Discussion in 'General Philosophy' started by Bowser, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. Bowser Life is Fatal. Valued Senior Member

    Only the mind is so flexible, yet finite
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  3. Michael 345 Next mythical choc bunnies for mystic who died Valued Senior Member

    Not sure I would agree with you regarding the concept you sketched out

    Try obtain a book called The Invention of Time and Space by Patrice F. Dassonville which goes in great detail of why time does not exist

    What is normally regarded as time is better defined as AGE so clocks are NOT time machines. They are closer to a tape measure as they measure AGE

    The book is to detailed to do it justice in a summary

    Below are some thoughts i put down when discussing Time machines

    Is it possible to make a time machine?


    to make time travel possible?


    Please may I ask, which to me is a obvious question? This time you wish to travel in (either back to the past or forward to the future) where exactly does this time hang out? Where is any aspect of the past or future located?

    You live only in NOW. As soon as NOW turned up past vanished. As soon as future turned up it became NOW

    Pre NOW and post NOW are not in existence

    How would you segment the past or future? In 1 second slices? How would you stick the 1 second slices together?

    You are forever stuck in NOW

    Did I mention or have I given you the impression you can never move out of NOW?

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  5. goose Registered Senior Member

    Fair enough

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    yep, completely agree on this.

    100% agree.
    Even though I think time is the effect of a spatial dimension permeating through our universe does not mean I think it is possible to move through it however we wish.

    One big error that I think people make when trying to make a claim that time travel is possible is... if you put yourself into a big blue box that could time travel, the box itself isn't going through time but instead making the entire universe alter it's time. Your time isn't changing, the universes time is.

    Not sure this is directed to me, but I don't think time as we consider it is what it really is so I'm not sure how to answer this question.

    Well of course we can't... that would completely undermine the principal of what now is

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  7. Musika Registered Member

    At what point do "you" cease to be "you" by dint of changes caused by time?
    It seems the self is immutable. Outside of the realm of mental illness, does anyone ever refer to themselves in the 3rd person?
  8. Michael 345 Next mythical choc bunnies for mystic who died Valued Senior Member

    Was not directed at you sorry. As I said it was something I wrote for a question - Can we build a time machine

    I just recycled as a cut and paste

    Apart from the aspect of time travel or traveling in time it never seems to be understood that the physical Earth carves a very complex route through the cosmos

    So apart from traveling in space you need to tie yourself and machine to the region you occupy to avoid popping out where Earth used to be when you set off

    Also hope nothing has taken up residence in the area you wish to occupy when you arrive

    I did make a comparison between time a a movie reel

    Here's another cut / paste

    This is a thought experiment so


    Consider a movie film projector

    Canister of film on top (FUTURE)

    The light / frame between light and lens / lens / screen (NOW)

    Canister of film on bottom (PAST)

    Consider the canister of film on top to represent 1 day (00:01 to 23:59)

    Run the film and stop at random time (10:00am)

    System has 14 hours top canister (FUTURE)

    NOW on screen

    10 hours bottom canister (PAST)

    To make it easier to imaginea take the top canister film out ande remove all but 2 minutes

    Same with bottom canister leave2 minutes attached discarded anything older

    System has 2 minutes top (FUTURE)
    NOW on screen
    2 minutes bottom (PAST)

    Mark the frame which was showing as NOW the screen

    Lay the film out on a bench

    Looking at the film you should observe differences between each frame and a gap (line) between frames

    One line below the FUTURE frame above the NOW frame

    One line above the PAST frame below the NOW frame

    The line is the moment when a shutter cuts off the light while the frames advance

    HOWEVER life does NOT operate like a movie film

    NOW is continuous

    No cut off or line between frames while next frame is moved into position

    Yes everybody's memory is retained from previous NOWs and can be imagined for FUTURE NOWs

    The measurement between any two NOWs is known as AGE

    Back to the strip of film

    Cut off all remaining FUTURE frames

    Cut off all remaining PAST frames

    Replace the NOW frame in the projector

    Within reality you would see the NOW projected on the screen change with no reliance on any FUTURE (or PAST) frames

    Since by the explanation just given FUTURE and PAST do not EXIST but NOW continues without either I contend

    NOW is the ONLY IT

    TIME (as existing in the PAST or FUTURE is simply not there. The image on the screen is like a single slide BUT one in which the image continues to change

    AGE as between two bookmarks (let's change bookmarks to nowmarks)

    AGE as between two NOWMARKS can be measured and labelledl as being AGES compared as well as physical processes occurring on on a AGED material

    Some substances AGE more (become more disorganised) dispite having the same measurement between NOWs as other substances

    Will wind up now and hope this explains my position

    Further reading

    Dictionary - meaning of EXIST

    Again not directed at you

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  9. Sarkus Hippomonstrosesquippedalo phobe Valued Senior Member

    Others would disagree, with NOW simply being the discrete packet of time that you are currently experiencing before moving onto the next one.
    From my understanding, string theory, for example, models time as continuous, while Quantum Gravity models it as discrete. But it may be that models of the universe that are otherwise indistinguishable other than being modeled with different concepts of time (i.e. continuous or discrete) lead us to conclude that time is neither... and both... continuous and discrete. Just as light is neither simply discrete nor continuous (wave), so might time be so fortunate.
  10. Michael 345 Next mythical choc bunnies for mystic who died Valued Senior Member

    I would have a problem with thinking about time as discrete packets, as in start / stop / start

    What would be the mechanism for the stopping to happen?

    What would be the mechanism for the restarting?

    What would be "happening" during the stopped part (no matter how "long or short" stopped part last)?

    Does EVERYTHING stop / start in sync?

    A jerky Universe, would be one weirder than, what I consider, the smooth one we currently live in

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