Not enough women in china?!

Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by miss khan, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. Muslim Immortal Valued Senior Member

    Chinese chicks can't take a dick. They moan too much and like make you pull out every two minutes, because it "hurts" them.
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  3. madanthonywayne Morning in America Registered Senior Member

    The thread is about a shortage of women in China which is an indirect result its one child policy. Since the Chinese value males more than females, limit them to one child and they'll choose a male, even if they must kill a couple female babies to get the male.

    I know you are a supporter of abortion on demand, and was surprised by your vehement objections to women aborting female fetuses. So I was trying to explore the limitations of this idea in your mind.
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  5. valich Registered Senior Member

    Muslim, You're a pervert. I've noticed a sharp increase in the explicit and implied sexual connotations of all the threads on Sciforum every since you joined. Sciforum is an acronym for "Scientific Forum." Your posts are perverted, nonsensical and disgusting.
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  7. TimeTraveler Immortalist Registered Senior Member

  8. Bells Staff Member

    I will try to be kind.

    You are pathetic specimen for a human being...

    I am a supporter of a woman's right to choose. I am not a supporter when abortions are the result cultural pressures on the woman to abort or kill the sex her society deems inferior.

    Complex issue for me.


    Time Traveler.. normal text isn't cutting it for you?:bugeye:

    I'd imagine that bettering itself would involve both mental and physical aspects of life. I don't see how creating or breeding a 'superior' form of human beings will achieve that. I don't see how discriminating against the poor or those who 'cannot afford it', and those of a certain colour or genetic disposition will allow the human species to become better as a species. What it will do is breed dishonesty, hatred and mistrust. Much more than what we are seeing in society today.

    And you think making everyone the same colour will ensure no race wars occur? Heh! You will only ensure that a race war does occur, and then you will have to face the war between the rich and the poor if we are to follow your plan or dreams for the future.

    The debate over genetic cloning exists for a reason. So now you've gone from tweaking the genes to genetic cloning to breed the 'uber' race to ensure humanity's survival? I guess that blows the whole notion of genetic diversity out the window.. huh?

    You want humanity as it stands to die off because of cosmetic reasons. You want to genetically engineer human beings so they are all one pleasing and desired colour because you think that colour is the one that is deemed superior. You wish to ensure the divide between the colours and those who can and can't afford the technology. You want to get rid of the problems of racism by getting rid of what you deem to be the undesired races altogether through genetic engineering and further increase the divide and the problems between the have's and the have nots. Don't try and hide behind the argument that you wish to save humanity. You don't give a crap about humanity.

    I am sure you will try.

    What if it's not?

    And sexist? So you think in your world of genetic selection and breeding, you will somehow breed out sexism or sexuality altogether?

    Ah so now you claim you can only be "human" in the future if you look a certain way? And those who somehow "can't afford it"? What of them? Will they be classified as being somehow less "human"?

    Paris Hilton? So you think in the future people will want to look tall, blonde, faked tanned, stoned, not really that attractive and be dumb as a brick? And you claim you want to save humanity? Riiigghhttt..

    Some claim her as being one now. Do you see everyone rushing to look and be like her? Do you see parents trying to get their children to be exactly like her so their children can be classified as being beautiful as well as dumb?

    I will go on record now and say with certainty.. if to ensure my child is accepted in the world, he needs to be like Paris Hilton, I will outrightly refuse.

    What about those who can't afford it? Are they somehow rejected by the world because they aren't part of the new human race? Hmm how humane of you. And you claim you wish to have everyone be the same so they are equal and there is no hatred? HEH!

    I did very well in school and I can assure you I do not have a photographic memory. So what's your point?

    So parents who can't afford your notion of genetic tweaking and end up having a disabled child, their children no longer fit into the human race? Your claims of wanting to save humanity continues to fail TT.

    Oh and just so you know, people with down syndrome do survive and do end up leading productive and happy lives. You might see them as imperfect or somehow not fitting into the human species, but you are wrong.

    You are insane.

    Did you forget to take your medication lately?

    So you think it's better and acceptable to discriminate against those who cannot afford what you wish for?

    Also, if you are turning on intelligence genes, etc, you are only going to ensure that humanity becomes lazy and works less hard.

    No. All I am seeing right now is a lunatic's rant.

    Refer to the above reference to your sanity.

    Shame if those intellectuals are poor now huh? Because then they will deemed to be not human because they can't pay to look like Paris Hilton.

    No, you're not racist at all...

    And yes I was being sarcastic.

    In other words, only those with the financial means to breed more intelligent children, through genetic engineering, will have a better chance than those who cannot afford it. But hey, as you claim, we have to discriminate against someone right? After all, if there's no one left to discriminate against, what would we do with our time..

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Oh my children have a full life ahead of them. As well as a future. It is your children's future I am worried about.

    But you'd consider us smart enough to genetically engineer the perfect human being? HAHAHAAA!!

    As to the rest of your thread.. Heh..
  9. TimeTraveler Immortalist Registered Senior Member

  10. Bells Staff Member

    So you think it is better to switch on a few genes instead of encouraging hard work and improving humanity through education available to all equally? Fine.

    You are obsessed with looks. Don't you get it? What you may deem attractive is not what others may deem to be attractive. What is pleasing or desired is individual and not collective. Do you honestly think that we are all attracted to or think the same thing as being desired or desirable?

    And genetic breeding will ensure that dishonesty, hatred and mistrust abounds. People will lie about their genetic origins. People will hate others because they have a particular gene or they could afford to have a particular gene "switched on", etc.

    People do it now. You honestly think genetic engineering and eugenics will somehow make this disappear and make everything perfect? Don't be naive.

    No one wins in any type of war. Wars have repercussions which continue and lasts for generations upon generations. Genetic engineering and eugenics won't get rid of that. It will only ensure that a future war will take place between the have's and the have nots.

    On the contrary, you do care what people end up looking like, so long as they don't look like they do now. You do care otherwise you wouldn't keep mentioning cosmetic beauty as being desired (eg Paris Hilton and Brad Pitt).

    You claim you aren't a racist but you are quite willing to have many races cease to exist as they do today because you think it would be beneficial for everyone to change themselves to please society's view of what is aesthetically pleasing. And you only wish that for those who can afford it because you think it's 'ok' to discriminate against the poor and you consider poor people (such as people from Africa) to be somehow less human than others.

    And you aren't racist?

    Your brand of eugenics will ensure that humanity dies off. As humanity will lose its very identity and individuality. That's what makes us human. Our identity, and our individuality. You wish to rob future generations of this and I think that's quite sad. We are each unique. You wish for all of us to be the same.. or just those who can afford it.. those who can't no longer fall part of the human race as far as you are concerned. And you claim you care for humanity?

    And instead of working to make it better, you are working to make it worse by ensuring the economic divide widens and continues and that discrimination carries on. You want to ensure that those who somehow cannot afford it are treated less humanely. That is the very true possibility of the future as you wish it.

    Your solution to solving it is to lower the human status of the very individuals you claim you aren't racist against.

    Every race is desireable. As for choosing what is desireable. What is desireable to one will not be desireable to others. We are born into our society. But we must then make a conscious thought as to how we treat and view that society as a whole. Your brand of eugenics will ensure that those less financially able will not be part of society or humanity at all.. unless they are pretty then they can become actors and models (do you live in a fantasy land?).

    Read all your posts in this thread and you tell me what you think. You seem to waver in all sorts of directions at the moment. One minute you don't care what they look like, the next minute you do care what they look like so long as they please society's desires in cosmetic beauty so they fit in.

    Society will always be racist because there are those who think that one is better than the other. Eugenics won't get rid of that. Instead, it will ensure discrimination continues into further generations and society then divides itself into the rich and the human and the poor and the lesser humans. I'm sorry but such a future is does not appeal to me in any way, shape or form.

    You have absolutely no proof that we are approaching extinction due to our current genetic status. Eugenics will in no way ensure humanity's survival. Nor will trans-humanism.

    And you think that is right? Are you a sheep who always does what everyone else does?

    By you maybe. But not by me and I'd be willing to bet I am not alone.

    It is? What planet have you been living on?

    She looks dumb because she is dumb. And sadly, I don't think it's an act.

    If it is, she's dumber than I thought.

    Not for all.

    Don't I?

    So who exactly does get to decide what is acceptable? Vogue magazine?

    And that's acceptable to you? You think it's ok to treat the poor like lesser humans because they are poor? You think it is acceptable and desireable to continue to discriminate against poor people instead of trying to help them?

    And you claim you care about humanity? Poor people form part of humanity. If you really cared, you'd care that some (such as yourself) might consider them to be less worthy of rights accorded to human beings.

    And you think that is acceptable? Are you a fashion bunnie TT? Do you live by what society deems to be "in" at any present time? Because you see, tastes change and what is physically acceptable or desireable today, may not be the same tomorrow.

    Again, comments such as this support your claims of caring for humanity.. how exactly?

    I don't consider the poor or people in Africa to be less human. People like Prince James might and you think they are right? You think it's right to treat human beings differently because they are poor or from countries like Africa? You think they are somehow less worthy of consideration and rights?

    If the collective human conscious thinks and believes as you do, then we are doomed and no amount of genetic engineering, genetic tweaking and eugenics can and will save us.

    Thank you.

    So that makes it all alright? Instead of changing that, you think it acceptable to continue and further perpetuate such discrimination?

    We do both now. Why do you think its better to just work smart and not hard?

    I am not ranting against science. I am ranting against your interpretation and reasons for what science should do.

    And instead of trying to change that so a good education becomes available to all, you prefer to continue and increase the form and the reason for discrimination.

    Go back and read through all your posts in this thread. You don't give a crap about the poor. You dismiss them and their plight with a statement of it having always been that way, so therefore it's fine to ensure it continues and it's fine if society deems them to be somehow less human. Your disdain for those less economically placed is frankly disgraceful for any individual who then dares to claim they only think this way to ensure humanity's survival. You wouldn't know what humanity is if it came and bit you on the arse.

    And you wish the hatred and the misery to continue for those who cannot afford genetic enhancement. You claim yourself that they aren't even human, so why should anyone care. You would have to be the most selfish and hypocritical individual I have ever come across.

    If understanding ourselves is to claim that poor people are somehow less human, then we have screwed up royally. And you dare claim such a belief is acceptable and you then dare go further and say it is acceptable for it to continue into the future? It is because of people like you and your elitist, racist and frankly pathetic belief systems that we are destroying ourselves. It is because people like you exist that we are doomed as we stand. You don't give a shit if genetics can help the poor or the sick and injured. You just want everyone to look aesthetically pleasing and pretty and be smart.. much like Hitler wanted every German to be and aspire aryan in looks. You want there to be a divide between the rich and the poor. You actually turn my stomach.

    And genetically enhancing my children will change this how exactly? It was the past's progress that is seeing us in the polluted nightmare we are witnessing today. I wonder what hell tomorrow will be if we are to follow your ideals and morals regarding our genetic future, all in the name of progress and the betterment of humanity, same as it was meant to be in the past. And look where it's gotten us now.

    What? The children in Africa are suddenly more human to you now? All this after your claims that their poverty made them somehow less human? You hypocritical little wretch. Don't you dare claim you care about humanity or its future after you have dared spout the drivel you have spouted in this thread.

    Don't you have a Vogue magazine to go and read to see what society has this month deemed to be socially acceptable?
  11. TimeTraveler Immortalist Registered Senior Member

  12. Muslim Immortal Valued Senior Member

    Sex is natrual. Deal with it.
  13. valich Registered Senior Member

    Being a pervert, as YOU ARE!, is very "unnatural." Deal with it. You need help. I strongly urge you to seek psychological counselling before your dick guides your uncontrollable instincts into raping young girls, just to satisfy your little organ.

    You're a pervert!
  14. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned

    because alll the girls are up 4 adoption


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