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    I have heard that the governments top secret levels have been withholding technology for years and that everything now known is 30 years old. That would include radical life extension technologies as well as nanotechnology which could rebuild tissue in the human body on an atomic level curing all forms of disease and cancers in the human body as well as restoring and or increasing brain capacity in anyone with any brain related diseases afflicted by aging. There reason for withholding this technology is the fact that people must die so that the planet does not become overpopulated.
    The only way that someone on a low income and that is ageing could possibly get access to any of this technology in the near future I think would be those who could choose to take themselves outside of the problem of world overpopulation and as far as I see the only hope I see in that is in the Mars project. I have little knowledge of it but know their planning on doing more than simply building domes and hydroponic agricult