Olympics - wrong verses right?

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    Over the last few days I have been watching the events unfold in Rio, the sporting achievements of individuals in the name of their country and the anthems of nationalism and the league table of medals assigned to countries.

    Previous to this (as with many host nations) protests against the opulence of the games as people live in slums, go hungry, are homeless and are disadvantaged in all manner of ways. There was the scandal of the systemic doping by Russia and other individuals and the general facade of how best to show case a nations pride on the global stage, despite of and just because of.

    Is this a power concept? after all most of the population of Brazil cant afford to attend the games, this equating to a large proportion of their monthly wage (if they work) to buy a ticket. This, a symptom of a wider socio- economic aspect of a developing economy, what was a male, Caucasian dominated government were ousted by overt corruption and impeachment. Again, we sometimes take despite what we leave. Isn't this fundamental to us all? What makes a nation/ person wish to cheat to win? what or who benefits? Humanity at its rawest form, to have rather than have not, to project what is simply not there, to survive?

    There is no detraction from the fact that these traits have been with us since we evolved from nothing, from the simplest form of life to the most modern manifestation of the mammalian. Yes we get a lot wrong.

    What do we get right? The violence of the recent European Football tournament was well documented, where sporting activities turned to political and tribal ideology culminating in general affray with the threats of exclusion for the most reported countries and its protagonists.

    My view the games represent so much more. Granted, the more disadvantaged countries are vastly underrepresented, with little infrastructure to encourage sport as a profession let alone a pastime. Richer economies thrive with repeat wins of gold, topping the charts of GDP and self inflation.

    I'm British, Fiji gave us a lesson in the Ruby 7's of humility and how to behave when you've had your shorts pulled down and made to walk with your thumb in your mouth. It was their first gold medal, was there violence,no, a deflating disappointment, possibly, a nod of respect and a congratulatory well done, absolutely.

    So whats the difference? Nations, faiths and diverse cultures sitting side by side in admiration of competition, an overarching compulsion of positive globalisation, humanity, a slither of understanding that by sheer fortune, we could all be living in squalor, dying of disease, subject to tyranny or have the simplest of expectations of safety.

    The games somehow show us what we are, how far we have evolved, how much we are still savage. Symbolism yes, Utopian rhetoric probably but more than this, in troubled times, hope for hopes sake.

    We all have a construction of the merits and and issues the games may bring, for the detractors I refer you to Jesse Owens. For me, I welcome another thrashing from Fiji, long live the underdog, hopefully one day the dentist will fix my teeth because I unblocked his drain and the only exchange was a handshake.
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