Neural interfaces and the real risk of neuro-hacking

Discussion in 'Intelligence & Machines' started by tricotist grizzly, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. tricotist grizzly Registered Member

    With any implanted neural interface there is always a risk of hacking,particularly when these interfaces establish a constant link to the cloud. We need to transfer the current cyber-hacking phenomenon into a singulatarian framework. In a future where the boundary between brain and machine is less definite we will all relyon the current antiviral/firewaling toolsets to protect against intrusions. Just as these tools are fallible today however so too will future solutions sometimes prove inadequate.

    Data encryption is ofcourse a must as is an impenatrable system of checks balances and counterbalances to significantly increase time taken to breach. These measures will prove little more than vaguely challenging distractions to a future augmented hacker or a team of such hackers accompanied by a robot with suitably deviant programming

    So what new security measures need to be implemented before we can confidently implement these neural interfaces?
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  3. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    There is already certain age old points, like for instance "Why are their so many different languages worldwide?", you could define that it's just down to different isolated regions building up a variation of speech and of course writing, that's a straight forwards point, however there is also the possibility that language was purposely made different to make it more difficult for different groups to spy or integrate with one another.

    In the case of a human brain, if you could speak a second or more language then you always have a potential to exploit that language to think in if of course any hacker didn't know that language.

    As for concerns of a " singulatarian transhumanist world", The posed singularity would more than likely already exist. Admittedly it takes into account the watchmaker analogy, however if you consider the universe is a "device" built by a future technologically advanced state of our civilisation, then you can imply various things might well have come into fruition. For instance if you imply that there should be a singularity where all persons adopt a mnemonic artificial intelligence enhanced framework, then who's to say that the particular substructure for making that possible wasn't cultivated in the very mechanism of the fabric of the universe that we currently exist in?

    In laymans, who's to say that you haven't already got a mnemonic hook to a clandestine network already? who's to say there aren't already those that have and will continue to exploit such a system? They might seem fanciful dilemma's, but they could be very real and explain an awful lot in regards to various psychiatric ailments that people suffer (Like hearing voices in their head etc)
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