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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by aaqucnaona, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. birch Valued Senior Member

    japanese americans? there are very few japanese americans in comparison to other asians such as chinese, koreans, vietnamese, filipino etc.

    you can see the height difference with most asians, even in asia, though chinese and koreans are much, much taller than japanese. you can also tell the reason which is their diet. contrary to myth, japanese diet is poor in comparison to other asian cuisines. they tend to boil their vegetables, eat fried foods and not much meat and very little fruit or vegetables in comparison to other asian diets. their primary diet is very starchy with usually some fried piece of meat or vegetable or heavily boiled crap with just a smidgen of something fresh on the side. their diet is not very varied or as nutritionally abundant. their soil is also poor and their fruit and vegetable quality is lower as well. they are also way too introverted which is proving a serious malady.

    also, there is way too much hype over japan when they are in decline and china, korea and southeast asia are on the move. also, they are the most unattractive of the northeast asians. koreans and chinese tower over them, even the younger people by a good foot and most japanese have strange facial features that resemble cat like or something a bit odd. its very rare to see a good-looking japanese male though females may be more plentiful but still not as much as chinese or koreans which both good-looking sexes are in abundance in the under thirty set. in japan, not even.

    their culture is also not interesting anymore and very dull because they are even more conformist and introverted than the others which is not working anymore. china, korea and southeast asia is now more progressive, vibrant and world connected than japan.
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  3. WillNever Valued Senior Member

    China and Korea are home to some of the highest concentrations of cyber-pests in the world.

    Tons of websites in the last couple of years have been experiencing "SYN flood attacks on port 80." It is a type of distributed denial of service attack and mainly it has been originating in Taiwan. The attacks are being launched against numerous websites and from multiple origins in China and Korea too. I have no idea why the little fucks doing this are trying to disrupt the web with this nonsense, but hey... I have never understood why the Chinese do any of the things that they do these days. Maybe they're hoping that if they push us far enough, then we'll reciprocate... by decisively helping to alleviate their overpopulation problem.

    Tons of privately owned servers have already begun to block every single IP that originates in the Asian-Pacific region from entering their entire website. That includes ALL users from China, Viet Nam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Korea. Most of those sites at least try to keep the lines open to Japan. We shouldn't be too worried about the Japanese.

    You can read more about the problem here. That file is from 2002, when China launched a similar rash of cyber attacks.

    BELOW: A photo of some shirtless chinese hackers who haven't showered in days. God only knows what these little bastards get out of all this.

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  5. Promo Registered Senior Member

    Speaking about the height I am 6'6" my father is 5'9" mother is 5'8". The tallest person in either side's line was only 6'1" so I am significantly taller than anyone in the family; I've gone back 4 generations to check this. I also have blondish hair and blue eyes, parents and grandparents are brown eyes and brown/black hair. Both my parents were born Hearing Impaired (deaf). My fathers parents were also born deaf and we can trace back deafness to every other male along my father’s side. I was born hearing, my brother was born deaf (he passed away shortly after birth to SIDS). Yes I’ve asked several times if I was adopted, I just find it odd I have really none of the same features as anyone else in my family’s history going back 4 generations.
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