Nano-encephalitic quantum relocation

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    A complicate expression for a simple science-fiction scenario:

    Imagine some installation like Scottie's "beaming machine" in the Enterprise.
    But this one is not for relocating a body. It relocates a personality.
    It can make a "backup" and restore this in another body.
    In fact you make a nano-scan and / or nano-replication of every electrical/chemical state, maybe even of every synaptical connection in a brain.

    So you could for example clone a personality, let's say Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro, in someone else's body...

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    Or swap personalities...

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    Next step is only a small step:
    A "neuro-connection beam" capable of pulling or pushing a personality from or into a body, without the need of that body to climb onto a special machine, maybe even without that body's current occupant personality's consent.

    I guess this could be quite funny, if feasable.
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