Next major science breakthrough - Discovery of space warping

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by albertchong1999, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. albertchong1999 The truth is out there Registered Senior Member

    Next major science breakthrough - Discovery of space warping

    Is there any possibilities to uncover the mysterious space warping capability in future? The answer is YES.

    There are still many more to discover in near future and science is a never-ending story. For the space warping, we have the tell-tale sign from the alien visitors and plenty of witness account and observation since centuries ago. Alien craft had the capability to warp and dissappear in split seconds after being noticed or being chased. Alien's world is far from earth and perhaps millions or billions light-years from earth, yet they can travel to earth relatively easy. One of the capability they must have is related to space warping knowledge.

    Alien's IQ level is much or less the same as human being, but yet they can discover the amazement of space warping is because they exist long enough to discover many things. Human's science knowledge stated around 100 thousand years ago but aliens' world may had started millions or even billions years ago. We are considered late in astronomical year most probably we had been wipe out many times in history due to natural disaster like asteriods strike, ice-age,volcanoes etc.

    Space warping may be made possible perhaps using some instrument, same as dynamo is needed to generate electricity. Currently there is only visible 3-D environment, perhaps of using instrument to unlock the 4-D or even 5-D that may eventually warp the space around us to make short-cut. We may able to do space warp even within earth atmosphere because earth is constantly moving in space, not neccesary only in Black Hole as other claimed. Do you imagine that the space we are occupying is not fixed in the universe and travelling further away. Unlike the land, nobody can claim that one possess a certain amount of fixed space,not even at home. Imagine that we are touching 3-D universe at different location in the universe all the time, that is interesting science content and can be included in science exhibition.

    If the space can be warped, then the space you know today is just an illusion given by 4-D or 5-D and most probably it gives the idea that the universe has no boundary, but in fact it is not as big as you can think of. For example you put a computer video camera in front of the computer screen and it displayed endless computer screen, each one stay further apart from each other and it shows no ending, if you don't believe it you can try it out in front of your computer screen. The second test you can carried out is by placing 2 mirror sandwishing your face, you can see your face extending further and many repeated image of your face is showing. This is basically 4-D i can thought of althought some may argue with me that is only a mere reflection of light. That is true. It is simple reflection and portrait the distance of reflection but when you mention 1-D, 2-D, 3-D, all is the reflection of light that you can see and imagine, without light you will never see all dimension, just like a blind people can't see all dimension. 4-D that i mentioned suit the ever extending environment of the universe that we perceived today and still more to study about that. From my deduction, the 4-D have a relatively short distant between source of origin and final point as compare to the overall observable length. Perhaps the observable expanse of universe is the multiple connection point related to 4-D and it keep multiply until infinite distant. In 4-D environment, light travel to infinity distant until it finally losing its strenght,same as you see the 2 reflective mirror at each other and the light travel at the speed of light to eventually reach the infinity distant. Imagine you are holding a matter closely and light keep travelling without fullstop. That is amazing!! The real 4-D matter not only got all 3 dimension as we comprehend today, but it also consist the depth of infinity that multiply 3-D infinitely. If we can uncover 5-D in near future, it may possible to stop the repeating image and positioning each object in the distinct observable distant, same as we see all stars at different light-years. By cracking 5-D basic principle will allow us to determine the exact location in between 2 reflective medium. Hence we can know the real starting and ending point between 2 medium and start travelling from it, which in seems like a real shortcut or warping of space. Simply said 2-D can't stand without 1-D, 3-D can't stand without 2-D, and 4-D can't stand without 3-D and so on....This is only basic principle but you need instrument to unravel the potential of 4-D usage, not just be able to see it but be able to utilise it to the fullest. I need more brainpooling, extensive research and experiment for my research please.

    Space warp will not distort the time and the time will be intact when you reach certain point in the universe. Aliens use this advantage allocated by God to travel in space in shorter time frame, same as you built a car to travel faster to a destination. Space warp knowledge is important as you can save fuel, time, reduce pollution,work load,transport etc.

    There must be a significant evidence of UFO held by Pentagon or other national agency. They keep it secret. This will hamper the process of discovering the UFO technology faster because they only have handful of scientist cracking the knowledge and sometime had no idea. If they can expose the evidence earlier, we all can mindpooling to solve the mysterious UFO technology.
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  3. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    Too late! Einstein discovered that in 1916.

    How do you know aliens are visiting Earth?

    Who measured the aliens' IQ?

    Well, at least you're specific. :bugeye:

    You're rambling.

    What research?

    God helps the aliens? How do you know?

    Why do they do that? And how do you know their secrets if they are ... kept secret?
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  5. EndLightEnd This too shall pass. Registered Senior Member

    *sigh* These are the guys who ruin for everyone else.
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  7. albertchong1999 The truth is out there Registered Senior Member

    NO, i will prove it is possible in future. Work harder my beloved offspring.
  8. Oli Heute der Enteteich... Registered Senior Member

    No, the only thing you're likely to prove is the depth of your delusions.
  9. draqon Banned Banned

    someone make a time warping prototype of spaceship please.

    I need to go to Alpha Centauri this weekend for a nice relaxing sun tan.

    Because currently I am going kind of slow:
  10. Scott Registered Senior Member

    Hi Albert, great article again.

    We have discussed anti gravity on another topic in that when we mess with the electrons it disturbs the communication between the electrons and nucleus and other elements that give us gravity's wave function.

    When we disturb the electrons it makes the gravitational wave function of the nucleus stronger, that is what I have labeled anti gravity, as well as the opposing force that keeps the electrons and protons away from the nucleus that we discussed before, but that's another issue.

    So what happens when we disturb these electrons is that the gravity wave force become stronger creating it's own gravitational field, it becomes so strong it over rides the gravity of the earth, and you can then amplify this wave function just as you can do with sound.

    When this happens it sets up its own space time and you can warp or bend the 3-D space time.

    It may be as we discussed before that if you create an object with such a strong gravity force that it is in such a higher vibrational energy that you are no no longer in 3-D's space time, and the stronger the force you generate the more you can bend space time, like you said all these dimensions are connected.

    if you look at how light bends around a planet you can see this happening in nature a bit, if you take a ruler and measure a strait line across the plant to the two point of light, and you take a ruler and measure the light going around the planet you will see that the distance is variable in that one is shorter than the other. this is the bending of space time.

    So in short removing electrons (ionisation,) or disrupting the electrons will create or own gravitational field that is stronger than gravity fields than we are aware in the 3-D.

    Once you are in these other dimensions I suspect there is no time space as we know it here, this would make any distances instantaneous threw amplification of the wave function of the created gravitational field.

    In essence you would be bending 3-D space from point A to point B through artificial gravitational wave functions directed to the point of travel.

    It's just a hypothesis bud, i hope this helps a bit.

    This guy here claims to have worked on alien craft and frankly I believe him.



    Here is another great video on this information.

    AntiGravity explained and produced!! Amazing! pt. 1 of 8


    And yet another. I think this guy is good but makes it more complicated than it really is. He is right in that superconductors also set up there own gravitational field in that when you super cool the mercury material the slowing down of the electrons also mess with the gravitational wave function as my ion work has shown.

    All these guys are great but they have not yet discovered that the simplest way and most efficient way to do these things is remove electrons to create a strong gravitational wave function using very little energy to do so.

    this can be done with a jolt of positive current and leaving the negative on, of course it will require many different kinds of tests to perfect it, and it may still need a current as if you ionise something to much i suspect it would fall right apart on you. It would just aid in the process, or who knows maybe its possible to completely ionise it and enter the 4-D world or 5-D world, only working with it will tell in the long run.



    And for you skeptics out there, here is a form of this right in one of your precious science articles.

    So grow up.

    wingless electromagnetic air vehicle

    Add http and the .


    Albert, i hope this helps you in your quest my friend.

    Last edited: Dec 30, 2008
  11. albertchong1999 The truth is out there Registered Senior Member

    thanks Scott... thanks a lot...
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2008

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