New weapon to fight crime

Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by timojin, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. timojin Valued Senior Member

    This friendly weapon does not kill

    “Among all poultry, geese [are known] for being extremely vigilant and having excellent hearing,” Zhang Quansheng, a police chief in Xinjiang’s Shawan county, told the newspaper. The People’s Daily said the “sharp, keen and brave” animals were proving an invaluable tool in Xinjiang’s war on crime and were now being “actively promoted” across the region. Law enforcement agents described the geese as a new “highlight of stability maintenance work” and said they had proved themselves “better than dogs” in tackling crime. “Geese are very brave. They spread their wings and will attack any strangers entering [someone’s] home,” said Mr Zhang, the local police chief. The birds were like “a radar that
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  3. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    Considering they weigh in around 10 pounds and have no teeth, I'm callin' that a pretty generous use of the term 'attack' .

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    But I suppose it'll fend off most criminals under the age of 6.
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  5. sideshowbob Sorry, wrong number. Valued Senior Member

    The Geese Police are coming to arrest you, oh nooooooooo!
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  7. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    I see that you've never actually been attacked by a goose. Their beaks are very strong and very sharp and they move very quickly. In other words, they're not easy to get away from and they can inflict a LOT of pain. If you're confronted with a whole flock of geese, the only sensible response is to RUN AWAY. If you've got a gun (which of course are rare in China because it's a civilized country) you might be able to take out a few of them, but while you're doing that, the others will be beating the crap out of you.
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