Oil Doesn't Come From Dead Dinosaurs

Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by OilIsMastery, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. OilIsMastery Banned Banned

    Because no biological molecule can survive past the critical temperature of water, strictly speaking the critical temperature of salt water, which is 5 to 7 kilometers deep depending on whether or not you are in a marine or continental environment.

    Deepest bacteria = 4,000 feet below the mudline.

    Deepest archea = 5,000 feet below the mudline.

    Deepest fossil = 5,280 feet below the mudline.

    Thunderhawk = 25,885 feet deep.

    Oops. Abiotic theory 1, fossil fuel cult 0.
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  3. iceaura Valued Senior Member

    So, is this deliberate dishonesty, or has OIL still - after repeated corrections - failed to master the distinction between the length of a well and the depth of a well, or the difference between drilling down and drilling sideways ?
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  5. OilIsMastery Banned Banned

    No. The deliberate dishonesty is all yours. After repeated corrections you have failed to master literacy and reading comprehension. You think up is down and left is right.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2008
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  7. Trippy ALEA IACTA EST Staff Member


    Oh look at that.

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    How do you suppose that leaf got in the coal if it's abiogenic (not the only example I have).

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    So with two images, I have shown that (as Coals meet your definition of hydrocarbons) that hydrocarbons contain fossils.
  8. Trippy ALEA IACTA EST Staff Member


    Glasby also asserts that Methane can not exist in the conditions observed in the mantle.
  9. Trippy ALEA IACTA EST Staff Member

    You're quoting Vellikovsky?

    Vellikovsky - the author of "Worlds in Collision", which stated that the classical myths of the greek culture were collective recollections of astophysical events, and that venus was ejected from the body of Jupiter and then went careening around the inner solar system, crashing into planets, wreaking havoc on the earth and causing the disasters mentioned in exodous.

    Vellikovskys works have been widely discredited by all but a few zealous followers, and his misconceptions, and the factual inaccuracies in his work have been widely documented.

    The first part of your post is a falsehood. I also seriously doubt the reliability of a source the references the lost continent Mu.
  10. Trippy ALEA IACTA EST Staff Member



    Although the crust was originally 'simply' cooled mantle, there have been numerous processes acting on the crust that mean that this is no longer true. The crust is no longer simply cooled mantle.

    It has been weathered, and chemically altered, it has also been refined - parts of the crust are now actually recycled crust (the associated magmas typically have a very high silica content).
  11. Trippy ALEA IACTA EST Staff Member


    Oh dear, aside from the fact that you're talking about Organisms, and yet biogenesis does not require the host organism to be living.

    Moreover, citing the dinosaur bone is a bait-and-switch, it might be the deepest land-animal dinosaur bone found so far, however, the Isua Greenstone belt contains the oldest known fossils in the world - 3.7 GYA.

    The Isua green stone belt is a series of schistose metamorphosed volcanic and sedimentary rocks.

    The Isua Green stones also shows evidence of having been subducted deep enough to have begun partially remelting, therefore your assertions are in error.

    Oh, and for the record, comparable cratons also contain eclogite, which is (essentially) what forms when the upper mantle comes in contact with the crust, so the evidence strongly suggests that these rocks have been as low as rocks can go, and carried these fossils with them.

    Also, it should be pointed out that one of your own sources (the one that mentioned the lost continent of Mu) demonstrated that there is a very strong correlation between the presence of Oil, and the presence of subduction zones (shown in red in this map).

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    Indicating that it is potentially tied in with rapid burial, heating, and pressure. Were your assertions true, one might expect the oil fields to be tied in more strongly with rifting (I'm going to take the time to point out that back arc spreading requires the presence of a subduction zone).
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2008
  12. OilIsMastery Banned Banned

    LOL. Only as a contaminant. Coal also contains human tools...

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  13. OilIsMastery Banned Banned

    Unfortunately for Mr. Glasby assertions are nothing more than assertions.

    Science on the other hand is science: http://www.pnas.org/content/101/39/14023.full

    "I don't think anybody's arguing that gas couldn't be generated from the mantle." -- Barry J. Katz, 2002
  14. OilIsMastery Banned Banned

    No biological molecule can survive subduction into the mantle.

    No biological molecule can survive subduction into the mantle.

    No biological molecule can survive subduction into the mantle...

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    Unfortunately for you the association is overwhelming.


    "Geologists engaged in the search for oil and gas fields ought now to begin reappraising the facts at their disposal and analyzing them from positions of crustal fault tectonics." -- Ivan I. Chebanenko, 1966
  15. Trippy ALEA IACTA EST Staff Member

    Keep chanting that all you want, it wont make it any more relevant.

    First off, it's a strawman fallacy - I wasn't discussing the survivability of biological matter in the mantle, I was pointing out to you that we have direct physical evidence of biological material having been buried to depths much greater then the deepest well - thus proving that your assertion that there are oil fields below where we've found fossils is a falsehood (and a false flag fallacy).

    Either the link is broken, or it's a pay-per-view site.

    This paper discusses how different continental margins influence oil distribution.

    This one requires laxer security settings then I am willing to allow on my laptop.

    Pay per view.

    Directly contradicts things you've said elsewhere, by making the point that the Mexico oil fields occur in low oxidation state, and suggests that (essentially) becuase of fluid flow models, future oil exploration should invetigate areas of strike-slip or shear faulting more closely.

    Well, done, this one actually disagrees with me (but, ironically, not in a way that supports abiogenesis). It's a pity it's the second to last one on your list. What this one says is that the second largest source of giant oil fields is sag basins in continents - where you've got buried biological material being heated from below, and a series of faults that allow its migration to areas where it can be trapped, or bubble to the surface. IN all honesty, in more depth then I had considered. I should have made it explicitly clear, but I was referring to mid ocean spreading ridges versus subduction zones.

    Incidentally, it says that the biggest source is passive margins (which is consistent with biogenesis) and the third biggest source is collision margins between continents (also consistent with Biogenesis).

    Now this is a little bit dishonest of you - you've essentially cited the same paper twice.

    Congratulations. You managed to prove that I was hastey with my observations based on a statitsically insignificant sample!

    Well Done! ^_^
  16. Vkothii Banned Banned

    Do you know what dates have been assigned to these human tools that have been found in coal seams? Or what dating techniques were applied to them?

    Or did you make this up, like most of the stuff you post?

    P.S. What's a "biological molecule" made out of, that means it can't survive in the mantle?
  17. Trippy ALEA IACTA EST Staff Member

    So the piece of wood that I have floating around here somewhere, that is clearly part of the coal, and has been clearly coalified is just a contaminant.

    But tell me, if Coal is intrusive, and those leaves that I posted pictures of that have been coalified are merely contamination, how did they get there?

    Also, maybe you'd care to explain the continuum of coal types which starts with peat and lignite.
  18. Trippy ALEA IACTA EST Staff Member

    But his assertions are still strong enough for you to quote when you think they support your argument?

    This is going to border on an ad-hominem fallacy, but you're like a kid with a new toy, you keep waving that article around like it proves something other then under specific circumstances in the mantle it might be possible to generate Methane.

    Frankly, it's getting boring.
  19. synthesizer-patel Sweep the leg Johnny! Valued Senior Member

    why is it that whenever I read through a thread which Oilly posts in these days I hear the Laurel and Hardy theme tune playing in my head?

    That's another fine mess you got me into!

    I'm sorry Oily (weep sob etc)

    (see what I did there?)
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2008
  20. OilIsMastery Banned Banned

    Hiya Synth. Science is a bitch isn't it?

    "The elemental distribution in the crude oil from all studied deposits does not match such of any known crustal rock." -- Kirill S. Ivanov, 2007
  21. DwayneD.L.Rabon Registered Senior Member

    Maybe this will help in the discussion, The below map shows the world with the current Atmospheric content of oxygen converted to water, which about 21% to 24% of the earths atmopshere, the remainder being Nitrogen.
    The map it self sets the stage of former life on our planet, the world it self looks different today as the earths water has evaporated leaveing the current surface features we would see on a normal map. Also in the evaporation of sea water the earth has formed our oxygen atmosphere.
    The surface land that is exsposed in the below map defines a unique area, as it is the primary locations of dinosaur nest found around the world. Which nearly defines in addition that dinosuars lived in a time when nitrogen was the only major atmospheric componet untill oxygen had evaporated into the air. it also defines that oxygen dependant lifeforms had to gain oxygen form the sea, simular to the way fish with their gills exstract oxygen from water.
    In this prehistroric enviroment we would exspect to find abundant sea planet life, exspecially swamp and marsh lands.
    The fossil record supports the orientaion of the below map, and we can exspect to find gas and oil depostits that are organically/ orginating from biological life in center spots of biolocialy activity, at least fossil fuels.


    The map defines the stage of prehistoric earth, which allows other condtitons to be looked at, wiether they are biological or non biological.

    It certainly appears that Russia and much of the world is under a water.

    The map is cross referenced with fossil records, paticulary with that of egg nest populations of Dinosaurs to define the accuracy of the waterline relavant to life. in other words the dinosaurs lay there eggs in certain regions because that is the land avialable to them for that purpose.

    The greatest form of life that we would exspect to find on earth in this condtion is sea life and plant life. With large regions of the earth covered in plant life, resulting in generations of decaying matter. it the appears that many oil deposits may be of biological origin. wherein plant life that has died in successive generations are covered by ocean sedimate, layer after layer over time. (land slides, land collapses, tides ect..). Acheologist do find plant fossils that are as big as islands, that are defined as floating islands of plant life.

    If we look further back past the water line and the dinosaur egg fossils, it becomes quite possible that the atmosphere was not only nitrogen but contained also large amounts of CO2 that was placed in the atmophere by Volcanic eruptions. This event provides a means of carbons presence on the earths surface, rather than at great depths. The placement of CO2 in the atmosphere of earth may reach simular conditions to that of the planet Venus, in earths case however the CO2 was forced to the surface by the rapid tempiture absorbtion or nitrogen, in other words the the daily cooling of nitrogen during night times caused the condensation of CO2.
    Such a event would result in the oceans of the world absorbing the CO2, makeing the earth appear black. from space it might appear blackish green (we will call this time period just before life the BLACK PEARL period).
    Overtime the carbon would settle to the ocean bottom, given the topograhy of the ocean floor at the time some valleys and raveens would be full of carbon which would exsplain earths coal deposits. in much more shallow regions such as in marshes, swamp land ect... the releases of hydrogen as a result evaporating oxygen would make peroxides and hydrogen avaible for the formation of tarpits ect....
    eventually we see the rise of the dinosaur and the gradual evaporation of the ocean untill we have what the world looks like today.


  22. OilIsMastery Banned Banned

    Hydrogen and carbon are not alive. Vitalism was debunked in 1824 but human stupidity lasts forever.

    How did the dinosaurs construct a time machine to travel back in time to the Archaean? How did dinosaurs construct a spaceship to fly to Titan? How do dinosaurs live on carbonaceous meteorites?

    Your idiotic biology map has nothing at all to do with hydrocarbon deposits as has been already demonstrated to you: Russia is the largest petroleum producer in the world.
  23. DwayneD.L.Rabon Registered Senior Member

    Well OilisMastery
    Most Hydrocarbon that are produced from oil can be created by seperation from burnt plant life. (or decayed plant life)
    You should also take note that Different oil deposits have different Qualities, so all oil deposits are not the same.

    Also you should remember that many of the hydrocarbons may be transformed into other hydrocarbon componds by several possible routes.

    The hydorcarbons found in living plants are saturated hydrocarbons and neary exact to what is found in oil deposits.(saturated and unsaturated)

    The map define the general region where coal and oil could exist which is as can be seen, much of the world surface.

    Most of russia is underwater at the time of the dinosuars as can be seen from the map, and is most likly swamp land. because russia is under water at that time in world history the CO2 that is abosrbed by the water results in carbon deposits as the carbon eventually settles to the ocean floor in that region of the world.
    If russia is the biggest oil producer then it is oil that has formed from the succesive generations of planet life. where the oil deposits would be younger than coal deposits.


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