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Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by Trapped, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. paddoboy Valued Senior Member


    As with the other trolls on the forum such as chinglu, you either have had your questions answered, or [as it is in this case] the questions are really a dishonest con job, and your attempt to detail and decipher, word for word, letter for letter, and the usual bullshit/con job you try and administer has failed miserably.

    Again, I'll let the forum decide, although that in some aspects has already been answered by my peers......But don't lose too much heart!

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  3. paddoboy Valued Senior Member

    I think I must comment on the inane stupidity and trollish nature of the dummy's post

    You ignore Inflation, and of course we have far more space than a limited time factor number of 13.8 billion years...In fact probably near infinite to use a much loved analogy of mine.
    So much for detail......

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    Again quite obviously you are unable to see the forest for the trees, besides being demonstrably wrong.

    Have we any 12 year olds around to tell our resident troll what "may"means??? opposed to will and won't?

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    You need to have an aspro and a good lay down....Your confusion is child like.
    I did not say any contact has or has not been made. I said to another poster with a bit more nouse then you, that we don't know, and the incidents we do have remained unexplained, due to lack of convincing evidence.

    Again, the time factor is limited, [13.8 billion years] while space/extent is near infinite.
    Where are those 12 year olds when we need them!

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  5. paddoboy Valued Senior Member

    Just to get back on song after the troll's cheap tricks to derail........

    I thought I had said that anyway earlier in the piece Trapped.
    I am 99.999% confident we are not alone, and life of various stages exists throughout the Universe as a whole.
    But as I have said, time and distance makes any contact only applicable to advanced societies, and even in those circumstances rather difficult.
    And given time that contact may be achievable.

    I have also as you should be aware, argued strongly and strenuously against all those who would say that we are it....for many reasons, some stated here.
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  7. dumbest man on earth Real Eyes Realize Real Lies Valued Senior Member

    Again, paddoboy, more name-calling and ad hominem attacks - you should report me and get me banned for violating the Forum Rules.

    So, paddoboy, you think you must add even more name-calling and ad hominem attacks.

    Pray tell, paddoboy, when did I "ignore inflation"?
    I made no statements that could possibly be proven to be wrong!
    I asked questions!

    BTW, when I asked :
    Would not the "...nature has no problem with overcoming "the tyranny of time and distance" part encompass the "inflation" that I allegedly "ignore(d)"?

    paddoboy, who exactly is unable to see the forest for the trees, besides being demonstrably wrong?

    paddoboy, do you know what "may" opposed to "has" or "has not"?
    I did not use the words "will" or "will not"!

    More amateur medical/psychological awesome paddoboy, you!

    I did not type, say, claim or state that you DID "say any contact has or has not been made"!
    You do like to "repeat"

    Again, paddoboy, evidently nature has no problem with overcoming "the tyranny of time and distance"!

    paddoboy, whom are these "we" you refer to?

    I, personally, never "need" any "12 year olds" for any reason!

    To and ad hominem attacks by the, using your expressed vernacular, "demonstrably wrong" paddoboy!

    Do you realize that with all of the "alleged", though non-evidenced, Forum violations that you must actually know that I have not actually committed - you could not get me banned?

    And being as how you are so much a "manly man", maybe, just maybe you could/would/should REPORT ME to the mods/admins PRIOR to the next time you choose to use NAME-CALLING, and AD HOMINEM ATTACKS or make any ALLEGATIONS, ASSERTIONS or ACCUSATIONS against me!

    paddoboy, I know you will NOT REPORT ME.

    paddoboy, you know you will NOT REPORT ME.


    In the U.S. there is a saying : Put up or shut up.
    A real man will indeed either do one or the other...PUT UP or SHUT UP.


    And paddoboy, you and I both KNOW EXACTLY WHY...
  8. paddoboy Valued Senior Member

    dumbest man on earth, this is first and foremost a science forum.....

    dumbest man on earth, and being a science forum and a vehicle for mainstream science as the first issue of business, those that try and belittle science, push anti scientific pseudoscience nonsense, and ask inane stupid questions [behind an agenda] as is evident by yourself and chinglu, must expect refutation by the mainstream.....

    dumbest man on earth, why do you expect to be exempt, especially as you appear as a closet anti mainstreamer without the intestinal fortitude to be up front?.....

    dumbest man on earth, how can you expect to act so child like, so troll like, and maintain your act without criticism?

    dumbest man on earth, I am not the first to remark on your rather weird style am I?

    dumbest man on earth, as someone who has showered yourself with self gratutitious qualities, why do you continue to carry on like a troll, under the Ï'm only asking questions" guise?

    dumbest man on earth, do you realise that your posts are there for all to read?...and judge???

    dumbest man on earth, again I will stand by the judgement of the forum and moderators....

    dumbest man on earth, you cannot be much fairer then that can you?

    dumbest man on earth, if my style in this post is rather sickening, full of pretense and fabrication, then you certainly know what the rest of the forum has to put up with when reading your posts.

    dumbest man on earth, no I don't report anyone, because that is not my nature....I handle my own little problems, and in reality you as a problem are not that Important, other than to refute your nonsensical approach to those that don't adhere to your own weird stance on subjects...

    dumbest man on earth, again, I'll stand by the judgement of the forum, its moderators as my peers, as you certainly will also.
  9. paddoboy Valued Senior Member

    .Oh dumbest man on earth, and just one more thing,
    :yawn: *yaaaaawwwn*
  10. dumbest man on earth Real Eyes Realize Real Lies Valued Senior Member

    No, I, dmoe, cannot be much more "free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice" THAN that!- from :

    I cannot vouch for all other Posters, though.

    Yes, paddoboy, all the Readers of your Posts on this Forum are well aware of your "nature".

    You certainly go out of your way to denigrate, belittle, falsely accuse/allege/assert and name-call me, for a "little problem" that is "not that Important".

    BTW, what is my "own weird stance" on the subject of UFO"s?

    So you say.
    I do not even know any of the Mods/Admins on this Forum, let alone consider them my "peers". If indeed, their "judgement" is on par with your own, as your "peers", then they would have Banned me by now.
    I will never be Banned from this Forum. That is a FACT!


    Meh!...jump! A real man could and would! Why is it that paddoboy can't and won't?
  11. paddoboy Valued Senior Member

    :yawn: *yaaaaaaawwwwn*
  12. dumbest man on earth Real Eyes Realize Real Lies Valued Senior Member

    Yeah...repeat...and infinitum...still...
  13. Yazata Valued Senior Member

    Yeah, its scale is staggering. There are billions of stars in our galaxy alone, and billions of galaxies. That's lots of powers of ten. New astronomical evidence suggests that planets are common and ubiquitous.

    Given that life does exist (and presumably originated) here on Earth, things functionally analogous to Earth-life might exist elsewhere in the universe as well. If life came into existence once, then arguably it could have done so multiple times. I can't prove that and I don't think that anyone else can either. We aren't sure how Earthlife originated and don't have much clue about what other forms life might take in different circumstances. But I do think it's reasonable to think that life in a broad functional sense might exist in many different biochemical and anatomical forms in many different places across the universe.

    Whatever the truth might be about alien spaceships, the strange beliefs and conspiracy theories that have grown up around the idea of UFOs over the last 60 years or so is a fascinating psychological, sociological and anthropological subject in its own right. I'm inclined to perceive it in religious-studies terms and to see analogies with the tales of heavenly visitations and with belief in demonology that were prevalent in past centuries. But with UFOs, it's all been kind of been brought up to date culturally and repackaged in new and ostensibly "space-age" terms.

    Yeah, it might be best to think of the residue of unexplained cases simply as unexplained, than it is to jump to conclusions by imposing our own favored explanations on them, typically by assuming they must be extraterrestrial spaceships.

    I'm inclined to agree.
  14. paddoboy Valued Senior Member


    Just one little thing Yazata, I'm not sure if we can say that life originated here on Earth.
    But I am a supporter of Panspermia as one method of transferring the seeds of life elsewhere, along with the suggestions you have made.
  15. Trapped Banned Banned

    Since there appears to still be interest, I will post this chapter of my book as well ''Military Bases.'' I think there will be a lot of interest on this particular subject. The chapter is written in such a way, designed to show you that the phenomenon is huge and UFO's have had a certain interest in nuclear weapons for a while.

    Chapter Six

    Military Bases

    I cannot stress enough, the massive number of UFO interest with military bases: And the military is also aware of this. Some think the fact they seem to show great interest in military bases may shed light on their intentions, whoever they are.

    When it comes to describing UFO encounters with military bases, it is often hard to know where to start. Let me give you some idea, what a single year can hold. In 1962 alone, there where a whole host of military sightings of UFO's.

    On the 12th February, Winnemucca Afb, Nevada, USA an object was tracked by military witnesses at an airfield. In the 2nd April Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada, an object was also tracked by radar by military witnesses at an airfield. Telstar 1 incident involving an ''unidentified submerged object'' (USO) from USS Wasp occurred when they detected an object on radar. An object was also seen by personnel and a strange noise was heard. On the 29th of January, a Royal Dutch Air Force F-86 jet interceptor was chased by a UFO over the eastern Netherlands. The event was witnessed by six members of the military and the UFO was detected by ground and airborne radar. There was also a second account, a Royal Dutch AF jet interceptor chased a UFO, detected by ground and airborne radar, and visually confirmed. One object was observed by six male experienced military witnesses at a military facility.

    That's quite a lot of activity for just one year... and there was more which I never included.

    UFO's have been lingering around military bases for a long time showing particular interest. Some military personnel have even claimed that UFO's have tampered with nuclear weapons, one such case PhD. Bob Jakob, previous Air Force officer claimed that a UFO shot a beam of light at a nuclear warhead, disabling it. There was even camera evidence this happened, but it was confiscated. Just to get some idea how vast this is, Robert Salas, together with UFO researcher Robert Hastings, came together a few years ago to host a press conference at the National Press Club addressing the issue of UFO interference with nuclear missile facilities over the years.

    This interference, widely-known and well-documented, is glaringly contradictory with the U.S. military’s repeated statements that it has no interest in UFOs. According to Hastings, more than 100 former U.S. Air Force nuclear weapons installation personnel have come forward with information about UFO's fascination with military bases. People of military position where coming forward in all stretches of the world.

    Canada's Department of National Defence has shown a lot of interest in UFO's over the years. The National Enquirers headline for August 1976 was "Air Defense Chiefs Admit: We Tracked UFO on Radar and Scrambled Fighter Jets to Intercept".

    Peruvian Air Force Commander Oscar Alfonso Huertas describes an encounter with an unidentified flying object whilst flying his Sukhoi S-22 jet over La Joya Military Base in 1980. It wasn't just himself of course involved in the sighting, other members of the Base where witness to this remarkable UFO.

    Or how about the Rendlesham Forest incident, involving a UFO seen by a small squadron of military personnel and witnessed by Col. Halt who investigated the scene and recorded the event in the famous 'Halt memo'?

    Or the famous Tehran incident in which a UFO was spotted in the night sky over Tehran. A fighter was sent up to intercept the UFO which had to be called off because the object somehow disabled the electronics on the ship, probably caused by an electromagnetic field.

    In August 1956, radar at Bentwaters and Lakenheath Air Force Base picked up targets that displayed erratic behaviour. Individual and groupings of objects moved across the skies above. Some performed amazing aerodynamical feats – displaying capabilities beyond that of any known aircraft (according to witnesses). The radar images were corroborated by sightings from the ground and the air, also by a pilot in a C-47 who saw a UFO passing directly underneath his plane. As Lakenheath informed the RAF Station at Wimbledon fighters were sent up. As amazed personnel watched their radar screens, one pilot tried to engage an object and somehow got outmaneuvered—with the object ending up behind it. The pilot attempted to shake the unidentified object by every means possible. Perhaps one of the most interesting things to note, is that this incident involved several military radar installations.

    On the evening of the 30th and 31st of March 1990, the Control Reporting Center (CRC) at Glons radar-confirmed triangular objects in the sky above Belgium after having received reports of unusual lights as bright as stars that changed colour. After receiving a second radar confirmation, two F-16 jets were scrambled to intercept. For more than an hour the F-16’s tried to intercept. On three occasions they even obtained radar lock but every time the UFO's would accelerate so fast or generally just change positions, that the locks were broken. The object accelerated from 150 mph to more than 1,100 m h while changing altitude from 9,000 ft to 5,000 ft and back up to 11,000 ft in less than 2 seconds. During the whole time, more than 13,000 people witnessed the event from the ground. The objects disappeared from the radar screens after an hour had passed and the F-16’s returned to base.

    In 1952, the same year as the famous Washington UFO flap, Flight Sergeant Roland Hughes was returning to his base from a training mission when a “gleaming silver, metallic disc” started following him. The Sergeant later described the disc to be shiny, highly reflective and about the size of a Lancaster bomber. The disc descended towards him and even travelled alongside him before it sped off at an incredible speeds, again, not unheard of for UFO's. The object was also caught on radar so we have two pieces of evidence that go hand in hand. The controllers confirmed that the object travelled at speeds impossible for any of the aircraft of the time.

    Concerning UFO's and military bases, I could go on for a long time. You begin to understand that there probably is truth in what Lee Katchen, a NASA atmospheric physicist said concerning the military screening out the larger portion of UFO's which ''couldn't possibly be the enemy.'' If such a large percentage of military bases have tracked UFO's around them and has been happening for many years, you would think, eventually, it would become the norm.

    Let's quickly discuss some of these events with more clarity. Let's talk about the Peru case more deeply. Here is the official document from the D.O.D which was released under the freedom act

    The following is a direct statement by Oscar Huerta
    Comandante Huerta's full statement follows:

    "I am Oscar Santa Maria Huerta, official pilot of the Peruvian Air Force, currently retired.

    On April 11, 1980, at 7:15 in the morning, 1800 men were in formation at the Air Base of La Joya, Arequipa.

    They all observed a stationary object in the sky, which looked like a balloon, at about three miles distance, and approximately 1,800 feet altitude. It was luminous because it reflected the sun.

    My unit commander ordered me to takeoff in my Sukhoi 22 jet to shoot down the spherical object. It was in restricted airspace, without clearance, and we were concerned about espionage.

    I approached the object and strafed sixty-four 30 mm. shells at it. Some projectiles went towards the ground, and others hit the object fully, but they had no effect at all. The projectiles didn't bounce off; probably they were absorbed. The cone-shaped "wall of fire" that I sent out would normally obliterate anything in its path.

    The object then began to ascend, and move farther away from the base. When I was at about 36,000 ft., it made a sudden stop, forcing me to veer to the side since I was only 1500 feet away. I flew up higher to attack It from above, but just as I had locked on to the target and was ready to shoot, the object made a straight vertical climb evading the attack.

    Two more times, I had the object on target, when the object was stationary. Each time, it moved away at the very last minute, when I was just about to fire, always eluding my attack.

    I decided to climb at full thrust to get above the object, bit began to ascend almost parallel to my plane, and when I reached 63,000 ft., it stopped.

    At this point, I came within about 300 feet of the UFO. It was about 30 feet in diameter. It was an enameled, cream-colored dome, with a wide, circular, metallic base. It had no engines, no exhausts, no windows, no wings or antennae. It lacked all the typical aircraft components, with no visible propulsion system.

    It was at that moment that I realized that this was no spying device, but that it was a UFO, something totally unknown. I was almost out of fuel, so I couldn't attack or maneuver my plane, or make a high speed escape. I was afraid. I thought I might be finished.

    When I had calmed down, I radioed for another plane to come and have a look, trying to hide my fear. They said no, it's too high, just come back. I had to glide part way down due to lack of fuel, zigzagging to make my plane harder to hit, always with my eyes on the rear-view mirrors, hoping it wouldn't chase me. It didn't.

    I spent 22 minutes maneuvering with this object. After I landed, the object remained stationary in the sky for two more hours, for everyone at the base to see.

    A US Department of Defense document titled 'UFO Sighted in Peru' described the incident, stating that the vehicle's origin remains unknown.

    It still gives me chills to think about it."

    Incredible isn't it? What kind of technology are we dealing with here? Let's move onto another, new case. The Tehran UFO incident is hailed as one of the most compelling stories that seems to favour the ET hypothesis.

    It's 1976, in Tehran. Around four eye-witness accounts come in of a mysterious bright light in the skies. When the commander in post found that there where no authorized vehicles in the area, they called General Yousefi, assistant deputy commander of operations. At first, he said it was only a star, but then after further conversations, he was told to look for something brighter than a star. He eventually saw it and decided to give orders to scramble a F-4 Phantom II jet around 170 odd miles away from Tehran.

    Jafari is our pilot and as he approached the object to about 30 nautical miles, he had a radar lock on the object. According to the reports, the size of the object was hard to determine because of the brilliancy of light emanating from it. The light seemed to vary between between five colours, from green, blue, yellow, red and orange (which is very typical of some UFO sightings).

    The pilot continued to intercept the object, but as he closed in a second object detached itself from the UFO and advanced towards him at ''incredible speeds.''

    He prepared to eject, when he lost all communications and controls. He used a negative G-dive as an evasion tactic and it seemed to work, when all instrumentation returned.

    Incredibly, it was at this moment the crew noticed a second object detach from the UFO, heading directly down in a fast decent. Jafari noted later that the object was in fact so bright, you could actually see the rocks and landscape around where it appeared to land. Then they landed at Mehrabad, noting that each time they passed through a magnetic bearing of 150 degrees from Mehrabad, they experienced interference and communications failure, I speculate due to electromagnetic interference.

    A civilian airliner that was approaching Mehrabad also experienced a loss of communications at the same position relative to Mehrabad. As the F-4 was on final approach, they sighted yet another object, cylinder-shaped, with bright, steady lights on each end and a flashing light in the middle. The object overflew the F-4 as they were on approach. Mehrabad tower reported no other aircraft in the area, but tower personnel were able to see the object when given directions by Jafari. Years later, the main controller and an investigating general revealed that the object also overflew the control tower and knocked out all of its electronic equipment as well.

    Now... this sighting was taken so seriously by officials it even reached the highest desks in America. This encounter was of great interest to many departments, including the CIA and even the Pentagon. The incident was recorded in an official DIA report.

    Since we have established so far that UFO's clearly have had an interest in military bases, can we draw any conclusions about their intentions? Well, not only have they deactivated warheads, they have also activated them!

    As I mentioned earlier, Salas and Hastings came together with about 120 military personnel to make their testimony about their knowledge on these happenings. One of the biggest concerns about their reports, is that there was a case from Russia in 1982 where a UFO activated a nuclear weapon as it hovered over a base. There were also reports in America and from other countries about UFO's tampering with nuclear weapons. A lot of these personnel though, are convinced that if isn't the Russia's, it is probably America driving these vehicles about the place. I don't share this opinion, I don't think all UFO's are military drones - I think a lot of these UFO's are showing a technology greater than our own... I don't know of any technology that can tamper with a nuclear warhead from a distance.

    Why the large interest in our weapons facilities then? Some can argue, that whoever it is, they are sending a message to us about the use of nuclear weapons, warning us, if you like. That would make sense, except they were switching the warheads on not just turning them off at times, which kind of goes against that message. Some believe they are doing it, to show us that their weapons are useless against them. This seems more probable as an explanation. It's definitely a display, a ''look what I can do,'' show. And the worrying part, is that there doesn't seem to be any way for us to stop it. Some unidentified flying ships, tampering with nuclear weapons, can never be a good thing... It raises all sorts of security questions. For certain, it puts into perspective the statement repeated by the government that UFO's pose no risk to national security. Quite the opposite in fact.
  16. Trapped Banned Banned

    I don't agree with this statement. Saying it is unexplained is one thing, but when you have events which are clearly under intelligent control and showing a technology which neither fits the time scale then the ''jump'' from terrestrial to extraterestrial becomes more and more likely; indeed it has to be considered. If we don't consider the ET hypothesis as the likely explanation, then we are failing to understand what exactly it is we are observing. There should be no division on what we are seeing, we are seeing a technology that is far more advanced in some cases than anything we have on Earth - that alone is enough to draw the ET conclusion.
  17. Trapped Banned Banned

    Your statement reminded me of this sceptic in this five part US show

    Watch it please. Listen to the testimony being told to the sceptic and listen to his words after. It's interested watching the debate from both sides, experienced officials telling us that UFO's have disarmed nuclear warheads. Then listen to the sceptics explanation.
  18. Russ_Watters Not a Trump supporter... Valued Senior Member

    Nothing new, so no - just the problems we've already discussed. I just hope you take something of value from your time here and make the needed edits based on what you learned.
  19. sifreak21 Valued Senior Member

    how is that a shame? that's what interest them, and it is a fascinating topic. I could say the same about you and this forum its sad to see you have wasted so much of your life on this forum
  20. Yazata Valued Senior Member

    I'm not sure either.

    As evidences of life on Earth are pushed back further and further towards times when the Earth itself didn't have a solid surface conducive to life, the period in which pre-biotic chemical evolution presumably occurred shrinks. There's also the absence of pre-biotic chemical replicators in our Earthly environment today.

    Those kind of ideas make me speculate that perhaps life originated elsewhere, perhaps long before the Earth appeared, might be kind of ubiquitous in the universe (or at least this part of it), and perhaps seeded the early Earth in the form of bacterial spores or something.

    That's just speculation though. Arguments against it include the very real possibility that radiation in space would be lethal to bacterial spores.

    I have no way of knowing how life originated on Earth. All I can do is throw out guesses at this point.
  21. Russ_Watters Not a Trump supporter... Valued Senior Member

    It is interesting, but it is more than that: if Trapped is correct, the topic has substantial real-world implications. When you watch TV, all you hope to get is entertainment and that's all your time is valued for. Trapped is expecting more than that.

    Again, it depends on the reasons. Some get pleasure only from helping people, so if help is refused, that is wasted time, yes.
  22. Trapped Banned Banned


    Some say this, but the consensus is that meteorites play as the perfect time capsule. Some organisms on earth can take absolutely loads of radiation and are not effective. Tardigrades have been experimented on, they can pretty much survive outerspace.
  23. Trapped Banned Banned

    It sure does.

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