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  1. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    This is the single most important post in the history of humanity. I ought to get a Nobel prize for this post.

    Watching a doc on the lhc. a scientist man says
    "the scientist has no rules. must go forth, invent and collect bison fossils."
    The seriousness of this post cannot be underestimated. This is the most important post ever to be made. At the end of the long documentary, the scientists could not discover whether or not the Universe was SuperSymettry or MultiVerse. The weight of a Higgs 125 GeV. Still using simple 2d graphs and charts, not utilizing the HoloTech we need. At the end of a Century we have still not found the Truth, the simple, or not-so-simple, Truth of Ultimate Existence.

    The Nerd is different from the commoner or peasant. During this experience a friend of mine was watching hedonistic, things, such as women in high heels, facebook spam, or modern pop music. I realize the Nerd is not driven by those things. The nerd sees Pop-culture things, happy people and feels shunned. The nerd is often shunned and rejected by socialites and popular people, the nerd often has difficulty forming human relationships. The nerd does not wish to assimilate with pop-culture, its only option for entertainment is Truth. The nerd is an outsider. The Geek is a similar breed to the Nerd, but is more into pop-culture things. The Geek is more likely to be specialized in computers, than science.

    That is not to say that the nerd ought to be denied relationships. The nerd ought to be promoted to higher status. The nerd ought to be given many relationships, encouraged to breed, that the nerd shall inherit the earth. In a Sane society the nerd ought to be paid more than any athelete, lawmaker, or entertainer. I believe the pleasures of hedonistic things, such as high heels, ought to be given to the Nerd, in order that the nerd be provided Leisure, in order to provide R&R (rest and relaxation) for his mind. A computer which is overclocked, overheated, overworked, starts to decay, slows down, has bugs and glitches, similarly, a Nerd with depression is a broken Nerd, and ought to be Healed by society, so that he returns to his Nerdy ways. The Nerd is the essential Component of humanity, and without him, humanity reverts to the Animal state.

    Now the naysayer, might say, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musks, are all high-status, rich nerds who are well-loved by society. Yes but the naysayer often forgets the plight of poor nerds, the socially unpopular nerds, the financially unsuccessful nerds, who are cast into the bottom dregs of the modern social hierarchy.

    Thus I want to usher in a new era of Science and Humanity. Watching the doc the LHC reminded me of an Imperial Death Star. But the type of genius I envision is more natural and pagan. Hear me out on my plan. I believe in quality over quantity. The Empire is like a bunch of Low-Quality TIE fighters. My plan is like a high quality X-wing squadron of Elite fighters, precision using the metaphorical Force. I watch the doc with crowds of people, and I think it is only a matter of time before they fail. Which they did fail, had a leak and it took many months to fix. But in terms of Science and Equations it seems there are all different theories that don't fit with each other, it is just a swathe of people making up their own Theories and Equations, like arguing about theories of afterlife and consciousness, there is no Universal Theory of Existence. It is a large swathe of people metaphorically screaming and shouting for dominance.

    As for the LHC Im not jealous at all. Im glad they did it without me, less work for me. First of all I didn't get a job at the LHC because I am a type B of a person. I am depressed lethargic and lazy. I watched an episode of Young Sheldon and Elon Musk was at a desk reading his Shuttle designs. I said yes that's me. Gonna be a big boss and laying around at a desk. But then there is a difference. Because I would pay Young Sheldon a million dollars for his efforts. I don't believe in corporations not paying their dues, I absolutely hate the story of the man who invented the synthetic diamond and got only paid 10 bux and then fired.

    Second I hate how they teach you BS at schools. In highschool physics they never told me anything about quarks or bosons or anything. Only basic stuff about protons and electrons that was 100 years out of date. It feels like an American conspiracy to brainwash the public into religion. It feels like they intentionally make the science they teach students 100 years out of date to intentionally have one of the worst school systems in the world. And I am so broken and miserable psychologically that I have ADHD I don't wish to work hard or focus because I hate people and I don't want to go to college, I want to go to sleep and never wake up.

    So this post is of my better nature trying to help the world and society. Because I believe in a better world and finally a better tomorrow for our future. So this is the part which is the most important post of history, nothing I said was as important as this:

    We need to divert all energy and resources from funding NASA. We need to put all that money into Biology and Genetics. We need to create a SuperHuman which has a brain at least 2 times in weight of a regular brain. Somehow we modify a fetus or something, and make it born with a brain at least 2 times in weight, or ideally, 6 times in weight.

    Firstly let me explain what "Belief" is. "Belief" is the first failure because you are putting obedience into something. NASA is a belief. A belief that somehow, eventually NASA will make a space-discovery that will explain the universe to us. It is a gamble. A gamble is a belief that you will win, even though you may end up wasting your money.

    I will explain how the SuperHuman is not a gamble and a Fact. It is a fact that Cats are mentally retarded compared to us. For instance, if I told a cat to drive a car it would not understand, Computer games it would not understand, Doors it would not understand to put the Key into the door.

    And this is what my topic is about, the Brain is Key. Imagine how stupid Cats are compared to us. You would not expect a Cat to understand a computer game, a Locked Door, driving a car, or anything else. Yet the Cat probably has consciousness. It probably has a "feeling of agency" that is, it feels it is command, of something. It feels like it is, a living being of agency.

    So let us go back to the Humans. They too "feel" like they are in command, have agency, are "agents" of something. But this is ego. Like cat ego. When in reality, Understanding the Universe is beyond human comprehension. Just like no matter how good a cat gets, it will never understand a computer game. Just like if you teach an Elephant, or Chimpanzee, to make art, it will make Art, but at the most rudimentary, our understanding of the universe will at most be rudimentary, and not a geniune holistic understanding. Thus, a human brain 6 times more weight than us, will be So far advanced from us it would be like a cat from a human. And that is the magic of the brain, that the difference is night and day, simply by adding more weight. That a human brain is made of the same substance of the Cat brain, and yet, So much in another league of its own. And that is the brain magic, that simply piling on more of the same Substance, will put it in another "galaxy" of its own.

    So what is keeping us from it then? Ego. To believe that we are the best. To believe we have agency. The documentary captured the Ego delusion best. "That is is amazing, we have accomplished this as mere humans." Mere humans. Mere primate evolved savages. It is amazing after all. Amazing they have accomplished even anything. You know what statement I want to hear instead? This one. "With our gigantic brains, it is amazing how we couldn't have accomplished this sooner. It is amazing how stupid we used to be, with our pathetic human pea brains we used to have. Thank goodness Gamelord made this post, and gave us actually good and decent brains to do science, no longer are we simple primate descendants with brains of mere 1400 cc volume. Now we have brains of 6000 cc volume, everything is so much easier now. Difference is night and day."

    Let me explain it like this. Someone with chronic depression, who was raised on the delusion that weed is evil. You tell them to smoke weed, that it will save them from depression. But they have too much Ego. Too much belief in human delusion. They refuse to smoke weed until one day. Then the difference is night and day. "Wow, I actually know what happiness is. THANK YOU. I didn't know how miserable I was till I smoked weed. Thankyou Now I know life is worth living."

    This is how the Brain is going to be. We are going to upgrade from 1400 cc to 6000 cc. And people will say "Wow I cannot go back to the old ways. I didn't know what having a brain was till the 6000 cc. The difference is night and day." It will be a bigger than going from typewriter to keyboard. It will be bigger than going from horse to car. It will be bigger than Bitcoin or the trip to the Moon. There will be nothing like it in Humanity.

    Let me explain it like this. Einstein took 10 years to write his discoveries. The SuperHuman would have taken only 10 days.
    In 10 years I bet the SuperHuman will do all these things
    - Invent faster than light travel
    - Discover the Theory of Everything
    - Discover Teleportation
    - Discover the cures to most diseases, including the keys of Immortality.
    - Design the best society where everyone is happy and well fed.
    - Redefine musical theory
    - Discover the nature of Consciousness and the Afterlife

    Anyone who is against this is small minded and an enemy of Science and an enemy of Humanity and progress. Furthermore we don't need the moral police whining to us about genetic experiment. The church and mediocre naysaying mental midgets always interefere with the great accomplishments of science and heretics.
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  3. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    Part 2, continued after the 10,000 character limit.

    Furthermore I do not believe in AI. AI is not setup like the Human brain. I do not have faith in AI and I do not they will make any deep discoveries of Science or Philosophy. If a human wishes to network their brain into a computer they do so at their own risk. Such a thing may increase human intelligence but possibly fry their neural network from data overload. I believe the key here is to genetically engineer a much larger brain.

    What have you to be afraid of? Is it your ego, afraid that the only Genius will be the only one to understand Everything? And with their God-like intelligence they could not put their Understanding into a way the mere human could understand? Then is it not better that one soul finally found peace, finally found the Truth they were looking for, should that enough fill your heart with joy? Should not you fill your heart with love to this Genius knowing that at least one soul finally found Truth and peace? And have faith the Genius will save your mind as well. Such a Genius would discover a method, to make your brain as large as theirs, all of humanity will be saved.

    Furthermore, one thing I forgot to say is this. It may be, that perhaps Engineers are hardwired through evolution to only understand physical physics. Maybe they are not genetically suited for understanding biology. Maybe it will be hard for the NASA people to rewire their brains to learn biology. Like the documentary said, "I may have put 30-40 years into this particle physics career for nothing." Maybe the human race is descended from Warrior-Class Primates who wielded sticks and stones, and classical physics, and inclination towards particle physics, is ingrained in their brain. But I ask the whole of Humanity to fight against their natural inclinates and instincts, and put their whole mind behind this singular Project of Biology, believe me it is the most important feat and the payoff will be extraordinary.
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  5. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    Another nutcase. What did these people do before the internet? Talk to lamp posts, I suppose.

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  7. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    You're just jealous because you don't have a 6,000 cc brain! That's probably just as well since you would probably not be able to hold your head up and you might have to spend all day feeding it.

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  8. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    6,000 cc might be too heavy in the beginning. The neck would have to be larger than usual as well as a bigger body. But in this day and age, we have food excess so food is not a problem. If we could figure out how to enhance bone density that might be needed as well. I don't expect anyone to get the experiment right on the first try.

    There will always be naysayers who are enemies of progress. It is best to not take their negativity too seriously. In the olden days the church attacked and stamped out the heretics and visionaries and anyone who sought to change the status quo of society.
  9. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    ..and there will always be madmen seeking to sustain absurd claims....
  10. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Sperm whales have 8000 cc brains. Bow before your new master and do his bidding! If you do not, then you hate intelligence, you are small minded (literally) and you are an enemy of science and progress - and an enemy of our cetacean masters.
  11. sideshowbob Sorry, wrong number. Valued Senior Member

    So you're Donald Trump?
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  12. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    Or Theorist?
  13. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    GL is not a nutcase. Some critical differences:

    1] GL is phrasing their beliefs - as their beliefs - not some "truth" they've "discovered". Frankly, that alone puts them in the top 5% of SciFo posters.

    2] While in our view, GL's vision may be naive and optimistic, they are being naive and optimistic in a subject that has no truth or falsehood - that of future predictions. That too is something many SciFo members fail at (when they make demonstrably false assertions). Who is to say that some day we won't have 6000cc brains?

    (I mean I still can't get through more than a paragraph of GL's, but I have to take some responsibility for that myself.)

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    *PS I did not intend for that to be cumbersome; Gamelord has not self-identified as a particular gender - but has used the gender-neutral them/they, so I will respect that.
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  14. Yazata Valued Senior Member

    The first sentence was pretty grandiose: "This is the single most important post in the history of humanity. I ought to get a Nobel prize for this post."
  15. sideshowbob Sorry, wrong number. Valued Senior Member

    If one is a nutcase in the first paragraph, can one un-nutcase oneself in the following paragraphs?
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  16. Yazata Valued Senior Member

    Should we even expect science to deliver us "the Truth, the simple; or not-so-simple, Truth of Ultimate Existence"? That dream sounds like a repackaged religious quest to me.

    I'm a nerd myself, or at least a former high-school nerd. (The adolescent disdain for nerds tends to go away in adult life, thank God.) But... I'm hugely uncomfortable with any suggestion that nerds should form some kind of social aristocracy. That's an equally adolescent idea in my opinion.

    I think that what you are describing there is one part of the pathology of adolescence. My advice is to hang in there. The pain eventually goes away. It did for me when I graduated from high school (perhaps the most hellish experience of my entire life) and I went away to university (where I was surrounded by people more like myself).

    Listen to the adults and to your teachers. Try to learn what they are trying to teach you. They are right a lot more often than they are wrong, so listen to them. Don't just blow it all off in a fit of rebellion.

    Why? Why should the adult world reward adolescent social alienation? What upside is there in that?

    Elon Musk hasn't been rewarded because he is (or maybe once was) a nerd. (Today he's more of a visionary.) He's rewarded because he's the creator of a whole succession of fascinating and sometimes successful enterprises. Being a high school social outcast isn't necessarily a good thing, in and of itself, nor does it necessarily lead to socially beneficial results.

    Isn't that a pop-culture reference?

    At the very least, science seems to demand consistency. Scientists are free to invent new hypotheses, but they should be consistent with scientific beliefs that are generally accepted by the scientific community as already being better confirmed. I agree that there's often lots of competition between scientists and 'acceptance by the community' can occasionally be intellectual herd-instinct, but it does seem to have worked pretty well so far.

    If you want to challenge the way science is done, you need to be very careful how you do it, at least if you want any real scientists to take you seriously.

    Why would anyone be jealous of the LHC?

    Did you ever apply for a job there? Are you educationally qualified for a technician job? I think that most of the actual scientists on research teams aren't employed by the accelerator laboratories directly, but instead work for various university and other laboratory research groups that book time on the accelerators to perform their experiments. I once knew a physicist who spent a lot of time at Fermilab, but his home institution was the University of Illinois. He didn't get into Fermilab until his research group had worked up a suitable proposal.

    You probably wouldn't understand anything about quarks or bosons if you didn't have any of the necessary background first. You need to not only have a fundamental grasp of classical physics so you know what they are talking about when they suddenly start talking about 'Hamiltonians' and 'Lagrangians' (and you probably won't hit that until your junior or senior years in a university physics bachelors program), you also need to have a solid enough understanding of some pretty advanced math that you can actually use it.

    Except it isn't. Whenever you set out to learn something complicated, you need to start at the beginning.
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2018
  17. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    If *I* had said what GL said, I would be given a ked if anyone took me at face value.

    (That was supposed to be 'I would be gobsmacked' . My phone autocorrupted it, but I like 'given a ked' better. )

    Anyway, I think I'm OK assuming GL has tongue firmly in cheek.
  18. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    Rest assured I meant every word.

    I don't see what is so wrong about genetically modifying humans to have larger and bigger brains. Whales have bigger brains but are not smarter because they have a different neural network set up. This is the same analogy of how ancient computers were larger, but not better than modern Android phones. Still, modern super computers are very larger and better than some small Android phones. With these improved brains I believe we will find the answers to the entire universe in only a few years, it will revolutionize our understanding of life and existence and even solve the hard problem of consciousness and find cures to many diseases.
  19. Gawdzilla Sama Valued Senior Member

    I thought that was a T.rump tweet.
  20. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    Yes. We get it.

    The future will come with more advanced technology, higher awareness and greater knowledge.

    This is not a ground-breaking idea.
  21. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    If my idea is not ground-breaking, then why are there so many naysayers about it?

    What I propose is new and ground-breaking. The old method was to pour money into things like NASA, twiddle your fingers and hope a team of geeks will solve the problems.

    What I propose is totally different : Put all money into biology, to create genetic organisms, superhumans, with extreme intelligence higher than any man, higher than einstein, higher than the man with the 300 IQ. These genetic organisms will solve all of the problems of science easily and efficiently, rationally and beautifully.
  22. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    How does that follow? Only ground-breaking ideas have naysayers?

    Yes, that's what they do there. Twiddle their fingers.

    Are you still expecting us to take you seriously? Cause you're not really being serious here.

    You're proposing an idea - that big brains could solve all the world's problems. Not much more to it than that.

    We've got big brains right now. We're far, far smarter than any other species in existence. And they're getting bigger all the time. We're already doing just what you suggest.

    Have you considered the problems you'd be creating for the world by building a super species of humans? Will they be slaves? What makes you think they'll want to solve our problems for us?
    Seems to be, with their giant brains, the first conclusion they'd come to is that way to solve the world's problems is to exterminate all the LittleBrains.
  23. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    Generally and usually yes.

    If I say tommorow that I discovered the secret to faster than light travel I will have a loud crowd of naysayers saying it isn't so. Generally naysayers form around the grandiose or unusual.

    Humanity as a whole twiddles its fingers and does not take itself seriously.

    Comparing to other species is setting the bar rather low. Do you suggest we give medals to a man who beats apes or dolphins at iq tests. And as far as getting bigger I am not sure. Thought2 claims that IQ's are getting lower on average in the world.
    Data as proof:

    Nope using genetic engineering we will make them good people. But your concern is logical but I thought of that too.
    They would not be slaves and most would naturally want to help science. Most of the intelligent people on the planet have a natural interest in truth, science, and wanting to find the secrets of the universe. But if one of these people decides not to help so be it, we grow another in the lab.

    Far as the Khan star trek thing that is sci-fi. Sci-fi stands for science fiction. it is not real. If they are paid well and treated good there is no reason they would rebel. Even a tiger can be raised right with cuddles and love and it will be a loving creature.

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