Netanyahu: No deal until Palestinians accept Israel as Jewish

Discussion in 'Politics' started by S.A.M., Mar 8, 2010.

  1. pjdude1219 The biscuit has risen Valued Senior Member

    we still ignoring the point. Israel only allows people to see what it wants them to see? it like any at least halfwitted entity hides its crimes from prying eyes.

    Right they just want to be left alone. Well fuck them. You whine and cry that you want to be left alone when you didn't leave others alone. They don't want to be left alone they want more of palestine( ie all of it) The can continue to cry about how they"want" to be left alone and you can continue to echo their childish whining but until they acknowledge their crimes against the palestinians and make a serious attempt at reconciliation they with never be left alone because they won't be leaving others alone.

    Your crying that the Israelis want to be left alone is a lie. To truly want to be left alone you don't act in a manner that requires others to take action against you. Your whining brings to mind a school yard bully beating the fuck out of some, his victim managing to lash out and hit him, and than having the bully whine about how his victim hit him for no reason and he just wanted to be left alone.

    your just echoing the same self centered, arrogant, dishonesty that is the core of the Israeli argument which is not surprising because you have admitted to A being an Israeli and B being in a profession that deception comes naturally too. Israel can demand to be left alone all they want. but until the state grows up and acts like an adult and some spoiled petulant child it won't be left alone because other will need to defend their selves against its acts.

    to summarize you can whine about how Israel wants to be left alone but it won't be true until they act like it which probably never going to happen.
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  3. otheadp Banned Banned

    Come to Israel and go anywhere you want - Jewish towns, Arab towns, mixed towns - see how Arabs live there.

    Sit on a donkey dick and rotate, asshole. WTF is this "fuck them" business?
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  5. pjdude1219 The biscuit has risen Valued Senior Member

    Please quit demanding I spend my money to go to Israel to see its carefully set show. I'm never going to go to Israel. I refuse to spend a penny to support it. Quit fucking telling me too. When you start spending your money helping the palestinians than I'll think about it. I have talked to people that went and they disagree with your pretty notion.

    I wish I could insult people like that. but than agin the rules are only for certain people.
    What is it is my way of saying let them have the consequences for their actions. quit allowing them to have it both ways which is what you want. To be able to do as they please to rape the palestinians but to have nothing happen to them in return. That what the Israeli version of being left alone is and I spit it on it and any who promote it.
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  7. noodler Banned Banned

    There are large groups of settlers who harass Palestinians daily and threaten them, many settlers are armed, because stealing land means the people who own it won't be happy about it, even if you're chosen by God himself to take land this way (with threats and guns, violence and so on).

    The settlers aren't organized? How do they organize the theft of land, in that case?
  8. Bishadi Banned Banned

    we all already know how violence works, just look up the real history: Israel was created by terrorism and the violence of zionist.

    here is listing of how the beautiful state got its love

    Is that Chronology UN?

    Did truman and the cia have a problem?

    What is Labor Party?

    They began as a civilian militia within an existing country with the intent to take over jeruselem.

    The zionists bombed british interests for years and years.... (see the chronology in the link above)

    they even bombed the beached cruise liners full of jews just to make sure no one could send them back and killed many jewish migrants doing so (ship was the Empire Lifeguard) Or even look up the ship Exodus and the explosives found there to the do the same

    Hamas was voted in by the People, democratically.

    And hamas could have been controlling israel, if the muslim voters were allowed to chose a party. (most folks do not realize almost 20% of the israel population is muslim but they have and are not allowed to have a party (that is not jewish))

    and the state has already shown you that jews are held in favor over any other; that is bigotry!

    to me, any honest who would be fighting against that corruption, especially knowing the persecutions of history.

    No deal, if equality is not the rule!

    a lie

    if you not jew, by the standards of the bigotted who's; NO EQUALITY EXISTS!!!!!!!!!!

    and alone ye shall be

    a joke i often post other places;

    any who that survives will be the ones who can say, i ran.
  9. Bells Staff Member

    Let the fun begin..

    Okay. Again for the slow child in class.

    A State cannot be democratic when it denies a portion of its population the vote. A State is not democratic when it denies a portion of its population equal rights and access.

    Jews get the full benefit of 'Israel's democracy'. Arabs in Israel and Palestinians do not.

    Which akin to saying that Saudi Arabia treats women equally because they let them work.

    Both of which is false.

    Israel is democratic only to Jews. Non-Jews in Israel do not live in a democratic state.

    Again, Israel's only democracy exists when it comes to Jews. Non-Jews live there and never see the democracy you are harping on and on about. News reports coming out of the region shows that non-Jews do not enjoy the democracy that you are touting.

    I did read you links. I laughed quite a bit as well due to their cheerleader quality for Israel.

    Your links did not prove what you are claiming that Israel is a democracy for all. What your links show is that Israel is a democracy only for Jews.

    Certainly. And if those Muslims decide to migrate to Israel?

    Tell me Oth, what is the rate of Muslim immigration into Israel these days?


    Respectful at the institutional level and on a street level?

    Are you sure?

    ** Edit to add **

    Is this an example of respect at an institutional level?

    Their crime? Throwing stones at some buildings..

    ** End Edit **

    I think it is you who is living in a bubble at the moment.

    I would not trust that my passport would not be stolen by Israeli officials when I enter or leave Israel.

    How about I go to a border crossing instead and see just how much respect Israel treats Palestinians on an "institutional level" and "on the street level"?

    For Jews.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2010
  10. spidergoat Venued Serial Membership Valued Senior Member

    Israeli Arabs do have the right to vote.
  11. Bells Staff Member

    Depending on where you live.
  12. spidergoat Venued Serial Membership Valued Senior Member

    What does that mean? It depends on whether they accept Israeli citizenship.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2010
  13. noodler Banned Banned

    Yes, come to sunny Israel, where you can watch democracy in action.

    Watch settlers organise raids on Palestinians, while the Israeli military protects them. Listen to the wonderful stories the settlers have about how many they managed to get a bullet into, while defending their right to appropriate.

    Visit prisons full of Arabs and other non-Jewish people, who have not accepted Israeli citizenship, or the existence of an ideological regime.

    Tour the wall that separates Israeli democracy from Israeli fascism--the shining symbol of Jewish aspirations, handed down by generations of devout believers. Watch scores of bored young IDF recruits get hassled by the Palestinians, as they restrict their daily movements...! Yes folks, there is something for racists of every stripe, here in this amazing land....
  14. Bells Staff Member

    And for those who are concious about the care of children in this lovely haven Israel has created for the Palestinians, we can take you on a tour of some orphanages... Your heart will simply rejoice at the way Israeli democracy treats orphans on an "institutional level"..
  15. pjdude1219 The biscuit has risen Valued Senior Member

    reminds me of a quote I came across. "a fascist state is a democratic state for the privileged class" maybe rather than being dishonest its a reflection of what lived. for him its was a democracy and he just assumes it is for everyone.
  16. pjdude1219 The biscuit has risen Valued Senior Member

    True but its not like it matters any party or person that reflects the arabs voters wish for Israel to respect the palestinians rights get ousted and banned.
  17. spidergoat Venued Serial Membership Valued Senior Member

    Apparently for good reason.
  18. pjdude1219 The biscuit has risen Valued Senior Member

    yeah your right can't have the law be followed. that would be a bad thing(well it would be a bad thing for the jews. Israel was gained by flaunting it)
  19. S.A.M. uniquely dreadful Valued Senior Member

    Great post from Phil Weiss here:

    The response to the dinner thrown for the "butcher of Gaza", is one more step forward in the movement for justice for Palestinians.
  20. spidergoat Venued Serial Membership Valued Senior Member

    I'm not too familiar with Israeli law, but it seems that there is a law against politicians visiting enemy states.
  21. superstring01 Moderator

    Mod Notes: Otheadp has been suspended for thirty days for flaming and personal attacks. This is his sixth such offense in less than three months.
  22. Mrs.Lucysnow Valued Senior Member

    Well I think of the situation for Arab citizens of Israel is that they are suffering the same fate as those african americans who fought during the civil rights movement, meaning they are allowed the right to vote and be represented but still suffer from discrimination but I would not go so far as to say that Israel is undemocratic because Arabs are still represented within the knesset. Arabs have a presence in judicial, political and military positions.

    "Representation in political, judicial and military positions"


    Nawaf Massalha, an Arab Muslim, has served in various junior ministerial roles, including Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, since 1999.

    Until 2001, no Arab had been included in a Prime Minister's cabinet, or invited to join any political coalition. In 2001, this changed, when Salah Tarif, a Druze Arab citizen of Israel, was appointed a member of Sharon's cabinet without a portfolio. Tarif was later ejected after being convicted of corruption.[102] In 2007 the first non-Druze Arab minister in Israel's history, Raleb Majadele, was appointed a minister without portfolio, and a month later appointed minister for Science, Culture and Sport.

    The appointment of Majadele was criticized by far-right Israelis, some of whom are also within the Cabinet, but this drew condemnation across the mainstream Israeli political spectrum.

    Meanwhile Arab lawmakers called the appointment an attempt to "whitewash Israel's discriminatory policies against its Arab minority".


    Arab citizens of Israel have been elected to every Knesset, and currently hold 12 of its 120 seats. The first female Arab MP was Hussniya Jabara, a Muslim Arab from central Israel, who was elected in 1999.

    Supreme Court:

    Abdel Rahman Zuabi, a secular Muslim from northern Israel, was the first Arab on the Israeli Supreme Court, serving a 9-month term in 1999. In 2004, Salim Joubran, a Christian Arab from Haifa descended from Lebanese Maronites, became the first Arab to hold a permanent appointment on the Court. Jubran's expertise lies in the field of criminal law.

    Foreign Service:

    Ali Yahya, an Arab Muslim, became the first Arab ambassador for Israel in 1995 when he was appointed ambassador to Finland. He served until 1999, and in 2006 was appointed ambassador to Greece. Other Arab ambassadors include Walid Mansour, a Druze, appointed ambassador to Vietnam in 1999, and Reda Mansour, also a Druze, a former ambassador to Ecuador. Mohammed Masarwa, an Arab Muslim, was Consul-General in Atlanta. In 2006, Ishmael Khaldi was appointed Israeli consul in San Francisco, becoming the first Bedouin consul of the State of Israel.

    Israel Defense Forces:

    Arab Generals in the IDF include Major General Hussain Fares, commander of Israel's border police, and Major General Yosef Mishlav, head of the Home Front Command and current Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories. Both are members of the Druze community. Other high ranking officers in the IDF include Lieutenant Colonel Amos Yarkoni (born Abd el-Majid Hidr/ عبد الماجد حيدر) from the Bedouin community, a legendary officer in the Israel Defense Forces and one of six Israeli Arabs to have received the IDF's third highest decoration, the Medal of Distinguished Service.

    Jewish National Fund:

    In 2007, Ra'adi Sfori became the first Arab citizen of Israel to be elected as a JNF director, over a petition against his appointment. The court upheld the JNF's appointment, explaining, "As this is one director among a large number, there is no chance he will have the opportunity to cancel the organization's goals."
  23. Bishadi Banned Banned

    So do they deserve equality, like any american?

    Especially if the US has funded Israel since inception, these and all equal rights should be required. Otherwise we should be calling them communist or to return to the African American comparison, then zionist would be the KKK.

    they have too, over 20% of the population is native to the land (arab).

    Heck in a sense, anyone born in the region is arab, even moses was arab. The religious designation is not the people, thats their belief system and like christianity, they got a gazillion variations of who is which who.

    This rebuttal of people having a job means equality, is foolish.

    Name one candidate for PM that was a religious observer and was not jewish?

    Can we get some affirmative action in Israel?

    Perhaps suggest to the Netanyatawho, that since Jews are the majority, that discounts for diamonds and land must be granted to the minorites, even food too for the widows and children in Gaza (most of the men are gone; something about a phosphorus shower on civilians or something like that)

    Cant follow all the news but i do remember many of the parts on oppression and cruelty.

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