Old Tort laws made more sense.

Discussion in 'Ethics, Morality, & Justice' started by Dinosaur, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. joepistole Deacon Blues Valued Senior Member

    They did investigate Rice, and found there was no there, there...oops. But then you wouldn't know because the right wing news sources you listen to didn't tell you, did they? Republicans have spent almost 3 decades investigating Clinton. How much more investigating do you want? How much more investigation of the Clinton can be done?

    They are just beginning to investigate Trump and they have already amassed a mountain of evidence. Do they have a smoking gun? If they do, it hasn't been revealed. But that doesn't mean one doesn't exist. It took them months to find the smoking gun in Watergate Scandal. In fact, it took more than a year to find the smoking gun.

    I'd say you are more of a Fox News watcher and writer, but developing your own ideas? I think that's more of a fantasy. You just mimic whatever it is you hear on Fox News. There’s no thinking going on there.

    And your evidence to support that assertion is where? Unlike the American right, the American left has nothing comparable to right wing echo chambers like Fox News and right wing radio.

    Where have you been Wellwisher? Oh that’s right, you have been watching and listening to right wing echo chambers. Trump’s Russian connections have been in the news every day. The story hasn’t gone away. Trump was able to successfully scuttle the House investigation by compromising the Republican charged with conducting the House investigation, and now the Senate is conducting the investigation. But that doesn’t mean the investigation has gone away. Just because Fox News and right wing radio aren’t reporting it, it doesn’t mean the mainstream media isn’t reporting the story.

    The real news isn’t Rice. Everyone who has reviewed Rice’s actions has found them to be normal and lawful. Rice did nothing wrong. But they you don’t know that because you hangout in right wing echo chambers like Fox News. Trump used the fake Rice scandal in attempt to distract the public from his Russian connections. It didn’t work, and it led to the removal of the House Republican charged with leading the investigation into Trump’s Russian connections because he participated in the distraction.

    What the hell is that about? Yeah, Republicans broke into the DNC headquarters. And? If you are alluding to the Trump’s accusation that Obama illegally tapped Trump’s phone lines, Trump has been unable to support his accusations with any evidence. Trump has been repeatedly requested to provide evidence to back up his assertion and he has repeatedly been unable to provide that evidence. Moreover, the FBI has investigated the allegation and hasn’t found an iota of evidence to support Trump’s allegation, and Obama has denied Trump's allegation.

    Unfortunately for both you and Trump, and your Russian comrades, you need evidence and you have none. This ain’t Russia. Just because Trump or one of your fellow right wing comrades says something or writes something it doesn't follow that it is true, because most often it is not.
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  3. joepistole Deacon Blues Valued Senior Member

    That's not true, physicians are policed by physicians just as lawyers are policed by lawyers. Each state has medical board just as each state has a board of lawyers (bar association) to police the legal profession.

    Tort reform wasn't included in Obamacare because it really doesn't apply to Obamacare. There is no credible reason tort reform would reduce healthcare costs. With respect to healthcare costs, tort costs are insignificant.
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