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Discussion in 'Art & Culture' started by spacemanspiff, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. spacemanspiff czar of things Registered Senior Member

    I was looking through my CD's and realized that pretty much all of the artist were pretty well known. I have some less known stuff, most of it i randomly stumbled upon.

    my question, what's the most obscure music you have? And if it's so obscure, how did you find out about it?

    oh, and by obscure i mean totally obscure. I have some music that is well know in a certain locale, or by people who listen to a certain style of music.

    to answer my own question:
    I like Grandaddy, though i think they are well known on the west coast.
    also Kaki King. but i only know her cause i went to school with her.
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  3. Tyler Registered Senior Member

    It's acid-funk-jazz. And it's the best jazz out there right now.
    How did I find out about it? A friend of mine found out from his guitar teacher, I think.

    King Crimson
    It's alternative-rock kind of stuff. I'm not a huge fan, but I like.
    A drummer in a blues band I know told me about them.

    Thelonious Monk
    Okay, it's not out there at all. But no one listens to this jazz anymore.
    I heard about him just through the general jazz scene of Toronto.
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  5. reformedtopunk got punk? Registered Senior Member

    i don't know how obscure these bands are, but no one ever seems to know who they are...

    From Zero - Metal band. try "Check ya"

    The Unseen - somewhat political punk. a good one is "don't look back"

    Five Iron Frenzy - Christian socially consciouns ska. Almost anything is good. i reccomend "anthem" and "the day we killed"

    Guano Apes - German funk rock. Very good female lead vocals and distinctive bass style. "dodel up", "big in japan", and "open your eyes" are all good.

    Mindless Self Indulgence - not very obscure, but worth mentioning. no one even comes close to this sonic assault. I like to call it spazcore. "molly", "i hate jimmy page" and "keeping up with the kids" are all good.

    The Distillers - More punk rock, and again a strong female lead vocals. really good stuff. i reccomend "i am a revenant" and "that young crazed peeling".

    can't think of anything else....
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  7. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    Depends on what you call obscure

    - Tanita Tikaram - In the US, Tanita is exceptionally obscure. Her best-known song is "Twist in My Sobriety", over a decade ago. I'm told she sells well in Europe. I had to send to Germany to get a copy of The Cappucino Songs.

    - Martha and the Muffins - "Echo Beach" (mp3) - I don't know why this song didn't at least crack the Top 20 in its day. Oh, yeah, it's pop music. For 14 years I didn't know the name of the band, and one day I thought to type a fragment of lyrics into Google, and voila! An hour later, I had a copy off Limewire.

    - Sonic Youth and (?) - I have a vinyl of Sonic Youth doing some performance with a European experimental sound outfit. It's almost all white noise, and it's only good for listening on certain drugs I don't generally do.

    - Boiled in Lead - Old Lead - Includes a smashing smurd performance and the vocals of Jane Dauphin on "Twa Corbies", a cover of "Over Under Sideways Down" by the Yardbirds, an amazing little track called "Go! Move! Shift!" that comes from the 1950's, apparently written for the BBC, and a 19th century whaling tune under the current title "Jamie Across the Water". Also The Gypsy, the Brust/Stemple composed soundtrack to the novel of the same title by Steven Brust and Megan Lindholm.

    - The La's - A friend of mine has become a La's freak, and has shared with me everything he rakes in off the market. I'm told that one of the compilations I have was originally limited to a pressing of 500, was deleted from the catalog, and was believed to be extinct for several years. Apparently, I have a very good La's collection. These are becoming less obscure, though, in the digital age.

    - Bootlegs - Among my associates, live bootlegs are a huge thing. Highlights include Soundgarden's last Seattle show, Peter Gabriel's latest tour, Eddie Vedder announcing his participation with Wellwater Conspiracy .... I think my brother has some early QOTSA shows. The last Screaming Trees show. Ooh! Brian Wilson at the Bridge School. I generally don't make the bootlegs, though. I'm just part of the gear-smuggling operation.

    - Beach Boys - Smile - Popular demand for this record is growing, but it has never been finished. Best known as Smiley-Smile, the actual album Wilson intended was never finished. Over the years, aficionados have managed to drag together master tapes, session notes, and other vital materials, ending up with several speculative bootlegs and various "authoritative" compilations of the session material. The copy I have was assembled and mixed by an engineering student and is a better forty-seven minutes than most of what's on the market today. Incidentally, I believe this cut features a guest performance from Paul McCartney on the carrots. Wilson has promised the real album before he dies; we can only wonder what it will actually sound like.

    - John Lennon - "Serve Yourself" demo (mp3) - Crappy recording, bad bitrate but you can't tell. The source for this is thrashed, and my file has a cut-off note reading "Vigotone" on it. The song is not yet fully written, and Lennon is getting loaded. The unfinished lyrics are hilarious, and you can almost close your eyes and see a bunch of Liverpool barflies roaring with laughter and shouting, "John, ye kill us, ye bas'rd!"

    - Anastasia Screamed - Laughing Down the Limehouse - An unfortunate band led by a talented Chick Graining that, like many of their Dutch East India labelmates, missed out on the alternative exploitation that would happen a couple of years later.

    - Nudeswirl - All I know is that "Buffalo Tom" got played on Beavis & Butthead once.

    - Rheostatics - Introducing Happiness - A note to my Canadian neighbors: The Rheostatics are relatively unknown south of the border. Even in Seattle, I generally think I'm the only person to know who they are.

    - Rockin' Teenage Combo - Seattle's best freeform jazz outfit. Modern jazz sound sculpture.

    - Flash Girls - The Fabulous Lorraine and author Emma Bull, joined variously by famous figures from Minneapolis' legendary local art scene.

    - Joanne Rand - Grant Me Eyes - Even when she lived up here, this holdover from the Full Tilt Boogie Band was unheard of in Seattle. I think she's in California now, and this album includes a couple of gems: "E.V.C.", a pretentious 1990's assault on compressed living in the form of acronymical lyrics, and a sappy but subversively beautiful ode to OJ Simpson (seriously).

    - Mari Boine Persen/Yungchen Lhamo - Both signed individually to Real World Records, both "revolutionary" musicians. Persen is Norwegian Sami, Lhamo a Tibetan refugee. Even among worldbeat fans, I'm the only one I know who listens to either.


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  8. Gifted World Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Some of teh artists on Dr. Demento.
  9. Nightpoet Registered Senior Member

    I think the most obscure things I have would be BIrdbrain-Bliss, Luce Drayton-Suicidal Angel and Stabilo Boss-Stabilo Boss. There are a lot of things I"m looking for, that I don't think are that obscure but I still can't find anywhere, such as more Birdbrain, Vibrolsuh, Ethyline, Kinnie Starr, and Tallman. THere are also a lot of bands that I listen to that a lot of people I talk to have never heard of, but are not obscure in the slightest, such as Finger Eleven, Sevendust and Stabbing Westward. I don't understand it.
  10. valentino Registered Senior Member

    Re: Depends on what you call obscure

    I love this record! I made my own ghetto copy with various mp3 files using the song list and various recordings. One of the albums best ever.

    I know them! But only because Neil Gaiman wrote a few songs for them. They are wicked cool.
  11. DeeCee Valued Senior Member

    Got to be "Terry and Gerry" they revitalised the skiffle scene back in the early eighties. Their album "from Lubbock to Clintwood East" is an all time classic. If you can find any of their tunes on kazzar or DC++ I'll eat my washboard.

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  12. Crystallized Blood Registered Member

  13. valentino Registered Senior Member

    It's not necessarily obscure in it's own country, but I love listening to Korean boy bands.
  14. Bates Member House Ravenhearte Registered Senior Member

    Check out a band called .hopesfall. Really great metalcore in the vein of Poison the well.
  15. Bates Member House Ravenhearte Registered Senior Member

    Recover. Definitely recover. Poison the well actually named them as their favorite up and coming band in UTV.
  16. Bebelina kospla.com Valued Senior Member

    I always thought Marie Boine was Swedish....but perhaps she isn't.
  17. zechaeriah Registered Senior Member

    Aesop Rock - somewhat obscure hip-hop
    John Cage - experimental
    Tori Amos - Boys for Pele - somewhat obscure
    Tom Waits - Mule Variations
  18. Bates Member House Ravenhearte Registered Senior Member

    If there was a god, it would be Tori Amos.
  19. zechaeriah Registered Senior Member

    no, she'd be a god-ess.

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  20. sh1n3y Registered Senior Member

    Most of the uknown music that I know is christian.
    Tracy Dawn is pretty good, I like 'I'm a Junkie" on Poetic Aftermath
    Five O'Clock People, Smalltown Peots, and Plumbline are good too.

    Recover RULES! If you know them at all you probably only know "Rodeo", but "Sympathetic Sickness" and Betting All I Have" are really good off of Rodeo and Picasso but I suggest their new EP Ceci N'est Pas Recover
  21. xsashacorex Registered Member

    -I Spoke-
    One of the many talented hardcore/grindcore bands of Ontario.
    I think only the people who go tho their shows would know who they are.. they have 6? songs recorded and put on a cd, which i think you could only buy if you attend a show of theirs. But trust me, they are worth it.

    -Norma Jean-
    What kind of "hardcore" kid wouldnt like these people! oh man!
    Interesting lyrics. Very Hard. oohh..

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    .. they make me think.

    emocore/screamo/whatever.. they are fun-tastic. check them out.

    -Taking Back Sunday-
    These kids are on MTV now i think. I dont really know though.. but whatever. great music.

    -My Chemical Romance-
    Humm.. hard to explain. id say they fit the genre "emocore" something something. Whatever. very good.

    There are so many more.. *sigh*
  22. Bebelina kospla.com Valued Senior Member

    Yes, Beloved, I used to like them, what happened to them?
  23. xsashacorex Registered Member


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