New Star Trek Series?

Discussion in 'SciFi & Fantasy' started by ltcmmdr, Apr 16, 2000.

  1. ltcmmdr Registered Senior Member

    I have read somewhere there will be a new kind of Star Trek series. I like to know if anyone knows about it and when it'll be coming out.

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  3. Oxygen One Hissy Kitty Registered Senior Member

    Good Gravy! Not another one! I mean, I like Star Trek and all, but jumpin' Jesus Christ on a pogo stick! How many of these are they going to crank out?

    Okay, the initial shock is over. What do we have?

    Star Trek
    Star Trek: The Next Generation
    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
    Star Trek: Voyager

    I haven't been following the spin-offs too closely. Am I missing anybody? Anyway, what's next?

    Star Trek: The Janitors Strike Back
    Star Trek: The Magical Mystery Tour
    Star Trek: Yadda Yadda Yadda
    Star Trek: Oh My God If We Can't Milk Another Spinoff From This Thing We're All Out Of Work

    Well, if I hear anything (I have associates in the business), I'll let you know.

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  5. DaveW Registered Senior Member

    Well, I just had to investigate this...

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    I read on some Star Trek site the rumour that the series is under the codename "Series V" (for obvious reasons) and that is has been officially approved. While this is just a rumour, the site said the setting was early-Federation times (pre- Capt. Kirk). There was also mention of some time-travelling 29th century character who was trying to prevent the formation of the Federation.

    Personally, it sounds potentially stupid, but then this is all just a rumour.

    Then again, we may have some real politics involved, which would make things interesting. DS9 was quite entertaining thanks simply to the constant political conflict present between all the major races. Voyager lacks any sort of coherent and continuous plot, much like TNG, except that Voyager is devoid of any compelling characters that made TNG work.
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  7. FyreStar Faithless since 1980 Registered Senior Member

    Greetings -

    Oh come on.. don't tell me that all of you have come down with sequel-itis

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    I've never understood why people dislike something simply because its a sequel. True, DS9 and Voyager started off slowly, but they both pulled together well after a couple years.. hopefully by now they producers will have get it right immediately

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    Whether or not it will be good will basically depend on the cast.. Like DaveW said, they missed the mark on Voyager (except for Paris, Kim and the Doctor), but they've done well with the others. Personally I'm looking forward to it (although my friends would tend to say: "Duh..")

    Live Long and Prosper,
  8. Dido Registered Senior Member

    Well guys I can't wait!!

    Personally I think the original is crap... maybe its due to special-effects-itis or something, but I have to say DS9 is so terribly boring with no characters of substance... Sisco (spelling correct?)is lame. Voyager on the other hand is so clever sometimes...other times pointless. I believe Janeway is just the coolest captain yet, surpassing Picard and tying with Picard... maybe its due to a little ( and some would say sick) penchant for the dominant woman. The female characters of Voyager easily surpass their male counterparts save the Doctor.

    I can't say that I've heard anything about the new series, but I have heard about Voyager getting home at the end of the seventh series, and then in the eighth a completely new crew are to take over control of the ship. Anyone heard anything similar????

    Nice seeing that there are some who don't allow cynicism to override the whole ideal of Star Trek.

    I'm a little fanatical... not scarily...but enough. Sorry.

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  9. ozarky Registered Senior Member

    This is not exactly Star Trek but most of you "Treky's" might be interested. I have subscribed to a UFO/PARANORMAL web site. The problem is that is Turkish,and most of the writing is Turkish. I wrote them that I did not understand the language. I was assured that they were trying to get it translated into English. I might add, if I may, had it not been for the action of a small group of Turkish soldiers in the frozen waste lands of North Korea about fifty years ago, I would not be here now.
    To get to the point, they had a picture of a warship, possibily a destroyer, under way, with electric arc's eminating from the top of the main mast covering the ship. The name of the ship on the bottom of the picture is U S S Andrew (i cannot decipher the second name) dated Oct. 17, 1943. There is a profile of a warship, possibly the same one with a blue-green aura about it. The strangest picture is an aerial shot of a war ship, that in several seperate shots, evaporates. I have written these people to see if I can get an explanition in English.
    Back to you when I hear something

  10. Oxygen One Hissy Kitty Registered Senior Member

    Ozarky-What's the website called? I'm dyin' to see those shots!
  11. I hope they do make a new Star Trek series, & show how earth humans evolved into an interstellar species. Anyway, I won't get tired of dreaming of a star trek future & seeing that vision on TV & the movies.

    Live long and Prosper!!
  12. umm7of9 Registered Member


    I heard the new series is combination of Voyager and DS9. That is Voyager has a new crew. Then I heard the were to discover new space. We'll just have to wait.
  13. The Defiant & Voyager together? That will be awesome!!! New Space? The Gamma Quadrant? Sub-space? Fluid space? Whatever, it should be cool!!
  14. ltcmmdr Registered Senior Member

    I guess we figured out what's the new Star Trek was. So far I like the new show Andromeda.

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