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    My name is Frances Hunt, and I am one of the coaches for a team of two high school students, John and Dusty, who have built a web site about our Solar System. It took many months of continuous effort, and I think they have done a great job! Please come and check out

    Of course there is a lot of good extensively researched (and very readable)information about the planets, including a comparison table where you can compare 2 planets' properties. John and Dusty also put together a searchable linkbase leading to over 1,200 different web sites in 48 US states and over
    40 different countries. The students also included a forum much like a newsgroup where we are hoping to stimulate conversations about the solar system and explore some of the lingering questions about our home in the
    cosmos. There is already a discussion thread about Pluto and Charon, and one about the phases of the moon. This the most important part of our project, because it fosters communication between professionals and amateurs of all ages.

    Please consider visiting. Be sure to sign the guest book so that we can send
    you a personal thank you for visiting. (We don't automate that stuff.)

    Our site has no banners, no advertisements and visitors will NOT be added to any email lists. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this site. We appreciate your consideration!!

    Frances Hunt
    Our site is at:
    A "School Zone" Site
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