New Civil War? Not WW III but a CW II coming?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gravity, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. towards Relax...head towards the light Registered Senior Member

    "The great majority of incarcerated citizens are facing drug and traffic violations.", InsanelyElite

    No, the majority (not the great) of federal prisoners are accused of drug violations. The federal prisons are a small part of the prison population. Secondly, nobody goes to prison for traffic violations unless:

    A) They killed somone will drinking and driving

    B) They have repeatedly driven without insurance, ignoring a court order. This can be up to 10 times and they may serve 30 days.

    C) They continue to drink and drive, risking the lives of everyone around them. This again, will still be a matter of days in prison.

    If you are stupied enough to continue the above over and over again, then you should get your 30 days. The real reason is that A and B generally go together, because who would keep getting pulled over time and time again if not a drunk?
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  3. kazakhan Registered Abuser Registered Senior Member

    John Titor was the so called 'time traveller'. From []:
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  5. Insanely Elite Questions reality. Registered Senior Member

    Hey towards,
    I said incarcerated, not simply federal prisoners. This also includes other systemic charges, failure to appear and deliquency of fines. Traffic violations by and large are within the states jurisdiction and thereby vary. In my state of Washington, 1st time offenders who have as little as 1 beer and are sitting in their car(not on the road) face up to 1 year in the state facility. At the discretion of the officer, almost all crimes can put you in the holding pen, this most often begins with a traffic stop. Followed by aggresive search of your vehicle and/or sobriety field test.
    Regarding your ABC's:
    A) vehicular manslaughter is a crime regardless of drinking, though states usually add to the sentancing.
    B) Perhaps this is particular to your state, in mine 1st time offenders may be hauled away
    C) already mentioned

    I had a short stint as a Police officer in Nevada, right out of high school. I left because of the abuses of power. We regularly were pulling over blacks and mexicans for no real reason. Following minorities until they failed to signal, or going a little above limit, or for no reason but suspicion(usually a youthful minority in a new car). I know racial profiling happens. I know how corrupted the system is. That you say who would get pulled over time and again unless you were a drunk is simply not credible.

    Regarding the civil war aspect I found this at the US dept. of Justice,Bureau of statistics:

    Lifetime likelihood of going to State or Federal prison

    If recent incarceration rates remain unchanged, an estimated 1 of every 15 persons (6.6%) will serve time in a prison during their lifetime.

    Lifetime chances of a person going to prison are higher for
    -- men (11.3%) than for women (1.8%)
    -- blacks (18.6%) and Hispanics (10%) than for whites (3.4%)

    Based on current rates of first incarceration, an estimated 32% of black males will enter State or Federal prison during their lifetime, compared to 17% of Hispanic males and 5.9% of white males.
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  7. DeeCee Valued Senior Member


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    Sounds like your civil war has already started.

    Dee Cee
  8. Insanely Elite Questions reality. Registered Senior Member

    Indeed that is what I'm saying DeeCee.
  9. Torque Registered Member

    Greetings from 2008

    We can safely say that John Titor was a hoax,a beautifully executed, masterfully written one, but a Hoax, nonetheless. It's 2008, there is no war, the Al Quaeda is yesterday's news, the Bush presidency is set to go out with a whimper, no riots, a small hiccup in the housing market, a blessing for those who are BUYING a house, but nothing else.

    Still, the John Titor story was entertaining. If I knew who the creator was, I'd buy him a drink.

    Kudos for a kick ass ARG.
  10. Gravity Deus Ex Machina Registered Senior Member

    I'm jealous!

    I'm quite jealous of the world you live in Torque! No war! Small hiccup in the housing market! It sounds relaxing. Unfortunately, some signs of the world I inhabit are:

    Unless some stunning new technological miracle changes everything even more quickly and powerfully than even the light bulb, flight or antibiotics did. Or altruistic aliens land and solve all our problems. America is headed into a 2nd Great Depression at the very least, there are NO graphs, no import/export diagrams that show a way out at this point. Just soothing words from politicians, real estate moguls and bankers who want to stave off public panic and faster crash as long as possible.

    And, every empire has big dips - that normal. One thing is --- during the 1st Great Depression we were a very self reliant hard working people. With 80% of Americans still having close agricultural ties in family or growing some food themselves. Now its less than 1%. We are absolutely NON-self sufficient now.

    And history, she is a *itch. Some patterns ALWAYS repeat themselves.

    Its not like "we are all gonna die". But a s*itstorm is certainly decending on us. We'll get through it, much poorer and wiser . . . as long as we don't throw a tempertantrum about being forced to lower our consumption levels, if we throw a tempertantrum? Well, we have thousands of nukes still - and THAT could get ugly. Hopefully not though!

    Here is a good quote:

    While it's gratifying to watch Hillary Clinton melt back into her senate seat -- in the process foiling the ascent of Emperor Bill the 1st -- one can't help but feel that that the contest for president is taking place in a different "world-line" (shall we say) than the melt-down of the US financial sector, and with it, the US economy.

    Whoever wins on November 5 will wake up to preside over a different America than the schematic one he was debating about during the primaries and the election. The long campaign will beat a path straight into the long emergency. The new president will inherit a wrecked banking system, an economy in freefall, a wobbling world oil market, and an American public extremely ticked off by its startling, sudden impoverishment. (This is apart from whatever melodramas spool out on the geopolitical scene.)
    The president-elect will quickly realize that the number one problem is not that Americans can't afford health care -- it's that they can't afford anything, because their income is evaporating in terms of both lost jobs and a dollar that is racing toward worthlessness. They'll be hard put to pay for food and gasoline, nevermind Grandma's emphysema treatments. They will be walking away from home ownership -- or yanked kicking and screaming by default-and-repo -- and any government scheme devised to abridge their mortgage contracts will only undermine basic contract law that has made mortgage lending a credible thing in the first place. And that too, of course, would redound straight to a real estate sector already in price free-fall, with no one willing or able to think about buying a house.

    Now. We have a farm, with horses to work the land. The outside world could disappear and we'd be ok, it would be much harder, but we would be ok. EXCEPT for the fact that starving, scared, angry and armed people are generally scary fellow citizens. So we are keeping our fingers crossed that Americans snap out of their obese TV daydream and work HARD when TSHTF!

    But . . . . don't believe me. Watch and wait, and someday down the road - remember some freak saying this to you in a chatroom! (again, I very much HOPE I'm wrong. But I live in a fact based world of graphs, and historical patterns . . . history is a harsh mistress).

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