfare prevailed in and was naturally and normally acted out, in the past. (*Clauzewitzean *definitions, refer ON WAR, by Karl Von Clauzewitz.)

    The dominant paradigm being the false rationalization that rape and murder, and co-specific - human vs. human - violence is a biological imperative and not learned behavior; that such behavior is inherent to the human condition. Refer, The Doctrine Of Innate Depravity. Sub concepts of original sin, Social Darwinism, The Killer Ape as prototypical human.

    Proponents & contestants of this debate include: R. Ardrey. A. Montague. C. Lorenz. Dr. & Ms. Leaky. L. Tiger. E. Morgan. D. Morris. J. Goodall, the authors of ON WAR (Clausewitz, 1797), ON AGGRESSION (Lorenz, 1960) and ON KILLING (Grossman, 1996). With an international host of distinguished paleontologists, anthropologists / ethnologists / ethologists. Refer, the Nature vs. Nurture (biologically imparted vs learned behavior) schools of thought. All of the above exemplary sources of bibliographical information are to be considered herein, as qualified supportive and/or referential annotations for the foregoing work by K.B. Robertson: ON VIOLENCE. The *Dominant Paradigm (in this ongoing bi polar debate on causes and effects of human vs. human - co-specific - violence) Prevails:

    *BRUTE FORCE (often equated in money and awry political power as well as physical strength and weapons), INTIMIDATION, and RAW FEAR - Supreme Arbiter Of Everything.
    Dubiously Retrogressing To The Archetypically Unbeatable Belief Systematized Caveman With A Club Over His Shoulder Dragging a Woman With A Bump On Her Head Toward His Cave.

    The Unreality Industry, continued:
    All of this disproved and/or unproved, non-scientifically popular guesswork powerfully normalizing (very often through detailed visual imagery; as humor, and/or the facts of life; human nature, describing as a biological imperative that which is not biologically programmed but is instead learned behavior <refer the argument of Nature vs Nurture>; etc.), archetypicalizing - and creating tolerance thresholds for - the crime and epidemic quantitative frequency of all forms of unredeemed, unjustifiable, capriciously and predatory-reward-motivated violence.

    Including physical rape; as well as unprovoked verbal put-downs and got'chas; variously packaged, identically motivated one-up-man-ships: in the sexist male paradigm dominated present. The empowerment and gratification of self at the expense of others. Mal motivationally depriving others of security in order to fulfill a feeling of security and/or power - in self (Refer, ‘power tripping’ - Friedrich Nietztche’s ‘Will To Power’). An accompanying policy of wide spectrum victim-blaming. (‘God’s will. She asked for it. What she wants. Made me do it. Dressed to kill. Wearing too much make up. In the wrong neighborhood’; etc., Social Darwinism, reptile minded victim blaming, ad nauseam.)

    Disingenuously: a naked woman in the shower, on the other hand (reflected in the blade of a straight razor), is definitely not DRESSED TO KILL. BASIC INSTINCT and NATURAL BORN KILLERS, promulgating the same conceptual alibi. Based on a presumed biological imperative that is far from proven to exist at all. On the other hand, such behavior can be learned and taken for granted and falsely taught as human nature; a murderous basic instinct. A naked woman in the shower (reflected in a straight razor held by a male predator) 'dressed to kill' can be bought and sold easily in this marketplace of excitement and extra cheap - undeniably real - thrills. But then again, every mesmerized PSYCHO viewer is entitled to their own crazymaking, artificial experience surrendered, assailant-identifying (feeling, emotionally influenced) opinion.
    (None of the viewers identifying with the 14 inch butcher-knifed, very beautiful, very bleeding, very dead or dying woman. The majority of viewers inadvertently identifying with the assailant - the survivor; the - 'slas-her'/'kill-her' - winner <Non identification with the designated and/or assigned, foreordained, victimized losers also leads to rationalizing that the victim deserves and is responsible for his or her victimization: the final nod: the conquest of reason itself>: ‘Ah. Splatter’, the final - ‘therapeutically entertaining and educational’ - word of relief from the Santa Cruz Express SPLATTER MOVIE REVIEW, 9/‘84. Segue to butcherknife-proof shower curtain and prime beef rib GINSU kitchen utensil comm.)

    There prevails a tenacious penchant for projecting a disproved or unproved concept of the past, onto the present (often in the name of entertainment and/or education) as though it were (therefore) reasonable behavioral currency. Always accompanied (maintained, protected, diverted from) by an actively ambitious, characteristically aggressive policy of denial. Ignoring or falsely revising history and foreordaining the considered future; for the past 8,500 years. The tragically avoidable repetition of easily avoidable destructive behavior (refer George Santayana, of contemporary Italy: ‘Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.’ Hegel’s Cycle - a measured law - Of History: found cyclically repeating itself). Out to reestablish and confirm a limitless number of agreed upon conclusions that are based on otherwise abundantly proven, entirely false premises. Hence, the employment of the ‘memory hole’, in Orwell's 1984. To insure that the present has no (known) past to be compared with and thereby learned from...

    "The purpose of NEWSPEAK is to make other modes of thought impossible. Its a beautiful thing, the destruction of words. DOUBLETHINK, they call it. As in LOVE IS HATE. And WAR IS PEACE."
    - George Orwell, 1984.

    The abuse of power as policy has many allies. Among its most required needs, an important operational fuel of power abuse is simultaneous denial. Accompanied by methodological creation of false issues, frequently capitalizing on and specializing in creating: diversions. Giving whatever designated target, ‘something to deny’. Blaming the victim.

    Assignment of irrelevant goals and enemies that do not exist. Scapegoat and Cry Wolfism looms large in the tactical - accountability averting, responsibility reversing - diversion methods. Blurring reality; focusing and otherwise zooming-in on fiction as fact. Creation and maintenance of false issues as viable currency. Lies abound here. Boldly asserted lies, aggressively told. Characteristically defying the beholder to know the difference - or even the existence - of truth from falsity. Not only to believe in falsehood, but to aggressively maintain and protect it. The majority of Americans today hesitate extensively, when asked if they know the difference between good and bad.

    They have been programmed ‘not to be judgmental’. Example:
    *"There ain't no good guys. There ain't no bad guys. There's just you and me. And we just disagree."
    - A popular lyric, emanating out of the Hollywood Entertainment Industry.

    Who profits from such a misunderstanding?
    The good guys, or the bad guys?
    *An oath of personal impotence. The attitude and philosophy of the popular and dominant paradigm. Refer, ‘the will of God’, ‘manifest destiny’, and variously employed misusages of the word ‘karma.’ Creating and maintaining a general social environment occupied by people who have surrendered to the idea that when destructive human aggression happens, it is a foregone event over which no one has any power or potential control. A much surrendered-to call-to-surrender ones individual powers.
    "Although the devil be the father of lies, he seems like other great inventors, to have lost much of his reputation by the continual improvements that have been made upon him." - Jonathan Swift
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  7. Kaiduorkhon Registered Senior Member

    On War & Violence (Precursor to domestic American violence)

    The Forbidden History Of Europe & The United States.
    The Declination & Folly Of Western Civilization

    Note: where Edward Gibbon fails most seriously in his work is the same specialization Clausewitz and Voltaire exhibit weakness in, namely the East. Whereas, Edward Gibbon (1737 - 1794) is understandably revered throughout academia on an international level for the past two hundred years, for his exhaustively accurate generalized history of Europe, esp. the DECLINE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE. What becomes the most flawed portion of Gibbon's book is when he begins to make proclamations about the East - what its capacity to make war on Europe 'could' - and 'could not' - be.

    As famous as Gibbon is for his European history in DECLINE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE, so too, equally famous is Karl Von Clausewitz (1780 - 1831; served as General Chief Of Staff for Prussia, against Napoleon I, at Waterloo); for his military history of Europe - ON WAR: a generalized theory of warfare, the main theme of which is, 'Warfare is an extension of politics'. In Europe that's generally true, but, as John Keegan again points out, in Asia the Clausewitzean dictate ('War is an extension of politics'), ain't necessarily so.

    A likewise famous authority in philosophy, M. A. Voltaire (1694 -1778, prolific writer of revolutionary philosophical and historical views; twice imprisoned in the Bastille; which was the focal point of the French Revolution <1789 - A historical benchmark of popular - ‘people’s’ - revolutions against tyrannical government> twenty years after his death), is pointed out by John Keegan (A HISTORY OF WARFARE) as an active condescender of what he (Voltaire) rudely condemns as the unimportantly useless history of barbarians and their conquests (esp. of each other) in and around obscure oriental rivers that are irksomely difficult for round-eyed academics to pronounce, spell or remember. Keegan calls Voltaire to account for all that historically revolutionary activity unfolded out of the Xartes and especially the Oxus River, with regard to Central Asian Supremacy in the art and evolutionary history of world EuroAsian horse-warfare.

    May it suffice it to say in short form, that H. G. Wells corrects Gibbon. John Keegan corrects Clausewitz & Voltaire, while the record holds all that out end-on-end as it very apparently has not been so arranged and held out before. The record itself reinstating H. G. WELL's neglected, 'out-dated' historical masterpiece: THE OUTLINE OF HISTORY; where Wells finds Edward Gibbon's' DECLINE AND FALL making enormous errors about the East, the record also correcting Raymond Postgate (for omitting Wells' work on nomadic horsepeoples in Postgate's strangely submitted 'revision and update' of Well's 'out-dated', generally unknown OUTLINE OF HISTORY book: after Well's death in 1947..).

    Note: Gibbon's rare candor in openly writing out his (unpopular, generally uncontroversied) fears. The record is very grateful to - and surprised at - Gibbon for his revealing and courageously expressed perspective. Although Gibbon is quite wrong, in his worried underestimation of the barbarian capacity to make war on Europe, Gibbon does nevertheless, unlike his European peers (Clausewitz and Voltaire), openly express his candid apprehensions; for all the posterity he knows oversees his work, to read and learn from. (What Edward Gibbon is doing, in a place like this...)

    The record finds Voltaire making another statement to parallel the one Keegan shows us (on p. ~ of this book), this time, Voltaire proclaims with adventurous, perhaps even grim determination:
    “I want to know what were the steps
    by which men passed from Barbarism to Civilization".
    - Voltaire, verbatim, the Introductory Page
    of Will Durant's OUR ORIENTAL HERITAGE,
    Copyright 1954, Simon & Schuster

    This is the same M.A. Voltaire who is already on record as having arrogantly dismissed barbarian horse-warfare history along the Oxus and Xartes Rivers - as being of no interest or importance to educators. or use to the public, in Western Civilization.

    (Meanwhile: no one can possibly understand the history of warfare without acknowledging the role of horse-people's warfare: the evolution of the art of horse-archer - cavalry - warfare, at and around the Xartes and Oxus rivers...)

    Comparing that with the statement logged in above by Will Durant, ostensibly the stormy Voltaire wasn't all that familiar with his own notes and publications. He asks a question here, lately, in the above; the solution to which he earlier dismissed any use for - representatively unrecognized by educators or the public. Fairly in those words, then.

    There you have it. The impositional restrictions on the potential import of the evolution of Eastern Warfare, with regard to the European public's 'use' for it.

    Here again we have a very much and understandably respected Westerner assuming falsely (with the acknowledged qualification that offensive warfare as a way of life eventually deprives itself of people and objects to exploit and steal) that Civilization is superior to Barbarism, rather than, in the case of the horse-warrior cultural nation and it's own self-perception, ambivalently the other way around... Co-dependently inter-twined. It is a tragic fact that civilization both suffered and profited mightily, from its endemic oppression by barbarians...

    (The tragic fact being that most of written history consists of civilization finding its main incentive for progress, in its requirement to defend itself from barbarians. This trend continues into the modern era. It must be transcended, before modern technological warfare extinctifies both civilized and barbarian people - Real Warmakers and True Warmakers.)

    Frank Trippett has already told us that if you want to study barbarism and civilization you must study the horse (Of course); whereas Voltaire refuses to put any livestock in the Importance of what amounts to the evolution of warfare: in man's warfare making relationship with horses... Voltaire wants and exclusively anticipates transition from barbarism to civilisation without horse (lightning) warfare and/or its evolution...

    “I want to know what were the steps
    by which men passed from barbarism to civilization".
    - Voltaire

    The record again holds out Frank Trippett's axiomatic observational answer to Voltaire's implied unanswerable aspiration:

    'Wherever man has left his footprint in the long ascent from barbarism to civilization we will find the hoof print of the horse beside It.' - Trippet, THE FIRST HORSEMEN.

    That is to say, 'Civilization and Barbarism' are no more separated' than 3-D 'Space And Time' (equals 4-D 'space-time'),
    Biological Humankind has a right and left, bilaterally symmetrical cerebral hemisphere. Socio-ideological humankind is comparably bound to the barbaric and civilized experiential hemispheres of cultural and political experiential heritage; neither element is or can be 'more important' than the other; for the past seven thousand five hundred years or so; especially the past five thousand continental Euro-Asian years.

    Voltaire simultaneously says he 'wants to know the steps by which men passed from barbarism to civilization', having already dismissed out-of-hand much of the unrecognized solution (The Endemic Nomad; The Evolution Of Warfare - it's over-all, generalized and massive influence on Civilization), as being 'useless'.

    A self-imposed; highly contagious double bind on Voltaire's part. Like any 'ism' - like male-sexism: consciously deciding with your left brain, not to think, feel, live-with, acknowledge or recognize your right brain; very much as amok-male-dominated society has occluded it's own right female hemisphere (against which there is an unwritten but very strictly excersised social suppression; energetically practiced and complied-with while simultaneously denied. Refer THE FASTEST GROWING VIOLENT CRIME IN THE U.S. - the physical abuse of women by men, including rape; the commonplace ignorance and/or denial of this fact; 'Grid-lock' and 'Double-Think': two parallel lines of thought in mutual conflict with each other; to unresolving infinity).

    As much as these two considered antipodal East-West human organisations oppose each other, so too do they also, quite terribly complement and vitalize each other. This context of mutuality is dangerously transposed in malapplications to the realm of crime and punishment, Justice; 'good and bad', 'right and wrong’.

    Civil victims of nomad invasions suffered in massive quantities for extensive times in history, not 'because they deserved it', but, because their leadership was corrupt and disorganized enough not to be able to defend its people with its own military.

    The Roman military as a matter of early tradition had learned to treaty and parley with barbarians, absorbing them as allies with tribute payments. This evolved into what became 'the barbarization' of the Roman legions. The 'absorbed' barbarians would study and practice all they learned from the Romans and then the barbarian would return to the wild with his information on the people and culture he and his culture would make raids against; as usual.

    On the other hand, the Roman employers would not study and learn from the barbarians. even when the allied opportunity afforded itself. In a word, the Roman (European) military simply refused to recognize or adopt superior war making tools and methods from the East. Similar mistakes were most recently repeated, in Vietnam.

    The innocent majority suffered and perished right along with the responsible (culpable) minority; equally applicable to today's international world of 'politics and government'. European citizens were deprived of this education by their appointed educators... They still are so-deprived and on the same subject; for the same corrupt, arrogantly irresponsible reasons. A Euro-American without historical connection to the East is an uneducated EuroAmerican, deliberately deprived of historical insight by his or her educational community and socio-political leaderships.

    Civilized politics creates laws, governing the behavior of people: Carl Sagan's 3-Dimensionally exploding (4th dimension excluding) ‘Big Bang Beginning’ COSMOS, for example, Men falsely dictating reality. Barbarism on the other hand, begets people born into and acting out, living culture. The barbarian hierarchy is established exclusively by the finest, most formidable organization of military power; with a minimum of ambiguity or intrigue around that cardinal, ideological objective (Refer THE ROYAL HORDES: Nomad Peoples of the Steppes). This is a terrible, but equally pure, unambiguous resolve.

    When civilized people today, allude to - or ape - these wild values, then, civilized people are practicing fascism; in the name of ‘being natural’. Humanity has not evolved through the success it's earned through serious competition with fellow human beings, but rather, by generally cooperating with each other, competing together- against the harsh environment, and animals of other species.

    'The power of cooperation is greater than the power of competition'. - An old Chinese proverb (along with 'Women hold up more than half the world'). Calling unnecessary human competition 'the survival of the fittest (as it applies to species; not individuals)', is excersising 'transposition of contexts'. There's a lot of it ('Social Darwinism') passing as moral, political and behavioral currency in contemporary civilized, friendly fascist social circles; where men dictate reality (and women and children)', rather than conversely.

    Women are not men. The might of brute force is not always right. Civilized people are not feral nomads. Superiority and morality are indeed, many different things to many different peoples. Albeit, the importance of understanding that Civilization and Nomadism are not, on the other hand, mutually exclusionary, either... On the contrary.

    The evolution of Western Civilisation is dominated - and inspired - by its inseparable evolution with - and anticipatory apprehension of - cultural Eastern Warfare. That is the beautifully edifying, terrible truth. Now: For the first time in this amazing five millennia aged phenomenal 'tradition', EuroAsian people at large have the unprecedented opportunity to choose an alternative - rather than a warfare-based - culturologically complimentary, more peaceful means and motivation for relating to all individuals, cultures, qualified politics and civilizations, everywhere. Never before has humanity at large had anything resembling a 'choice' in this most important war and peace making consideration.

    All of the above is an enormous history for any literate person, civilization or culture - to 'overlook' (and/or deny altogether). A uniformly present, sometimes insidiously applied, dangerously 'revised' or omitted ignorance of the East: Is tenaciously pervasive, throughout 'The History Of Western Civilization'; to the revealingly belated hour of this writing...

    The Goddess Of Fertility was similarly phased out of community worship in the Paleo-Meso-Neolithic era of pre-historic Euro-Asian communities. The Universal & Earthly Mother Goddess 'Ashura' - the female counterpart for the Hebrew God 'Yahweh’ - his equal consort - was diminished and finally excluded altogether from pre and post historic records, including The Old Testament. Ashura is manifest in the earliest known (6.500 year old) clay-statuary arts - spanning many social organizations; was covered up and then replaced altogether by a conception of God as being exclusively male, ever since ...

    Dominant male society feared a Universal Female Godess. So, they murdered Her. Covered that up, also... Covered up the cover-up. This ancient Matricide is directly related to the fastest growing violent crime in the United States today (the physical abuse including forcible rape of women by men; all the infrastructural popular language that supports, encourages and compromises with that atrocious, ongoing fact: obscurely known and vaguely recognized - an indictment of all of civilisation and its ho-hum outlook on all violence, America’s favoritely fascinating recreational spectator sport: as long as it happens to 'someone else - ‘women and children first’...).

    In the estimation of this record, the Scientific community, including paleontologists, anthropologists, ethnographers and students of the Natural Sciences are not very blameable at all for this Euro-American Omissionary - ‘revisionary’ - Disease. In the humble opinion of this consternated record: the ‘revisionist' historians are most apparently the libelous villains starring in the hitherto unknown, epic metaphorical record here, in nothing less than the academic banishment-apparent of approximately two thirds of the EuroAsian continent and all of the (Voltaire alleged) ‘useless' people and things that were ‘unimportantly’ happening in Asia, evolving and being: for the past five thousand and more years... European male academic authority dictated it all, as being of no use to the public.

    Apparently, Voltaire figured he could quantum leap to understanding the transition from Barbarism to Civilization, without the barbarian half (more like two thirds) of the resolute transitory equation. Tomorrow's classroom might even get around to saying that Voltaire was an exemplary leader of an entire culture that grew up uninformed and/or denying how it was gathering its progressive evolution and maturity. It's historical, culturological, socio-political maturity to be scientifically exact ... All vainly forsaken, for lack of common horse sense.

    Voltaire's failed, intellectual kingdom for a cart, before the horse ...
    (All lost, for the nail Voltaire sat upon but refused to hammer.)

    “You say you are looking for the truth. When the truth comes knocking at your door, you open it and say “Go away. I’m looking for the truth.”
    - Robert Pirsig,

    'We shall not cease from exploration, And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started. And know the place for the first time'.
    - T.S. Eliot, FOUR QUARTETS, p. 59

    Speaking of 'exploration'. C. Columbus was on his way to India, via the Atlantic Ocean, from Europe, when he ran into the east coast of a continent that 'wasn't supposed to be there' (actually it was the West Indies, and Columbus never set foot on the North American continent). The first of the three occasions that he did this, was 1492; he was carrying a copy of Marco Polo's DESCRIPTIONS OF THE WORLD as his guide to East Indian culture, and, about two dozen horses which he did leave at that time in the otherwise horseless New World. It is also noteworthy that Spain's Isabel had the foresight to send him with a letter for 'The Great (Moghul) Khan', when he got to India. So far, this record has not been able to learn the diplomatic contents of that letter.

    It is fairly common knowledge that the indigenous natives of North America were mistakenly called ‘Indians’, because Columbus thought he had circumnavigated the globe and reached India, instead of encountering the unknown, unanticipated continents of North and South America.

    Throughout the omitted five millennia of Asian History:
    The AngloSaxon spleen Is proclaiming to the Greco-Roman appendix - and conversely - that they have no need for the Eastern cultural cardiopulmonary system in the European Continental Body Politic. Scared the historical bogeyman will get - catch-up with -'em...(As You Like It)

    A Ph.D. In Historical Geography: In Two Sentences Flat:
    That's: exactly what Europe is doing all scrunched up in the upper-left-hand corner of the EuroAsian Continent there. Crowded European educators were kinda-maybe hoping nobody would (ever) notice: all the (real history only comes to you in awe inspiring waves of) barbarically nomadic, illiterate Eastern reasons why.

    (Wanna see it again?) ((How many times?)) ...

    Coming Home; more into focus as:
    (EYE only comes 2-U in waves)

    The Forbidden History Of Europe & The United States
    Old World and Modern Day Psychological Warfare
    Pt. II
    Somehow, with the help of men like those cited herein, Europe and the United States have roll-backly managed to 'spin-doctor' out and not find any use for the real history of EuroAsian horse-people; maintaining a long-ago installed 'glass ceiling' on Voltaire's exemplary search for history’s transition from barbarianism to civilization.”

    Proving Once Again, The Old (revised) Axiom:
    'You can lead a world famous philosopher to water,
    but you can't make him think.'
    - K.B.Robertson., AKA, Crazy Horse

    Much as Tricia Nixon banished the usefulness of Einstein's 4th dimension of time, 'as a joke' , at a news conference in the middle of her father's running for re-election in 1972:
    “We have no use for and can do without, that dimension",
    Ms. Nixon smugly resolved, with scattered, palpable amusement from the assembled, sycophantically subservient press.

    Question: What was Paul Revere riding when he shouted:
    'To arms! The British are coming!'
    A useless animal having no past history of importance
    or present use to the American people. Obviously.

    The venerable U.S. PONY EXPRESS having been originated by Genghis Khan - creator of the most efficient and swift trans-continental communications systems on the planet for that time; not improved upon until the modern U.S. railroad.

    Copyright 1994 - 2007 by K. B. Robertson, all rights reserved. With acknowledgements, may be reproduced for educational or non-commercial purposes.
  8. Kaiduorkhon Registered Senior Member

    On War & Violence (Precursor to domestic American violence.)

    Orwellian PsyWar & Crazymaking - the corporate state conquest of America - continued:

    "It's a beautiful thing - the destruction of the language...." - George Orwell, 1984.

    (It can be the <Ho Hum> status quo on network TV, but it's protested vigorously when it's reported on the internet, continued...)

    THE WARREN COMMISSION REPORT ON THE PRESIDENTIAL ASSASSINATION: is over 24 volumes duration and it 'has no use for' an Index, for example. THE massive WARREN COMMISSION REPORT (with an unlimited federal budget and resources) has no index whatsoever. Mae Magnin Brussell spent 15 and more years composing an index for same and submitted it to the publishers and authors of THE WARREN COMMISSION REPORT, who ignored her paramountly important contribution. (Lee Harvey - 'Acting Alone' - Oswald, omitted THE ASSASSINATION REPORT Index. EYE is surex.)

    Reminiscent of Nancy Reagan's oblique poetry quotation to the assembled, network-televised press, in the mid 180s:
    "Oh EYE don't know, Mother Nature said with a wink.
    It's kind of fun to be extinct'.

    "WAR IS PEACE. HATE IS LOVE (*Extinction Is Fun)".
    - Orwell, 1984

    *Nancy didn't say she was talking about the missing- presidential brain, the ASSASSINATION INDEX or the planet, but the latter had been the subject of the preceding discussion; when she also proclaimed that ‘abortion in the U.S. is equivalent to the Holocaust in Nazi Germany' . In those riotously instigating, murderously inspirational - Abortion Clinic Bombing - words.

    War may not be peace, quite yet.
    But, oblivion is kind of fun.
    In this same era, her husband, Ronald Reagan, awash with melancholy; as President Of The United States, placed wreaths on the graves of fallen SS WAFFEN soldiers, in what was formerly Nazi Germany ... Making Everything Perfectly Clear. ("They're Heeeeere'.) ...

    Voltaire's philosophical world of living without the useless barbarians has spread to the Hollywood Endorsed COSMOS itself, where Carl Sagan and his glittering array of political cronies are living the publicly perceived omnipotently unchallenged life of Riley without Einstein's 4-Dimensional Space-Time Continuum, which they can live - high off the incumbently obese, coke-snorting nazi body politic - without.

    (Refer: Carl Sagan's U.C. Santa Cruz, CA. auxiliary - 'STUDENTS AGAINST GRAVITY' = 22 catchy letters <acronymically spelling 'S.A.G.' = 'GAS' backwards>, a phantom, faceless Orwellean NEWSPEAKING membership for each letter. No address. No phone number. Only C. Sagan and an anonymous staff member of THE SANTA CRUZ EXPRESS newspaper to represent them, in absentia; in L.A. equals: KKK koded STUDENTS AGAINST women, children & GRAVITY )

    Did you know as of 1994, gangs aren't always gangs; now they're NINJA TURTLES and POWER RANGERS as well. Isn't that dazzling? Forest Sawyer never saws this. Alleged 'Power Rangers' are the biggest bullies in today's kindergartens: they create victims in the false name of 'punishing enemies' and 'Justice' - that's a recently observed educational fact. Could there be a larger, more mature - Granny Goose codified - message here? Refer VIOLENCE AS ENTERTAINMENT (rollng on the internet accessed floor, laughing mein az off) - The Favorite Recreation In The United States.

    Segue the Former Hollywood Screen Actor's Guild President to:
    War Is Amusing
    (That which is not to be taken seriously)

    5 Minute Warning:
    The Commander in Chief himself, Nancy's husband ('EYE am a Contra') standing in the midst of a bevy of network microphones, waiting to congratulate the U.S. Olympic athletes in 1984; proclaiming:

    "All Russians have been outlawed.
    The bombing will begin in five minutes."

    Ronald Reagan would later explain that 'it was a joke'.
    Object lesson: War Is Peaceful Fun

    Nasty habits. Representatively excersized. EYE is ostensibly in (dire, overdue) need for an Altitude-Adjustment (When 'the abominably free press' feels like unimprisoning and launching it? Making Important, what was previously useless? Having worked so hard with Dr. - Nobel Peace Prize - Kissinger: "to shorten and end the Vietnam war". As though, H. Kissinger and 'the press' didn't make major contributions to starting and perpetuating the Vietnam War, In the first and second places. Object lesson. War Is A Nobel Peace Prize (Voila?).

    The Warring Tolstoy Ballet's Peaceful Theatrical Valets.
    War Is A Joke: Civilization & Psy-War (Without Nomads).
    ‘Everybody's Going Crazy' - The BEATLES

    "We were keeping our eye an 1984. When the year came and the prophecy didn't, thoughtful Americans sang softly in praise of themselves. The roots of liberal democracy had held. Wherever else the terror had happened, we, at least, had not been visited by Orwellean nightmares.'

    A reassuring word from THE MINISTRY OF TRUTH: refer the feature article in the 1 January. 1984 issue of TIME magazine - an elaborate and representatively Orwellean DOUBLE-THINK-denial that 1984, approximately as prophesied, has occurred or is-occuring; calling any such proposal, +"ridiculous'. Take note in this whopping denial, that TIME magazine is the same industry that privately purchased and withheld from the public the hardest evidence in the JFK assassination - the Zapruder film - for 13 years. Finally releasing it for the first time, in 1976, under the Carter administration.

    TIME Magazine's 1 January 1984 denial of the prevalence of Orwellean DOUBLETHINK - calling any such proposal "ridiculous", is pure Orwellean QUACK-SPEAK. Furthermore, Nazism is not '+ridiculous", it is maliciously perverse: thriving on THE BIG LIE, such as that told by TIME Magazine; in its very noteworthy denial ('EYE don't doo-doo, what EYE does' ).

    "The purpose of NEWSPEAK is to make other modes of thought impossible. It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words. DOUBLETHINK, they call it. As in LOVE IS HATE. And WAR IS PEACE." - George Orwell, 1984.

    Orwellean NEWSPEAK is the most commonly excersized, oldest and most easily facilitated form of satanism, wherein the practitioner performs 'upside down and backwardsism'
    ("Whatever it is EYE'M opposed to it, whatever it is EYE disagree". - Groucho Marx).
    Everyone has the ad hoc power to agree or disagree with anyone, about anything, at any time, for any reason, or lack of it.
    (Anything that's rightside up can be turned upside down; refer BLAMING THE VICTIM, the ad-hominem, ad hoc argument - the cheap shooting, politically correctionalised sign of the consummately berserked times.)

    "People will believe a big- enough lie".
    - Adolph Hitler, MEIN KAMPF

    "But we had forgotten that alongside Orwell's dark vision, there was another; slightly older, slightly less well known, equally chilling: Aldous Huxley's. BRAVE NEW WORLD.

    "Contrary to common belief even among the educated, Huxley and Orwell did not prophesy the same thing. Orwell warns that we will be overcome by an externally imposed oppression. But in Huxley's vision, no Big Brother is required to deprive people of their autonomy, maturity and history. As he saw it, people will come to love their oppression, to adore the technologies that undo their capacities to think. (Might is right. Kiss the whip).

    "What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. What Huxley feared was that there would be no reason to ban a book. for there would be no one who wanted to read one. (EYE only reads TV GUIDE.)

    "Orwell feared those who would deprive us of information. Huxley feared those who would give us so much (trivial, vain, useless, destructively-influential information) that we would be reduced to passivity and egoism.
    - Neil Postman. Copyright 1985

    "Orwell feared that the truth would be concealed from us. Huxley, that truth would be drowned in a (Silver Bullet, Six Million Dollar COORS-Can ridden) sea of ('Feel Good meal', violence-drenched) 'irrelevance'..." - Niel Postman, Ibid.

    CRUSH, SLICE, SLASH-HER 'SPLATTER-MOVIES'. Poetically rhyming DEATHSPEAKING - Chill (kill) Outs. Smile-Relax. Orwellean MurderSpeak is NICE'N EASY. Nothing is coming between Brooke-Jailbait-SpreadEagle and her network TV pedophile endorsed CALVIN'S: 'EYE'M sure glad my CALVIN'S can't talk" - Butt they sure can swear ('Roman- tickally Whistling: 'Oh my darlin' Clementine' - 'Now that's a COME ON!'; refer: NETWORK TV projected presidential White House 'pecker-tracks' that nobody can follow or keep up with. If it's good it's ‘killer'; the twenty year old colloquialism, ‘Chill out' exactly rhymes with ‘kill out'). Calvin Klein only recently picked up a lot of P.R. by 'withdrawing' a cologne he called OBSESSION- 'because people complained that the nude, over-18 model on that product's logo looked too young'...

    On the other hand, there are no such complaints or withdrawals publicly registered about 12 year old Brooke starring in PRETTY BABY, an R rated movie you have to be 18 years old to see; or spreading her childish legs on network television for CALVIN Klein's genes, apparently because the 12 and 15 year old Brooke 'looked old enough'. Clearly, no crazymaking upside down and backwards morality - or two pairs of SS's - could ever obSSeSSively originate between Brooke and her prophylactically projected, succeSSfully over-grounded nazi CALVINS. The See-B.S. EYE would never permit that, out of political correctneSS. Moral: 'Image is everything'. Reality is whatever EYE says it 'looks like'. 'GET REAL! <Really?> No. Not really!'). DORITO'S sound bytes; the psycho-molocularly restructured 'good micro-chip', by the New Age - politically corrected - P.edophile C.ult. (P.C. used to mean ‘partly cloudy', then it went on to mean ‘personal computer' and lately has emerged as ‘politically correct P.edophile C.ultism'.)

    "Orwell feared we would become a captive culture. Huxley feared we would become a trivial culture, preoccupied with some equivalent of the feelies the orgy porgy, and the centrifugal bumble-puppy. (* Crazymaking insanity factory. * 'Feel Good', among the most used terms in TV advertising - bad feelings are equally abundant; the association of hunger and food with extreme violence is an 'amusing' consumer-menu, staple-mainstay appetite, for example; including pyrotechnic food that 'goes off' in your mouth... )

    "As Huxley remarked in BRAVE NEW WORLD REVISITED, the civil libertarians and rationalists who are ever on the alert to oppose tyranny 'failed to take into account man's almost infinite appetite for distractions (SHOW BUSINESS; 'THAT'S Industrialized ENTERTAINMENT': THE CORPORATE STATE CONQUEST OF THE UNITED STATES In The INVISIBLE <'What'> War... )

    "In 1984, Huxley added, people are controlled by inflicting pain. In BRAVE NEW WORLD, they are controlled by inflicting false, unfullfilling, sadomasochistic pleasure (At someone else's randomly determined, painful expense: the mass production of victims; the infinitely practiced art-form of creating victims for empowerment of self, while simultaneously denying and/or blaming, the targeted victims, who are systematically converted into 'Feel-Good' Fodder).

    'In short, Orwell feared that what we hate will ruin us. Huxley feared that what we love will ruin us. (* Nation of the TV and video-cultivated, 2 Dimensional, 2 Second attention-span; then projected on-and-in 3 and more dimensional reality and people; 'as though' reality and people were 2-dimensional.) "This book is about the possibility that Huxley, not Orwell, was right".
    - Neil Postman. Copyright 1985
    (This record is persuaded that Huxley, Orwell and Postman <Not to be confused with Postgate> were each one right.)

    The West Salutes The East:
    George Orwell's 1984 is very large on holding up 'Eurasia' and Mongolians as the enemy. Europe and The United States names its congenitally diseased people afflicted with Down's Syndrome, after the Mongolian race - 'Mongoloid'. A mixed breed of dog is a 'Mongrel'. Two Thirds of the world population is Mongolian. This record is half Mongolian - EuroAsian - by way of Finland. Proud to be an Amerikan. Sure EYE've herd and nose about the Chinese Mongrels. They're un-washed, urine-saturated, illiterate, 'godless' people. Of disposable use to the Euro-Americanized, pink-smoke-inundated, DEATH-SPEAK-loving public. EYE has no use for how or why America got started (Which may yet prove to be exactly the reason how and why it ends. The JFK murder and Vietnam with the corroborating rogue CIA burial of this country in hard drugs and violent crime <and the standardized plethora of denials and lies accompanying all of this> has been a wonderful, inspirational beginning-of- the <Invisible, 'What?'> end. Ushering in

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!


    THE (Invisible, 'What?')
    The lst and 14th Amendments (Free Speech & Press) guarantee EYE can doo-doo without its own wild-eyed. bizarre, off-beat, hair-brained, useless history. And so far EYE is bombing famously. Mein grand-fodder - 'Spinn Doktor' - was named after Holly-would, and upon becoming an industrial insanity-manufacturing moghul, he invented & StandardiSed Amerika-ka Inn 1969.

    EYE has two go-go now, a 12 year old net-work TV 'child sex symbol' is ringing mein bell ('Stop the violence!' 'Learn what pain is!' - 'Mom, Dad: The unprecedented historical abundance of rogue CIA-imported hard drugs, violence and new disease is: your fault <refer 'karma' and 'God's will'>. If you treaded more water in the CIA PSYWar drowning pool <'There's a war going on in your neighborhood, and you have to get involved' - It's THE DRUG WAR between you and the secret, rogue CIA governed government:> - If you were more sensitive to pain - If you rully knew what pain was - you would stop it - and CHAINSAW MASSACRE On Loop In Your LivingRoom - in a flash'.

    Just dial 911 and after waiting through three qualifiers; if you survive the delay, finally order them to cancel all incoming emergency calls - especially from women, who are known to be asking for it in greater population numbers and reporting crimes now a lot more than in the good old days when they were shut up; howl at the moon and take a bite out of crime in your neighborhood (impotently bark like a dog: up the wrong trees).

    You must learn to love and embrace rogue CIA DRUGS In PSY-WAR in your neighborhood and living room; revere and adore network pedophilia ('What difference does it make?'). Embrace terror and horror, lest they be your ('nothing you can do about it') enemies to be helplessly feared ('nobody cares' ).

    The thing 2 doo-dah is run around the office water-cooler and coffee pot, in ever-tightening concentric circles, with your (there is no SAFEWAY) telefriends, hysterically flailing your collective arms wildly in the air, babbling incoherently about how you 'know something is going on'. But few individuals are allowed to nail any of it down, because few peer groups will permit that; no matter how accurately done, it's 'dwelling on the negative' and EYE can doo-dah without that preventative dimension (You cannot resolve any real problem that you make a policy of encouraging, denying or diminishing the existence and/or importance of. That is to say, if you have a problem and you want to keep it. Deny - laugh at - it. Call it 'normal' or 'ridiculous'. "Don't take it seriously).

    Repeat (sing out) after (dough, ray) me.
    "There is no they. If there is a they, they aren't doing it. If they are doing it, they aren't doing it on purpose. If they are doing it on purpose, they're only doing it for the money. It doesn't make any difference. There is nothing you can do about it. Nobody cares. People don't want to know the truth. Dwelling on the negative only gives it more power. And one more thing, EYE am not into denial." (Ah menex)

    We Must Stop The Contagiously Amusing, Unimportant Violence, continued:

    QUESTION: Who started the popular rumor and cliché that:
    ‘You can't beat the devil'? (ANSWER: EYE has no EYEdea)

    Has Chevy Chase tempted you with his steamrollered over dead old woman and his laughably stolen bag of DORITO's potato chips enough times - aren't you hungry - yet? ('Good chip'). Has PACE picante sauce's cowboy sunk the gang's white hot branding iron into your face, enough times? What do U want on yore TOMBSTONE? (Your basic, firing squad, guillotine operated pizza) Heaven & Hell -"You're fired!"- shouting executive 'karmically' run over by a semitrailer truck.(! ) - milk, is good 4-U. Every day is Halloween: is an explosively bleeding, madly screaming, militantly frivolous joke. Seriousness iss verboten. Gravity and the 4-D space-time continuum, and the value of the horse, prohibited. ('EYE can do without it')

    What does the rogue Corporate State (P'ACE Picante Sauce. DORITO'S. TOMBSTONE pizza, CRUSH, SLICE, MAKE 7! UP YOURS! hard core soft drinks, SILVER BULLET beer & THE MINISTRY OF TRUTH & PLENTY) have to gain by this endlessly violent - ominously growing - everyday insanity?

    A higher GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT: for the rogue Corporate State MINISTRY OF PLENTY'S DORITO'S poople: a population saturated with DEATH-SPEAKING fear and violence consumes much more - of everything; especially each other - than a generally harmonious population.

    Each individual is unnecessarily competing with everyone else for security, and, all such prisoners of the amok, Corporate State-cultivated-funny-farm are losing, therefore - policing each other; in an un-named celebration of public impotence ('Divide & Conquer'): 'Nobody cares! What difference does it make? And there's nothing (nothing) you can do about it, anyway!' - The Punk Rock (Neo Nazi) Credo, brought into popular language by network television and the nationally worshipped Hollywood ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY - THE MINISTRY OF HUMOR ('Once you get them laughing. You can do anything' - Frank Sinatra): a call to surrender: 'EYE give up!' - When you 'give up', the only entity there is to 'surrender-to' is 'the beast', i.e. George Orwell's Big Brother B.B.: WHO petitions you to surrender your senses of morality, reason and law - randomly diminishing others for the false, malicious 'empowerment, of self.

    Big Brother, bringing SLAM-DANCE POGOing people together. at 22 miles per hour: from opposite directions on the dance floor. When the lights-out bleeding music is over: those left standing on the dance floor,
    the largest and most physically powerful men and women: TRIUMPH(!); are the kosmick-karmick WINNERS! (refer: ‘sensitivity training'.)

    The Prime Directive of the Corporate State:
    Marketing Fear And Selling False Security. Squared.

    "Beware the military-industrial complex
    (Korporate State), lest they lead you into war, for profit."
    - D.D. Eisenhower, 1952, Paraphrased
    ('Corporation', legally translates to immunity from responsibility for all individuals comprising the established 'corporation', i.e.,'nobody is personally responsible for Corporate State policies' - a legal factoid.)

    The Corporate State Credo: 'Find a need and fill It' has become: 'Find a security and kill it'. While the rogue Corporate State manufactures and publicly distributes fear & conflict; simultaneously selling false. unfullfilling security - what Americans spend more money on than anything else.

    'You must see HOMICIDE at 8 Sharp Tonight!'. (U won't BB l'ate: if U 'don't watch TV much': yer co-workers & neighbors doo-doo) Producing the un-named body-count in the INVISIBLE ('What-?') War: THE (Invisible, 'What?') Corporate State CONQUEST OF THE UNITED STATES: 'The high altitude NEW-SPEAKING Trivial ('What'?) 'War OF DENIABILITY. ('EYE would never do, what EYE does. But if EYE do, no one will care. And if you care, it won't make any difference, because, there's nothing you can do about it.')

    Philosophical Question Of The Week
    If a quadruple cluster of 50 megaton A-bombs fell and burst 4,000 feet over L. A. and N'Orleans, Phoenix and Denver, and 'nobody heard it', would their be any noise? ('What?')

    Refer: 'The Art of Missing the Point: When you can't afford to catch on'.

    Welcome to the Soft Machine Inn Of Big Brother's 'systematically unbeatable' INVISIBLE ('what?') War.

    Q. What Is gained by this; by whom (T'aching AIM <toothpaste> in your child's mouth')? Offering a guaranteed six week butcher-knife-proof shower-curtain for your home. Reich in yore bathroom, where a naked woman perceived as DRESSED 2 KILL is nationally understood to be 'asking 4 it'. As for the fastest growing violent crime in the ('What?') United States (the physical abuse of women and children, by men, including rape), remember that THE POPULATION HAS GONE UP AND WOMEN ARE REPORTING THE CRIME MORE, NOW. Ergo: Spinn Doktor & Mr Phixx Itt Sez: The biggest violence problem in the nation wouldn't exist: If it wasn't for population increase and whining & complaining women.

    With regard to the false explanation that ‘the population is increasing and therefore it is only an illusion that the crime rate is rising': Tokyo, Japan, has the highest per capita - land area occupied - population density in the world. It also has the lowest crime rate. It is true that Japan's culture has a lot to do with this low crime rate, but it is equally true that Tokyo, Japan's low crime rate proves that violence is not a biological imperative that spontaneously rises with increased population. And now, this:

    The new, all-female network televised band, HOLE, is 'taking on all comers' applying for a position in an all-male band that's being formed up, that HOLE is going to call: POLE. EYE Just: thought U might wanna nose... (HOLE makes Everything FITS).

    NO DOUBLE-THINK ALLOWED - It Can't Happen - HERE, continued:
    Violence: as The Number One American Recreation of no consequence in two dimensions (passively watching other people suffer) in your livingroom, is not ('must not be') related to the number one problem in three and more dimensions, on the street and in the home. We can do without that negatively-dwelling violent street and domicile dimension (Yawn) and have no use for it. (The - by far - most widely read printed material in the United States is TV GUIDE. Draw your own horizontally and vertically tinted and contrasting conclusions.)

    The major electronics and printed news media in the mid ‘80's proclaimed a culminating age of ‘superviolence' for several years. Then announced that their predictions were wrong and/or overstated...

    (EYE decided 2 take back the previously made statement. What a relief, for a moment there EYE thought the nation was in the ever enlarging trouble it's in. But then EYE changed my <denial denying> mind. Just said ‘No' to the growing problem of national superviolence...)

    "Just: say no" 2 violence. Parents and teachers have to (CATCH 22) roll up their lazy, negligent sleeves and get nationally Involved in your basic, grass-roots unwinnable neighborhood fight against the rogue CIA-sponsored DRUG War on every other street corner from Poughkeepsie to Eureka... (D.A.R.E. Keep The rogue C.I.A. ON Cocaine & Heroine: criminalize marijuana offenders..) Refer: A MOVEABLE VIETNAM. A Continental Misunderstanding.

    There are two ways to lose your mind: Deny what is really happening - being deliberately done - to and within this country in the name of recreation, entertainment, justice and education; in your town, In your neighborhood, in your home, to your self and your wife/husband children, loved ones and friends, or, acknowledge and recognize what is happening... (No real problem can be resolved as long as it is accompanied or surrounded by a policy of denial, or non-recognition).

    Everyone is under the Orwellean-deluged. network television reinforced circumstances, obliged to lose his or her mind in one of those only two ways. The record chooses to go crazy of the latter definition, rather than going Insane, of the former definition. Acknowledge - or deny - your network television administered, syndicated preSS-injected, entertainingly amusing nazi poison in the daily community drinking water. (EYE has the cure: 'Embrace mortal terror and fear <Hack'nSlash-Her flicks>, lest they be your enemies to be feared' - Colonel Kurtz, APOCALYPSE NOW; based on Joseph Conrad's HEART OF DARKNESS, considered one of the ten top short stories - novellas - in the English language.)

    The 24 hour endless Tube Monster petitions your surrender of reason, morality and law - your denial of right from wrong and good from bad ("My higher senses for you!" - Stephen King, THE STAND, paraphrased; coming soon!). Above all HEE HEE LUVs 2 M'ACHE U LAUGH OUT LOUD WITH AS MANY FRIENDS AS POSSIBLE: at stuff that isn't even slightly funny or self-redeeming. Calling DEATHSPEAK "Ridiculous ('Silly'), and a joke'.

    "Conformist (group) aggression: The most common.
    The most powerful. The most dangerous.
    The most difficult to stop."
    - Eric Fromm,

    Meanwhile, Back At The Other Insanity Factory:
    You cannot resolve a real problem that you make a policy of denying or diminishing the importance of ... (refer 'Grid-lock' & 'DOUBLETHINK': 2 mutually conflicting parallel lines, to infinity. Refer PARALYSIS, and non growth: the end of history. The spatial murder of time, which EYE has no use for...)

    EYE Has Seed The Future, And It Is Pre-ReKorded:

    Behold Rodney King's head and body repeatedly 'lunging at and striking' the batons of the four 'normally behaving', peace officers. Behold the Orange County, California jury acquittal of the four officers back to routine duty, before the A.C.L.U. final caught up with them months later. Behold the on-duty status of the 17 and more police officers who surrounded and witnessed the entire Rodney King atrocity: without intervention. Still ‘serving & protecting' ...

    Behold the government and media-declared mass suicide (publicly telecast murder of all the immediate witnesses to the rogue government 51 day televised siege and attack: 'This is not an attack on your compound!) Waco, Tx., 19 April 1993.

    They lied on live television ('This is not an attack!') about the armored vehicle crashing through the wall and piercing the propane storage tank, instantly filling the windswept compound with flammable gas (easily ignited by any spark, pilot light or round of tracer) and tactfully cutting off the only escape route (having had and studied a detailed floor plan of the compound for nearly two months. this was not an 'accident'); murdering all but a few of the nearly one hundred occupants, but, they 'didn't lie' about who fired the first shot when it all began fifty one days earlier ('David Koresh did it'; "There will be no coverups in this administration' - Janet Reno, the day after the catastrophic burning of the ‘Branch Davidian compound', 4/19/'93. The record is not here to defend David Koresh, on the other hand, nearly one hundred innocent people including several dozen children were pinned down for nearly two months in ‘the compound'. Their electricity and water was cut off, helicopters hovered overhead playing loud music through the night: knowing there were dozens of children, with as many innocent parents, in that pinned down community. Culminating in the perishment of all but a few survivors, after 51 days of siege.

    ‘The best the ATF could do'.

    After the situation became known to the nation via television, radio and the press, then ‘rumors' - and contrived ‘testimonies' - began to circulate about David Koresh having intimate relationships with underage adolescent girls. It is noteworthy that this demonisation - the allegations about David Koresh and underage children, did not become an issue until the siege was nationally televised and reported. The original reason for the ATF going to the compound, was to question two individual men about whether they were legally in possession of firearms or not. ‘Cult leader' Koresh's alleged relationships with underage girls was not an issue at all; neither was he ever legally charged with, let alone convicted of any such behavior.

    A social worker, or routinely assigned sheriff's deputy could have been dispatched to question the two subjected men at issue. The two men the ATF wanted to question, routinely left the compound to jog and run errands. Instead, the ATF chose to pin nearly a hundred people down in their residence, on private property. Had those people survived, it is likely that they all would have served as witnesses to who fired shots at whom, first. So, apparently for this reason, all of the witnesses were perished by a fire deliberately started by the rogue ATF and the rogue F.B.I., and then heinously proclaimed as a ‘mass suicide' - perishing the witnesses to what started the siege in the first place. (Why is the record issuing this subject now? Because if it happened, with impunity, then, it can happen again.)

    Refer the film - and video - WACO: The Rules Of Engagement. The New York Times called it ".. a doozy of an investigative expose!" Siskel & Ebert gave it ‘two thumbs up!' The video jacket reads: "WACO: The Rules Of Engagement, is the story of federal law enforcement gone tragically wrong. It shows how the F.B.I. (and the ATF) repeatedly lied to the public and American political leaders in order to focus overwhelming deadly force on a group whose diversity of race, national origin and religious beliefs made them easy targets for a lethal abuse of its members' civil and human rights.'

    (TIME magazine's 24 July 1995 front page and feature article called the Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms <ATF> law enforcement agency: ‘The most hated federal law enforcement agency in the U.S.')

    The nation that will witness this and be sheepishly persuaded that what it saw and heard wasn't what was heard and seen: is looking at it's own blazing, windswept, rogue government quarantined future. Squared. Including the knowing, willfully extended torture and Immolation of dozens of children, ... (Note: 'Texas BBQ' is the rogue C.I.A. code for the murder of JFK... The A.T.F. is cookin').

    This record wishes to clarify here that it is not interested in ‘system busting', or contention with elements of law enforcement. The record is a staunch system protector, an avid law enforcement advocate and ally. On the other hand, the record has serious arguments with assigned authorities who patently betray their oaths of office; abuse their power, compounding this abuse by covering up their transgressions, blaming innocent people, and lying to the public and key representatives of the American government and protectors of the - much revered - U.S. constitution (and their fellow officers) about the cited abuse of power(s).

    Free (Presidential) Speech- continued:

    Behold: The network televised Ford-Carter Debate of 1976: at the moment Carter asked Ford to respond to his question regarding "illegal CIA operations inside the United States" - at that precise moment - all three television networks carrying that live debate, went off the air - to DEAD AIR - for twenty eight .(28) consecutive minutes (Sssshhhhhhh-ut up! ....) ('EYE didn't see it! EYE didn't see it!')

    'The people will not (Dare) hear and see what they see and hear, will not understand what they understand; will not recognize what they know. - George Orwell, 1984.

    Panic At The Insanity Factory
    More Network DeathSpeak. Doublethink & 'Feel-Good' Rape Mentality. The Imposition Of Sex Where It's Unwelcome & Doesn't Belong, continued:

    The lst & 14th Constitutional amendments are said to give 12 year old Brooke Shield's parents and the entertainment industry 'the Constitutional right' to sexually abuse and assault the nation with her, in a 1977 movie (PRETTY BABY) you must be 18 years old to see. 1978 will find 13 year old Brooke standing alongside George Burns on THE ACADEMY AWARDS SHOW, 'reassuring' her national audience that she was "wearing a body stocking in the sex scenes", and that PRETTY BABY "was in good taste': straight from the Kiddie porn industry's amusing off-stage cue card. (Upon appearing on the JOAN RIVERS SHOW, the host will greet B.S. with the words... ‘You're, so normal!')

    This is not an issue of ‘censorship' as those who divert from the issue would have it be. This is an issue of the sexual abuse of children: in the industrialized name of ‘entertainment'... There is no federal statute of limitations on the sexual abuse of children. The Hollywood sequestered producers and directors of Pretty Baby and Blue Lagoon, are still at large, along with her parents and everyone else accessoried to those movie making facts - elaborate, unerasable forensic evidence availablel at BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO stores, everywhere ('Normal as the Dickens').

    How normal EYE is:
    "Kiddie pornography Is big business these days!"
    - J. Kluggman on QUINCY.

    (Enter in google:
    'San Francisco Presidio Army Base rogue C.I.A. Pedophile Cult'.)

    How Normal and Big EYE is, continued:
    George Burns will assure his national (‘78 ACADEMY AWARDS) television audience and all of the mirthful tux & tailed audience members that 'the rumors' about himself liking younger women and being 'romantically involved with Brooke, are totally untrue'. Thirteen year old Brooke will confirm that; but add that the rumor 'helps sell tickets'; to her and George's new film - JUST YOU AND ME KID, ‘because sex sells'. George responds: "If EYE were romantically involved with Brooke: EYE would sell tickets"... 1978 ACADEMY AWARDS SHOW. audience-laughter, applause, howls, snickers. If B. S. lives to be 100 yrs. old and makes that many movies, it's still the same:

    The nation that will laugh-at, be complicit with, tolerate or be deprived of recourse against such ostensibly vile atrocity: the public, sexual attack-on and abuse-of children In the name of 'entertainment': will laugh-at, be complicit with, tolerate, or be deprived of recourse to any abuse whatsoever'. The tolerance-thresholds of that person and nation having been reduced to no limits whatever. (Refer ‘tolerance threshhold expansion'. Until: if and when there is ever, even so much as a public flag recognized as being down on this (exemplary) unchallenged, ominously popular and proliferating, pedophile-motivated play.

    This indictment is equally applicable to the same nation that will be deprived of meaningful government response or public recourse to the assassination of President John Kennedy and Atty. General - presidential candidate Robert Kennedy, both of whom were murdered by covert and large portions of the rogue U.S. Corporate State controlled government.

    As long as these atrocities go publicly ‘normalized'; unconfronted and unresolved (the hard evidence of the JFK assassination sequestered from the public until the year 2027), the mesmerized public may look forward with complete confidence, to more and increasingly worsening and bolder abominations.

    'Wide Open Media & Free Speech', continued:
    Not a critical word about B. Shields from the ‘gutsy' GERALDO 'Investigative Journalist', show. Oprah Winfrey blows it off with DONAHUE, MAURY POVICH, Mary Lou & Ricki Lake! None of these ‘American Journalists', have any use for that boringly critical dimension and prefer to rivet-rivet the nation with cheating lovers, topless dancers, X-rated home videos blurred-over where the law requires, 70 pounds of twin topless mammaries and live 911 calls from terrified women and children as they are actually victimized right in their own homes(!).

    Why publicly contest network Nazism and pedophilia when there are so many women, children and suspected #### to be publicly screwed! And so little time! Don't miss it as long as it isn't you or yours! You can HELP! You 'PUNK mothers and fathers' "can do nothing-nothing about it! Because! it doesn't make any difference! And! Nobody cares! (Pass it on)".

    The key to brain-washing (perverse normalization) is repetition - Have you seen NATURAL BORN KILLERS, yet? How many times? In your living room, or on the street? Have you or your children trashed the local Vets Hall and denigrated veterans at a PUNK ROCK concert in your community - 'in protest to militarism' yet?

    The Board Of Supervisors in Santa Cruz is on record as having prohibited its U.S. Navy from giving its crew's Liberty in its sea port. ‘In protest to militarism.' To prove that Santa Cruz is a peace loving community.

    Tell those 18 year old Sailors & Marines that may have to die for you and yours at any time, and who are working for every community in the United States, every day, tell them to stay out of your town. The local Board Of Supervisors says they made this decision 'for peace'. They (the same Santa Cruz county, California Supervisory Board, in the immediate wake of the earthquake of 17 October, ‘89) do not on the other hand. banish the military leadership - welcoming the President and the United States and his entourage with open arms and a rolled out red, caboose-kissing carpet, while simultaneously making their publicly flaunted, 'peace demonstrating' point by ostracizing the politically powerless Grunts.

    This is a local parody of the grip of national hypocrisy and dangerous ignorance this country's leadership is arrogantly parading; with impunity.

    Tricia Nixon and M. A. Voltaire are on a roll ... Meanwhile, without a military, there would be no Board of Supervisors to make these upside down and backwards, devil worshipping, satanistic decisions. There would be no U.S.A. There would be no civilization... No art. No writing. No science. No architecture. There would only be barbarian True War and fear and warrior stoicism, everyday. Brought to you by the exemplary, infinitely arrogant, 'PEACEMAKING!' Santa Cruz Board Of Supervisors ('Sailors & Dogs: Keep Off The Grass'/ 'May EYE kiss your az. Mr. President?') ...

    Poll a cross section of people on the street and learn that every one of them has heard of Mick (Cops=kriminals /SinnerS=SaintS) Jagger - many can quote him for a half hour without repeating themselves.

    Ask them who Buckminster Fuller, John Stuart Mill, Eric Fromm or Bertrand Russell is and/or what they accomplished: the average polled individual will uniformly reply 'Who?'. Inquire of the 'well read' man on the street what he thinks of 'PSY-WAR' projected on the American public via network television and in the THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT Industry, and the vast majority of polled persons will blankly look at you out of their TV-BLASTED orbs and vacantly reply: 'What?'

    Buzzwords such as 'Psywar' and 'crazymaking' are rarely if ever used via network television, because they are abbreviated reflections - powerful and brief vocabularies - describing exactly what today's television programming is (Crazymaking) and does (Brain-washing).

    Television is the most powerful educational tool on the planet. It is successfully teaching its average eight hour per-day-per-American Houshold-audience ("EYE don't watch It much") Perhaps not, but you cannot escape the Influence of those who do) not to see, hear, understand or know what they know, hear, see and understand...

    Madonna, for example, is no longer the mother of Christ. No indeed. She is now devil-worshipped as a junk-shooting, coke snorting, athletic men's-locker-room-screwing, loud-mouthed nazi-liberation sex symbol.

    Madonna Role-Model representatively supposes A.I.D.S. is a candy mint(!) Knows It's for wimpy ####, people with bad karma, and, has no fashionably foul-mouthed, mudder-f---ing use for it (Madonna was 'bleeped' over a dozen times for using those MutterFlocking words, during her appearance on the Johnny Carson show) ...

    "I don't see no light in here: nowhere!" - Jimi Hendrix

    The Invisible ('What?') War, continued:

    ‘What is shown on television is what the public wants to see!'
    - All Four Networks of Public Access Television:

    The Vietnam War for ten years. The Assassination of JFK. THE DRUG WAR. Rodney King His L.A.P.D. Friends. Janet Leigh in the PSYCHO shower: on loop... The Waco atrocity. The WTC Twin Towers. The invasion of the Middle East by the United States. The U.S. deployed troop casualties in Iraq.

    Is the ‘SNUFF' MOVIE'S rivet-riveted audience identifrying with the victim ('the loser'), or the assailant ('the winner')..? Vicarious practice Makes Perfect...(‘Don't be a loser')

    TV GUIDE says:
    it's what U, your family and neighbors want 2 see.

    Object lesson: 'Don't be a victim!' ('Take responsibility' <for what someone else is responsible for> Identify with the victory of the winning- <brute force dominated,> side; be 'in control'): Shun, and/or ridicule and torment victims, who 'must have had it coming to them'. Recognize assailants <Winners!> as bleSSed punishing instruments of God's Divine Justice. Call the ominously rising crime epidemic 'karma' and 'God's Will'... ('No satanism <'is a laughing matter'> allowed')

    Has your neighborhood sat on its impotently surrendered, woman hating, wide-eyed, devil-worshipping duff and 'harmlessly' thrilled to (and/or denied) HOLOCAUST yet? How many times?

    ('Don't miss the educationally thrilling, super sensitive, artfully executed, tastefully re-run conclusion! In SS'mello-vision! Next! You and you're family can sit snugly and securely, snapping, crackling and popping at a safe distance from your fireplace, in the exquisite, Amy-Vanderbuilt-certified comfort of your own home: watching 'everybody else' burn!' SponSored buy DORITO'S Good-Feel!, RippedOff, Mangled Old Lady Chips! w' "Make 7 ! UP YOURS!").

    "The average American has audio-visually witnessed (artificially experienced) on television, between 18 and 30 thousand vividly depicted incidents of murder and rape: before he or she is eighteen years old." - The Bureau Of National Statistics, 1987.

    (Segue to LEVI'S 501 Barndoor- ZIP - Comm. Reinforced by Michael Jackson on network TV playing with his johnson through his clothing, making intrusive, invasionary public masturbation, fashionably ‘masculine' national behavior: publicizing the private.)

    TV GUIDE swears it makes you a better person. "Parents (and teachers) are responsible for what their children (students) see (artificially experience) on television". - TV GUIDE

    EYE Would Never Lie To You Or With-hold The Truth From You, continued:

    There were no network public service messages warnings of AIDS until early 1990: The epidemic started ten years earlier, If the public 'responded to AIDS' it would dramatically reduce going out every weekend and spending money on clothes, gasoline, oil, automobiles, cocktails, restaurants & motels in promiscuous pursuit of getting laid ('scoring, like Madonna & Hugh Hefner'), and then: the already tentative economy would collapse through It's own un-washed Corporate State sphincter, overnight.

    This is apparently why it took ten years of the growing epidemic before there was even so much as a public service message warning the public of AIDS. Prior to early 1990, the public only heard about AIDS through 'the news', and, people who had contracted it.

    Ronald Reagan denied AIDS as a serious national problem through all eight years of his 80's presidency.

    The CorporateState-Dictated rogue C.I.A. murdered John & Robert Kennedy and drove us into Vietnam. Robert Kennedy was shot at point blank range - leaving residual powder burns behind his right ear - by a security guard named 'Thane Cesar' who was accompanying senator Kennedy and at his immediate right flank when Sirhan opened fire; Cesar could not explain having expended a round from his pistol as the event unfolded, and has never been called to public account for this.

    Over 20 witnesses testified that Sirhan-Sirhan was never closer than two feet from - and was standing in front of - the forthcoming President Of The United States when he was shot to death in the kitchen pantry of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, 5 June, 1968. Robert Kennedy was hit several times by .22 caliber bullets, but the killing round was .38 caliber, behind his right ear. He was also going to pull us out of Vietnam' . - Paraphrased, page 604, *THE PEOPLE'S ALMANAC #1, by David Wallechinsky and Irving Stone. *This a 1974 book is out of print and the qualified rogue 'government' burns every copy it gets hold of.

    QUESTION: What is Jackie Kennedy doing on the decklid of the presidential limousine in Dealy Plaza?

    ANSWER: The Zapruder film clearly reveals she is recovering a large right-most portion of her husband's brain and head; which one of the chief surgeons at Park Memorial hospital has publicly testified she gave to him upon her arrival: proving JFK was also hit from the front, proving a rifle in front of the president; proving a cover-up from the Inside. The record has never seen any mainstream media discussion of this anywhere at any time. The mainstream media, in the experience of this record, consistently ‘explains' that Mrs. Kennedy is trying to escape the vehicle that is under fire and is discouraged from doing so by the nearest Secret Service agent behind the presidential limousine. On the other hand, outside of the mainstream press: Jim Garrison's ON THE TRAIL OF THE ASSASSINS does subject Mrs. Kennedy's real motive, along with the book, and HIGH TREASON, by Groden and Livingston.

    Covert, rogue CIA cells have since buried this country in hard drugs with accompanying rampant national violence including network television psywar programming and normalized neighborhood pedophilia, in that order. The U.S. beat the 3rd Reich in Europe and the 'undeclared' 4th Reich has risen since and taken this country from the infrastructural, media-controlled inside.
    Mae Magnin Brussell was murdered in 1988 for revealing all of this and much more, via small radio stations (KKUP) in Central-Coastal California, over a ten year period, beginning in 1978. The SANTA CRUZ EXPRESS ('alternative newspaper') dutifully obituaried her as "a quack conspiracy theorist"; also published an article praising cocaine and condemning marijuana.
    The Mae Brussell Memorial Information Center in Santa Cruz, CA. has been burglarized twice since her death in 1988. Massive amounts of her irreplaceable (‘useless') files have been methodologically and feloniously stolen in the dead of night; doubtless for their 'useless', 'quack conspiratorial' value...

    Copyright 1994 - 2007 by K. B. Robertson, all rights reserved. With acknowledgements, may be reproduced for educational and non commercial purposes.
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    On War & Violence (Precursor to domestic American violence.)


    PsyWar & Remedies For It: Past and Present

    The Seville Statement
    "At a meeting (* in Spain) at Seville University in 1986, a majority of those present issued a statement, modeled on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's Statement on Race, condemning belief in man's violent nature in absolute terms.

    The Seville Statement contains five articles, each beginning 'It Is scientifically Incorrect'. The articles together amount to a condemnation of all characterisations of man as naturally violent. In succession they deny that 'we have inherited a tendency to make war from our animal ancestors' or that 'war or any other violent behavior is genetically programmed into our human nature', or that 'in the course of human evolution there has been a selection for aggressive behavior more than for other kinds of behavior' or that 'humans have a "violent brain", or, finally, that ‘war is caused by "instinct", or any single motivation'.
    - John Keegan, A HISTORY OF WARFARE, p.p. 79-81

    “... organized (offensively motivated) war is not a human instinct. It is a highly planned and co-operative form of theft. And that form of theft began ten thousand years ago when the harvesters of wheat accumulated a surplus, and the nomads rose out of the desert to rob them of what they themselves could not provide. The evidence for what we see in the walled city of Jericho and its prehistoric tower. That is the beginning of (organized, offensively motivated) war.

    “Ghengis Khan and his Mongol dynasty brought that thieving way of life into our own millennium. From AD 1200 to 1300 they made one of the last major attempts to establish the supremacy of the robber who produced nothing and who, in his feckless way, comes to take from the peasant (who has nowhere to flee) the surplus that agriculture accumulates.

    “Yet that attempt failed. And it failed because in the end there was nothing for the Mongols to do, except themselves adopt the way of life of the people that they had conquered... They became settlers because theft, offensive war, is not a permanent state that can be sustained.”
    J. Bronowski, THE ASCENT OF MAN, p. 88

    There is even today a game played by Afghani and TurkoMongol Freeman, called ‘the Buz Kashi’. There is no teamwork or co-operative sides. Only a group of horsemen who agree as individuals to compete for the objective to snatch up a decapitated calf (apparently representing a rustled bovine from a civilized herd) and transport the slaughtered and stolen carcass around some marking flags to return to a circular goal before any of the other players can stop him by any (weaponless) means. J. Bronowski comments on this activity:

    “The Buz Kashi is a war game. What makes it electric is the cowboy ethic: riding as an act of war. It expresses the monomaniac culture of conquest; the predator posing as a hero because he rides the whirlwind. But the whirlwind is empty. Horse or tank. Genghis Khan or Hitler or Stalin, it can only feed on the labors of other men. The nomad in his last historic role as war maker is still an anachronism, and worse, in a world that has discovered, in the last twelve thousand years, that civilization is made by settled people.”
    - J. Bronowski, THE ASCENT OF MAN, p. 86

    In a friendly field of competition, over 300 WRITERS FOR PEACE volunteered to write a peace-encouraging essay - In one page; the following essay was selected for publication:

    Recreational Woman Hating In The U.S.

    "A woman in a three piece suit is shiek, whereas, a man in an evening gown is fired."
    (Refer: The non-sequitur & oxymoron teamed up with the three body problem.)
    - K. B. Robertson

    What is ‘gay bashing’, when there is no gay to bash?
    Randomly & punitively Projecting the role of a woman, on a man.
    What Is (alleged) ‘Homophobia’ When There Is No Queer To Fear?
    ANSWER: Racist, sexist hate-crime.


    THE ART OF WAR - Sun Tzu
    ON WAR - Karl Von Clauzewitz

    ON AGGRESSION - Konrad Lorenz

    ON KILLING - Lt. Col. Grossman

    ON VIOLENCE: The Code Of Denial & Silence;
    The Normalization Of Betrayals Of Oaths Of Public Office
    - K.B. Robertson


    Face To Face Killing In The 20th Century
    - Joanna Bourke


    THE ABUSE OF POWER - Theodore Draper

    TO END WAR - R. Pickus & R. Woito

    NOMADS, CIVILIZATION & WAR - K. B. Robertson


    A HISTORY OF WARFARE - John Keegan

    The Male Sexist Oracle. The American Way - K.B. Robertson

    WOMEN IN WAR - Shelly Saywell



    THE FIRST CASUALTY - Phillip Knightly
    (‘In times of war, truth is the first casualty’. - Sen. H. Johnson, 1917)

    THE MASK OF COMMAND - John Keegan



    GENGHIS KHAN - Harold Lamb

    THE EARTH IS THE LORD’S - Taylor Caldwell

    POLAND - James Michener

    The I CHING - author(s) unknown.

    THE KORAN - Muhammed
    The TORAH & TALMUD - author(s) unknown
    The BAGHADVAD GITA - author(s) unknown
    The Old & New Testament of the Holy Bible - Plural authors

    THE ROYAL HORDES - E.D. Phillips

    HISTORY OF THE MONGOLS - Bertold Spuler

    VIOLENCE & CRIME: In Cross National Perspective
    - Archer and Gartner

    THE GOOD WAR - Studs Terkel

    THE DIALECTIC CYCLE - Cyclic Pendulum - OF HISTORY - Friedrich Hegel

    THE ART OF MISSING THE POINT: When You Can't Afford To Catch On. - K. B. Robertson

    The Self Destruction Of The Greek State By Civil Wars - Herodotus (& standard references.)

    DESCRIPTIONS OF THE NEW WORLD: The Travels Of Marco Polo
    - Marco Polo, translated by William Marsden

    THE VOYAGE OF THE BEAGLE - Charles Darwin


    ANTI VIOLENCE STATEMENTS: Suppression Of Great Minds - Albert Einstein

    THE HISTORY OF THE MINOANS - Standard reference sources

    SOLDIERS - John Keegan


    THE YASA - Genghis Khan (As translated by Rashid al Din.)

    THE DISCOVERERS - Daniel J. Boorstin

    THE DESCENT OF WOMAN - Elaine Morgan

    THE ASCENT OF MAN - J. Bronowski
    THE NAKED APE - Desmond Morris


    THE LOOM OF LANGUAGE - Frederick Bodmer

    THE SOURCE - James Michener

    THE CIVIL WAR - National Geographic



    - Standard informational resources

    WORLD WAR II - John Keegan




    RUNNING FROM SAFETY - Richard Bach

    - Mackay

    THE ART OF MISSING THE POINT: When You Can’t Afford To Catch On
    - K.B. Robertson

    - *Time / Life Publishers (*1/1/’84 Feature Article)

    - K.B. Robertson


    A MOVEABLE VIETNAM: A Continental Misunderstanding - K.B. Robertson
    THE ART OF BEING - Fromm
    ON BEING HUMAN - Fromm

    TRANSFORMING A RAPE CULTURE - Buchwald, Fletcher & Roth

    Political Manipulation & Mind Control In America - J. Vankin

    THE CONQUEST OF HAPPINESS - Bertrand Russell
    The Deliberate Manufacturing Of Falsehoods And What It Is Doing To Our Lives
    - Mitroff & Bennis

    Confusion, Disinformation & Communication - Watzlawick
    “...let us go down and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.” - Genesis 11:7 (Refer, 1984 <NewSpeak & DoubleThink> by George Orwell)

    25 YEARS OF CENSORED NEWS - P. Phillips

    AGAINST OUR WILL: Men, Women & Rape - Susan Brownmiller

    - K.B. Robertson



    THE INVISIBLE (‘What?’) WAR: A War Of Perception
    K.B. Robertson

    - K.B. Robertson





    WAR and ANTI-WAR: Survival At The Dawn Of The 21st Century
    Alvin and Heidi Tofler (Authors of FUTURE SHOCK and THE THIRD WAVE)

    A Memorial Of The Murder Of Corine Christensen In 1986
    - K.B. Robertson

    - K.B. Robertson

    The Invisible (‘What?) War: A War Of Perception
    - K.B. Robertson

    THE INVISIBLE 1984 MACHINE: The Conquest Of The United States part II
    Consumer Of Children, Sanity & Law (The Intersection Studies)
    - K.B. Robertson

    Circumlocuting the value of life. The uniformly imposed expendability of individual persons. Order Thru Chaos. The surrender of autonomy. An easy flight down a prolifically beaten path - escape - from freedom.


    The lst edition of this (herein excerpted) small press book was published in December of '94. This 2nd amplified edition was released in April of '95. The 3rd edition is underway and will include a substantial INDEX reference as well as an amplified chapter on PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE.

    Copyright 1994 - 2007 by K. B. Robertson, all rights reserved. With acknowledgements, may be reproduced for educational and non-commercial purposes.
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