New Way of Raising Children

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by BloodSuckingGerbile, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. BloodSuckingGerbile Master of Puppets Registered Senior Member

    I've got a slightly controversial idea and I have been thinking about this one for some time...
    Most of the parents I know have raised their children in a loving and cute atmosphere, presenting them with "real life" situations of piggies and bunnies and puppies.
    I'm not an expert in pediatric psychology, in fact, I'm closer to being a child than to being a parent, though I'm equipped and functioning...
    Anyway, what if the parents raised their children in a loving, but a not-so-cute atmosphere. Make their life into a slightly softened military regime. What if the parents don't tell their children about Winnie The Pooh and Santa and the tooth fairy? What if they treat them almost like miniature adults? Maybe even educate them from a very young age? Won't it make the children more intelligent and sharp and closer to reality than ordinary kids?
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  3. Closet Philosopher Off to Laurentian University Registered Senior Member

    I was raised kind of like the way you explained. When I was little, I watched Unsolved Mysteries and Star Trek with my parents. I had very few stuffed animals and no dolls. I was taught that there is no such thing as santa ot the toothfairy. I was faced with reality from the start of my life, and I am glad that my parents didn't make me suffer from lies. There was only one hitch: I told all the kids in daycare and elementary school that there was no such thing as santa or the toothfairy, and the whole class broke out crying and half of them had to be sent home. Oh well, it gives me a good laugh when I think about that.

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  5. sargentlard Save the whales motherfucker Valued Senior Member

    You mean like i was raised? because what you describe there pretty much nailed it on the head.

    Yes that does sound good but a question arises out of that proposal; Will one get the result they seek in their progeny?. Raising a child a certain won't bring forth the results one always hoped for. Being raised in a certain enviroment has and does produce personalites of the most opposite specturm in the child. Well fed, clothed, and loved can produce the most pungent and vile of the fuckers known to man and being reared in a travesty of a home can bring about the perseveiring qualities of a hard working, poster boy of goodness.
    I would agree that in the modern day society of the middle class species that is the Americans the parental instituions of the household can throw more responsibility at the putrid childern they give birth to but raising them a certain doesn't promise anything. They can try though.
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  7. Xev Registered Senior Member

    Yup, how I was raised.

    Personally, I favor locking them in a dark closet and letting them out only when you need to beat them for crying too loudly.

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  8. Thor "Pfft, Rebel scum!" Valued Senior Member

    I'm all for being honest to kids. Why lie to them at an early age and then have their dreams and hopes shattered and then they'll blame you for all the shit that's gone on in their lives all because of the tooth fairy! It has some truth to it and I plan on telling my kids the way it is, no birds and bees but the full out sex lecture. No tooth fairy just the not-so happy trashmen. No Santa, just me with a maxed out credit card.

    It should work and maybe it's the way the youth of tomorrow will be raised?
  9. sargentlard Save the whales motherfucker Valued Senior Member

    It's no surprise that most lower class families raise their kids this way. I guess they can't afford to give their kids of notions of Santa and toothfairy. They prepare them for a tougher life ahead.
  10. NightFall Lazy Hedonist Valued Senior Member

    i was raised this way also. dont get me wrong, i was't deprivedd from things like the easter bunny and christmas, but i wasn't raised to beleive that life is light and fluffy either. My parents didn't hesitate one bit to share with me all that realiity has to offer. Acording to my sociology class its because im an only child and onlies are treated more like little adults most of their life than children. I beleive being raised this way has mostly just given me more awareness of people and ongoings around me. as well as more understanding of reality. however it has also given me less patients and understanding for those who don't meet my standards of maturity etc.. probably becuase i was not given the patients and understanding as well. which in the end has left me pretty much anti social beuase i dont like dealing with others extra baggage and emotional what not. MY personal motto for people and life has simply become "No one, and don't kid yourself here, NO one, really gives a shit. So get over it, move on, and live for yourself. no else will do it for you. and no one else cares if you dont do it at all. "

    here are good points to it. and there are bad points to it. I dont think there can be exact guidlines to raising children. just doing the best you can. i wouldn't follow in my parents footsteps completey if i had children though.
  11. grazzhoppa yawwn Valued Senior Member

    My prevoius math teacher was juggling around the idea of teaching his kid a number inbetween 12 and 13. But not 12.5...he called it "eeps." So the kid would be counting: 10, 11, 12, eeps, 13, 14. He wanted to experiment with his kid by teaching him eeps from the beginning of the kids life. Now that I think of it, thats a pretty evil thing to do.

    But he is teaching his kids the difference between a rhombus and a in kindergarten they'll be saying rhombus. Sadly, I still don't know the difference.

    I was raised with E.Bunny and Santa C. but I wasn't smothered in love and bunnies and puppies. My parents hadn't really taught me anything directly, I've never had a face to face talk about "life" with either of them.

    Ahh, I remember when I was 13 or something they handed me this huge book about sex, relationships, adolescence, and :m:. I couldn't stop laughing for an hour. I bought them a book about parenting and left it on their bed for them to "discover."


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  12. invisibleone Registered Senior Member

    well, here's my thoughts: don't take a kids's childhood away. . . it's a magical time. . kids are naturally imaginative; and in another world so to speak. This imagination might lead to creative abilities later in life. There's no need to rush them into adulthood. . .that will come soon enough anyways.
  13. ElectricFetus Sanity going, going, gone Valued Senior Member


    I was raised like that and recommend it! Like my mother recently confused to: "You should raise a child with unconditional love, just make dam sure they never think your do so.”

    The best part was that since I was 6 years older then my brother, I would counter my parents by telling him that Santa, the tooth fairy, the-moster-under-the-bed, the super communist god that you have to leave a bowl of cereal for every morning or else he will take you to the deepest darkest place forever, ect were real! And most of all he would believe me! And then at the right time when my parents would counter me I would admit that I was jerking his chain and laugh and laugh, and now my brother calls me a "Fuck hole" true story!

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    by the way this thread should be in Human Science sub-forum.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2003
  14. Zero Banned Banned

    Interesting. My parents insisted on covering the truth from me, and I know I hated every minute of it. It did one bit of good, though. It improved my interrogation skills. I just loooooooovewd to see my parents get desperate as they try to get me to stay convinced that "santa" existed.

    But hey, they're both extremely smart and logical, practically lawyer material. I lost out. They wriggled out of it and managed to make everything make sense. Bummer.

    But not any more! Muhahaahaaaah
  15. plasticwingsmelting Banned Banned


    Hahaha...when I was 5, my mom told me there was no Santa and I went to school and told everyone, too! some of the kids were crying and I think my teacher was upset with my mom because it was a Catholic school(I was never catholic) and, well...ya know how they like to forcefeed you these false images, right? Heh..
  16. BloodSuckingGerbile Master of Puppets Registered Senior Member

    Oh I see that the idea is not as controversial as I thought it would be and I'm glad to hear abut it.
    I don't like spoiled people, and I think that raising children with too much cuteness and lack of rules makes them the rich and spoiled type, whom I find very annoying.

    I really can't remember how I was raised... I do remember stories about the three piggies and the wolf and about kitties and puppies and even the tooth fairy but I also remember my mom stuffing me with English words from since I was like 3 and smearing my face with porridge when I didn't want to eat it, so I'm probably closer to the not-cute method of raising. Maybe it were the bad conditions in the country I was raised in, but that was a long time ago, so I really can't tell...

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