Next Great Extinction Around The Corner?

Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by livingin360, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. KilljoyKlown Whatever Valued Senior Member

    Do you always buy the cheapest wood you can find. Bet you could find better wood at a higher price. I've heard of companies that specialize in pulling old lumber out of lakes that formed as much as 50,000 years ago. Apparently deep cold lakes preserves the wood, but people wanting to use it have to pay top dollar for it.
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  3. iceaura Valued Senior Member

    Quick grown, from junk wood species and rapid rotation hybrids, mass production cut without regard to grain, etc., and cured or dried carelessly.

    Those trees were always around, and that kind of slipshod less costly lumber production, but the wood so produced was not used for load bearing construction - thread bobbins, toys, shims, toothpicks, a lot of the stuff we use plastic for now.

    I once did some work in the unfinished basement of a large house in the Kenwood area of Minneapolis, and noticed the basement joists - the floor supports under the house and spanning the major first floor rooms, visible in the unfinished basement ceiling - were six by somethings (14? looked bigger than 12) of black cherry heartwood. They owner said he knew - they were cut from the trees cleared from the lot, when the house was built, sawn and dried on site as the foundation was prepared. They were just handy and serviceable, apparently.

    I once helped a guy with a remodel of his chicken coop in Isanti, MN, which involved a new roof. The old roof underlayment was one by twelve pine boards more than twenty feet long - ran the full length of a fairly long coop, straight and close fit. Very few knots.

    That's what ordinary woods was made of, around there at the time.
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  5. chimpkin C'mon, get happy! Registered Senior Member

    Yep-you go to your big-box store and look for a 2x4 or whatnot that's nice and straight, not cured in a warped will take you some time and effort to dig through the bin and find them.
    The majority of any pallet of wood at the big-box store? you sight down the board and it's all bowed...and I guess the contractors don't care?
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  7. SomethingClever Registered Senior Member

    that video was breathtaking. thank you.
    I understand the context is apocalyptic, but I'd be lying if I said that footage didn't send a pleasant shiver down my spine.
  8. Xmo1 Registered Senior Member

    Seems nature has more intelligence than we realize. That is, it reacts and only then do we ask why. So I think global warming is a direct result of the sun. The sun heats (energizes) the atmosphere. It probably flashes the Earth from time to time - most often cyclically. It can probably burn away the atmosphere on the facing side of the planet, after which a few minutes later things with lungs fall to the ground dead. A flash might also quick heat the ice at the poles causing changes in ocean depths, and flooding oceanic island habitats. Just guessing.
  9. GeoffP Caput gerat lupinum Valued Senior Member

    But it's not intelligent. It's a runaway train, like most things in the universe. You either ride it, get off the track, or get run down. Nature doesn't hate us. 'It' doesn't care.
  10. Edmilson Registered Member

    There are many people around the globe that are spreading this fake Information that the world s going to end soon.There is not a single solid proof behind this claim.All they are doing is adding fake Information to misguide the people.Actually the true picture is totally different and we all need to be clear about it.
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  11. livingin360 Registered Senior Member

    I see this everywhere where people are taking opinions of their own instead of those from scientists doing research on the subject and refuse to give in to the basic science that was taught to them in earth science in the 6th grade about greenhouse gases. Instead they lean on conspiracy theories and pseudoscience which has nothing to back it up except more conspiracy theories. However what I present has much direct evidence supporting it. I don't expect you to believe me as anyone else because I know its human nature to want the easy way out even if there is great consequences. Like the saying... ignorance is bliss. Do you really believe i want to believe what i'm saying? I really wish you could find something other than opinions without direct evidence to support your claims.
  12. alberteinsteinx9 Registered Member

    I think we are going to see the world start turning into a tropical rain forest by 20

    I see a big problem around 2025. The world starts turning into a tropical rain forest. That's just based on the pattern I see. (When collecting data for global warming, don't count tree rings, count the glaciers. It's easier.)
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  13. Gravage Registered Senior Member

    Humans are are the smartest but also the stupidest species on Earth.
    I expect for entire human civilization to fall in the next 200 years, but extinction would take more time than 200 years, what I expect is ocean acidification and greenhouse gasses like both methane and CO2 to kill almost every species (especially human species) on the planet in the next 10 000 years.

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