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Discussion in 'Computer Science & Culture' started by Avatar, May 7, 2002.

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  1. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

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  3. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member


    Microsoft's Hidden Files in Windows XP
    Posted on Tuesday, May 07 @ 17:41:05 BST by waddy

    Thanks to Brian for this Article : MSIE (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer) is known to store your entire history inside a HIDDEN file somewhere in your comp for unknown reasons (or should I say, Unproven reasons). OK, then we just click on "clear history" and "delete files" no? NO! it might seem like it erased the history, but it didnt.

    It is stored inside a file called "Index.DAT", which is Hidden. But not hidden in the regular way, even if you enalbe the "view hidden files" option, you will still not be able to see it or even search for it.

    Here is how to get that file
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  5. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    list of known software that has spyware in it

    z*BR=BrOdcast (dssagent)
    *CL=Conducent DLL
    *CC=Comet Cursor
    *Ns=Netsetter server


    !Glance *W3
    1 Click WebSlideShow *Ra
    100 Proof Cocktail Planner *W3
    100% Word Search Free *Con
    123Search *Ra
    123Search *Con
    15 Puzzle *Ra
    1st Contact *W3
    20/20 *Ra
    2Minute Warning *Con
    3D Anarchy *Ra
    3D Frog Man Demo *Con
    3D Maze Man Demo *Con
    3D Morris *Cy
    3D-FTP *Ra
    3rd Block *Ra
    3S Accounting *Ra
    3SI Accounting & Inventory Management (Demo) *Ra
    5star Free Lines *Ra
    7Way *Ra

    Aaron's Webvacuum *Ra
    Abe's FTP Client *Ra
    Abe's Image Viewer *Ra
    Abe's MP3 Finder *Ra
    Abe's MP3 Finder *Cy
    Abe's Picture Finder *Ra
    Abe's SMB Client *Ra
    Absolute Telnet *Ra
    Absolute Yukon Solitaire *Con
    Access Diver *Cy
    Access Diver III *Ra
    Ace of Humor *Ra
    Ace Talking Jokes & Quotes *Con
    AceNotes Free *Ra
    Aces and Kings Solitaire *Con
    Acorn Email *Ra
    AcqURL *Ra
    ActionOutline Light *Ra
    Active 'Net *Ra
    Add Remove Plus! *Con
    Add URL *Ra
    AddAce *Con
    Address Rover 98 *Ra
    Admiral VirusScanner *Ra
    Advanced Call Center *Ra
    Advanced Internet Tool *Ra
    Advanced Maillist Verify *Ra
    Advanced MP3 Search *Ra
    Advertisement Wizard *Ra
    AdWizard *Ra
    Afreet Siteviewer *W3
    Aladin Tuner *Con
    Alchemist Demo *Con
    Alchemy Anaconda *Ra
    Alive and Kicking *Ra
    AllNetic WWW and FTP Observer *Ra
    alphaScape QuickPaste *Ra
    An Online Secretary *W3
    Anchornet *Ra
    Angove CD Player *Cy
    AnySpeed *Cy
    AOL Anti-timer *W3
    Applet Game Mania *Ra
    Appload Notify *Con
    Ariadne Browser *W3
    Ashampoo AudioCD MP3 *Cy
    Ashampoo PowerUp 2000 *Cy
    Ashampoo Uninstaller (2000) *Cy
    Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2000 *Cy
    Asider *Ra
    ASP1-A3 *Ra
    Auction Central *Ra
    Auction Explorer *Ra
    Auction Station *W3
    Audio CD MP3 Studio 2000 *Cy
    Audiogalaxy *WH
    Aureate SpamKiller *Ra
    Aution Central *Ra
    AutoFTP PRO *Ra
    AutoWeb *Ra
    AxelCD *Ra
    Axman *Ra

    Babylon Tool *Cy
    Balloon Pop Demo *Con
    Banner Crafter *Con
    Bavardeur BRANCHEZ-VOUS! *Cy
    Bearshare *Onflow/
    Beatle *Ra
    Beeline *W3
    BigEListener *Ra
    Binary Boy *Ra
    Binary Workshop *W3
    BinaryVortex *Ra
    Bingo Demo *Con
    Bingo Master Demo *Con
    Bio-Rythms *W3
    BizAgent *Ra
    Blast Thru Demo *Con
    Blinkin *Cy
    Blue Engine *Ra
    BookSmith : Original *Ra
    Buddy Pad *W3
    BuddyPhone *Ra
    BullsEye Searcher *Ra
    Business Letter Punch *Con
    Button Magic *Con
    BuzMe *Ra

    Calendar *Ra
    Calendar + *W3
    Calendar + 2000 *W3
    Caliban Mailer *Con
    Calypso E-mail *Ra
    CamCollect *Ra
    CamGrab *Ra
    Canasis vB *Ra
    Capture Express 2000 *Ra
    Car Lot Website Creator *Ra
    Carlanthano *Ra
    Cascoly Screensaver *Ra
    Cash 2000 *Cy
    CD Box Labeler Pro *Cy
    CD Extractor *W3
    CD MP3 Studio *Cy
    CD Recording Studio *Cy
    CDAID *Ra
    CDDB-Reader *Ra
    CDMaster32 *Ra
    CDPost Remote CD-Burner plug-in *Con
    Centarsia *Ra
    Challenge Pool *Cy
    ChanStat *Ra
    Charity Banner *Ra
    Cheat Machine *Ra
    Check and Get *Con
    Check and Get *Ra
    Check4New *Ra
    Chinese Checkers Demo *Con
    ChinMail *Ra
    CiteCreate *W3
    Clabra clipboard viewer *Ra
    Classic Peg Solitaire *Ra
    Clean & Tidy *Ra
    ClockSaver *Ra
    Coffecup Free HTML *Con
    Comet Cursor *CC
    ComTry MP3 Downloader *Ra
    ComTry Music Downloader *Ra
    Concentration Done Right *Ra
    Connect Four *Cy
    Connect? *Con
    Connection Cop *Ra
    Connection Watcher *Ra
    Contact Plus *Cy
    Copernic 2000 *FC
    Copernic Shopper *FC
    Cowon JetAudio *Cy
    Cracker!2000 *Con
    Crazy Drake Demo *Con
    Crazy Puzzle Demo *Con
    Credit Card Verifier *W3
    Crosses & Zeroes *Cy
    CrushPop *Con
    Crystal FTP *Ra
    CSE HTML Validator Lite *Ra
    Cursor maker *Con
    CuteFTP *Ra
    CuteFTP *Ra
    CuteFTP/Tripod *Ra
    CuteMX *Ra
    CutePage *Ra
    Cyber-Gold Communications *CC

    Danzig Pref Engine *Ra
    DateTime *Ra
    DB to HTML Express *Con
    Debt Relief *Con
    Delphi Component Test *Ra
    Delphi Tester *Ra
    Desk Reference *Ra
    Develop Critical Thinking *Con
    Dialarm *Ra
    Dialer 2000 *Ra
    Digi-Cam Web Page Generator *Ra
    DigiBand NewsWatch *Ra
    DigiCams The WebCam Viewer *Ra
    DigiGuide *Con
    Digital Postman *Ra
    Digital Postman *Con
    Direct Connect *Ra
    DirectUpdate *Ra
    Disconnector *Cy
    Disk Space Recovery Wizard *W3
    DiskSpace Explorer 2000 *Ra
    DL-Mail Pro 2000 *Ra
    DLExpert *Pro
    DNScape *Ra
    Doorbell 1.18 *Ra
    Dope Wars *Cy
    dotCool Builder *Con
    Download Accelerator Plus *SB
    Download Minder *Ra
    Download Wonder *Ra
    DownLoader *Ra
    dozeCrypt *Ra
    DuRu *Ra
    Dweeps Demo *Con
    Dwyco Video Conferencing *Ra

    eAssist *Ra
    Easy Phone Book *Cy
    Easy Splitter *Ra
    EasyFill *Cy
    EasyNoter *Con
    EasySeeker *Ra
    EconForecast *Con
    EIS Webmonitor *Ra
    EldoS Keeper *Cy
    eLOL (Electronic Laugh out Loud) *Cy
    Email Extractor *W3
    eMail extractor'99 *Ra
    EmmaSoft ChatCat *Ra
    EmmaSoft dBrow *Ra
    EmmaSoft KeepLan *Ra
    EmmaSoft Soundz *Ra
    eMNGma *Con
    Emoticon *Cy
    Encoding Utility *Ra
    EnvoyMail *Ra
    epAssist *W3
    Essay-Punch *Con
    EURO Converter *Ra
    Every Link for You *Ra
    eVocabFlashCard *Ra
    eWork *W3
    Executive Accounting *Ra
    Express Communicator *Ra
    Extreme Animals Demo *Con
    Extreme Bugs Demo *Con
    Extreme Dinosaurs Demo *Con
    Extreme Orchids Demo *Con
    EZ-Forms FREE *Ra
    EZForms *W3
    EzStock *Cy
    EZSurfer 2000 *W3

    Family Tree Maker *BR
    Fast Browser *Con
    File & MP3 Renamer *W3
    File & MP3 Renamer '99 *Ra
    File Mag-Net *Ra
    File Seeker *Ra
    FileMentor *Cy
    FileSender *Ra
    FileSniffer *Con
    FileSplit *Ra
    FindShare *Cy
    FinePrint Web *Ra
    Fire Client *Ra
    FlashGet *Ra
    FlashGet *Ra
    Flexspex *W3
    FlexSpex *Con
    Floorplan *Ra
    Flyswat *Flyswat
    Folder Guard Jr. *Ra
    FormTool *Ra
    FourTimes *Ra
    Fractal World Generator *Ra
    Frazzle *Ra
    Free Hearts for Windows *Ra
    Free ImageEditor *Ra
    Free IRC *Ra
    Free MP3 *Cy
    Free Notepad *Ra
    Free Pics *Cy
    Free Picture Harvester *Ra
    Free Solitaire *Ra
    Free Solitaire *Con
    Free Spades *Ra
    Free Submit *Ra
    Free Submitter Pro *Ra
    Free Tetris *Cy
    FreeBase *Cy
    FreeBudget *Ra
    FreeNetMon *W3
    FreeRenju *Cy
    FreeRip MP3 *Ra
    FreeSaver MP3 *Ra
    FreeSite *Ra
    FreeWebBrowser *Ra
    FreeWebMail *Ra
    FreeZip! *Ra
    FTP Editor *Ra
    Fundi e-Lert *Ra

    Galactic Invasion Demo *Con
    Galaxy of 3D Tetrimania Demo *Con
    Gardner Demo *Con
    Garret Demo *Con
    Gator *Ga
    Geno Pro *Ra
    GenoPro *Cy
    GenoPro *W3
    GetDown *Cy
    GetRight *Con
    GetRight *Ra
    GetRight Mail Control *Ra
    Gif Animator *Ra
    GifLine Pro *Ra
    Gimme IP *W3
    Glowing Bugs Demo *Con
    Go!Zilla *Ra
    Go!Zilla WebAttack *Ra
    GodeZip *Cy
    Gomoku Pro *Ra
    GovernMail *Ra
    GPL *W3
    Grafula *Ra
    Grammar Fitness Suite *Con
    GroupMail *Ra
    Gunther's PasswordSentry *Ra
    Gypsee *Con

    HandsFree Browser *W3
    HangWeb *Ra
    hesci Private Label *Ra
    HexWars *Con
    Hey Beer Man *Ra
    HiClock *W3
    HiDialer 2000 *W3
    Home Buyer's Calculator Suite *Con
    Host Monitor *Ra
    Hot Lingo *Con
    HTML Translator *Ra
    HTML Tutor Pro *Cy
    HTTP Proxy-Spy *Ra
    Huey Color Picker *Ra
    HumanClick *Cy
    Hypersnap-DX *Ra

    iAgent *Ra
    Iban Technologies IP Tools *Ra
    Ice Fusion *Ra
    ICUII *Ra
    Idyle GimmIP *Ra
    iFind Graphics *Ra
    Image carousel *Con
    Image Carousel *Con
    Image Site Grabber *Con
    imageN *Ra
    ImagerX 2000 *Ra
    iMesh *Con
    Implosion Screensaver *Cy
    In School We Trust *Ra
    InboxSpecialist *Con
    iNetPad *Ra
    Infinite Patience *Ra
    InfoBlast *Ra
    InnovaClub *Ra
    InstallZIP *Ra
    Integrated Combine Information System *Ra
    Interchange FTP *Ra
    Interfax *Ra
    Intergalactic Exterminator Demo *Con
    Internet 007 *W3
    Internet Neighborhood *Con
    Internet Tree *Ra
    Internetrix *Ra
    InterWebWord Companion *Ra
    InvenTV *Con
    InVircible Anti Virus *Cy
    Invisible Secrets *Ra
    IP Tools 2000 *Ra
    IP Turboscanner *Ra
    iPer Std/WH/Pro *Cy
    iPhone *Cy
    IPLAY *Con
    ISoaQ *Ra
    iSolitaire *Con
    iToday *Ra
    IVOX *Con
    IvoxICQ *Con
    Iwan's MP3 Finder *Ra
    IYsoft Dial Up Connection *Ra

    JetCar *Ra
    JFK Research *Ra
    jIRC *Ra
    JOC Email Checker *Ra
    JOC Web Finder *Ra
    JOC Web Spider *Ra
    JPEG Optimizer *Ra
    JrEdit *Ra
    JSoft Mail *W3
    JufSearch *W3
    JufSearch *Ra

    Kachat Messenger *Ra
    Kazaa *Cy
    Keyword Monitor *Ra
    KFK *W3
    KFTP *W3
    Kmail *W3
    Kmail *W3
    Kmp3 *W3
    KVT Diplom *Ra

    LapLink FTP *Ra
    LaserChess *Ra
    Lexicon Demo *Con
    LightSpeed *W3
    Lines '98 *Cy
    Lines Millennium *Cy
    LineSoft Download *Ra
    Link Cratter *Con
    Link Keeper *Con
    LinkProver *Ra
    LivePaper *Con
    Loan Calculator Plus *Con
    Locker4U *Cy
    LOL Chat *Ra
    Ludo Safari Demo *Con

    Magellan Explorer *Ra
    Magic Button *W3
    Magic Signs *W3
    Mahjongg Game of Four WInds Demo *Con
    Mahjongg Master Demo *Con
    Mahjongg Masters *Con
    Mail Them *Ra
    MailAlert *Con
    Mailmoa *Cy
    Manifest Timetrap *Ra
    Marker *Ra
    MASH-MS Agent Scripting Helper *Ra
    MasterCrypt *Ra
    Match It *Ra
    MatchBlox *Cy
    Maxiimus *W3
    Maxx *?
    Media Player *W3
    MediaRing Talk *FC
    Meeting Planner *Ra
    MegaSafe *?
    MemriC *Ra
    Meracl FontMap *Ra
    Meracl Hexocol *Ra
    Meracl ID3 Tag Writer *Ra
    Meracl ImageMap Generator *Ra
    Meracl MD Recorder *Ra
    Metaman *Ra
    Midnight Oil Solitaire *Ra
    MidWaviPro *Con
    Millennium BReaThe Beta *Ra
    Minigolf Demo *Con
    MiniMemo Die CheatsDatenbank *Ra
    MirNik Internet Finder *Ra
    MJStudio *Con
    MonIRC *Ra
    MoNooN2DR *Cy
    MoNooN3DR *Cy
    Moonwalker 2000 *Ra
    More Space 99 *Ra
    MouseAssist *Ra
    MP3 Album Finder *Ra
    MP3 Cat *Ra
    MP3 Downloader *Ra
    MP3 Fiend *Ra
    MP3 Grouppie *Ra
    MP3 Mag-Net *Ra
    MP3 Player 2000 *Ra
    MP3 Renamer *Ra
    Mp3 Stream Recorder *Ra
    MP3 TagStudio *Cy
    MP3Album Finder *Con
    MP3INFO Editor *Ra
    MR. COOL *Con
    MSi-Clip *Con
    MultiSender *Ra
    Music Genie *Ra
    MX Inspector BIG AD *Ra
    My Comet Cursor *CC
    My Genie Patriots *Ra
    My Genie SE *Ra
    My Genie Sports Edition *Ra
    My GetRight *Ra
    My To Do *W3
    MyInfo *W3

    NeatFTP *Ra
    Nebula Fighter Demo *Con
    NeoPlanet Browser *DC
    Net CB *Ra
    Net Scan 2000 *Ra
    Net Tools 2001 *Ra
    Net Vampire *Ra
    Net-A-Car Feature Car Screensaver *Ra
    NetAdmin Remote Admin. *W3
    NetAnts *Ra
    NetBoard *Ra
    Netbus Pro *Ra
    NetCaptor *Ra
    Netcaptor *W3
    NetCB *Ra
    netCommunicator *Ra
    NetCounter *W3
    Netman Downloader *Ra
    NetMole *Ra
    NetMonitor *W3
    NetNak *Ra
    NetScoopFinance *Con
    NetSetter *Ns
    NetShark *Ra
    Netsonic *W3
    Netsonic Pro *W3
    NetSuck 3.10.5 *Ra
    NetTime Thingy *Ra
    Network Assistant *Ra
    NetXtract *Ra
    Netzip *Con
    NeuroStock *Ra
    News-Lynx *Con
    NewsBin *Ra
    NewsShark *Ra
    NewsWire *Ra
    NfoNak *Ra
    NikNak *Ra
    Notepad + *W3
    NotePads+ *Ra
    Notificator 1.0b *Ra

    Octopus *Ra
    Odigo Messenger *Cy
    Of the day Quizzer *Con
    Off the day Creator *Ra
    OfTheDay Quizzer *Ra
    Oligo Browser *Con
    Online Call *Cy
    OnLineCall *Ra
    Opera Freeware *Propriatary / Cydoor
    Option Insight *Ra
    Othello FX *Cy
    Oxide Demo *Con

    Paint by Numbers *Ra
    Paper Picker *W3
    Paragraph Punch *Con
    Password Manager *W3
    Patriot Slots *Con
    Pattern Book *Ra
    PC to Phone *Cy
    PCDJ *W3
    People Seek 98 *Ra
    PerfectPartner Time&Billing *Ra
    Personal Auction Track *Con
    Personal Internet Finder *Ra
    Personal Search Agent *Ra
    Personal Stock Monitor SE *Con
    PGNSetup *Ra
    Photo Base Junior *Cy
    Photocopier *Ra
    Photocopier *Con
    PicPluck *Ra
    Picture Line *Cy
    Pictures In News *Ra
    Ping Thingy *Ra
    PingMaster *Ra
    PixelPirate *Ra
    PKZIP *Con
    Planet.Billboard *Ra
    Planet.MP3Find *Ra
    PMS *Ra
    Ponnu CHAMY's Music *Ra
    PopMon *Ra
    PopUp Dictionary *Ra
    PostCryptum *Cy
    Power Lotto *Cy
    Power Zip Express *W3
    Powerpack Accounting and Inventry Management Demo *Ra
    PowerZip 2000 *Con
    PrePromote *Ra
    Printshop *BR
    PromaSoft Autoresponder *Ra
    ProtectX *Ra
    ProxyChecker *Ra
    Puzzle Master Demo *Con

    Q*Wallet *Ra
    QMS Memory Squares *Cy
    QMS Mystery of Magical Numbers *Cy
    QuadSucker/Web *Ra
    Quadzle Puzzles *Ra
    QuickHead-E *Cy
    QuickRename *W3
    QuikLink Autobot *Ra
    QuikLink Explorer *Ra
    QuikLink Explorer Freeware Edition *Ra
    QuikLink Explorer Gold Edition *Ra
    Quo Tracker *Ra
    Quote Ticker Bar *Ra
    QuoteWatch *Ra
    QuoTracker *Con
    Quta *Ra

    Rahjongg Demo *Con
    RapidBrowser *Pro
    Raptor Call of the Shadows Demo *Con
    Reader Rabbit *BR
    Real Audioplayer *CC
    Real Estate Web Site Creator *Ra
    ReallyEasy Interactor *Ra
    RealReverb Convolution *Ra
    Recipe Review *Ra
    RedEdit *Ra
    ReGet *Cy
    ReGet *Ra
    ReGet *Con
    RemoteShut *Ra
    Rename Master *Ra
    Rename-It *Con
    Rest Your Eyes *Ra
    Resume Detective *Ra
    RiadaMelt *Con
    RingSurf *Ra
    RoboCam *Ra
    Roger Wilco *Pro
    Rosemary's Weird Web World *Ra
    Rosoft CD Extractor *Ra
    Rosoft Media Player *Ra
    Rubber Duck H30+ *Con

    SaberQuest Page Burner *Ra
    SaberQuest Tag Specification Edit *Ra
    SafeNetMail *Con
    Savings4U *Ra
    SBJV *Ra
    SBWatchdog *Pro
    SBWcc *Ra
    Scan Wizard *Con
    Scout's Game *Ra
    ScreenFIRE *Ra
    ScreenFIRE - FileKing *Ra
    ScreenFlavors *Ra
    Scripto *Ra
    Sea Battle *Ra
    Seawar *Cy
    SelfSeek *Con
    SERanker *Ra
    Servant Salamander *Con
    Servant Salamander *Con
    Shakespeare Punch *Con
    Shapez! *Ra
    ShellGEM *W3
    Shizzam *Ra
    ShortKeys *Con
    Sign Language Teacher *Cy
    Simple Submit *Ra
    SimpleFind *Ra
    Simplicity Personal Organizer *Con
    Site Select *Con
    SiteBack *Ra
    SiteChecker *Ra
    SiteSniffer *Ra
    SK-111 *Ra
    Skeek Shooting *Ra
    SL4 Historical Montage *Con
    SLEdit *Ra
    Slide Puzzle *Ra
    Slide Puzzle *Ra
    Smaller Image *Cy
    Smart 'n Sticky *Ra
    SmartBoard 200 FREE Edition *Ra
    SmartBoard 2000 FREE Edition *Ra
    SmartSum calculator *Ra
    SnapIt *Ra
    SnipSnap *Ra
    SoftCuisine *Ra
    Software-Lynx *Con
    Sonic mail *Con
    SonicBurn *Ra
    SonicMail *Ra
    Sound Agent *Ra
    Space Central Screen Saver *Ra
    Space Checker *Ra
    Spam Buster *Cy
    Speak! Lite *Cy
    Speaking Email DeLuxe *Ra
    Speedy Eggbert Demo *Con
    Spherical HTML-Templator *Ra
    Spherical MP3INFO Editor *Ra
    Spinner *Pro
    Splash! Siterave *Ra
    Spynet Chat *W3
    Spynet Firewall *W3
    Spynet Mail *W3
    Spynet SockScript *W3
    Spynet TicTacToe *W3
    Spynet WhoIS *W3
    Spytech Back Orifice Eradicator *W3
    Spytech CipherWorks *W3
    Spytech Integrity Check (Plus) *W3
    Spytech NetArmor *W3
    Spytech PasswordLock *W3
    Spytech SecurityWorks *W3
    Spytech Shadow *W3
    Spytech ShadowNet *W3
    Spytech SpyAgent *W3
    Spytech SpyLock *W3
    SquareOff *Cy
    SSScanner *Con
    SSSiter *Con
    SSSpider *Con
    Star Miner Demo *Con
    StartDrive *Ra
    Static FTP *Ra
    StationRadio *Ra
    Stats 99 *Cy
    Stay On Pro *Con
    Stock Profit Spread Calculator 32 *Con
    StockBrowser *Ra
    Subscriber *Ra
    SunEdit 2K *Ra
    SunEdit 2K MOD Manager *Ra
    SunKoSoft WebNewser 0b *Ra
    Superball Challenge Demo *Con
    SuperBot *Cy
    SuperIDE *Ra
    SurfSaver *Con
    Sweep *Ra
    SweepsWinner *Ra
    System Agent *Con

    Tagger *Con
    Task Plus *Cy
    Taskbar Executive *W3
    TaxAct 2000 *W3
    TetriMania Master Demo *Con
    Text Tally *W3
    Text Transmogrifier *Ra
    TextWiz *W3
    The Cassette Tape Producer *Ra
    The Dictator *Cy
    The Mapper *Ra
    The Receptionist Desktop Edition *Ra
    The Star Wars Combine Holocom *Ra
    TheNet *Ra
    TI-FindMail *Ra
    TI-Findmail *Ra
    Tic-Tac-Toe Done Right *Ra
    TIFNY *Ra
    Tile Blazer Demo *Con
    Time Manager *W3
    Time Zone Converter *Con
    TOAG *Cy
    ToasterMultiTester *Cy
    Too Many Secrets *Ra
    Total Finger *Ra
    Total Whois *Ra
    Tracking The Eye *Ra
    Trade Site Creator *Ra
    Trade Trakker *Con
    Traffic Attractor 2000 *Ra
    Tray Note Plus *Con
    Triangle Puzzle *Ra
    Trianle Puzzle *Ra
    TrivialNet *Ra
    TS-Image Mapper *Con
    TsAdBot *CD
    Tucows Uploader *Ra
    Tunnel Blaster Demo *Con
    TWinExplorer *Ra
    TWinExplorer Standard *Ra
    TypeItIn *W3
    TypeWriter *Ra

    UdmSearch *Ra
    uICE *Con
    UK Phone Codes *Ra
    USChessLive *Con

    Vagabond's Realm *Ra
    Validate CC *W3
    VeriMP3 *Ra
    VeriTape *Ra
    Vertigo QSearch *Ra
    Virtual Access *Ra
    Virtual Friend *Cy
    Visual Cyberadio *Ra
    Visual Surfer *Ra
    Vocabulary Wizard *Cy
    VOG Backgammon Main *Ra
    VOG Backgammon Table *Ra
    VOG Chess Main *Ra
    VOG Chess Table *Ra
    VOG Reversi Main *Ra
    VOG Reversi Table *Ra
    VOG Shell *Ra
    VOG Shell History *Ra

    W3Filer *Ra
    WakeUp! *W3
    Wander *Ra
    War Demo *Con
    WarrenView *Ra
    WE Group ProxyChecker *Ra
    Web Coupon *Ra
    Web Database *Ra
    Web Page Authoring Software *Ra
    Web Registrant PRO *Ra
    Web Resume *Ra
    Web Resume Wizard *W3
    Web SurfACE *Ra
    Web Word Search *Ra
    Web Word Wrestle *W3
    Web-N-Force *Ra
    WEB2SMS *Ra
    WebBug *Ra
    WebCam VCR *Con
    WebCam Wonder *Ra
    WebCamVCR *Ra
    Webcelerator *Pro
    WebCopier *Ra
    WebDrive *Ra
    WebMailMate *Con
    Webman *Ra
    Webreaper *Ra
    WebSaver *Ra
    Website Manager *Ra
    Websnatcher *Ra
    Websnatcher IE *Ra
    WebStripper *Con
    WebSurfAce *W3
    WebType *Ra
    WebZip *Ra
    Whitehouse Mambo Parody *Con
    WhizFolders Organinzer *Con
    WhoIs *Con
    WhoIs Thingy *Ra
    Win A Lotto *Ra
    WinEdit 2000 *Ra
    WinMP3Locator *Ra
    WinSite *Con
    WinTidy *Ra
    Wise Wolf Notify *Con
    Wise Wolf Optin *Con
    Wise Wolf Pages *Con
    Word Connect Demo *Con
    Word Search Mania *Con
    Word+ *Ra
    Wordwright *Ra
    WorldChat Client *Ra
    Worm *Ra
    WOTH - Word Outline To Help *Ra
    Writing about Reading *Con
    Writing for Business *Con *Ra

    X Lines *Cy
    xBlock (game) *Ra
    Xtractor Plus *W3

    Yellow base *Cy
    Your ESP Test *Ra

    Zarko *Ra
    Zarko 3D *Ra
    Zion *Ra
    ZIP Code Finder *Con
    ZIP Express 2000 *Ra
    ZIP Up The Web Pro! *Ra
    Zip Wrangler *Cy
    ZipZilla *Ra
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  7. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    I'm putting together a list of IP ranges that advertising companies use, so I can block them with my firewall. I shall also be putting them onto the web once I've collected a dozen or so.

    If anyone has any IP ranges of advertising companies, feel free to message me with them.
  8. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    I've taken some timeout on this one, but thought it was time I shoved some info down on taking out the adverts.
    The main contender was (you can't surf a site) that covers a whole number of adverts across the Western Hemisphere.

    So I ran a IP trace, followed by a DNS of the name, which cam up with the name servers (featured in brackets) So I decided I would hunt each name server down and see what ranges those name servers covered.

    I found the following naming the Ranges, the DNS and lastly the network the adverts are found on. - (ACCESS.AKAMAI.COM) ( Network) - (YN.AKAMAI.COM) ( Network) - (YK.AKAMAI.COM) ( Network) - (YG.AKAMAI.COM) ( Network) - (YD.AKAMAI.COM) ( Network) - (YE.AKAMAI.COM) ( Network) - (YB.AKAMAI.COM) NETAXA.COM Network) - (YC.AKAMAI.COM) ( Network)
  9. Clarentavious Person Registered Senior Member

    I have 98 SE at the moment and am using IE 5.1

    The index.dat is stored in my Cookies folder (C:\windows\cookies)

    From my own experience it can only be deleted from DOS mode. If you try and delete it from windows it says the file is currently in use and cannot be deleted. In fact you can't do anything to it at all. Rename it, edit it, etc..... Yes, it is spyware.

    I have to either restart my PC in full MS-DOS mode, or boot via windows 98 startup disk.

    However it is instantly recreated once you start windows. Oh and just clearing your history and temporary internet files won't help you one bit. You'll need to get rid of the cookies in the temporary internet files and cookies folders as well.

    Of course, you are using XP, so that may be a different story (IIRC IE 6.0 comes integrated in XP, full of java security holes, and the "back button" bug)

    You ought to just ditch XP and use 2000. The only reason to use XP at all is for XP 64-bit edition. And that's no good until they fix it to support enhanced 64-bit x86 instructions from AMD's new processors.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2002
  10. Clarentavious Person Registered Senior Member

    Avatar, under your key list you have SpeedBit as *SB You mean, speedbit as in the makers of download accelerator plus (DAP)?

    If so what type of spyware do they use?
  11. Raptor5 Registered Member

    Something to consider

    for XP users:

    C:\WINDOWS\Temp\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5

    I'm using IE7.0 and Windows Defender (final)
    why IE7.0 because it handels better than 6.0
    why Windows Defender because it consumes less resources than any other by microsoft program which makes me wonder if anything is allright

    if you look in the folder above you will find an index.dat file
    this file contains acces to: - more than one time

    I never accessed one of this sites

    I want to kow if other users eXPerience the same thing
    What the hell is Windows doing on this sites (or better what information are exchanged to this addresses)
  12. Raptor5 Registered Member

    for consideration 2

    other interesting index.dat files:
    C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\History.IE.5
    C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\Local Settings\History.IE.5

    have fun with these files
  13. Nickelodeon Banned Banned

  14. Absane Rocket Surgeon Valued Senior Member

    Hehe. I did that once to scare some people... I thin it was
  15. §outh§tar is feeling caustic Registered Senior Member

    ^ I was worried for a moment with what I saw and then I realized I was behind a proxy. OMG. The proxy changed again. First it said your host is now it says (neither of which am i connected with)
  16. screwdriver Registered Member


    Hi Guys Have tryed your link for Dat Files and no luck ..I'm searching for hidden ICUII files can any one help running XP

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    Last edited: Apr 6, 2007
  17. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    damn necromancer
  18. Xerxes asdfghjkl Valued Senior Member

    For a second, I thought you went back to the dark side!

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