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    So the creation of extra DNA sequences is just rearrangement and not actually addition? How do you figure that?

    Yes. But Earth is not a closed system. There's a rather big and impressive star just a hundred million kilometres away that continually floods the Earth with energy.

    No there isn't. Don't be silly.

    Where do you get this nonsense? Answers in Genesis? I'm surprised you can keep a straight face while writing some of this pseudoscientific nonsense. Unless you actually believe it, that is. If you do actually believe what you're saying, you need to get a real education soon. Bible college hasn't done you a great service.

    Regarding seeds: You may have noticed that seeds grow - sometimes into enormous trees. Do you think that a seed has all the energy necessary to run a gigantic tree somehow concentrated into the little seed? Where does all the raw material for the tree come from? Do you think it expands magically out of the seed? Is it just possible, do you think, that external energy inputs are needed to produce a tree from a seed? Or do actually believe that's impossible?

    Viruses work precisely because they are indistinguishable from normal DNA. Cells happily incorporate viruses into their DNA - they don't know the difference.

    But it has - over and over again.

    Do you realise that back when the dinosaurs lived there was no grass! Grass didn't exist. There were no grasses at all, anywhere on Earth.

    Where did the grass come from, do you think, Anita?

    But wait? Let's go back a step. Do you believe in dinosaurs, Anita? How old do you think the Earth is? Do you believe me when I tell you there was a time when grass didn't exist?

    I'm not sure if it's true for wheat, but it is true that fruits were specifically evolved to be ingested (as a means of spreading seeds). But the plants evolved this ability for their own good, not for the good of animals or humans. And there's no evidence that God had anything to do with it (nor did G-d).

    You think GM foods are less nutritious than natural foods? Who told you that?
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    My turn again:
    What Deuteronomy, a set of laws and customs laid down by Moses (according to the legend), is actually saying here is: ensure that the best hybrids survive by weeding out unwanted plants. Keep the cross-pollination rate down, by husbanding crops away from any wild relatives.

    This will mean better, but less hardy plants. That's ok because they don't actually need to survive in the wild, we humans will "look after" them.
    And oh yeah, thanks Big Guy!

    Corn didn't used to look much like the modern varieties you can grow now; we've been hybridizing maize for at least 8,000 years.
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    Again hostility is being used as a self defense mechanism.

    Tiktaalik is not a sufficient transitional fossil. It is a separate species. Apparently it was a fully formed functional creature (as I attempted to explain in my previous post). Nothing abnormal about it.

    No Trippy I never said the later. I said small changes - as in “incomplete transitional forms”. I said a true transitional (intermediate) form would have non-functioning (malfunctioning) faulty parts or appendages, such as the nub (root) of a leg, arm or wing. We should at least be finding some fossils that show a deformed fin in the process of halfway changing into a arm, leg or wing. Darwin’s Finches had fully functioning beaks. And no Tiktaalik is not a true transitional form.

    I didn’t say that! I said in terms of valid nutrition as in being RECOGNIZED by the human body so that it can be absorbed properly. Refined wheat is a good example of this since it is so refined that certain enzymes are stripped from it in the refining process and thus making it harder for the body to digest.

    James, there is plenty of evidence for this since most of our foods come from the natural world. Everything works in harmony and perfect balance because it was designed to, not because it evolved that way.

    James a virus is not completely indistinguishable from cells. Especially when it starts to invade the whole system such as the human body or even a computer. In the body it is finally destroyed and in a computer it has to be cleaned and illiminated.

    What I am saying here James is that the seed is PROGRAMED with all the necessary instructions (INFORMATION) as to its process for life. This information tells it when energy is necessary for growth and even death. Just like Telomerase is to the cell.

    Yes it is dissipating! Everything is in a state of entropy such as our Sun and that also applies to the Universe.

    Author Anita Meyer
    The Primordial Language - Confirmation of the Divine Creator
  5. Trippy


    That there had to be a non-functioning intermediate state is a red herring, and complete baloney to boot.

    One only needs to look at the evolution of the eye to see that.

    And Tiktaalik is but one step, one of several intermediate steps.
  6. Anita Meyer

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    Yes Noodler, you acknowledged it yourself - cross-pollination!

    This is not the GM (genetically modified) plants I am referring to. I am referring to foods that have been “bioengineered” (genetically modified foods) to be resistant to insects or drought. These are not natural or healthy to eat either as they cause allergies in some people. That is because they were not intentionally created by G-d in this fashion, and we learn this lesson later. Once they introduce the plant with new genes it now directs the production of a specific “protein” that makes the plant uniquely different. It now has the ability to produce a “new protein” that makes it resistant to certain herbicides that are used in controlling weeds, or causes it to produce a protein that is toxic to certain caterpillars, thus eliminating the need for certain conventional pesticides. Some have noted that introducing a new piece of DNA into the plant’s chromosome can disrupt the function of other genes, thus crippling the plant’s growth or altering the level of nutrients or toxins. For example, genetic modifications in varieties of soybeans and canola changed the fatty acid composition in the oils of those plants. Bioengineered corn has also been found and still suspected in causing nausea, introducing toxins into the blood system and cause anaphylactic shock (extreme senility) in humans - as with anything else its long-term side effects are unknown. Once these new genetic organisms are introduced they are on the planet with us without end.

    Author Anita Meyer
    The Primordial Language - Confirmation of the Divine Creator
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    That’s what they first thought about the Coelacanth fish. As it turns out they are still alive and living on the sea floor. They are just another species of fish - and that’s all!

    I know precisely where youre attempting to go with the Trippy and I am not going to go down that road with you. I simply know that G-d designed the eye special for each individual living thing and that also includes the human eye. However if you still persist in this matter I leave you with one thought, make of it what you will.

    What is sight aside from its physical attributes? Is anything that we see truly “material”, because what we see with our eyes is really only rays of electrical signals (energy) that is transmitted by neurons and deciphered by a tiny part in the back of the brain. Thus the brain is also a material thing in itself, and in truthfulness the room that we are in, is really “within” us, and not the other way around. Funny how we can dream in sleep, and within our brain still have the sensations to see with our eyes and touch with our hands, yet we have neither eyes nor hands. What is left? Only a incorporeal/spiritual matter - hence faith.

    Author Anita Meyer
    The Primordial Language - Confirmation of the Divine Creator
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    ALL transitional fossils are fully formed functional creatures. If they weren't, they would have died out instead of going on to reproduce, thus allowing further evolution into the species they eventually evolved into.

    In fact what tends to happen is that some features get adapted to different uses. Thus, feathers on a dinosaur would have been fully functioning - to help keep the animal warm. But as these dinosaurs evolved into new species, those feathers began to be used for something new - flight.

    One very common Creationist argument, before it was thoroughly debunked, was "What use is half an eye?" Creationist argued that if evolution was true we ought to see transitional animals with half an eye. In fact, what we see is a whole range of different species with "eyes" ranging from simple light-sensitive spots to complex eyes like those of squids - and everything in between. All those "intermediate" eyes are fully functioning. Some are better than others at seeing, but all are useful to the animals that have them. If they weren't, natural selection would have weeded them out.

    Not "deformed" - that wouldn't be fully functioning. What we do see, in whale ancestor species for instance, is one set of leg bones getting smaller and smaller over generations, eventually being absorbed into the body. But those rear-leg bones still exist in modern whales.

    Tell me, Anita: why would your God design whales with useless leg bones inside their bodies?

    Of course. If they didn't function, the finches would have died instead of going on to reproduce.

    You couldn't be more wrong. There is no "perfect balance". Many things in nature are completely inedible or poisonous to human beings. We eat the food that has proven to be nutritious for us. We have selectively bred our food plants and animals specifically to make them better suited to our needs. It looks like God didn't do a very good job with human food. We had to improve on his work. And there are still plenty of things that will kill us if we ingest them. God must be mean to want to kill us.

    What I said was that as far as cells are concerned a virus is a perfectly compatible piece of DNA. To use your computer analogy, your computer is as happy to run a piece of virus code as it is to run your web browser. It doesn't know of any difference and doesn't care.

    That is true. As you will recall, the claim I took issue with was that the "gas" in the universe is diminishing. Perhaps you ought to address that point.

    Also, don't think I didn't notice you ignoring my points about grass and dinosaurs. I guess you have no good reply to those.
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    This is getting silly, but that already happened with post #1.
  10. Anita Meyer

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    James I am a firm creationists and will always remain so! :)

    Yes, how about Whales… They give birth tail-first and upside-down. And it usually takes a long time. If they gave birth head-first the baby would die of lack of oxygen. Now how did evolution know how to do that? Did it wait until all the baby whales drowned and then realized that they needed to give breach birth?

    James it was recently discovered that these appendages (vestigial legs) are actually used for reproduction. Furthermore these vestigial legs are only found in the “male” and are used to anchor the muscles attached to the penis.

    That is my whole point! Where are the fossils of the weak ones that died out? There should be many of them! And ones that were deformed in some way that they couldnt feed themselves.

    Author Anita Meyer
    The Primordial Language - Confirmation of the Divine Creator
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  11. Trippy


    Completely irrelevant.

    Evolution has nothing to say about one species becoming extinct because another is more successful.

    In other words, you're completely unable to counter the argument.

    I didn't say anything about sight, I only mentioned the evolutionof the eye.
  12. Anita Meyer

    Anita Meyer Banned

    Trippy, I am saying that both sight and the eye is spiritual in nature and you cannot disclaim that by the example that I had used.

    Here it is again:

    Author Anita Meyer
    The Primordial Language - Confirmation of the Divine Creator
  13. Trippy


    I'm not interested in talking about invisible friends for the time being. Your comments completely miss the mark.
  14. Anita Meyer

    Anita Meyer Banned

    I think you've missed it, but alright Trippy,

    To see what? What exactly am I supposed to be seeing?

    Author Anita Meyer
    The Primordial Language - Confirmation of the Divine Creator
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    Once again, I notice that you have not responded to any of my direct questions to you, and have not commented on the things I taught you in my previous post. Is intellectual dishonesty a creationist tactic? No need to ask, really, is there? Creationists are famous for their dishonesty.

    I assume that's because you haven't studied science properly. You've spent all your time studying the bible or mystical alphabets.

    It is thought that the ancestors of whales gave birth on land, even though they spent most of their time in the water. As they gradually evolved towards a full-time aquatic existence, no doubt their would have been problems for some animals who gave birth with the young head first. Those young would not have survived, as you say. Therefore, only descendants of animals who gave birth tail first (or hind-limbs first) would have continued in the gene pool after a while. And that leads us to the present position, where whales all give birth the way they do. There's still the occasional mistake, of course, which is more evidence for evolution.

    Your understanding of how evolution and natural selection works appears to be woeful. I suggest you read a basic text on evolution from a source other than the Discovery Institute. You really need to educate yourself on some of the real science so you don't keep making yourself look stupid.

    This is nonsense - especially the part about vestigial legs only being found in male whales. Where do you get this stuff? It would be funny if it wasn't so flat-out wrong. I mean, 10 minutes on the internet will show you that you're wrong, if you bother to really look.

    There are many fossils of animals that have deformities or evidence of sickness or injury. There are few examples of wildly unsuccessful animals, however. Why? Because if they were so unsuccessful, they would not have lasted long in the gene pool and their family lines would quickly have died out. Even for tremendously successful species with millions of members, fossilisation is a very rare occurrence. So, the answer to your question, Anita, is that it's a simple matter of statistics.

    I hope you haven't included too many of these embarrassing errors in your book. If you have, make sure you correct them in any future editions (if there are any).
  16. Anita Meyer

    Anita Meyer Banned

    Firstly James (its the other way around) you are making yourself sound stupid here! Just because you have a main stream idea about evolution and run with it doesn’t not mean that you are correct. Maybe there will come a time when you start thinking logically for yourself.

    Yes, it is so as you say above and I noticed how you were careful about working that. You say: It is thought that the ancestors of whales gave birth on land.

    That’s right it is only “THOUGH”! This is because there is no tangent proof that the fossil creatures they are finding and calling whales are in fact not just another species that went extinct. There is NO PROOF that those fossils are transitional forms of whales… remember it is only thought. Just because a creature looks similar does not make it so. One could say these fossil bones resemble that of an alligator too, and today we know that whales and alligators are two very different creatures.

    In that case please cite your sources James.

    James I am talking about deformities such as in a nub or a fin in the process of evolving into a arm, leg or wing. And I’m not talking about fully formed or functional parts. What I am looking for in the fossil record is the transitional forms that show dysfunctional parts. For example if a walking whale was born with actual legs that showed signs of the legs (shrinking into nubs) turning into fins. It then died because it was dysfunctional and was fossilized - this might be considered a transitional form to me as this might prove that the legs or arms were turning into something else. But to my knowledge no fossils like this exists. If you can find them please cite your sources (as I also mentioned above).

    If you can find them ANYWHERE please cite your sources so that I could physically see them with my own eyes. Please!

    Author Anita Meyer
    The Primordial Language - Confirmation of the Divine Creator
  17. AlphaNumeric

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    Well done Anita, you just demonstrated you're amazingly ignorant of evolution. The fact you tell James to think logically makes you all the more comical. Too bad so many of your fellow Americans are as ignorant as you.
  18. Anita Meyer

    Anita Meyer Banned


    Apparently I had missed your post.

    Yes I would agree 19 now 20 pages is daunting. I wish there was a way that I could edit my first posting here so that I could give direct links to all my posts. However I'm sure there is a mechanism on this form that allows one to find all the users posts.

    You ask, where did I get my information from? I got my information straight out of Genesis 1:1. As soon as one opens the Hebrew Bible and piers at the Hebrew letters (the very first one actually), one can see that there is something very similar and intelligent about them. these very letters where said to have been inscribed by the finger of G-d and given to Moses on Mount Sinai. Exodus 31:18. Additionally Qabalah (which is "oral torah" that also came down with Moses from Mount Sinai) talks about G-d using the Hebrew letters when He created all things in existence. Therefore if all things in existence bear this same unit of growth then they must also have been created by G-d (by using the Hebrew letters) as the good book claims.

    When one first establishes this, they are then on the road to understanding. It is really self explanatory - as this is the way G-d had intended it.

    This is something similar to what I had written in a past post in attempts to explain it:

    There is a mathematical unit of growth in nature (actually several), that synergistically work around each other. For instance, Pi (Phi), Golden Mean Spiral and Fibonacci sequence (there are also others). But all these units of growth are in cahoots and conspire with each other. They are in a state of relationship and association with each other. One can see these sequences in nature that instructs all living things when deciding how many units to grow next such as in a trees branches and a plants leaves. This series (of adding some quantity) can be seen everywhere in nature. This series is what has come to be called by several names, the numbers of the Fibonacci sequence also (regarded in conjunction with Phi/Pi), increase at a rate equal to oscillating around the Golden Mean Spiral. The Fibonacci sequence goes like this: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144,… (add the last two numbers together to get the next number 233. The Golden Section numbers are 0.61803 and 1.61803. The Golden String is 1011010110110101101... A sequence of 0’s and 1’s that is closely related to the Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Section.

    Now, when we analyze the very first Hebrew letter of the Bible which is the letter B (from the first word - Barashith). Which looks like this:


    Now when we take this Hebrew letter and spiral a wire around it (pictures are in my book) in such a way that exhibits a similar unit of growth (where it starts out with a small hoop and then gradually grows into a bigger hoop and than again a third hoop (which is a mathematical unit of growth similar to the ones mentioned in the paragraph above). When we remove this wire form and turn it around in different angles we can begin to see that all the other 22 Hebrew letters become visible depending on the angle one looks at it. For instance if we take this spiral form of the Hebrew letter B and turn it upside down we now have the Hebrew letter T. Another words this “one prototype form“, forms all the 22 Hebrew letters. No other writing in the world does this!

    Which to my understanding shows valuable evidence of an intelligence behind the design. Apparently the same synergizing design found in all of the natural world (as explained above). Another words, we have Divine Design thus authenticating every word of the Hebrew Bible.

    Author Anita Meyer
    The Primordial Language - Confirmation of the Divine Creator
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    Is that the best you can do?

    Everyone will have to account for their actions at one time or another.

    Author Anita Meyer
    The Primordial Language - Confirmation of the Divine Creator
  20. Dywyddyr

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    So in order to privide confirmation that the bible is factual you assumed from the start that it was?

    You mean: when one makes assumptions one is led to the conclude that that assumption is correct if one sticks to things that will only confirm assumption and ignores the rest.

    Phi and Pi are two different, unrelated numbers.


    If only you could remove the limitations of your "understanding"...

    To whom?

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